Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 518

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It was a low voice, like a whisper, but it was still clear and sonorous. It was just a ‘just’ voice without any magic added, but the doll’s voice sounded ‘deep’. It was as if it permeated not through the ears, but into existence itself.

“My Mary?”

Eugene muttered with a blank face. That blatant statement meant only one thing.


The pupil drew a curve. In the palace of distant Babel, the demon king of confinement was genuinely happy and laughing.

“Should I call this connivance?”

[You’re saying nasty things, Norma. you are still nasty and nasty If you wanted to, you could have destroyed or taken away my Mary.]

“Didn’t you tell me too?”

The round smiley eyes turned to Senya.

“I don’t know if I’m doing it ‘directly’. Merry’s remaining magic power alone cannot disobey her magic. Then, in the end, you have to go out on your own… … Unfortunately, I promised to ‘wait’ at Babel.”

After saying that, the demon king of confinement looked at the doll again. The doll was still facing everyone in an oblique position.

“It’s amazing that you exist like this.”

[It paid a lot.]

The doll laughed and replied.

[It’s not nice to meet you, Norma. Why did you open your eyes here? To laugh at my downfall? To obliterate me?]

“Do you think I will?”

[no. You’re not here for that reason. just, just. To see for yourself the sights beyond your imagination. To confirm that.]

The doll’s head moved slightly.

[But it’s Norma. Even if I let you check this moment, I won’t let you see the next one. I know that your position is really ambiguous and strange, but even so. You are a demon after all. is the king of demons You were my enemy, and you are the enemy of everyone here.]

“It should be.”

The demon king of confinement replied with a smile.

“That is right. I have been the Demon King since long ago, I am the Demon King now, and I will be the Demon King until the distant future. Until someone kills me, I will always be the Demon King.”

After saying that, the demon king of confinement stared straight at the doll.

“As I said, this is very surprising to me. Because I thought your existence would have disappeared.”

[It disappeared.]

the doll answered.

[It’s gone. Yes, I must have disappeared. It was my wish to disappear like that. Norma, so you don’t know.]

At that answer, the demon king of confinement burst into laughter. He continued to laugh for quite a long time, and his eyes moved up and down every time he laughed. In Babel’s presence, sitting on a chained chair, the confined demon lord laughed while lowering his head, not caring about his face.

“is it. Indeed, I was not mistaken. You are truly gone. And now, for some reason, I was born again.”

The demon king of confinement sank deeper into the chair and rested his chin on the back of his hand. Countless chains lifted his head like a snake and slowly wrapped around the body of the demon king in captivity. The demon king of confinement murmured, feeling the cause and effect entangled in each chain.

“You said you were not happy to meet with me, but I am very glad to meet with you. Rarely did I feel greedy for you.”

[Ahahaha… … It was a very, very unpleasant and insulting invitation.]

The doll stretched out its hand with a laugh.

[Stop going away. It’s Norma. Do not defile this cradle with your presence any longer. Don’t disturb my impressions.]

“Respect me.”

The demon king of confinement responded with a final laugh. The eyes widened by laughter were completely closed.

– Perok! The eyes that hung on the ends of the blood vessels exploded and disappeared, and the blood vessels that sprouted out squirmed again and entwined Blood Mary.

“uh… … .”

During the conversation, Senya was speechless. He didn’t know how to make sense of this situation, of the conversations we had just had. Her thoughts were stopped from the very beginning of understanding.

It was the same with Anise and Christina. The two stared at the doll with their eyes wide open. Unlike the trio, who had feelings similar to astonishment, Carmen’s feelings were completely different from astonishment.


Carmen was greatly moved. Just now, the demon king of confinement came to this place. Although the main body of the Great Demon King did not descend directly, the Great Demon King appeared here as an evil alter ego, as befits a Great Demon King, and participated in the conversation.

Those hideous eyes… … also.

-you are finally is the king of demons You were my enemy, and you are the enemy of everyone here.

‘of all’.

Carmen rested a clenched fist on her left chest.

what do you doubt Of course, Carmen Lionheart also belongs to the ‘everyone’ mentioned by that mysterious light doll.

-That’s right. I have been the Demon King since long ago, I am the Demon King now, and I will be the Demon King until the distant future. Until someone kills me, I will always be the Demon King.

The Great Demon King’s answer, in Carmen’s opinion, was extremely like the Great Demon King and was perfect. An answer worthy of an evil being. Carmen believed that the ‘someone’ the demon king of confinement spoke of could be himself, and he definitely wanted to be that kind of existence… … .


Eugene also calmed down. He smiled and looked at her doll. He hesitated for a moment, then smiled again.

“really… … Is that right?”

[Again, you ask such a rude question. Was the previous answer insufficient as an answer?]

“It’s because I’m not sure.”


the doll whispered.

[You may have been like that in the distant past, but you might feel uncomfortable being called Agaroth now. I think it should. Past life is the past of the soul.]

The doll stopped talking for a moment and stared at Eugene. The doll, which had been standing at an angle, straightened his posture and slowly approached Yujin.

[But, but. I will call you Agaroth. Please understand the greed of the dead. I, to you now… … And I’m not familiar with your name.]

Eugene stared at the doll without saying a word.

[I said I was not sure.]

said the doll.

[That’s right, I’ll try to give you a clear answer. My name is Bishr Raviola. In the distant past, he was a lofty sage of the towering ivory tower, and his body was elevated to the throne of magic.]

“ah… … !”

Things that were vague became clear. Senya couldn’t contain her surprise and sat down in her seat.

Vishre Raviola. The first name you hear. However, I heard about the ‘Sage of the Ivory Tower’ from Eugene. She is the one who was the magic goddess that Senya is currently targeting.

Probably, no, definitely. Senya thought the sage was her previous life.

“… … What happened?”



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Eugene thought so too. It was because Senya and the wise man were exquisitely similar.

… … No, really? In the first place, Eugene doesn’t have many memories of ‘Sage’. The same goes for the ‘Colossus’, which she thought was Moron’s previous life.

“Now here, in front of me, you… … is it really you Or, is it another being modeled after something like your memories?”

[You believe that you were mistaken alone.]

The sage shook his head and laughed.

[I should have just said it. My name is Bishr Raviola. The me in front of you now is wholly me.]

The sage turned around. I saw Edshiron with his shoulders drooping and his head bowed in front of me. She shook her head as she clicked her tongue.

[Even the elder of the elves is only this much. To be able to faint deeply just by opening the door… … ]

I can’t help it. The sage raised his hand as he muttered that. The light on his fingertips gradually swelled, and he filled the inside of the World Tree.

My feet popped up. In the middle of a short float, the scenery changed. Until recently, Eugene was inside the huge world tree, but now he was standing in an open, green field.

“This place… … .”

Senya, who had fallen down, also stumbled and got up. She was not unfamiliar with this place.

It was the same with Eugene. This was the place where I met Senya by Anise’s miracle a few years ago. green field. A huge world tree that can be seen up close. A portrait of the World Tree, which is not real.

“I don’t have much to do in real life.”

A voice was heard. A beautiful voice that seems to permeate existence. Yujin was startled and looked in the direction the voice came from.

On the branches of the world tree. There stood a wise man, not a doll of light. His waist-length hair was shiny like emeralds, and his eyes sparkled like sapphires.

“… … .”

Eugene opened his mouth and looked at the wise man.

The sage jumped from the branches of the world tree. Although the height was considerable, the sage’s fall was slow, like a balloon coming down. The wise man gently landed on the ground, ran his hand through his swaying hair and nodded in satisfaction.

“Hmm, the body is nice. I don’t know if I should really call a body that only exists in this world a body, but the feeling of stepping on soil and grass is really good. This smell and the wind.”

“… … .”

“Don’t you remember what I look like? Or are you too moved to speak after seeing it for the first time in a while?”

The wise man smiled and asked. Yujin was dumbfounded at those words, but for now, she quietly turned her head to the side.

“Why, why are you naked?!”

Senya, who had been lost in mesmerization, screamed loudly. She jumped up from her seat and pointed at her sage.

“Why are you naked! You don’t have to wear clothes!”


The sage blinked at Senya’s cry. As pointed out, the current sage was naked with nothing on.

She looked down at herself for a moment and then giggled.

“For some reason, I thought the touch of the wind was too strong. You forgot to put on your clothes. It’s been so long since I’ve had a body, so I can’t help it.”

“I want you to put on some clothes!”

“Aha, I wondered why you turned your head away without saying anything. Agaroth, are you ashamed to look at my body? This is so strange. It’s not the first time you’ve seen my naked body.”

The sage laughed and waved his finger. Isn’t this the first time you’ve seen it? Those words became a huge violence to everyone here. Eugene opened his mouth wide, and Senya and Cristina lit twin wicks in their eyes and glared at Eugene.

“Gee, I don’t remember.”

Eugene stuttered and said. At that answer, the sage laughed even louder.

“You didn’t put me to sleep so long ago, and now you can’t remember, what a mean man.”

At those words, Yujin couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. The wise man laughed at Eugene’s fear and made his clothes new. Ironically, the clothes were the same as Senya’s.

“Why are you wearing my clothes?”

“Junior, aren’t your clothes the magician’s clothes? If I can’t appreciate that I, who walked the path of magic and stood at the pinnacle of it, wore the clothes of my juniors, why are you offended?”

“You must also have the clothes you used to wear in the past… … !”

“That’s true, but I like junior clothes. Oh, don’t worry, junior. I do not covet the position of juniors.”

The sage stared at Senya with a mischievous smile. That gaze and smile directly penetrated Senya’s thoughts, so Senya swallowed in a gulp.

“My existence exists only here. Yes, I met the end with the Age of Gods a long time ago.”

The sage’s gaze moved. Blue eyes looked at Christina.

“My existence is not even a soul, so I cannot dwell on anyone. Yes, to put it bluntly, my existence right now is like an echo.”

“… … echo?”

“It’s my junior.”

The sage looked at Senya again. She walked slowly and approached Senya.

“You summoned me, who disappeared with the end of the Age of Gods. With a longing for magic, a quest for truth, a prayer for mana, a junior, your voice. It reached the things I hoped for, and it called me as its echo.”

The laughter you heard in Blood Mary. Senya was startled and looked at Blood Mary. The wand still had an ominous appearance.

“iced coffee.”

The sage smiled sadly and reached out to Blood Mary.

“My Mary. The demon king of confinement has treated you very badly. Not only in blood vessels, bones, and shapes. The deceit runs very deep. It can’t be helped, it really can’t be helped. The owners who held you for a long time were all like filth, so the stench of that filth has no choice but to permeate.”

I adjusted my expression and emotions. It calmed the blasphemous, insignificant, shameful thoughts that had been harboring for a moment.

The one in front of me now is the sage of the Age of Mythology. A human body sitting on a magical throne. Senya bowed her head to the seonbae of the far-off era, and to the senpai who reached the place she pursued first. And he politely handed over the Blood Mary.

“It’s a nice meeting.”

The sage laughed and whispered. She held her hand over the Blood Mary in both her hands.

– Quick.

The hideous blood vessels surrounding Blood Mary were shattered. The bones surrounding the jewel at the end were also shattered. Blood vessels became vines. Bones became leaves.

The jewel became a red flower.

“My dear Mary.”

Mary shone in the wise man’s hand.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 517Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 519
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