Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 515

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With Carmen’s cry, a magical name could not be attached. Because it was still power, not magic.

But I thought it was necessary to give the power itself a name. This power is neither mana nor magical power. A power created by combining the ancient ways that Blood Mary remembers.

First of all, it was named spiritual power.

I tried the same several times after that, but nothing like the first time happened. Creating spiritual power itself was a smooth success. Controlling the spiritual power also worked well. However, the runaway of spiritual power did not occur.

‘What was it?’

Senya was lost in thought as she moved her spiritual powers around.

I was so engrossed in magic… … Did you get some kind of enlightenment? Have you fallen into the world of water and child and glimpsed a state that was more advanced than now? Or, did he come across something like a miracle as he got closer to the goddess of magic?

I thought a lot about this and that, but I couldn’t come up with an answer like this. From the beginning, I felt suspicious about being guided by spiritual power. Could it be that I was mistaken while being too immersed? What was the laughter again?

‘I don’t know.’

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out the answer. So, Senya gave up for now. Instead, I tried to ‘how’ to apply the spiritual power that I was able to use fairly well.

The simple, intuitive thing is to replace mana with spiritual power. It was simple and intuitive, so it was easy to try, and I was able to get results quickly. And it was stronger than expected. Even the magic of the lower circle is more powerful than the circle if Senya uses it. However, when I used magic using spiritual power, ‘absolute’ power was created even though I did not use absolute law.

“Ugh… … .”

It’s not just the advantages. This powerful power made Senya very tired every time she used it. Because it is still difficult to use. If you can completely control the spiritual power, if you can completely replace the mana in the Eternal Hall with spiritual power. If I could use that power to grant an absolute rate and use magic.

‘Can I fight the demon king of confinement?’

When I think of the possibility of spiritual power, I naturally think of such things.

Spiritual power is powerful.

Spiritual power is created by mixing mana and magical power. In Senya’s case, the necessary mana is being extracted from Amelia. And most of that magical power belongs to the demon king in captivity.

‘Amelia has her own magic, but the difference is too great.’

Can you attack the demon king of confinement with the spiritual power created by mixing the magic of confinement? I thought there was a possibility. Regardless of the origin of magical power, the moment it is mixed and created with spiritual power, it has a completely different nature.

However, this power was eventually remembered by Blood Mary. Beyond the seal, the magic of the distant past. … … However, in the end, it was remembered in Blood Mary, but is this method really effective for the demon king in captivity?

‘It’s impossible to simply follow.’

Senya could not forget the Babel of 300 years ago.

The day Hamel died. The day that all the future Senya had been dreaming of was shattered. At that time, Senya despaired, was sad, and more than that, was angry and hated. That day, no, she made the demon king of confinement the cause of everything that existed before that.

If you kill the demon king of confinement, something… … It seemed like it would change. Hamel is already dead, but if you kill the demon king in captivity. Retrieve Hamel’s soul, somehow… … He thought that somehow he might be able to meet up with Hamel again.

Regardless of whether it was possible or impossible, Senya at that time couldn’t endure without clinging to even nonsense.

That’s why I thought I would kill the demon king of confinement unconditionally. Definitely, no matter what the cost.

However, despite that determination, he was defeated in vain. That day, in Babel’s presence, Senya was the weakest of his comrades. All of her magic couldn’t even properly reach Yupe’s demon lord.

Anise’s light did not go out even in the chains, and Morron screamed and moved forward even though his limbs were chained. But Senya’s magic couldn’t even resist against the chains of confinement. Before that day, Senya could hardly fulfill his mage-like role.

The sense of helplessness and despair at that time remains as a trauma to Senya. Whether the Eternal Hall was created or the Absolute Rule was created, it was all in order to stand against the demon king in confinement.

‘Spiritual power is strong. However, there is no guarantee that you will be eaten unconditionally by the demon king of confinement. First of all, you need to understand the magic of Blood Mary more deeply… … .’

“What are you thinking?”

Eugene suddenly spoke. Senya looked up in surprise.

“What, what?”

“You haven’t spoken much since last time.”

I heard about what Senya had been through a few days ago.

Memory of Blood Mary. Spiritual power created by mixing mana and magical power. Although the attack didn’t work properly, Eugene felt how strong the power of the spiritual power was. If Senya was determined and attacked with spiritual power, it seemed that Eugene would not be able to respond without using an air sword or a moonlight sword.

“I’m not sure if this is right.”

Senya pursed her lips and answered. She didn’t like the back of Amelia’s head as she walked blankly in front of her.

“After all, Blood Mary was inherited by Yupe’s wands, right? The seal inside the wand was probably done by the demon king of confinement. Then, in the end, am I not playing into the clutches of the demon king of confinement?”

Senya grumbled and gathered mana from her fingertips and shot Amelia in the back of the head. f*ck! Amelia’s head tilted in front of her with a jolt.

“Then you can’t do it. You don’t have to be obsessed with Blood Mary’s magic, can’t you make magic in a different way?”

Amelia got hit first, but Eugene didn’t care.

“But it’s too precious not to touch. Aside from black magic, I mean, it’s very attractive. I don’t know if this is really dark magic.”

“Ancient magic?”

“huh. It’s mixed with black magic, but… … Anyway, it’s not human magic in my opinion. That’s why I’m very, very concerned about it. Why did the demon king of confinement leave this alone?”

“You may not have known.”

“Are you serious?”

Senya opened her eyes and looked at Eugene.

“It doesn’t make sense that the demon king of confinement didn’t know. on purpose… … or left on purpose. why?”

“Even the mother who gave birth to the demon king of confinement wouldn’t know what that bastard was thinking or what he wanted. I don’t know if that bastard has a mother.”

Eugene said that with a calm face. Even Carmen, who had been walking before that radical remark, was shocked and had no choice but to stop her steps. But Carmen couldn’t point out Eugene’s remarks in the end. It was because not only Eugene, but also Senya and Cristina’s expressions were so calm.

“Does the Demon King have parents?”

“Of course there are parents. I don’t think they would have jumped out of the ground.”

“I don’t know about other demon lords, but there might not be a demon lord in captivity. Did that bastard ever die and be reborn in the first place?”

Carmen Ryanhart. She had a lot of expectations while participating in this journey.

The destination is a world tree whose existence is close to a legend. An elf land shrouded in mystery. The companion who goes there is the reincarnation of Hamel, the brilliant Eugene Lionheart. Are you smart Saint Christina Rogeris.

I thought it would be an adventure that will remain legendary. I thought that through this adventure, I would be able to fable and become stronger. But that hasn’t happened yet. The journey was leisurely, more like a walk than an adventure, and there were no dangers.

“Are fantasy and reality different?”

Carmen murmured and shook her head. Still, there are things she learned along the way. The discussions shared several times freed Carmen’s thoughts, and a strong bond was felt between Senya and Eugene, who talked a lot like everyday life… … .

“iced coffee… … !”

Fantasy and reality are different laws.

It was only a few hours ago that I muttered that thought, but now the thought has completely disappeared from my head. Instead, emotions such as surprise, joy, and admiration for the fantasy that appeared in reality filled my head.

“World Tree!”

Carmen shouted, raising both hands high. The scenery in front of him was so fantastic that he had no choice but to shout. The saplings of the world tree planted in Lionheart’s home grew larger than other trees, but it was incomparable to that ‘real’ world tree.

Behold, the majesty of the World Tree, tall enough to reach the sky. Branches wide open as if they were actually supporting the sky. Leaves covered between them! Carmen stepped forward, feeling the thrill of her heart.

under the world tree. I saw a village that looked like old ruins, probably hundreds of years old.

“Elf… … !”

Carmen sighed in excitement. I’ve seen many elves in Lionheart’s mansion, but the elves living with the world tree felt something more mysterious.



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“It’s better.”

Eugene muttered as he looked down at the world tree covering the sky and the elven village.

When I came here with Cristina a few years ago, the ground was on the brink of death. There was almost no mana, and the branches and leaves of the World Tree could crumble with the slightest touch.

It wasn’t like that now. Mana was full, and the presence of the spirits was fully felt. It was a land where nothing seemed to be able to live, but now it has become a land where anything can live.

“It’s because the rotten miasma of Lyizakia has been purified, and the elves have also awakened.”

Senya smiled and said.

“Eugene, this is the first time you and I come to my hometown, right?”

“I was going to pick you up the other day, but you told me not to come.”

“Who wants to show you waking up after hundreds of years of sleep?”

“Is it okay to show you sleeping?”

Ignoring the noise, I took the lead. Senya proudly took out Frost and walked lightly down towards the elf village.


The village elves recognized Senya. Needless to say, elves are a race known for their beautiful appearance. No need to put on makeup or pay attention to clothes, that race makes other races look ugly just by standing there.

“… … Uhm.”

Senya grew up among those beautiful tribes. He has never been directly called ugly by the elves, but Senya in his childhood could only belittle his appearance. That’s right, he couldn’t help it because everywhere he looked around him were elves.

It’s something I didn’t know about when I was young. Now Senya knew all too well how beautiful and wise she was. In particular, she still vividly remembers the ‘pretty’ compliment she heard in Hamel 300 years ago, and she thought that one day she would definitely want to return to her hometown with Hamel.

‘I wanted to come on a honeymoon or something.’

It felt just a little bit sad.

* * *

A huge lake bordering the World Tree. The elder’s house is near the lake.

“If I had told you in advance, we would have prepared a grand banquet.”

The elder had fine wrinkles on his face, unlike an elf, and even had a beard. Adsilon. He is an elf who has lived eight hundred years, the longest in this territory.

“Until the banquet.”

“You didn’t tell me last time… … .”

Adsilon’s eyes, which had been smiling benevolently, shook slightly. It was because of Senya’s intense gaze. Before leaving for Arot to meet Eugene. Senya made an embarrassing declaration to Adsilon and the elves and left.

“… … .”

Half dead, but alive. Everyone in the village virtually owed their lives to Senya. Before I could express my gratitude and reciprocation, Senya left the territory.

couldn’t hold on is she smart Even the elves who slept with Senya for hundreds of years knew well that the world wanted Senya’s return.

so it was sent However, all the elves shed tears at the farewell. Naturally, Senya also cried. While crying and hugging, she spoke boldly to reassure everyone.

– Next time I will bring my husband.

Not yet. In the first place, those words were also a determination to return after defeating the Demon King of Confinement and the Demon King of Destruction. I never thought I’d come back to something like this… … .

Feeling embarrassed again, Senya cleared her throat.

“hmm… … Sycnad and… … How are the elves doing?”

“Your brother is doing well. The horse sickness didn’t get better, but it didn’t get worse. The same goes for other elves.”

“It’s thanks to Lionheart’s taking it.”

Ed Shiron adjusted his expression and smiled benevolently again. He bowed his head toward Eugene, who was sitting next to Senya.

“I don’t know what name I should call you.”

I heard about Eugene from Senya. The one who killed Senya, the elves, and the demon dragon Raizakia, who made even the world tree sick.

Hamel’s reincarnation.

Descendant of Vermouth.

“You can call me Eugene Lionheart.”

Eugene replied politely. Even Eugene couldn’t be rude to Ed Chiron, who was 800 years old.

“Yes, Eugene Lionheart. Greetings late. In fact, I should have personally visited Lionheart as a representative… … .”

“it’s okay.”

Eugene knew about the situation of the elves. Senaya’s magic immediately reconstructed the body, but the elves who awoke from their long slumber did not. Even though the miasma itself was purified, it took time to adapt to moving the body comfortably.

“After Lionheart became the guardian of the elves, hunting elves has almost disappeared, but there are bound to be people in the world who do it the harder they are told not to.”

Carmen, who was sitting in a dignified posture, opened her mouth. She was delighted and moved to have in front of her an elf who had lived a long time of 800 years, even the chief of her clan.

“The elves will never forget Lionheart’s kindness. Our tribe will be Lionheart’s lifelong allies, and we will praise Lionheart beyond a hundred or a thousand years.”

Ed Sheeron also bowed his head toward Carmen.

Those words delighted Carmen even more. She could not bear her emotion and placed her hand on the lion pattern on her left breast. Between her Carmen’s fingers, her lion print shone brilliantly.

After that, we had a rather long talk. Edshiron was kind to Eugene to the point of being burdensome. Of course, it was because Eugene was the benefactor of the elves, and because she was Senya’s fiancée at the same time.

“I’m here for advice.”

At the end of Saddam, Senya changed the subject. At those words, Edshiron’s eyes lit up.

“I didn’t expect that you, who are busy outside, would visit without incident… … What advice? I don’t think I can give you any advice.”

“I heard that you were the teacher who taught Senya magic.”

“Master! I’m not that great of a wizard. And I am not alone in teaching Senya magic. With the elders from the previous generation who have now passed away in the arms of the World Tree… … and… … .”

Edshiron smiled sadly and shook his head.

“… … Returned to the bosom of the World Tree by the demon king, the demon tribe, or the horseman… … many elves. Everyone who could use ‘magic’ in this village taught Senya magic.”

“But the elder taught me magic in the first place, right?”

Senya also smiled forlornly. Edshiron is the only one alive among the elves who taught Senya magic. That’s why Senya had no choice but to have special feelings for Edshiron.

“You were a special, wonderful kid.”

Edshiron closed his eyes and said.

“It was like a child born with the blessing of mana and magic. The barbarians who live in the forest use special powers called ‘protection’. Through different rituals for each tribe. However, you are not. Senya. You had divine protection from the beginning, no, more blessings than that.”

“I am special.”

Senya replied with a proud smile. Ed Chiron opened her closed eyes and gazed at Senya as if she were looking at her lovely child.

“I remember when Sycnad first brought you out of the forest. A newborn baby in a basket. that was you The first thing I taught you magic was… … Haha, now that I think about it, it was like a light prank.”

“This is the best thing the Elder has ever done in his life.”

“Haha, I thought so too. Anyway, I’ll teach you magic… … Because of your genius, all the elves in the forest who were familiar with magic clung to you and taught you magic. do you remember Senya. When you left the forest, among the elves there was no wizard better than you.”

“Ahaha, of course I know.”

“You know so well, what advice do you want me to give you?”

Edshiron asked with his eyes shining. Then Senya snapped her finger at Eugene. Without asking why, Eugene opened her cloak and took out her Akasha.

“Akasha! Long time no see… … .”

Senya also summoned Frost and put it down next to Akasha. Edshiron’s eyes widened when he saw Frost.

“that… … I don’t know what the wand’s name is… … If my eyes aren’t wrong, it looks like it has a dragon heart on it… … .”

Before Edshiron could finish his words, Senya also summoned Blood Mary and set her aside.

“Huh… … .”

Edshiron saw the three wands lined up and was speechless.

“I think it would be a landscape that would be terrifying for a dragon to see.”

Eugene muttered.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 514Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 516
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