Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 517

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There is a belief in the world tree in this forest. The belief that all beings will die and be guided to the World Tree.

“I don’t know if it’s all beings, but it’s true that the ancestors of elves are guided by the World Tree.”

Edshiron took the lead and walked across the lake. The reason Eugene visited Daesoorim was to take a closer look at the World Tree. It was because he had experienced miracles by the world tree several times, and Eugene was also mixed with the spirit of the world tree. That’s why he couldn’t help but be interested in Ed Chiron’s words.

“You don’t know, why is that?”

In particular, Eugene’s curiosity is related to the world tree. Belief in death and reincarnation.

“I didn’t bother to check.”

Edshiron replied.

“Perhaps it is true that the World Tree reincarnates all souls and lives like a legend. Elders in the past, including myself, have never tried to directly confirm the legend of the World Tree.”


“It is against the providence to wake up those who have already died and are in rest.”

The answer was extremely elf-like. However, it contradicted what I was trying to do now. After all, isn’t Ed Shiron going to wake up the good spirits who have gone to rest?

“Because it is necessary.”

Edshiron replied in a calm voice.

“Aren’t the advice Senya wants to satisfy someone’s selfish desires? the world now. The demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction are alive and well, and you don’t know when a war will break out again, 300 years ago… … No, maybe even more terrible than that, everything might be completely trampled on by the demon lord. The ones who will stand head-on against such a disaster are Lady Eugene, Lady Saint, and Senya.”

Saying that, Edshiron turned to Eugene and Senya.

“This is not the first time I have sought help from the ancestors. 200 years ago, when Senya was mortally wounded and fell into the World Tree. The wound was beyond repair with the magic and healing techniques of me and the other elves. So even then, I received help from the spirits.”

“Wasn’t it the miracle of the world tree?”

Senya asked with a surprised expression. To that question, Ed Chiron answered with her wry smile.

“A miracle is something that is hoped for. And since the ancestors nested in the World Tree, it is not wrong to say that what saved you that day was the miracle of the World Tree.”

At those words, Senya also let out a soft exclamation.

When he returned to the World Tree after being mortally wounded by the sudden transformation of Vermouth. He was attacked by Lyzakia. Even in the midst of his death, it was not Senya’s ability to block Lyzakia’s attack and conversely banish him to the outer dimension. It happened because of the will of the elves and the power of the World Tree.

Until now, Senya had thought that all of this was a miracle of the World Tree. However, according to Edshiron’s words, the spirits of the Elves dwell within the World Tree.

Then, was it because of the care of the good spirits that banished Lyzakia, stopped the death of Senya and the elves, and saved Eugene later?

“It feels strange.”

Senya murmured with a shy smile. She thought of herself as an expert magician, so she didn’t want to admit anything like faith or miracles.

However, I thought that such an attitude was a wall blocking the freedom of thought and the infinity of possibilities. Whether it’s black magic or divine magic, it’s too big of an arrogance to look down on it with the slightest prejudice. Because I can’t understand and I can’t understand? Isn’t that how magic should be in the first place?

Soon after, the party arrived right in front of the World Tree. The last time I came, I used the leaf of the World Tree as the key to enter, but there was no need to do that now. The world tree slowly opened just by Edshiron reaching out his hand.

“oh… … Oh oh… … oh oh… … .”

Carmen, who was stunned and followed, was so moved that she could not speak properly.

This is the adventure of legend itself that Carmen wanted to experience.

I am traveling as a companion of a hero, a saint, and a magician. She meets the elder of the elves in the forest where she came to find the world tree, and now goes into the world tree to meet the elf’s ancestor… … .

Carmen was deeply moved and placed her hand on the splendid lion pattern on her left chest. He never thought that the dream he had while reading all kinds of children’s books as a child would come true only now. Feeling that he would burst into tears if he relaxed even a little, Carmen secretly strained his eyes.

long aisle.

This place is similar to when I came here a few years ago. Still, this place is full of mana more than any other place Eugene has been to. It is incomparable to Lionheart’s home, where the mansion site itself has become a heavenly vein.

‘Isn’t it quiet?’


“Oh, I’m surprised.”

Eugene was startled by the sudden answer and looked around. Others were rather surprised at Eugene’s behavior and looked at Eugene.

“Hmmmm… … it’s nothing.”

After answering like that, Eugene yelled at Tempest who suddenly spoke in his head.

‘hey! What if I suddenly start talking to you?’

[When did I inform you in advance and talk to you? Isn’t asking permission itself an act of suddenly talking to you?]

‘This bastard has been playing with Melchis-nim lately, and his attitude has become really wanting to be beaten. I don’t like it, I don’t think I hate it very much on one subject? Seeing her look like this.’


As soon as Eugene grinned, Tempest shouted violently. The place was a place, so there was no storm, but a sound as loud as a storm buzzed in Eugene’s head.

[I don’t resemble that madman!]

‘Okay, okay, so be quiet. I want it because it’s noisy.’


‘Sorry, I was wrong.’

I thought the words were too harsh even to think to myself. If Eugene is also told that someone resembles Melchis… … It would be different depending on the opponent, but if the opponent didn’t mind killing him, he would kill him once.

[I will not accept your apology.]

Tempest answered with a wheeze. He calmed down for a moment, then started talking in a solemn voice familiar to Eugene.

[Hamel. As you may have felt, this place is not calm.]

It’s different from when I came to this place to meet Senya a few years ago. At that time, the spirits of the World Tree were quietly watching over Eugene.

‘At that time, it felt like welcoming me.’

Eugene is not a well versed elementalist. The only spirits he contracted with were the wind spirits, and even that was a contract he made through his relationship with Tempest, using Winid as a catalyst. If Eugene had made up his mind and dug spirit magic, he might have been able to become a spirit magician, but… … .

[If that were the case, Hamel, you would have become as great an elementalist as Melchis.]

Isn’t that an acknowledgment that Melchis is a great elementalist after all? Eugene hid the thought that was about to come to mind without even realizing it.

[If they welcomed you quietly back then, they warmly welcome you now.]

Tempest said in a pleased voice.

Even Eugene could vaguely sense that warm welcome. The feeling of tickling the spirits of the world tree that have completely melted into mana and become one. My skin just tingles… … Something like laughter seemed to linger in the distance.

“It’s amazing.”

Ed Shiron also muttered in surprise.

“I have never seen the spirits so happy and welcoming. Are you recognizing the benefactor?”

“what… … Could it be something like that?”

Yujin raised her hand and said. Then, a whitish stream appeared, wrapped around Eugene’s hand and clung to his finger. The feeling was faint, but it was like a newborn baby shaking her finger.

I hope you get a direct response like this. Eugene winced and looked at his fingers.

“You saved each other.”



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Senya said.

“You saved me, the elves, and the World Tree by killing Lyzakia. And the World Tree saved you from dying. So we have no choice but to treat each other as special and friendly.”

“It’s strange.”

Eugene coughed and lowered his hand. The passageway that once looked like the cradle of the elves is now empty. But it didn’t feel empty. Warm and full of mana. Even the tangled roots on the wall felt full of vitality.

end of aisle. Edshiron’s steps stopped. There was nothing at the end where Senya had originally been lying.

“Please step back for a moment.”

Edshiron knelt down and stretched out both hands toward the wall at the end. Senya watched Ed Chiron’s back with her eyes twinkling.

It was like that even 200 years ago, but Senya couldn’t remember that moment. It was because he had run away from Vermouth and had lost his mind.


Anis also burst into admiration at Edshiron’s appearance. ‘Light’ is rising around Edshiron.

[I understand why Senya said that. That, the magic of the elves… … It resembles divine magic.]

‘Are you talking about a miracle?’


The light that appeared around him gradually expanded. There were no spells or chanting in that process. Eugene felt the divine power mixed in his universe and the spirits of the World Tree responding to that light.


Senya also made a sound of surprise. The subspace is trembling at will. If left as it is, it seemed that the subspace itself would be destroyed.

something you can’t let go of. Senya hurriedly opened the subspace.

Blood Mary. The oldest wand, which is ominous from its appearance, emits a magical light. bright red like blood. Every time the light radiated, the blood vessels around Blood Mary’s wand twitched. At the same time, the sound of the iron chain began to ring.

‘Incarceration… … .’

The situation is dire. In other places, you might think of leaving it alone for a while and watching its condition, but right now, this place is inside the World Tree. If the magic or authority of the confinement bursts out here, the World Tree might be adversely affected. That is why Senya hastily created magic.

Kagagak! Complex characters were linked into a loop on their own. The seal thus created wrapped around Blood Mary. The seal that even the absolute law was given suppressed the sappy red light that Blood Mary emitted. The sound of the chains grew fainter.


Suddenly a voice was heard. Senna wasn’t the only one who heard that voice. Everyone inside the World Tree heard the voice.

[It won’t be a big deal. So take the seal.]

A clear and sonorous voice. Even though it’s just words, it’s a voice that I think might have power in the voice itself. Senya was startled and looked in the direction where the voice came from.

Next to Edshiron, who is immersed in magic to talk to the elven spirit. The light that had arisen around him had taken on a different form before he knew it. It had the shape of a human standing at an angle, but its face was not visible.

“You, what are you?”

Senya cried out in surprise. Looking at Edshiron, who showed no reaction even though something like that appeared right next to him, Light replied with a soft smile.

[You don’t have to worry about this elf. He fainted just by opening the door.]


[Junior, it’s natural for you to be suspicious. Can we have this conversation a little later?]

Before Senya could answer, Eugene stepped forward. He put his hand on Senya’s shoulder, who was about to open the Eternal Hall, and whispered in her ear.

“For now, do as you are told.”


“It’s a voice I’ve heard before.”

The current situation was embarrassing and unbelievable to Eugene as well. He murmured while looking alternately at Senya right next to him and at the doll of light standing in front of him.


[You are still really rude. The nature of being you will not change even if you die a hundred times and be reborn a hundred times.]

The doll laughed and whispered. Senya was still suspicious of the whole situation. However, even if I couldn’t believe the words of the doll of light, I could trust Eugene’s words.

She took a short breath, then removed the seal on Blood Mary.

[Junior, it’s a really great magic. You have forged your own path. I never thought that my junior’s magic would confine her and suppress that old demon. No matter how Norma is not the real body.]

Eugene couldn’t help but be conscious of the term ‘junior’. If that doll is what Eugene thinks it is, it is because Eugene’s predictions so far have been fundamentally wrong.

Blood Mary, whose seal had been removed, emitted red light again. Then came the sound of clanking chains.

Blood Mary rose into the air. Part of the wriggling blood vessel that coiled around the staff came off, and a bud-like swelled at the tip.


The swollen peaks opened. What bloomed was not a flower, but red eyes. One eye rolled and stared at the doll of light.


[It is thanks to your connivance that my Mary came here. Are you surprised?]

The doll smiled and replied.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 516Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 518
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