Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 519

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The buds revealed from the shattered jewel slowly opened. Each time the petals opened, red fragments turned into powder and flew away. The wise man looked at Merry with his eyes half-opened for a moment.

Before long, Mary’s petals fully opened. Then the sage slowly lifted Merry forward.

– Hwaaaaaagh! The scattered red powder swirled and floated into the air.


The powder became petals again. Petals rained down from the sky. Senya looked up blankly at the sight. The rain of flowers pouring down in front of her now was the same as the last time she first made ‘Spiritual Power’.

“As expected, was it you?”

Senya smiled and stared at the sage. The wise man, who was looking at ‘Mary’ with a satisfied smile, smiled softly at Senya’s words and nodded his head.

“Was my guidance unpleasant?”

“I was taken aback because it was so sudden. But it wasn’t unpleasant. Because it helped me.”

“Ahaha. I’m really glad that’s the case. I only guided for a short time, but my juniors were very quick to understand. As for me, it was only a slight pointing in the direction, but the juniors immediately sent their power as I pointed.”

“How great is that? If he hadn’t understood that much in the first place, he wouldn’t have become this much of a wizard.”

Senya snorted and said, but perhaps she was happy to be acknowledged, her chin went up and her shoulders shrugged.

“Why did that staff belong to the demon king of confinement?”

Cristina, who had been looking around blankly, calmed down and asked.

It’s a must, and it’s a very important question. What Edshiron wanted to ask the ‘good spirit’ of the elves was also the origin of Blood Mary.

“To send it to the next one.”

The sage answered.

“My magic remains in Mary. In fact, that magic cannot be used by anyone other than myself, and is of little use to idiots who call themselves wizards but have no true understanding of magic.”

It’s an arrogant word. However, Senya had no choice but to affirm that statement.

She saw some of the ancient magic remaining at the bottom of ‘Mary’. There is no such thing as magic… … It was similar to a miracle wished for by a god or elven magic, a wish for mana.

“Even if it’s a magic that not everyone can use, my Mary has great value. I didn’t want to let Mary be swept away by the tide of destruction. so… … I gave Mary to Norma.”

The sage paused for a moment and let out a laugh.

“There was no promise in it. Norma, who came with her greed, told her not to insult me… … Ahaha, I gave Mary. But Norma didn’t break Mary, so it’s been a long time.”

“It is greed.”

Eugene was embarrassed to hear that. He looked at the sage and asked.

“What kind of greed did the demon king of confinement show you?”

“I didn’t lust after me physically or sexually, so don’t be jealous.”

The sage said with a mischievous smile. Eugene’s face crumpled at the sudden and nasty teasing. But before Eugene could get angry, the sage continued.

“Norma wished for my soul.”

“… … soul?”

“He is the demon king among demon kings. He is an ancient demon king who is unknown how many times he has been destroyed. He can even command the demon lord’s soul if he wants. So, with his spirit, we move on to the ‘next’… … ”

That authority makes the confined demon king even more like a demon king. Unlike other demon kings, the demon king of confinement can even resist destruction.

“When the waves of destruction cover the world. Norma, who came to me, promised me the position of the Demon King, hoping for my soul. I promised to preserve the position of the great demon king that the demon kings of that era could not touch, and my memory.”

The current story is far beyond Carmen’s understanding. In the first place, the ‘past’ she knows is the war era 300 years ago, and Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation. wave of destruction? Agaroth? The sage of the ivory tower? All of this is a story that Carmen doesn’t know.

However, Carmen did not express her curiosity and quietly listened. After all, the current story was a ‘real’ myth that excited Carmen so much.

“To me it is very… … It was an unpleasant and insulting solicitation. I had no desire to become a demon king and prosper pathetically. And most of all, I hated the subjection of my soul to Norma’s chains.”

The wise man smiled and caressed Mary.

“So I threw Mary away with a curse. If you covet my authority so much, I want you to use it on your own ‘next time’.”

“But Mary had a seal.”

Senya muttered in a blank voice. At that, the sage burst into laughter.

“Ahaha! The seal is what I left behind. No matter how much I perish at the end, will I leave my merry and my magic to the ruffians who have no qualifications or respect? So I left a seal. If a really talented younger student breaks the seal himself, he will truly be able to walk the same path as me.”

Senya couldn’t close her open mouth as she stared at the sage and Mary held in her hands. Now it has the appearance of a beautiful flower, but just before that, that wand was called “Blood Mary” and had an ugly appearance.

Senya’s face crumpled at the thought of that Bloody Mary with its bulging veins and adorned with bones.

“Do you like that hideous look too?”

“Nonsense! There’s no way I’d put such an ominous decoration on my Mary! Its appearance was not made by me.”

“What would it be?”

Senya quickly changed her expression and nodded.

I don’t know the details, but it wasn’t hard to guess the reason. That wand, Mary, doesn’t go well with black magic. In the first place, there is no such thing as “magical power” in Mary today.

That’s why the demon king of confinement must have changed Mary himself. He changed the flower into a mass of magical power and passed it on to the ‘Stands of Confinement’… … . why?

‘Because the staff of confinement were the most outstanding warlocks.’

I know from seeing Blood Mary’s memories. It was the same with Belial, but all the warlocks before him were of high level.

But even those guys couldn’t break the seal left by the sage… … .

“You have a relieved face.”

The wise man smiled and looked at Yujin.

“What am I?”

“Did you really think you could fool the eyes of this sage? idiot. I can clearly see what you were thinking. Didn’t you think that Norma had brutally murdered me and made Mary her trophy?”

The wise man laughed and said teasingly. Yujin could not refute what he said and quietly kept his mouth shut.

To be honest, when the sage suddenly appeared, the magic of confinement flowed from Blood Mary, and it was said that it was ‘my Mary’. Isn’t it strange that I don’t have such ominous fantasies?

“… … What happened to you?”

Eugene adjusted his expression once more.

Imagine the answer or… … I didn’t want to expect In the end, the answer you will hear from now on is something Eugene, no, Agaroth does not know. Agaroth… … This happened after the death of the Demon King of Destruction.

“for a moment.”

Carmen, who had been listening quietly, opened her mouth. Eugene had no choice but to be wary of Carmen who suddenly intervened.

All the stories we share now are things that Carmen doesn’t know. It was a story that he did not need to know, and if possible, even Eugene did not want to know about it. Going beyond the ‘old days’, when modern people listen to the stories of the past, they are confused.

“I will not listen.”

Surprisingly, Carmen said so herself. She disguised her serenity, hiding her thrill and heartbeat. If Melchis had been here, she would have croaked and somehow heard the story and intervened in the conversation, but Carmen was not of that nature.

Carmen herself has no special self-awareness, but everyone who has known her for a long time knows that Carmen is a surprisingly common-sense person… … .

“I don’t think I should listen to the stories I’m about to share. Actually, I’m curious… … At the same time I am afraid. I know there is information out there that you don’t need to know.”



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Carmen put a clenched fist to her left chest and bowed her head.

“Such information limits my imagination. It also frustrates me in its own way. I don’t want that.”

calm voice. Eugene looked at Carmen with surprise and admiration. I thought that she was not a great person who was respected by the knights for nothing.


The wise man nodded in admiration.

“I will admit that there was a lack of consideration for posterity. However, to invite and exclude this place is to damage my own honor. So I, Vishur Raviola, ask you, descendant, what is your name?”

“The shining lion of the Lionheart family. My name is Carmen Lionheart.”

Carmen lifted her bowed head and stared at the wise man. The lion pattern on his left chest shone brilliantly, and Carmen’s golden eyes shone as well. The sage once again admired Carmen’s determination and opened his mouth.

“Carmen Lionheart. what do you wish for now? If there is something you want from me, if I can help with that. I will grant you one wish.”

“I came to this forest hoping for an adventure.”

back. A fist clenched to his chest tightened.

“I did the adventure I wanted. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the time I wandered through the forest was not long, but the experience here is the most mysterious in my life. However, it is regrettable that there is not enough ‘trial’ to follow in an adventure.”

“indeed. do you want trials? I ask you, Carmen Lionheart. For what reason do you wish for trials?”

“It’s because I want to walk the path that Eugene will go forward with.”

Carmen answered in a confident voice without wavering. Eugene couldn’t help but be moved by that resolute answer once again. The sage also nodded her head with a proud smile.

“good night. Carmen Ryanhart. Fortunately, I can respond to your wishes.”

The wise man stretched out Mary.

Quarrrrr! The ground shook a little away, and the vines of the World Tree rose from deep within the ground. The vines protruding from the ground were entangled with each other in the form of a hemisphere.

“Get in there.”

The vines opened slightly and made a passage.

“There is an enemy in there to tell you what death is. You will die hundreds of times there, but in reality you will not die. However, the experience in the line of fire will not be lacking as the ordeal you desire.”

“iced coffee!”

Carmen also exclaimed. She didn’t ask what the hell was in there. I wanted to check it out myself without hearing about it first. Carmen bowed her head to the sage in her deepest gratitude, and then she ran towards the vine.

“What’s inside me?”

Eugene didn’t even want to ask. But seeing the vines with Carmen swaying wildly as if they were alive, I thought I should ask.

“There is a giant.”

The sage answered without hesitation. Everyone turned to the wise man in amazement at that answer.

“Well, there is room for misunderstanding in your words. To be precise, there is a giant I remember.”


“It’s not the real thing, and it’s not you. However, since the power of the giants in my memory has been reproduced as it is, it will not be easy to struggle not to die, let alone win.”

The sage has no malice. She sincerely admired Carmen’s spirit, and provided the ‘trial’ she desired at her discretion. Even so, Eugene had no choice but to look at the wise man with eyes that she was fed up with.

Agaroth’s memory. I don’t have many memories of the sage and the colossus. Only fragmentary impressions remain.

The giant was ignorantly large and strong as its name. Due to the size of the main body, it was reduced to the size of a large body, but even though it was reduced in size, its strength was hardly reduced. Even Agaroth couldn’t engage in a mere power struggle with the giant.

No matter how strong Carmen is, in the end, she’s at the level of a human. Even if you are close to the boundary, you are still at the human level. It is impossible to stand against the giant.

“If you cross the dead line hundreds of times, even an idiot gains something. Carmen Lionheart is no fool, so she will get more.”

“Are you planning to kill hundreds of times?”

“It is up to her will. The flow of time is different here and there, and you can come out as much as you want. Surely, if the will is like steel, you will surely get something out of the ordeal.”

Of course, if you suffer that much, there will be something to be gained. However, that method was very, very ignorant even for Eugene. Eugene had done that kind of practice before.

A darkroom in the basement of Lionheart. In the place where he does not die in reality even if he dies, Eugene fought the illusion of the ‘ideal me’ he envisioned at the time. The practice was not enjoyed only by Eugene. Carmen also overcame the darkroom early on.

But this time, the difference between them and the opponent is too great. The gap with the illusion in the dark room was enough to fight… … If the one appearing inside the vine is a real giant – Carmen won’t be able to land even a single blow.

“… … Even if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to fable.”

Eugene muttered that.

The wise man smiled and lowered Mary.

“Okay then, let’s continue the story. Agaroth. You said you were curious about how I died.”

“… … uh.”

“Ahaha. As for me, I enjoy hearing your honest thoughts. Junior, the same goes for you.”

The sage gently shook the collar of the robe identical to Senya’s.

“Brother. I know what you were thinking I know what your astonishment was when I appeared as a doll. Junior, did you think that your existence is the reincarnation of me, Vishur Raviola?”

“… … Because I thought they were similar.”

Senya mumbled in reply. Hearing such words directly from the wise man himself made me feel embarrassed.

“My junior, you are not me. My soul disappeared instantly. What remains here is only the echoes of the voices of juniors.”

“What happened?”

Eugene’s expression hardened at the youthful loneliness at the wise man’s voice. He asked again, and Mary shone in the sage’s hand.

Petals scattered.

“Agaroth, you have seen the end you did not see.”

whispered the sage. The proliferating petals raged violently, covering Eugene’s field of vision.

The petals have been lifted.

I saw a wilderness full of corpses.

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