Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 512

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There were many things left to deal with after the war, but Eugene didn’t want to worry about those issues. In the first place, I wasn’t used to this kind of work, so I decided to fall back altogether, telling others to take care of themselves.

The day I go back to Lionheart.

Eugene stood in front of over a hundred wagons. These are tributes sent by the Emirs of Nahama. Among those hefty tributes, there was also an offering from the Khajitan Emir, Tyri Al Madani, whom Eugene had generously shunned in the past.

He himself has no idea, but everyone in the world knows that Eugene is the protagonist and hero of this war. Even if there is no reincarnation of Hamel, Eugene is already a hero and a warrior of the era.

Suddenly the capital evaporated and the sultan died. The heir somehow saved his life, but it is difficult to rectify Nahama, which has been ruined by the heir, who has no power and even a weak support base.

One way would be for the emirs to overtake their heirs and become the new sultan of Nahama – but unfortunately, none of the emirs were as ambitious as they were.

It was also unavoidable. The sultan’s son defected to Kiel, and Kiel promised to support his future successor.

And Kiel has Eugene Ryanhart. After all, this wagon is a tribute sent with the meaning of looking after it from now on. The tributes sent to Eugene and Lionheart were several times more than those sent to Emperor Kiel.

“What about this?”

Eugene pointed to the corner of the carriage and squinted. Standing there was Amelia Merwin, who was not even loaded in the carriage’s luggage compartment and whose body was roughly covered with matting.

once alive Breathing and heart beating, so only alive. Now, Amelia’s mind is trapped in a series of deaths. Something that is alive but not alive. It was Senya’s punishment for Amelia.

“I have to take you first. later… … Shall we seal the desert dungeon somewhere?”

“But what if the seal breaks later?”

“There’s no way the seal I put on myself can be broken!”

Said Senya with a smirk. However, unlike Senya, who was full of confidence, Anise glanced at Senya as if she was not very trustworthy.

“I mean, I don’t think there is a seal that can never be broken.”

“You are very worried. So what to do? Just kill them cleanly?”

“I don’t think I paid enough for my sins. Killing already would rather be for that wicked thing.”

Anis replied in a cold voice. As we talked about the other day, Anise had no intention of allowing Amelia her simple and quick death. He thought that the crime of robbing Hamel’s grave and insulting her corpse was a serious crime that deserved to die a billion times while alive and go to hell even after death.

“What later, shall we put it in the home?”

“Why do you keep that hideous thing at your home?”

“A stable or… … Or you could make something like a dedicated prison and ask Nina to feed you from time to time. Um, no, that’s not a snack that Nina will prepare for you right now… … .”

Nina, who had just gotten out of her apprenticeship 10 years ago, has now become the maid in charge of the mansion. Eugene pondered for a moment on how to dispose of Amelia.

“Should I donate to Akryon?”


Anis didn’t understand what Eugene was talking about. But Senya immediately understood and her eyes lit up.

“good idea. There are many books related to black magic in Akreon.”

“Is it all because of you? You said that you made it absolutely impossible to bring the black magic book to Acreon?”

“that… … That’s, uhm, the phase of the times at the time… … I… … It was because I was a little closed.”

Senya stammered and answered in a stammered manner.

Senya still hates black magic and hates black magic. But hate is hate, and I admit that black magic has quite a bit of depth and reason. Right now, Senya was immersed in understanding the ancient black magic while holding onto Blood Mary just this morning.

“I think it would be quite nice to donate this to Acreon and use it as a textbook for black magic.”

“Are you humanely okay?”

“How many people this damn thing has killed and what it has done, why are you arguing with Dori? If you do something like a dog, you should be treated like a dog.”

Saying that, Senya wiggled her finger. Then her limp Amelia stumbled and rose from her seat. Eugene frowned at Amelia, who was drooping like her puppet.

“So, you’re going to take that to the Great Forest too?”

“Because I have to do research on the way.”

There are other reasons besides the punishment for not being able to kill Amelia right away.

No matter how great a wizard Senya is, it is impossible to use black magic directly. Senya has no magical powers. No matter how much mana is changed, it is impossible to transform mana into magical power.

Black magic cannot be used without mana. In the first place, it was not that Senya herself had the intention of using black magic ‘directly’. However, he is interested in the ancient black magic he learned about through Blood Mary.

A solid understanding of a theory also requires verification. But Senya can’t use black magic no matter how hard she tries.

So I used an expedient. Amelia now was, to Senya, no different from a living magic battery or a device that uses black magic. Or a black magic familiar… … .

“To call such a familiar is an insult to me, Eugene-sama.”

Mer, who read Eugene’s thoughts, stuck her head out of her cloak. Mer shot her ferocious gaze and squeezed Eugene’s side spicyly.

“There is no proper self-consciousness or freedom in that.”

“that… … Aren’t familiars usually like that? You are special.”

“Special… … Special, yes, that’s right. I am special. To Eugene-nim and Senya-nim!”

At the topic of raising her eyes just a moment ago, Mer immediately felt better at the word ‘special’ and laughed heheh. She no longer squeezed Eugene’s side, but used both of her arms to cling to her waist.

“It is like a cicada hanging from an old tree.”

“If you’re envious, say you’re envious, idiot.”

Lymilia muttered, and Mer responded with a snort. Of course, Raimirah did not sit still. Eugene suddenly had two children hanging from his waist.

“Hemoria. He said he was alive too?”

“yes. Hamel, I know you don’t like her, but… … .”

“It’s true that I didn’t like him, but it’s not that I hate him too much. After all, he didn’t directly do anything wrong to me, did he? huh? It’s just a little thick.”

“What if I cut off all my limbs and say that?”

Anis opened her eyes and fired at them. Eugene felt a lot of resentment and went to protest.

“Hey, I cut it because I wanted to cut it… … .”

When I thought about it again, I cut it because I wanted to cut it. So Eugene stopped talking once.

“Cutting is not important. Was I self-defense? A fountain of light, huh? Those bastards messed around there. Seeing that makes me angry, doesn’t it? It’s me! It’s natural to be angry. First of all, I was angry, and the fountain of light was probably angry too.”

“Who is what?”

“What are you saying now, you! Anyway, back then I was in self-defence. And it’s not like I’m going to go in and do some shit!”

“It’s true that you attacked right away, Lady Yujin. How hard was it for me to open the warp gate with Eugene at that time?”

Mer, who was hanging from her waist, grumbled. Lymilia, who was clinging to the other side, didn’t like the current conversation very much.

Mer had heard the story of the fountain of light several times. But she had never heard it accurately and in detail. Every time she begged me to tell her more, she said, ‘She’s horrible, I hate to think of her’ and she refused.

Even though she thought that it was inevitable, Raimirua was saddened by the story she did not know and could not share.

Eugene saw Laimira, who was hanging from his waist, making a sad expression. There was nothing intentional. Eugene’s hand went up on Raimira’s head very naturally.

“No, yes, it is true that I went in first. But did I attack them first? Did I just cut off Hemoria limbs? that’s not it! I, I warned you If you don’t get out of the way, you’ll fall behind. But they didn’t get out of the way, huh? then you have to follow is not it?”

Patting Lymilia’s head and fiddling with her horn, she protested. Even though the saints were happy to see her, they couldn’t hold back what they had to say.



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“Hamel, everything is good, but that… … What’s wrong with cheap vocabulary? The people of the world call you the ‘brilliant’ Eugene Lionheart and praise you, but it’s too much for you to say that you’re behind… … .”

“What? I don’t know anyone else, but I can’t stand you talking to me like that. She was very saintly. uh?”

“Then what is it that I am a saint?”

“That saintess insults and drinks alcohol whenever she gets a chance, and if she feels displeased, she resorts to violence… … look again and again You are trying to hit me.”

“If it sounds right, it should be right.”

Eugene hurriedly stepped back without provoking Anise any longer. Even in the midst of running away like that, I supported my body so that Mer and Lymilia would not feel uncomfortable.

“But Hemoria is half a vampire. no… … No, should I call it a vampire?”

“From the very beginning, it was a chimera mixed with this and that… … Strictly speaking, they are not vampires. You don’t have to drink blood unconditionally to survive, and you can work under the sun.”

“Anyway, he’s not human, so I don’t know if I can release him.”

“Since Sir Raphael said he would take responsibility and monitor it, you can leave it alone. It’s nothing to be proud of, but Juras’ apostate surveillance system is thorough and vicious. If she doesn’t want to be burned at the stake or tortured to death, Hemoria will not be able to commit the vices of a vampire.”


“yes. How she will live her future life is not my business… … well. Farming in a quiet rural village… … Or bake at a bakery in the city… … .”

In fact, it is not uncommon for demons to become priests. Right now, even Sister Eileen Flor, the vicar of the Diocese of Alcart, where Christina served as an assistant bishop, is a half-vampire.

However, Hemoria cannot return as a priest. No matter how much Raphael saved her life considering her track record as Hemoria’s Heretic Inquisitor, Hemoria, who showed an act that was tantamount to turning her back on her light, would never forgive her for taking up her priesthood again. The reason Raphael didn’t kill her Hemoria in the first place was because he judged that depriving her of the freedom she so longed for was a punishment beyond her death.

“bread… … Bread… … .”

Yujin muttered with a confused face. She wore a metal mask, and couldn’t imagine seeing Hemoria grinding her teeth as she kneaded and baked bread for her.

“what… … No hygiene issues… … You won’t drool while kneading.”

“Spit… … Brilliant Eugene Lionheart, refrain from such dirty talk.”

Senya teased me with a mischievous smile. At those words, Yujin’s shoulders trembled.

“His brilliance… … .”

I couldn’t speak until the end. Yujin suddenly remembered something and gasped. After carefully setting down the two children hanging from his waist, Eugene hurriedly ran to another place.


The back of the wagons. I saw Carmen, who was checking the tribute with Guilade.


As soon as Carmen saw Eugene, she straightened her expression and straightened her chest and shoulders. She opened her mouth, showing off the lion mark on her left breast.

“What is it? Brilliant Lion.”

“… … .”

Eugene had no choice but to bite his teeth involuntarily.

The originator of that goddamn ‘brilliant’ nickname is Carmen Ryanhart. Could it be because the sun in Nahama is burning too hot? Or is it because of the word ‘brilliant’ she just uttered? Strangely, the lion pattern on Carmen’s uniform seemed to sparkle a little more… … .

“No, wait.”

It wasn’t my mood. Eugene opened his eyes and glared at Carmen’s lion pattern.

Not blatantly, very delicately… … Embroidery was added. The embroidery catches the light from the surroundings, creating a brilliant sparkle in the lion pattern… … .

“What is this? Why is only Carmen-sama’s uniform like this?”

“I know, too.”

Carmen pointed to the pattern on her chest with a hearty smile.

“This is a uniform that will be distributed to all Lionhearts soon after actively reflecting my opinion.”

“To everyone? That, not to the main family, but to all of the descendants?”

“Of course.”

“No, wait a minute. This lion heart lion pattern, the only thing that can be engraved on the uniform is the family.”

“I will put more brilliant sparkles in the main house.”

Eugene’s eyes trembled dizzy. That means, the uniforms with a slightly shiny pattern are worn by all collaborators… … Is the main family going to wear a uniform that shines more brilliantly? Eugene patted her shoulders and looked at her gilreid.

“That is wonderful.”

Even Gillaid, whom he trusted, nodded with a hearty smile. The true patriarch, who only knew that family, had no doubt that the new uniform would make Lionheart more glorious and give new pride to all Lionhearts.

“… … .”

Since even Guilade showed a positive response, Eugene couldn’t go on a rampage. I wanted to gather all those shiny uniforms in one place and burn them, but… … Eventually, Eugene calmed down his trembling breath and looked at Carmen.

“so. What did you come to me for? Brilliant Lion.”

“that… … How long are you going to say that brilliant?”

“Isn’t that much better than being stupid?”

“That’s it… … .”

“I don’t think there is any reason not to call. I hope everyone in the world will praise you as the splendid Eugene Lionheart.”

If anyone else has said it, it’s highly taffy-feeding. You would think that there must be very, very malicious and malicious intentions.

However, it was clear without questioning that Carmen had no such intention. Carmen is really proud of Eugene. Because she wants Eugene to win her praise. And he does it because he likes his own naming so much.

“yes… … thank you… … .”

Eugene gritted his teeth and answered.

“however… … Carmen, the head of the household. Maybe at my hometown… … my… … Improvements or… … Welcome… … What kind of banquet is being prepared… … ?”

The emperor of Kiel had also contacted him. He said he would hold a grand triumphal ceremony for Eugene Ryanhart, the great hero of ‘Kiel’. Even the pope of the Holy Empire, Euras, was present to give a blessing, and the citizens were summoned from the gates of the capital… … .

Of course I refused. It wasn’t just that she politely refused, she threatened to break into the imperial palace and grab her by the throat if she did such a foolish thing. Even when the ceremony was held at Simuin, I was embarrassed and wanted to die, but to think that the ceremony would be several times more splendid than that. Eugene didn’t want to feel shame anymore.

“… … .”

Gilade and Carmen looked at each other without answering right away. Soon after, Gilreid let out a low clearing of his throat and continued.

“… … Gather only the family members and make it simple… … .”

“A collateral too?”

“Isn’t the collateral branch the same Lion Heart?”

Eugene’s stomach boiled. It reminded me of the banquet that dozens of collaborators had gathered the other day when I returned to my hometown carrying the corpse of Raizakia.

“I don’t like it.”

“Huh… … Still, I’m going back after finishing a big job… … Shouldn’t we have a banquet?”

“I really hate it. If you have to have a banquet, do it without me.”

“Do you really hate it?”

“yes. Really.”

When Eugene replied with a straight face, Carmen’s shoulders drooped.

“I already brought out the Platinum Lion… … .”

“no… … ! Was it still intact? I told you to take it apart… … !”

“Why waste such precious and meaningful things? I brought it back to the treasure house of my parents’ house.”

“Yes, I will just break it this time.”

“Never, never. It will be handed down to future generations as a symbol of the brilliant lion heart.”

It was Gilreid, not Carmen, who answered that way. He was uncharacteristically stubborn and unbending in his manners.

“… … yes. Okay, let’s not have a banquet. I really hate that. And put that damn Platinum Lion back in. If I take that out, I get really upset.”

“Don’t you hate having a simple meal with your family?”

“If it’s a place where only the family members eat, I’ll attend.”

Eugene had no intention of changing his attitude. Guillaid and Carmen looked very disappointed, but in the end they respected Eugene’s will and nodded.

“and. I will only see my face for a while at my hometown and then I will leave again.”

“What kind of adventure are you leaving for?”

Carmen’s eyes, which had been sullen until just now, sparkled.

“I plan to come and see the World Tree in the Great Forest. It won’t take very long… … .”

“World Tree!”

Carmen exclaimed with a bright face. Eugene backed away, not wanting to deal with Carmen any longer.

“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart!”

As soon as I stepped back, I heard a teasing voice. Ciel, who was pulling Yongyong’s reins in the corner, waved his hand at Eugene.


When Ciel sang the song with a mischievous smile, Desiira immediately responded.



Other black lions also shouted together. Ciel shouted with the intention of teasing, but the black lions did not. Their eyes were shining with admiration for Eugene.

That’s why Eugene couldn’t pour out swear words like he wanted to.

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