Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 510

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“… … .”

I stopped walking in the hallway. Eugene looked at the people standing in front of the door and tried to understand the situation on her own.

But I couldn’t quite understand the situation. Orthus, Ibig, Aman, Genos, Xenia. Why are those five people suddenly together? And I couldn’t figure out why that number of people were standing huddled in the hallway, no, in front of the room.

“What are you doing there?”

So I asked outright. Then Genos immediately took a step forward and bowed his head to Eugene.

“Master, how are you?”

“no… … what’s up Anyone who sees it will know it’s been a few years. Didn’t I see you a few days ago?”

“I’m glad you feel better.”

Genos lifted his head slightly and looked to the side. He made eye contact with his daughter, who was bowing her head in the same way. Genos looked at his daughter with satisfaction and bowed her head again.

“My neck hurts. Don’t do that, raise your head.”

Eugene did not find Genos’ greeting awkward. His relationship with Genos has been around for quite some time, and he knows very well that Genos truly respects Hamel. To be honest, out of all the people Eugene has seen, Genos is probably the one he respects Hamel the most.

“Why is Xenia like this?”

Eugene tilted his head at the top of Xenia’s head.

‘Xenia’. Xenia’s shoulders trembled at her blatantly revealing sense of distance, and Genos also held her breath.

“My daughter said she wanted to apologize for her past rudeness… … .”

Disrespect from the past? Eugene narrowed her eyes and thought for a moment.

In the first place, Eugene did not have many memories of ‘Xenia Lionheart’. The first and last thing I saw… … .

‘When Iod gave a damn in the Black Lion Castle.’

I remembered.

-I will never lose to Eugene.

At that time, Xenia openly showed hostility towards Eugene. It was purely because of jealousy.

Xenia, who was 27 years old at the time, was very dissatisfied that Eugene, who was 7 years younger than herself, was favored by Genos and inherited the Hamel style, which was passed down only in their own family.


The reason why she was burning with jealousy was because Xenia was so proud of her ‘Hamel style’. Because of that thought, Eugene didn’t have much dissatisfaction with Xenia’s attitude at the time. To be honest, the things I did out of jealousy only burned my desire to compete, and it was rather cute.

In the first place, at the damn hunting festival, Iod performed the demon king ceremony, Dominic murdered the Senator, and Hector kidnapped the twins and collateral children of the family. Xenia’s hysteria couldn’t be memorable.

“What are you even apologizing for… … .”

“Even if Master doesn’t care, it’s because my daughter really wants to apologize… … .”


Xenia lowered her head once more and shouted loudly.

What a beautiful thing. Eugene smiled heartily as he recalled her insult at her press conference. Even if the world ridicules Hamel for being stupid, those who know the true meaning remember Hamel’s sacrifice as noble.

Also, when everyone says they admire the great Vermouth and the brave Moron, those who think for themselves without being swayed by others respect Hamel… … . It can be said that the current head of Lionheart, Guillaid Lionheart, who has a great personality, respects Hamel more than the family ancestor.

“Yes, yes. Okay, raise your heads. If there’s anything else you want to say, don’t do it in the hallway, let’s go in and talk.”

Is there anything I can give you as a gift? Eugene put his hand inside the cloak with a hearty smile.

A family that has inherited the Hamel style despite the world’s forced contempt. When everyone laughs at Hamel, the family sincerely respects Hamel and trains the Hamel style. It complemented Genos’ skills in the past, but looking back on it, I think it’s not enough as a gift.

‘Should I become their family guardian and take care of them? It’s too late for the two of them, but from now on, I’m going to teach the descendants of that family the Baekyeomsik… … .’

Lionheart tradition? In the first place, from that tradition, Vermouth arranged for Hamel’s reincarnation. Since I was reincarnated as planned, I will no longer have to follow the tradition.

‘Get rid of the disease-causing blood system… … hmm… … It’s not okay to make everyone cook the white salt dish, so it would be better for the future of the family to carefully select and teach smarter children.’

In the past, the Senate would never allow it, but now the story is different. In fact, even if Eugene is not the reincarnation of Hamel, the Senate cannot turn a blind eye to Eugene’s influence alone.

“Do you want to have Winid?”


“no… … I use crushing weights and magic spears from time to time. I don’t use Winid very much anymore. Or a spear? How is the cerebral arch?”

Actually, even without Winid, I think Tempest will come if I call… … Can I give away the treasures of my parents’ house?

That problem didn’t exist in Eugene’s head right now. Rather, what could be said to be a problem for Eugene right now was Mer and Lymilla, who grabbed each other’s hands as they were rummaging through the cloak, pinched and tickled, and then bit each other.

“It’s okay to stand and talk for now, so let’s all go inside.”

“sleep… … for a moment.”

Ivik interrupted hastily.

“Hamel-sama… … No, Eugene. In my case, it’s a little bit like that to say in a gathering, but if possible, ask if it’s okay to have a private meeting… … .”


Why does that bastard go round and round in such a troublesome and dizzying way? It’s a little hard to talk about when everyone is gathered, but what is that kind of talk?

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and stared at Ivik.

“… … .”

I swallowed my breath because there was a straw bar.

“good. Let’s talk alone.”

“Me too.”

Orthus quickly opened his mouth. Aman and Alchester thought it was not something they would share, but after the other two said it, they decided to go with the flow.

Regardless of Eugene’s will, a line was formed in front of the closed door.

“That’s awful… … .”

Yujin put on a shaky expression, but she didn’t break the line that was already made.

Those standing in front of the door now are the strongest on the continent. In particular, Alchester and Aman were people that Eugene respected and had great favor with.

“then… … uh… … Please come in one by one.”

Suddenly, it became like a personal interview.

“We’ll just go back.”

Genos did not miss Eugene’s dismay. He begged for forgiveness for his daughter’s rudeness, and Eugene was satisfied and accepted the apology.


“yes. I’ll see you again next time.”

Standing by Genos’ side, Xenia felt an unavoidable regret. It was because she wanted to talk with her esteemed Hamel without apologizing.

‘but… … Even if it’s not today, the family can say hello.’

Yujin is living at her parents’ house anyway, so you should be able to visit her later. Xenia thought so and soothed her regret. Her Eugene backed away, happily seeing off her father and daughter, then turned her body.



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Eugene opened the door and went in first, followed by Ivyk.


As soon as the door closed, Aivik knelt on the floor and hit his head. Eugene was not taken aback and sat down on a chair.

“Let’s make it happen.”

“… … yes?”

Ivik, who was banging his head, lifted his head and looked at Eugene.

“That, what happened on the ship. Let’s just do something that never happened.”

“Eugene-sama… … ! That can’t be. I must apologize for insulting Eugene… … .”

“No, that, an insult? what? Oh, what did the mercenary say to me?”

Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“That, once. I think I need to correct the misunderstanding. What made me notorious among the mercenaries… … uh… … It must be a rough job, right?”

“yes… … .”

“So, it would be anywhere. In order not to be looked down upon and ignored, I had to give a f*ck. I was especially like that, because a good guy is bound to be jealous here and there.”

“yes… … .”

“however? The fact that several mercenaries were disbanded because it offended me is quite malicious rumors. I remember probably those bastards who used to pick up corpses and wounded from the battlefield and sell them to warlocks. Or getting money from a warlock from the start, kidnapping civilians and stealing goods.”

“Such a dog in the world… … .”

“They are bastards! So what? have to kill Wouldn’t you have killed him?”

“You would have killed me too.”


Eugene nodded with a satisfied smile. Of course, there might be some other notoriety besides those, but I thought there was no need to explain them. Even thinking about it now, the mercenary Hamel’s venom was so high that his personality was so f*cking right.

“sorry. I had many misunderstandings about Hamel.”

“What can I do? Most of the stories about me in this era are misunderstood. Anyway, no need to apologize… … If it bothers you, uh, your nickname is Mercenary King. Hamel was actually such-and-such a mercenary~ He talked about things like this. Drinking with his men.”


“Let’s do nothing else.”

Eugene couldn’t bear to talk about ‘dressing up as a woman’.

No matter how you think about it, the women’s clothing at that time was wrong. That shouldn’t have happened… … . However, no matter how much you regret, people cannot go back to the past. Why did you do that? What was it that fascinated me… … .

“yes… … .”

Ivik also nodded, not paying attention. She felt intuition that if she forced herself to hold on to him and tell him the story, she would only make Eugene feel bad and she would only be criticized.

“Get out.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Ivik stood up, bowed his head, and left. Before the door could be closed, Orthus walked in.

“What the hell did you come for?”

“I have come to apologize… … .”

“no. Where are you secretly cursing? I have nothing to say, so why are there so many people to apologize to?”

Eugene’s expression was crumpled and he spat out. Orthus stood politely and glanced down at the floor.

I could see the knee marks left by Ivik. The dent in front of it… … Did you hit her head? Orthus pondered whether he should also ram his head.

“Let’s just listen to the story. What on earth do you want to apologize for?”

“To Hamel-sama… … .”

“Call me Eugene. My current name is not even Hamel, so why do you keep calling me Hamel? All I hear is confused.”

“Yes, Eugene.”

Orthus cleared his expression and slowly lowered himself. He was to get down on his knees, as Ivig had done.

“I didn’t ask you to kneel, and I don’t want to. Why do you keep kneeling on your poor knee? It’s like I’m a bad person for no reason.”

“Because of a guilty heart… … .”

“So, what the hell did you do?”

What’s the point of saying sorry like that? Eugene really didn’t know anything. He even wondered if the position to apologize had become the opposite.

“that is… … I thought that the improvement system at the simuin was too shabby… … .”


“Because we prepared so quickly, there were many things that were lacking in many ways. Because the deadline was tight, the completion of the Arc de Triomphe fell… … Also, when Eugene-nim asked our kingdom to visit the royal family, His Highness the King took offense… … .”

As the story continued, Orthus’ voice grew smaller. Eugene, who had been blankly listening to the words, was so dumbfounded that he finally raised his voice halfway through.

“for a moment… … Wait. Are those things that you want to apologize for?”

“yes? ah… … sorry. If you were offended by my attitude when I first met you at the Night March, that’s… … .”

“No, that’s not what I meant… … okay… … That’s it. I have never been offended, so please get out.”

Eugene shoved the hesitant Ortus on the back and sent him away.

“How are you feeling?”

Then Alchester came in. As soon as Eugene saw Alchester, who was a very normal person, he felt a little relieved.

“It is very fine. There is no pain anywhere.”

“When I greeted you a few days ago, you were still struggling to walk. I’m glad you feel better.”

Alchester smiled comfortably as he sat down in Eugene’s seat.

“Lord Alchester, why did you come to see me? Could it be that you have something to apologize to me too?”

“Forgive me… … well. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything rude enough to apologize to Eugene-sama.”

If you look around, you can see traces of the floor. Alchester laughed and shook her head.

“The purpose of coming to Eugene is to congratulate you on your recovery. And, if you don’t mind, I’m here to get advice on swords.”

“Advice? What advice are you looking for?”

“This war.”

Alchester glanced at the sword unleashed next to the chair and continued.

“It was the first time I had ever seen a game of this scale. To be precise, the White Dragon Knights and I were not familiar with the term ‘war’.”

It was an unavoidable problem. Kiel is a huge empire that no other country on the continent can touch. The only countries on the continent that could compete with Kiel in power were the Holy Empire Euras and the Helmud Empire. But Euras and Kiel are allies, and Helmud- never starts a war first.

As such, Kiel’s White Dragon Knights had never experienced a ‘real’ war, contrary to their reputation. He only intervened in the conflict within the empire and conducted combat training that was no different from actual combat.

“Considering what you’re saying, didn’t you and the White Dragon Knights fight very well in this war?”

Alchester’s performance in slicing through enemy soldiers and walls while freely handling a tens of meters long sword was very impressive to Eugene.

“Thank you for saying that, but… … haha. I couldn’t do anything at the end.”

Alchester said with a wry smile.

‘last’. The sword of confinement, when Gavid Lindman suddenly fell from the sky. Heroes, including Alchester, rushed to protect Eugene, but even though all of them attacked, they could not block Gavid’s sword.

“Duke Lindeman’s sword… … It was so absolute that even if I had dozens or even hundreds of people, I couldn’t handle it.”

“hmm… … You seem to have felt a wall against him.”

“yes. Of course, I take it for granted that I am weaker than Duke Lindeman. Duke Lindeman’s years of immersion in the sword must have been hundreds of years, so there’s no way my sword, which is far short of 100 years, can reach Duke Lindeman. Am I not a genius like Eugene?”

“You are too self-deprecating.”

“I think it’s natural, but it’s because I felt that much shock. Of course, this wall is something I have to overcome by practicing myself. I have no intention of asking for direct instruction from Eugene.”

“Then what advice?”

Yujin tilted her head and asked.

In fact, when it comes to sword advice, Eugene didn’t have much to say. Alchester’s sword is already being completed with his own, so Eugene’s advice doesn’t help much.

“The progenitor of the Dragonic family. I want to hear about Oryx Dragonic’s sword.”

Eugene’s eyes trembled at the sudden story.

“Didn’t Eugene see the sword of the founder 300 years ago? According to a story passed down in our family, I heard that Yujin-nim is a friend with whom we can have a long talk about the martial arts of our ancestor.”

“uh… … hmm… … .”

“As Eugene-nim knows, our family’s sword was made to reproduce the sword of our ancestor. As the current head of Dragonic, I take great pride in the swords built and perfected by my descendants. If possible, I would like to compete with the sword of the founder with the current sword, and evolve the sword through the sword of the founder.”

Eugene was speechless at Alchester’s enthusiastic words.

A friend with whom I could have a long talk about nothing… … . Eugene had never had such a conversation with Oryx. He had changed his name, called out Oryx and beat him up, claiming to be half-man, half-dragon.

“Um… … therefore… … Look at me, Lord Alchester’s sword and Oryx’s sword… … Can you compare?”


“that… … haha… … what to say… … .”

At that time, Oryx’s sword was nothing more than a reckless wielding of ignorant mana drawn from a dragon heart. To put it bluntly, Oryx’s sword was no different from a large balloon.

“Lord Alchester’s sword is superior to that of Oryx.”

I was sure. If the current Alchester and Oryx competed. In less than 10 seconds, Alchester’s sword will slice through Oryx.


“Really. Lord’s sword has already surpassed Oryx in an instant. In my opinion, you are bound to something that should not be bound.”

Alchester’s expression was incomprehensible. Yujin adjusted her expression and continued.

“That means you don’t have to be aware of Oryx’s sword. Why are you conscious of someone weaker than you?”

At those words, Alchester’s eyes widened.

Not because I felt that was rude. It was as if the clogged blood had been pierced by that simple statement. Alchester closed his eyes for a moment, then jumped up from his seat.

For someone who has reached the level of Alchester, a lot can change with just one small realization from a simple opportunity. Eugene laughed at the light in Alchester’s eyes.

“thank you.”

Alchester laughed along with Eugene and picked up the sword next to him. He bowed her head to Eugene and left her room.

Before the door closed again this time, Aman Ruhar pushed a giant in his hand.

“Your Highness, what business are you here for… … .”

“Let’s go take a bath together.”


“Do you like it?”

“yes… … .”

When Eugene answered with a bewildered face, Aman’s broad shoulders drooped.

“I can’t help it if I don’t like it… … .”

The door that had been opened was closed.

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