Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 516

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The advice Senya wants to hear from Ed Shiron is about the distant past, which is not recorded in history.

Staffs of confinement that existed before the War Era. The only rod of confinement that Senya knows is Belial, who cursed Hamel to death at the moment of death. There is no need to know about the sticks of confinement in later generations. What Senya was curious about was the sticks of confinement before Belial.

How long ago have these guys existed? Since then, has Blood Mary been inherited by them?

And the ancient magic that remains in Blood Mary. It was Edsilon who taught Senya the basics of magic and taught her about elven, non-human magic and ancient magic.

If there is an active dragon, I would go there and ask for advice, but unfortunately, there are only two dragons currently active, Lymira and Ariartel.

Raimirua has never learned magic properly because she was confined to the dragon castle. Ariartel’s situation was not much different. Her magic skills are far superior to Lymir Ah, but since she was Hetzling, she has grown up almost alone, and even her magic has learned circle magic. As a result, it was impossible for Ariartel to give Senya magic advice.

“I did borrow some magic books.”

After returning to his hometown in Nahama, Kiel’s Lionheart. Senya went to Ariartel alone and borrowed old magic books. It was a request that I had to go to, but Ariartel readily accepted it. To that extent, Ariartel respected Senya regarding magic.

“It wasn’t something I wanted to know. What can I say, wow! It’s not to the point of admiration… … just bored? Just because it’s old magic doesn’t mean it’s great.”

“There is a reason why things that have become presidents have no choice but to become presidents.”

Edshiron smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Just because it’s ancient magic doesn’t mean it’s unconditionally mysterious and great. Most of them were primitive and crude, far inferior to current magic. Can’t magic be considered a science? What was reached by supplementing and developing the magic of the past is the current magic. Senya, you were the one who was most at the forefront of it.”


Hearing such recognition from the teacher who taught him magic as a child made him feel good, of course. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that recognition, even if it’s something I’ve heard dozens of times.

Senya shrugged her shoulders proudly and glanced at Eugene, Cristina, and Carmen. She openly acknowledged herself, and her gaze meant to clap at least.

Eugene equally blatantly ignored that blatant gaze. Anis, not wanting to see Senya strutting, also restrained Cristina’s applause. Surprisingly, even Carmen didn’t clap. Fascinated by the mystical stories shared between the elder of the elves and the wise Senya, she had no time to notice Senya.

“… … hmm.”

Despite being nicely ignored, Senya did not shrug her shoulders. She nodded slightly and pointed her hand at her Blood Mary.

“But Elder. The magic remembered by that wand… … very mysterious… … It’s strange. It’s definitely different from the ancient magic I’ve known so far.”

“After all, isn’t it black magic?”

“It is, but… … To reject black magic unconditionally, I couldn’t ignore the value and depth of magic.”


Edshiron laughed softly and shook his head.

“I never expected to hear such an evaluation of black magic from you, Senya. but count I don’t think I can understand the magic you struggle to understand.”

“There is something I felt when I saw those magics. By the way, my judgment may offend you.”

“Tell me.”

“Some of the ancient magic that Bloodmary remembers resembles elven magic.”

Senya’s words made the smile disappear from Edshiron’s face.

Elf magic. This is literally a magic that only elves have passed down, and it is basically impossible for non-elves to use it even if they learn it.

The only exception is Senya. Raised with elves since childhood, Senya learned some of the magic of the elves, even though her race is human, not elven. However, Senya was unable to teach other magicians the magic of the elves, or to establish theories or formulas for the magic she had learned.

This is because there is no such thing as magic in the magic of the elves. This is called ‘magic’, but Senya felt that it was not much different from the holy magic used by priests. If the priest prays and asks the god he believes in, the magic of the elves originates in mana. The elf’s magic is to invoke mana, resonate, and manifest it.

“This wand remembers its owner’s magic. It doesn’t just remember the magic formula, it preserves the memory of the magic itself.”

It’s like looking at an answer sheet and solving a problem. So, as a mage, Senya abandoned her prejudice against black magic and indulged in Blood Mary’s memories.

However, the magic preserved deep beyond the seal—there was no such thing as an answer sheet. To be precise, the answer sheet was so inaccurate and ambiguous. Previous magics had techniques and tips for using them, but from a certain depth, even the techniques didn’t exist, let alone tips.

“In other words, the magic is very pure. There are no spells or tricks to use, just mana… … Prioritize resonance with magical power.”


Edshiron straightened his expression. His head was still confused, but he soon understood and nodded his head.

“I see what you mean. Certainly, the magic you speak of is similar to that of the elves. But Senya, you probably already know. ‘Such magic’ is not only similar to elven magic.”


Senya also nodded slightly. She shifted her gaze to Eugene, Christina, and Anise. miracles they use. And – Dragon’s Dragon Word. There are no special spells for everyone.

Miracles, prayers, prayers.

In the end, it is caused by some will. God, divine power, and mana respond to that will. Senya’s Absolute Law is also magic based on such willpower.

“Magic that is not simply old-fashioned. Not ancient, much earlier… … .”

Edshiron muttered that while closing his eyes.

“Because I am also an elf, I can learn and use elf magic. However, this cannot be taught or interpreted to other races. It’s not that type of magic. That’s why I- Senya, I can’t give you magic advice.”

Edshiron’s answer did not change from the first time. Senya thought that there was nothing she could do.

It’s not that I can’t give advice because I lack skills as a wizard or understanding of magic. It’s really simple, I just have nothing to say.

“But maybe someone other than me can answer you.”


someone else? Senya’s eyes widened. Not only in this village, but among all the elves currently alive, Edshiron is the most skilled in magic.

Besides Edshiron, who else could advise Senya?

“Elder. Could it be that there is an elf like your elder that I don’t know about? A legendary elf hiding somewhere deep in the forest without anyone knowing?”

Senya hurriedly approached Edshiron and her eyes lit up.

“Legendary elves, there are no elves like that. I must be the oldest elf in the world right now.”

“Then who are you? A dragon?”

“Don’t rush.”

Edshiron looked at Blood Mary with a wry smile.

“I can sense something ‘different’ about the dragon heart used in that wand. But I don’t know exactly what to say.”

I reached out for Blood Mary.

“Someone other than myself can give you magic advice, but this… … I think I can feel for the ominous staff.”

The reason Senya first thought to visit Edshiron was because she had questions about Blood Mary itself. At first glance, it’s a wand that uses the same dragon heart as Akasha and Frost, but something… … Because I felt a different kind of reluctance.

Of course, even before finding Edshiron, Senya had tried to appraise Blood Mary in her own way. He also visited the dwarves living at Ryan Hart’s home, and consulted with Lymir A and Ari Artel.

The dwarves said they couldn’t tell the difference. Looking at it in a blacksmith’s way, Blood Mary’s Dragon Heart and Akasha and Frost’s Dragon Heart were not very different.

Lymilia and Ariartel replied that they felt something uneasy. It is true that it is the same dragon heart, but it has an inexplicable heterogeneous aura. The answer was the same as what Senya felt.

“It’s a little different from Dragon Heart.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“We’ve seen Dragon Hearts in person before.”

The Demonic View from 300 years ago. Eugene and his companions met a dragon that was waiting for death because it was eroded by the magic of destruction. Hamel’s mana increased exponentially in his previous life because he shared the Dragon Heart with his colleagues at that time.



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“Is it processed by the demon king of confinement?”

As of now, I can only think of that. Edshiron looked away from Blood Mary and stood up.

“Maybe we can get an answer related to this as well. Senya, what you’re curious about is the origin of this ominous staff.”

Edshiron looked back at Akasha with a soft smile.

“Akasha’s owner has changed?”


Senya’s expression changed quickly. She put on her sullen expression and shrugged her shoulders.

“Akasha is not my own, but I acted my own way. then… … I decided that Eugene needed Akasha.”

“You are misunderstanding, Senya. I’m not scolding you. I don’t even deserve to be scolded. And I think your judgment is right. Akasha is… … It’s already done its part in your hand.”

Edshiron opened the closed door and went outside. The elves, watching the elder’s house from afar, smiled broadly and waved at Senya as she came out with Eugene and the others.

“It reminds me of what happened 300 years ago. Senya, before you leave the forest. You wanted to leave the forest, but I held you back.”

“If the elder hadn’t caught me at that time, I would have been killed by a dog in the Devil’s Palace.”

Senya usually behaves arrogantly, but in front of Ed Shiron, who remembers her childhood, she couldn’t be as usual. And Senya sincerely thought that way.

“That I was not killed by a dog. Being able to fight the demon lord. It was because of Akasha that I came alive, came back, and became a wise Senya.”

How can you call yourself a ‘wise Senya’ in this yard? It was Eugene who would not kneel anywhere to be shameless, but whenever I saw Senya’s side like that, I couldn’t help but admire it purely.

‘Well, since you’re as brazen as I am, you must have written yourself in a children’s book that’s almost like an autobiography… … .’

Even Edshiron didn’t know that the author of the children’s book was Senya. That’s why he couldn’t help but feel quite moved by Senya’s words.

“Akasha was a staff made for you.”

300 years ago. When the confined demon king started a war, all the dragons spread their wings together and headed for the demon realm. For the world, for the cause.

The will of the dragon was noble, but the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction were terribly strong. The dragons were defeated without even reaching Babel. More than half of the dragons died in the battle, and the dragons that barely survived were contaminated with the demon king’s magic and had injuries that would not be strange even if they died at any time, and Raizakia became a demon dragon.

Among the dying dragons was a dragon that interacted with the elves of the World Tree. Like some dragons, he thought he did not want to give his mortal life back to nature in vain.

“The magical genius of the elven forest.”

Edshiron laughed and said so.

“You were called that when you were little.”

There is no other word to describe Senya other than magic genius. Senya applied and mastered the basics of magic taught by Edshiron and the elves before she was 10 years old. He even managed magic that was impossible to learn or use unless you were an elf.

“He, my friend, Akasha, in his dying moment remembered your name. A human girl, not an elf. Nevertheless, a genius who is loved and recognized by all elves.”

A dragon cannot fight a demon lord. The demon king’s magical power is too lethal to the dragon. In the midst of the slaughter, all the dragons judged that way.

Elves are no different. For the elves who went out into the world to face the demon king, horsemen were more lethal than battles.

But humans are free.

“Akasha drew a dragon heart herself to be used in your hand. The dragons who remember Akasha bestowed blessings on the Dragon Heart, and the elves and I used the branches of the World Tree to make a staff. Senya, when you were young, Akasha gave you the time you needed. When you no longer need to rely on Akasha, if you hand it over to the person you approve of, it will be the same as Akasha’s wish.”

Edshiron’s eyes turned to Eugene. Eugene bowed her head to Ed Chiron, conscious of the Akasha she was holding in her right hand.

Yujin couldn’t help but agree that Akasha was helpful and gave her the time she was lacking. If it had not been for Akasha, Eugene would not have been able to raise the level of magic as quickly as this, and he would have had difficulty developing Prominence and the like.

‘Honestly, I don’t use it much anymore… … .’

In the past, Akasha was used to conveniently use various magics. However, from a certain point on, I stopped using magic very well.

The reason is simple. It was because I was able to use other things much better and stronger than magic. At least, Prominence is always used, but Prominence is ultimately a magic that supports Eugene’s fighting style.

[Still, you’re getting help from Akasha and me to adjust Prominence.]

‘Because if I fight while paying attention to that, my thinking will be dull.’

[Then you are writing well enough, right? Of course, I’m a wizard’s familiar, so I’d like Eugene to do a sophisticated battle like a wizard rather than fighting ignorantly wielding a sword.]

Merga giggled and said.

“This way.”

Edshiron’s steps stopped in front of the lake. Senya let out a low exclamation, and Cristina looked up at Eugene’s face in surprise.

“Are you going inside the World Tree?”

Eugene was also a little surprised and asked. The place where Ed Shiron stopped now was because Eugene had been looking for Senya a few years ago. center of the world tree. The place where Senya and the elves slept.

“Is there an elf that hasn’t woken up yet in there?”

Eugene tilted his head and looked at Edshiron.


“Then why are you there?”

“It’s to get advice from the sage.”

“A sage?”

When I asked back in surprise, Edshiron nodded.

“The good spirits that dwell in the World Tree should be able to answer Senya’s questions.”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 515Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 517
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