Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 514

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Third visit to Great Forest. On the journey to the elven territory, nothing special happened.

In fact, considering the events and dangers that could occur in this huge forest, it is impossible to threaten Eugene right now. There were still many monsters in the forest, but unlike monsters, they knew about fear. They try not to encounter predators they can never defeat, and even if their territory is invaded, they immediately give up and run away.

There was no need to be wary of the natives as before. All tribes in the forest were conquered by Zoran. All the savage tribes, who were involved in crimes such as human trafficking and even cannibalism in severe cases, were castrated for their customs and ferocity by Zoran.

So, the journey was peaceful and leisurely. The only unexpected incident during the journey was the sudden visit of Ivata, the warchief of Zoran.

He asked why he had come to the forest without informing him in advance, and he was told that he would be invited to Joran as a state guest right away.

“next time.”

refused. I was a little interested in how much the Zoran I had visited a few years ago had developed, but not enough to add a schedule. Eugene flatly refused, so Ivata didn’t recommend it anymore. Naturally, Ibata prioritized Eugene’s circumstances and will over the warchief’s face.

“May the protection of the forest be with you.”

It didn’t stop with words. In this forest, Ivata’s words alone have the same power as the Word Spirit. A single word in itself bestowed blessings on Eugene and his party, making the journey much more peaceful.

“I wanted to see Zoran.”

Carmen murmured in a tone of pity. Carmen knows how good Zoran’s avatars and warriors are.

Among many warriors, the carefully selected elite are capable of combat training with Lionheart’s Black Lion Knights, and the warchief, Ivata, is in the ranks of a hero even though he is young and the same age as Eugene.

That’s why I wanted to see Zoran in person. I wanted to see what kind of life those young and courageous warriors live and how they train themselves. I thought that such an experience itself was a necessary nourishment for fables.

“Can’t you go see it with Ciel later?”

“Later, splendid messenger, I do not have much time.”

If someone hears it, you’re saying something that will be misunderstood as a time limit. Eugene thought so in his heart, but he didn’t say it directly to Carmen.

It is because Eugene judged after looking at it for many years, Carmen Lionheart, she would definitely prefer the setting of ‘limited time’.

‘maybe… … Wouldn’t he be coughing with a serious expression on his face while carrying a cigar normally? Then I vomited some blood… … .’

If the person next to you comes up in surprise and hands you a handkerchief, you push the handkerchief away with a rough expression… … Or they will shake their heads with a forlorn expression and refuse the handkerchief. If someone asked me for the name of my illness, I’d probably give a vague answer, saying, “It’s a disease that leads to death.”

[Seeing that you come out right away, Eugene-nim and Carmen-nim have similarities. Should we think similarly?]

‘Shut up.’

Mer in the cloak grinned, and Eugene answered immediately without hesitation. Feeling that an answer was not enough, he put his hand inside the cloak and applied direct sanctions.

“Wasn’t Ciel sad?”

Cristina asked Carmen a question while Eugene eagerly tickled Mer inside the cloak.

“I have nothing more to teach him. From now on, it is time for him to complete his own radish, based on what he has accumulated so far.”

Carmen put a serious expression on her face and put a cigar in her mouth.

Eugene also agreed with that statement. Xian and Ciel. The two twins had already reached the limits of what a genius of their age could rise to. The place to break through and reach that limit is a realm beyond genius, and it completely depends on the two.

“Xian and Ciel were very lucky. There are probably no luckier kids in the history of Rhine-on-Hart than the twins. Except for you, of course.”

“That’s right.”

Yoo Jin had no choice but to admit that the twins were born with heavenly luck. Being born in the home of the prestigious Lionheart and learning the white salt ceremony is a matter of heavenly luck, but besides that, the twins also had a lot of luck.

“I am, splendid lion. I think meeting you is the greatest luck for Xian and Ciel.”

Carmen continued with her cigar still unlit. One of Carmen’s hidden talents was that her pronunciation was accurate without leaking even when she spoke with a cigar in her mouth.

“You orchestrated the twins so that they would not be buried in inferiority complexes. The inferiority complex that I had to have made it not an ugly time, but a positive sense of improvement. If I hadn’t met you… … Or if you didn’t mind the twins. the two… … .”

Carmen paused and put the cigar on her finger. She let out a long sigh like the smoke from her cigarette and smiled bitterly.

“The two of them would have become humans not too different from Iod Lionheart.”

Eugene did not deny that. The fact that the 13-year-old twins had bad personalities was because Eugene knew well.

Xian was an aristocrat who was tired of being a chosen citizen, and Ciel was a vicious little boy who used his surroundings to bully others without stepping out himself. If the two of them had grown up according to their personalities when they were young, they would have become obvious aristocratic villains as depicted in the picture.

“It’s not just the twins who have been lucky. brilliant lion. I also consider it a great fortune to have met you.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

“no. It’s never overrated. Your very existence is Lionheart’s luck. With your existence, Lionheart fabled anew… … .”

It seems you’ve been obsessed with the word fable lately. While thinking so, Eugene listened to Carmen. In any case, there was no pretense in Carmen’s words now, and it was because, after all, it was a compliment to Eugene.

“Because you looked after me. Because you shined and brightened the way ahead. The twins, me, and the head of household… … Everyone in Lionheart came to follow you. The great Vermouth, the progenitor of Lionhearts, seems to have wanted to give you Lionhearts as a gift, but that’s not the case with us. Brilliant lion, the very fact that you were born as Lionheart is a great gift to Lionheart.”

Carmen put the cigar in her mouth again. Of course, all of these words were Carmen’s sincerity. Having said that, Eugene couldn’t help but feel quite moved by Carmen’s sincerity.

[Contrary to how Hamel looks, his ears are really thin.]

‘Because the heart is very pure.’

[no… … In my opinion, regardless of innocence, they are just thirsty for praise. Isn’t there an old saying like this? Praise makes even a bear dance.]

‘Sister, Eugene is a lion, not a bear.’

[Get your words right, Cristina. It’s not just a lion, it’s a ‘brilliant lion’. Did you notice? Suddenly, Hamel naturally accepts the title of a brilliant lion… … .]

Cristina and Anis had a secret conversation. Eugene didn’t care about the two and looked at Carmen with moved eyes.

“thank you.”

I never thought you would seriously think about it this far. Eugene smiled at the lingering emotion and reached out to Carmen.

“If you ever need my help, please let me know. I don’t know what I can do, but I’ll do my best to help Carmen’s fable.”

“I joined the journey with incongruous stubbornness. So, splendid lion, I don’t want to bother you. but… … If possible, can I repeat sparring, even in the form of non-swords, during the journey?”

If it is a non-sword, it is not to fight by moving directly, but to imagine the battle by reciting the action with the mouth. Eugene didn’t have much experience with that kind of thing, but he didn’t think about it for a long time.

“Yes, I understand.”

If you are a master like Carmen, you can practice only meditation without the need to move yourself. Even if it was a non-sword that spoke through her mouth, if it was Carmen, she could immediately draw the situation in her head and continue the battle.

It was the same for Eugene. When repeating the darkroom in the past, Eugene and Carmen faced off quite a few times. If we were to face off now, Yujin would win unconditionally, but the important thing in non-sword is judgment and sense in battle, not victory or defeat. Consideration on how to act in order to overcome the situation is the heart of this paper.

“Then let’s start right now.”

Without delay, Carmen immediately put the cigar into the case. He meant to take it seriously. Eugene also nodded his head without refusing.

Anyway, the road to the World Tree is straight. In the past, it took several months to come and go, but now, with blessings and magic applied, it should arrive in a week. In addition, he did not think of Nongeom as a mere entertainment.

If you share a sword with a master like Carmen and examine the battle situation from a broader perspective, you will gain something.

“How do I start?”

“You decide first. Brilliant lion, can I be conceded?”

In the past, even if the superiority in skill was reversed immediately, Carmen would have yielded the first attack to Eugene. But now Carmen took the initiative by taking the initiative. No matter how much Carmen was, she thought it was excessive arrogance to yield the first attack to the great hero, Hamel.

“However much.”

The moment Eugene answered. Carmen took a deep breath.

“Starting with Tekken Chain from five steps away, I will aim for your waist, chest, and head at the same time with Eclipse and Paewanggak.”

“… … yes?”



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“Tekken Chain, Eclipse, Paewanggak.”

Are you kidding me? I even heard that question for a moment, but of course Carmen didn’t joke. She waited for Eugene’s answer with sincerity as if she had stood on the battlefield.

Already in her head, the Tekken chain disturbed Eugene’s vision, and made it a waste of time. was breaking

“uh… … Uh, yes, I pulled out my sword and kicked… … .”

“Is kicking an Eclipse or a Paewanggak?”

“ah… … Yes, Eclipse. Anyway, yes, block the Eclipse and apply the pressure with sword strikes… … .”

“It’s pressure. What is sword fighting, is it sura light killing?”


“Eugene, it is important to be specific about the discussion. It’s hard to understand if it’s a simple sword strike, so if it’s a light strike, say it straight.”

Was the non-geom so difficult and embarrassing? Since I’ve never done it, I don’t know if what I’m doing is really a non-sword… … .

“yes… … uh… … With the Sura light… … .”

“In that case, I will respond to your sura beam with a lightning strike. My Noi Kang Il Island pierces the center exactly, scattering the sword energy of the light beam and aiming for your chest.”

“My shura light isn’t weak enough to be scattered with a single punch… … .”

“In order to share the discussion in depth, we have to compromise a little with reality. What is important in this act is not a simple contest of strength, but a solution to various situations.”

Hearing that, it felt very plausible.

“then… … I am… … I’ll counterattack Thunder Island with a Lightning Counter… … .”

“Counter-attack Thunder Island with a Lightning Counter! Quirky and cool.”

Carmen smiled and gave Eugene a thumbs up.

When the two of you are having a stupid conversation and talking about each other’s embarrassing technical names. Senya was following most of the group. Normally, he would have laughed at Eugene’s stupid behavior, or would have participated in it. The current Senya did not turn her attention to that side, holding the Blood Mary and deep in thought.

In front of such Senya, Amelia was walking in a normal robe instead of a mat. Her eyes were still wide open, but she didn’t walk like she did the last time.


A black electric current bounced around Amelia, who was walking a little in front of Senya. Senya had extracted her magic from Amelia. Right now, Senya was splitting his consciousness into several parts, starting several magics at the same time.

An ancient black magic recorded in Blood Mary. At some point, it was sealed and it was difficult to dig deeper. Most of the wands of confinement in history would not have even noticed that Blood Mary was sealed.

But who is she? That’s the wise Senya. The greatest wizard in the world. In the past, present, and future, there will be no wizards as outstanding as Senya.

Senya was immersed in trying to break the seal. It wasn’t easy to break through. In addition, it was impossible to penetrate this seal without applying black magic.

If so, you can apply black magic. Using Amelia as a magical power battery was also the correct answer. She boldly plucked her magic from her, mixed her magic with her black magic and applied it, Bonnie-Wen-Girl, it was possible to peek at Blood Mary’s seal a little bit.

‘This is not human black magic.’

He even cut down on his sleep and became sluggish. She couldn’t fully open the seal or understand the depths of Blood Mary, but Senya came to a conclusion first.

‘The demon king’s magic. Or, according to the demon lord… … The magic of a transcendent existence.’

ancient god? I’m not sure about that specific, but it’s certain that this isn’t ‘human magic’.

The basis was Senya itself. 300 years ago. No, even just a few years ago, Senya would not have been able to understand Blood Mary’s magic. Even if he had only superficially imitated understanding, he would not have even attempted to use it directly.

But now.

“… … .”

Senya held Bloodmary in one hand and Frost in the other. He slowly crossed them and pursed his lips. She uttered short incantations that did not sound like words. The mana extracted from Amelia and Senya’s own mana were mixed. Bloodmary’s and Frost’s dragon hearts emitted different colors of light.

“Ugh… … .”

After a vibration that made my palms tingle. Mana and mana became one crystal and appeared in front of Senya. Senya stopped the magic there. It was because of an instinctive intuition.

‘This is a power I can’t control yet.’

I can try, but I don’t know what kind of backlash will come.

if… … If coordination fails. So, if this power runs out of control. Someone in this place will die and leave the village, and the forest itself will disappear.

‘I just mixed it, but it’s this kind of power… … ? No, no. Mixing itself is not that simple. It’s because the magic used as a method of combination is beyond my understanding.’

Senya thought so and swallowed. She disassembled her ‘power’, which she judged to be difficult to handle, and put down her two staffs with a short sigh.

I tried to disassemble and put it down.

It didn’t work out that way. The combined forces escaped Senya’s will.

‘A runaway?’

For a moment, these words couldn’t help but come to Senya’s mind.

A runaway of power and magic! Chills ran down my spine. It had been a long time since I had experienced such a runaway. To be precise, I went through a few failures and runaways when I made Eternal Hall, but I hadn’t experienced a failure with magic since I made Eternal Hall.

This runaway is dangerous. It’s not just a runaway of magic. Power before becoming magic. In particular, this power is ignorant, violent, and powerful enough to put off even thinking about testing it. What if this power ran amok and exploded. Eugene and his party may be able to protect themselves somehow, but the Great Forest may be completely blown away.

It was so dangerous, but Senya didn’t panic. The moment her power escaped her will, Senya immediately activated Absolute Law. He was preoccupied with somehow controlling and dismantling the force.


Consequences, no, intuition. Senya was trying to cope with the runaway without panicking, but now she couldn’t help but panic. Power is out of control. running wild There is no doubt that it was a runaway.

But it’s not dangerous. Rather- Rather, the power that ran amok at will, was guiding Senya. I decided that I couldn’t control it, so I tried to disassemble it and put it away. It was as if the power itself had a will, refusing Senya’s judgment.

‘for a moment… … .’

My mind brightened. changed her mind She stopped raging, suppressing her strength. Instead he focused on power movements. He followed the guidance and saw the flow of power. Even with that, Senya was able to understand little by little. How to turn this power into magic and how to handle it.

It gave Senya a strange doubt as well as a realization. Why is this happening? Why does the runaway power move as if it were teaching me? This teaching… … .

“… … ?”

At that moment, Senya heard a sound. It passed by, but it sounded like someone’s voice. To be precise – faint laughter.

ㅡHwaaaaaagh! The laughter passed, and the movement of power changed. It no longer moved on its own and guided Senya. It wasn’t even dangerously runaway. Senya flinched, but she watched without interfering with the force’s movement.

The power gathered in front of the crossed staffs whirled. -Puong! Power exploded.

There was no such thing as power in that explosion. Thousands of colorful petals scattered in all directions. Senya blinked and watched the slowly disappearing petals.

“… … what, what?”

There was no choice but to make a stuttering voice. Exactly what had happened was still unclear to Senja. But I knew this very clearly.

Through this guidance, I learned how to deal with power. Senja wanted to think a little deeper about it – but she couldn’t. Because her head wasn’t working properly.

I didn’t even use magic properly, but I was exhausted. She couldn’t even walk, so I thought about letting Amelia crawl and sitting on it. Senya looked in front of her, conscious of a throbbing headache.

I saw Eugene and Carmen with their eyes wide open.

“uh… … It’s nothing.”

Senya said that first. Immediately after that, Carmen exploded in admiration.

“What is that power just now?”

“this? uh… … This wise Senya-sama’s new magic… … .”

“Deadly magic… … ! You must have a cool name.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Senya was frightened and turned away from Carmen.

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