Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 513

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This is already the third time Eugene has come to Samar Great Forest.

When I first came to Samar Great Forest. Christina was the only one accompanying Eugene. The relationship between Cristina and Eugene at that time could not be called ‘close’ even in empty words.

sudden encounter. A fanatical aspect that talks about the revelation of light. On the other hand, Eugene did not have any faith in the light, and he had a very uncomfortable feeling about being recognized by the Holy Sword.

There were many creaking points. Eugene thought Christina suspicious. She was upset that Christina and Eugene were behaving neither like a warrior nor like a son of a noble family.

Still, the two traversed the Great Forest to the end. Although they rarely talked about what was in their hearts, the journey that was subtly not smooth—in the end, it brought the two of them a little closer.

[It was a young age.]

Anise whispered, feeling happy.

At that time, Anis was not even distinguished from Christa. She was mingled with Christina’s soul, and it was impossible to even awaken as an angel without a special occasion.

Even so, the trip with Hamel was enjoyable.

[Christina. You didn’t like Hamel very much back then. Rather, didn’t you envy Hamel on the one hand?]

‘that… … At that time, I was very immature. As a result, my thinking was very narrow, and I couldn’t face Eugene directly.’

To be honest, those days are a shameful and regrettable dark history for Christina. At that time, really innocently, Christina was the only one who accompanied Eugene in the vast jungle.

At that time, Eugene’s cape had neither Mer nor Lymir. Also, Anise’s voice was not heard in Christina’s head… … .

[Christina… … ! Do you think my existence is a hindrance!]

‘My God, Sister, it can’t be! There’s no way I’d consider the existence of the sisters to be a hindrance!’

but… … But sometimes, I do feel like this. If one day, or exactly when, no one knows, but one day, inevitably, you will have to experience something more absurd than a kiss.

In that moment, who the hell should be first? How should we overcome the unprecedented and embarrassing situation of one body and two minds?

[If cold water has an up and down side, then… … .]

‘But, Sister, I don’t want to go so far… … After all, am I not the owner of this body?’

[oh my god… … ! Cristina, I didn’t expect those words to come out of your mouth, I raised a tiger. I thought you were just an innocent lamb without knowing the world, but at some point you became a tiger… … No, it has become an insidious poisonous snake! Yes, it’s all my fault. If I died, I would quietly attain Buddhahood, but it is my fault for presumptuously remaining in this world!]

Anis poured out those long words in one breath, without stuttering or pausing.

‘Sister, I’ve been thinking about it, but… … when that day comes Even though it is decided separately who will take the initiative in the body, shouldn’t it be completely alone at the moment of conclusion… … .’

[Christina, what the hell does that mean?]

‘Uhm… … It will take a lot of hard work to find a way, but I think you can get Senya’s help. So, temporarily put one side’s consciousness to sleep… … .’

The more I thought about it, the more embarrassed and ashamed I felt. So when I first came to Daesoorim, I felt regretful and regretful.

then, then… … If you didn’t have useless thoughts and doubts. If you had looked directly at Eugene and approached him.

[That’s a bad idea, Cristina. Wasn’t it because he saved you from the fountain of light that you began to place Hamel in her heart? Afterwards, I heard sweet whispers from Hamel at my birthday party! The firecrackers and gazes of that moment made you fall in love with Hamel.]

I never thought that Cristina, who was not very active at that time, would have such an outrageous idea. She felt that now she was more than surprised and proud.

“What are you thinking? Anise is saying something strange again, isn’t it?”

Senya, who had been flying slightly off the ground, turned her head quickly.

[What a strange word… … It’s really nothing to be ashamed of. Now, the strange words are not me, but Christina, aren’t you?]

“Sister is the same as usual.”

Cristina cleared her throat in response. To Anis, those words sounded very cowardly and ambiguous. Is it the same as usual? Such an answer is not a definitive answer to Senya’s question.

“Looks like you’re talking about shady desires again.”

Senya grumbled with a knowing look on her face, and Cristi gave a shy smile instead of an answer.

[enfant terrible… … .]

Anise’s sighs were heard in her head, but she ignored them. Cristina approached Eugene walking ahead of her.

“It’s already the third time I’m coming to this forest with Eugene-sama.”


Eugene answered without thinking, but it wasn’t Cristina. She felt proud and full of joy that she had been with Eugene on almost all of his journeys.

“The first time you came, you came looking for me. The second one came to rescue me.”

Senya quickly opened her mouth.


This time, Eugene answered without thinking. Whatever the reason, whatever the number of times, it’s already past. What worries Eugene right now is… … .

“The forest is very beautiful.”

It was the presence of Carmen Ryanhart who was striding forward. She was wearing the uniform of a black lion, completely unsuitable for exploring the jungle, but her family crest shimmered on her left breast whenever she looked at her.

“A few years ago, the forest wasn’t like this. The great forest of Samar was a rugged area teeming with outlaws fleeing the law and savage cannibals and monsters.”

Carmen narrowed her eyes and looked up at the forest sky.

“It reminds me of the old days. Before I became a black lion. As a knight, when he wandered the continent to train as a soldier. I have come to this forest alone, without any equipment or preparation.”

The reason I came to the great forest this time was to visit the elven territory.

The elders of the elves who taught Senya magic. The primary purpose is to seek advice on the ancient black magic that remains in Blood Mary from the elves who have lived for hundreds of years.

It also has other purposes. Eugene decided that it was necessary to look at the World Tree in earnest. When I first arrived at the World Tree, the huge tree was sick with Lyzakia miasma. He was engrossed in stopping Senya’s death and keeping countless elves alive.

Even in such a state, the World Tree has performed ‘miracles’ several times. The spirit of the world tree that dwells in Eugene and becomes a spark of lightning is also worthy of being called a miracle. It was also a miracle of the World Tree that Senya appeared during the battle with Lyzakia and Eugene’s body was restored from the brink of death.

The beliefs related to the World Tree, which he had heard from Tempest in the past and from Ivatar, also bothered him. There is a belief in death and reincarnation in the Great Forest. All beings die and are led to the World Tree. The World Tree circulates the guided souls and spreads them back to the world… … .

If such a story has its own basis, it is necessary to see it clearly. In the past, Eugene couldn’t directly feel the specialness of the World Tree itself, but now- he might be able to feel something. Eugene, conscious of the divinity within himself, deepened in thought.

‘I don’t know when the world tree existed. Senya also said he didn’t know.’

Do the elders of the elves know? If the World Tree has existed since ancient times, if it really has something to do with the reincarnation of souls… … .

‘The Demon King of Confinement said that all the souls under him were confined. If you die from the demon king of confinement, reincarnation is impossible. Then, the role of the world tree is the exact opposite of that of the demon king of confinement… … .’

I think it’s an expanded interpretation, but the world tree could be a bulwark against the demon lord in captivity.

It is the power of the demon king of Yupe to confine and control the soul. The souls killed by the demon king of destruction do not disappear or are confined, but pass on to the next era… … .

That is, the demon king of destruction itself does not go against the providence such as the reincarnation of the soul. It is said that dying to the demon king of destruction is a very natural thing.

“It’s been ten days since I entered the forest alone. I was very young at the time, so I couldn’t tell the difference between courage and recklessness. I was arrogant because I was strong for such a young age, and I looked down on this huge forest. The endless raids, the laughter of savage cannibals… … They watched me from afar and saw an opening. But I am Carmen Lionheart. never been trampled They thought they were hunters, but they weren’t.”

Even while Eugene was lost in thought, Carmen continued to talk about the feats of the past.

“Do you know, brilliant Eugene? The lion is the king of beasts. The king of all beasts in the world. In other words, the greatest and best hunter in the world. On the other hand, the savages who were hunting me at that time were no more than wild dogs at best. When I decided not to hide my claws and fangs. That night, the forest became a slaughterhouse instead of a forest.”

To be honest, Eugene did not think that the lion was the king of beasts. If he had to choose the king of beasts, wouldn’t he be closer to a bear than a lion?

In the forest of the border village of Turas, where Eugene spent his childhood, ferocious bears often appeared. Bears are tenacious, clever and cruel. The goblins and orcs that live in the forest kill more people than the bears, but even they don’t invade the bears’ territory… … .

“That night I was a beautiful lion. He hunted foolish beasts who dared to think of Lionheart as his prey without starvation. He’s doing an awful job, I thought, but he thought it was necessary. It was necessary in this brutal wilderness… … .”



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think… … Continue. I don’t think that the relationships that exist in this era are the product of chance. If this amount of coincidences overlapped, this itself would be an arranged fate.

The reincarnation of the sages and giants of Senya and Moron.

why… … I don’t know if only the Twilight Witch became the demon, Noir Jebella. Those two definitely became Eugene’s colleagues in this era. Vermouth made it that way.

The reincarnation of Agaroth’s great warrior, Ivatar Zahabu. I don’t even think this is Vermouth’s arrangement. Have you been drawn to the whirlwind of fate? If so, is that fate related to reincarnation, which is said to be governed by the World Tree?

The details are unknown, but the reincarnation of the Great Warrior never harms Eugene. Ivatar, who controls all of Samar, has infinite favor with Eugene, and if he makes him his great warrior, he can make all of the huge Zoran tribe his ‘believers’… … .

“In those days, this forest was wild in the true sense of the word. but… … Now I can’t even do that with empty words.”

Carmen murmured and looked around the forest. The forest itself remains, but the place where Carmen walks now is an artificially created ‘path’. Having unified the great forest, Zoran hopes to become a proper nation by abandoning the form of primitive tribes.

The elders of the various merged tribes do not support Ivatar’s will. However, incomparably more young tribesmen support Ivatar.

So the forest is slowly changing. It cannot be said to be modern even empty words, but various structures are built and development is being done in respect of the spirits of the forest, and the pursuit and punishment of outlaws are being carried out.

“How about dying at this point?”

Eugene cautiously spoke to Carmen. It was good until he used the newly installed warp gate in the Great Forest, but the problem was that the warp gate was only at the beginning of the forest.

If you walk a little further, you will come across a real forest that has not yet been developed. When that time comes, it becomes difficult to break up with Carmen.

“I would have said, brilliant Eugene.”

“… … .”

“I have no intention of stepping down from this journey.”

Originally, it was very rare for Carmen to be stubborn like this. This is the biggest difference between Melchis and Carmen.

Melchis has no character. If it does exist, it will be a narrow pool at the bottom of the bottom.

But Carmen is different. She is a ‘real’ knight whose character is as good as anyone can admit. As for Carmen’s personality, Eugene had no choice but to admit it. In fact, everyone who knows Carmen respects Carmen.

Carmen respects and knows how to count. No matter how much he wants it, he is a true great man who knows how to break his stubbornness and back down if the opponent doesn’t want it. but… … Very unusual this time, Carmen did not give up.

It wasn’t just about being stubborn. Even in Eugene’s opinion, Carmen’s reason for joining this journey was quite valid.

Carmen Ryanhart. She is second only to Eugene in Lionheart. Everyone in Lionheart would think so. Although she maintains the body of a beautiful young maiden, she is the aunt of the current head of the household, Gilreid. She is the highest adult of Ryan Heart, with a higher distribution than any of the elders of the Black Lion Castle.

That much time was purely poured into nothingness. Currently, Carmen’s Baek Yeom-sik has reached 8 stars, and its skills can be said to be unrivaled among the heroes of the continent beyond Lion Heart.

With the exception of Eugene, the strong people who had risen to the top of the continent early on. Alchester, Orthus, and Aman.

Carmen is not on the same level as those three. No matter how little the three of them caught Carmen, half a step was respected as an advanced strongman.

but. Even Carmen, who was so strong, couldn’t stand Gavid’s sword. The humiliation and helplessness that Alchester felt as a soldier were applied to Carmen as well.

“I must fable anew.”

said Carmen.

“Existing practices can no longer make me new. In order to become a new me, I have to encounter new things that I have never known or imagined.”

“… … .”

“I have never seen the World Tree.”

“You saw it at your home.”

“That is not the real world tree. And, I don’t think this journey will end simply by seeing the World Tree. Brilliant lion, the fact that you dared to walk here… … He must have decided that there was a reason to do so inevitably.”

It’s a straight line. However, Eugene did not show it with his expression. Still, Carmen continued his words.

“I too feel inevitability. Brilliant lion, this journey with you will fable me anew. I believe so.”

“Fable… … .”

“The pupa becomes a butterfly.”

Saying that, Carmen speeded up her steps.

“In this forest, in the world tree. I become a butterfly.”

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