Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 52

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“It won’t matter.”

Mer smiled and put the cloak of darkness around Eugene’s shoulder. After that, she looked in her mirror again, and somehow she didn’t like her neatly combed hair.

So I just brushed it off by hand.

“Why would you do that!”

Mer puffed out her cheeks in displeasure. But she didn’t insist on brushing more, and she slipped through the cracks in Eugene’s cloak.

“Today, don’t come out until I call.”

“What do you think of me? I’m not so ignorant that Eugene-nim is worried.”

The warp gate of Black Lion Castle.

Surprisingly, there are no people. Because it’s not something to be proud of. Waiting there is Genos, who arrived next to Eugene, and Ciel, who was the least bit conscious among the sacrifices. And this time, Klein, who has newly taken the seat of the Senate. And there was only Diad, the captain of the 6th division, who was directly in charge of the management of the warp gate.

“I will come first from Arot.”

After checking the time, Diad raised his staff. ㅡPay! The warp gate that was connected lit up.

After a while, the warp gate began to sway. The first to walk out was Loverian in a black robe. Rather than Eugene, who met his eyes first, he approached Klein, the new senator, and asked for a handshake.

“It’s been a while.”

“It would be nice if we could meet again in a good way.”

Klein smiled bitterly and shook hands with Loberian.

After passing through the warp gate, Melchis’s attire was unexpectedly ordinary. A shiny black mink coat. However, her knee-high leather boots were so high that they creaked again as she walked.


The funeral was held just a few days ago, and the atmosphere in the castle was gloomy because the incident was an incident… but Melchis didn’t care about him. She looked around, saw Eugene in her arms, and waved her hand with a big smile.

“It’s been a while, miss? Do you remember me?”


“Where did that old captain go? The strange woman who wears a watch and checks the time on her pocket watch.”

“…Captain Carmen, go to your parents’ house.”

Who is saying that someone is not worthy of their age? Ciel answered with a sense of burden to Melkis, who smiled brightly.

“I am visiting Black Lion Castle for the first time. Can I take a look?”

“You can do it later. The head of the family will be coming soon.”

“Um, so is he. I’ll take care of my expression.”

Why are you sticking next to him as if it were natural? Ciel furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at Eugene and Melkis. Is it like motherhood? Well, maybe. Eugene does not know her mother’s love. That’s why she might be friendly with a mother’s older, motherly woman.

‘…More like a mother than a grandmother, isn’t it?’

Although he looks beautiful in his twenties… Ciel couldn’t think of anything more. The moment he became conscious of it from the front, the strong, beautiful, and respectable captain of the 3rd Division. He seemed about to have disrespectful thoughts about his immediate superior, Carmen Ryan Hart…

“Connected to Euras.”

Diad said. At those words, Melchis stuck close to Eugene and whispered.

“The Heretic Questioner is coming? Have you ever met him?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“I mean, I hate the Holy Empire and I hate the Heretic Questioner even more. Do you know why?”

“I know. I heard that in the distant past, the Holy Empire persecuted elementalists by defining the existence of a heresy of spirits?”

“Oh, you know me pretty well, don’t you? Did you study hard about magic?”

“Isn’t that a very old time?”

“Whatever it is. You might still be secretly persecuting the Elementalists, right?”

On the subject of saying that, Melchis’s eyes were full of fun and mischief. Eugene stared into her eyes and muttered as he snorted at her.

“Just like an old woman who scares children by telling them scary stories…”

“huh? what? I can not hear well.”

While Melchis covered his ears and groaned, the warp gate lit up.

Two people walked out. A robe as red as blood. Inside, he wore a jet-black uniform that the priests of the God of Light were reluctant to wear, and a black military cap on his head. The two of them walking around on walkers looked more like soldiers than priests.

“I am Atarax of the Maleficarum. This is Hemoria, his disciple.”

Atarax was a man with long blonde hair, but Hemoria, a woman, had shorter hair than Atarax and covered her mouth with a black metal mask. Hemoria looked around her, her bobbed hair slicking as if it had been cut with a knife. Hemoria kept her mouth shut, not saying anything other than her introduction, but Atarax opened her mouth as if to replace her.

“Isn’t the head of state still here?”

“I will arrive soon. Because I am connected to Kiel.”

Maleficar Room. Eugene stared at Atarax and Hemoria. That violent and ruthless Inquisition existed 300 years ago. To be honest, Eugene didn’t have any ill feelings toward them. Ruthless against warlocks and demons? It was the same thing Hamel had in his previous life. In the world 300 years ago, Maleficarum was one of Hamel’s allies.

‘…Isn’t that an organization too outdated for this era?’

A world where black magicians can no longer be hunted indiscriminately and demons can no longer be antagonized. It was unexpectedly felt that the Heretic Inquisition still existed with only that purpose.

The warp gate shakes.

Eugene straightened his posture and stared at the warp gate. A little later, Lionheart’s head Guillaid passed through the warp gate. Gilreid, whom I met after a few months, had a distinctly different impression from then. Sunken cheeks and eyes with dark circles. The beard was neatly trimmed, but Eugene saw the cuts on Guillaid’s cheeks and chin.

‘…For a person of that level to be cut by a razor.’

My physique seems to have shrunk in a few months. It seems that Iod’s mentality has been shattered piece by piece.

“…house owner.”


As Klein sighed and approached, Gilreid immediately knelt down. Klein was taken aback by the sight and stood Gilade up.

“Uhh…don’t show me that way.”

“…How could that be? All of this happened because I was stupid. This, this problem… how should I take responsibility…”

“…Let’s discuss that later. please stand up …the children are watching, aren’t they?”

Cline let out a deep sigh and patted Gillaid on the shoulder. Then, the light returned belatedly to Gilreid’s eyes, which had been darkened. He turned his head to look at Ciel and Eugene.

Normally, he would have greeted his father with a smile, but now Ciel couldn’t possibly do that. She stifled a tear and bowed her head toward Gil Reid.

“…iced coffee…!”

Guillaid sighed and approached Eugene and Ciel. He hugged Ciel and Eugene together and bowed her head.

“…I heard the story. I’m glad you’re all right…”


Ciel buried his face in his father’s chest and cried a little. Without shedding a tear, Eugene glanced at Gilreid’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. It was no mistake on her part that she felt that she had become smaller. Guillaid’s arms were actually thinner than they were a few months ago. It’s only been five days since Iod started the incident. In the meantime, his cheeks sunk and his arm muscles shrunk.

“…Thank you, Eugene.”



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“…it was the right thing to do.”

“Without you, everything would be late.”

“…we were lucky. It wasn’t even my own strength.”

Saying that, Eugene glanced at the two Heretic Questioners in the Maleficarum. Atarax and Hemoria. The two were staring at Yujin’s empty waist.

“…The Holy Sword is safe.”

“I’m glad.”

Atarax smiled and put the cap on his head.

“Okay, then… Please guide me. Iod Lionhart. To the place where the devil performed rituals of prohibition, immorality, and calamity.”


At those words, Guilade’s eyes shook. But he was in no position to protest. Gilreid let out a short sigh and released Eugene and Ciel from his arms.

“Follow me.”

Genos didn’t like the Maleficarum itself, but he knew Atarax’s name because it was famous for its messy meaning.

‘…to Atarax the Punisher… Guillotine Hemoria.’

As long as the incident was an incident, I knew that a big player would come. I hope that the punisher will come. His disciple, Hemoria, is also a person of as high prestige as Atarax.

“What about the survivors?”

“All is well.”

“Isn’t mental contamination caused?”


“Contamination can spread even from a small point. After inspecting the site of the ceremony, we will interview the survivors individually.”

“You don’t sound like asking for permission.”

“Of course it has to be done. You don’t want to add more corrupt people to your family, do you?”

Klein’s expression hardened at Atarax’s words. He glared at Atarax with uncharacteristic hostility in his eyes. Hemoria reacted to that gaze. She glared at Klein, resting her fingers on her mask covering her mouth.

“We are not here to mourn Lionheart’s unfortunate accident or to cooperate in finding out the truth.”

Atarax reached up and took Hemoria’s shoulder.

“This incident is the remnant of the demon king who was subjugated 300 years ago, and it is an unprecedented and bizarre incident. The current Maleficarum can’t hunt black magicians or demons… but if it’s a taboo, if it commits the crime of ‘using’ humans. Whoever offends him, the maleficarum will not hesitate to hunt.”


“We are here to do what we ought to do. That’s why I’m not asking for permission. Senor Wonju. I understand wanting to cover up the family’s disgrace… but what if a demonic seed remains on the victim’s head? What if, in the resulting madness, they would one day perform an iodine-like diabolical ritual?”


Klein sighed and shook his head.

“…but. I’ll correct this one. I have no intention of covering up the shame of my family. If you blindly hide it, it will only fester and rot. However, I was concerned that your interview might be too rough.”

“The interview will be gentle and respectful.”

“Let me observe.”

“Yes, whatever.”

went deep into the forest. Finding the place where the ceremony took place was not difficult. It was because several black lions were guarding the place from being damaged by monsters.


Melchis stayed focused the entire time he entered the forest without saying anything. She paused, then leaned over and ran her hand through the soil.


Melchis’s eyes narrowed. The soil she swept with her hands swayed, and earth people the size of her fingers twitched and raised her body.

“…I see, the Dark Spirit… seems to be true… but this one is very different.”

Melchis muttered that and caressed the earthlings with his fingers.

“The spirits of this land… have not properly harmonized with this land. They were pushed to this land from other lands. In addition… hmm… the number of primitive spirits is excessively small.”

Melchis scooped up plenty of dirt with his hands. And when he spread his fingers, the soil fell like a grain of sand.

“Perhaps by the end of the season there will be no grass left in this area? It’s amazing… This is… Rather than the land being dead… Hmm, yeah… I see. Did the primordial spirit of the earth change into a dark spirit?”

“Is that possible?”

“Is it possible? Impossible. I didn’t make a contract with the Dark Spirit, and I don’t want to. But you know quite a bit about the Dark Spirits, don’t you? It is impossible for any spirit to interfere with or block a spirit with a completely different attribute. Even if it’s the spirit king.”

Melchis giggled and stood up.

“There is no power to forcibly assimilate a primitive spirit of a different attribute to a normal dark spirit. Besides… I heard you blocked the eyes and ears of the prestigious Black Lion Knights? haha! That is impossible.”

“It wasn’t just a simple spirit.”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s mysterious… and interesting. The remnants of the demon lord who was subdued 300 years ago dwelled in the weapon… I can understand that. But that remnant becomes a spirit? There are already several papers on the close relationship between mana and spirits, but the fact that the demon king becomes a spirit…”

“It could mean that the spirit is heretical.”

Atarax murmured.

“You are talking bullshit.”

Melchis sneered and raised his hand. The earthlings returned to the soil, and the ground swayed and soared. It was the wave of dirt seen in Lionheart’s Forest.

“You who talk that bullshit don’t deserve to ride these nice dirt waves.”

“Don’t be shy and just go.”

Loberian scolded.

“This is it.”

We arrived at the place where the ceremony took place.

“There… there was a ceremony going on. do you want some left? I drew a magic circle on the floor… I also drew it in the air, but it doesn’t exist.”


“And there was a dark tree… over there. I don’t know if I should blame that, but, well, it looked like a tree. Sacrificial offerings hung from branches that wriggled like tentacles. It was swallowed up by the black darkness.”

Eugene said that while glancing at Ciel.

“Since I was not captured as a sacrifice, ask Ciel, not me, how he felt about being a sacrifice. He was quite conscious even in that situation.”

“…This is so…”

Loberian looked around and laughed.

“It’s more radical than I thought.”

“It was a bit of a creepy ritual.”

“No, I am not talking about rituals.”

Loberian raised a finger and pointed forward.

“It’s to the point where I think it’s luck that there’s only one innocent casualty.”

traces of battle. Loberian looked down at a large hole that seemed to pierce the ground. Melchis looked around and whistled.

“That’s great. Aren’t there any spirits on the ground?”

“It’s awful.”

Atarax raised his hand, squinting his eyes. He ‘grabbed’ the air with his white-gloved fingers and rubbed it. Then his gloves turned black in an instant.

“…I never thought I’d see such a terrible, ominous demon in a place that wasn’t even a demonic realm…”

“Five days ago it was worse than now.”

Eugene said it insignificantly, then flinched and lifted his cloak.

“…If it wasn’t for the holy sword and the power of Akasha, I wouldn’t have survived here either.”

Although he is already getting a lot of attention, Eugene didn’t want to get more attention and even get suspicious.

So, I took out the holy sword and Akasha. Akasha did not receive much attention from her, but everyone’s eyes lit up at the sight of her holy sword in Eugene’s hand. She had no choice but to do so. That holy sword shares the myth of the great Vermouth, and is a legendary sword that cut down three demon kings. Since Vermouth, only Lionheart’s head of household has worn the holy sword in family ceremonies, and not a single one has been recognized as the owner of the holy sword.

“…Oh oh…”

Abrax also looked at the holy sword with thrilled eyes. Even Hemoria, who hadn’t spoken a single word until now, stared at her holy sword with surprised eyes.



“At first, I thought the report was wrong… I couldn’t believe that the owner of Altair was really born…!”

“Sorry for hiding…”

“You don’t have to say that.”

Abrax shook his head and interrupted Eugene.

“There was a reason why the owner of the holy sword could not be announced, and did you know that you, Candidate Christina and the Pope, are the owners of the holy sword?”

Aprax raised both hands.

“Hemoria! Applause for the owner of the holy sword!”

Hemoria silently raised both hands and clapped. The applause of Abrax was much louder than that of Hemoria.


Abrax’s applause stopped abruptly.

“Now, master of the holy sword. Please tell me the heroic story of confronting the devil who tried to descend here!”

“Did you die from swinging the holy sword?”



Eugene muttered that and walked to the altar where the magic circle was left.


The color faded, but the magic circle itself remained on the floor. The Mage Tower owners, Loverian and Melchis, approached the magic circle with their eyes shining.

“this. It’s an ancient letter, right?”

“At first glance, it looks like Gelsian.”

“It looks like it’s twisting.”

“There are systematic similarities.”

“Because there are not just one or two ancient letters…”

“It could be the ancient characters of the demons.”

“Well, the knowledge passed down from the remnants of the demon king? This… isn’t Balzac supposed to be there?”

“You can’t call that suspicious great man. When it comes to ancient characters, I’m quite familiar with them, so let’s look at them a little more.”

Loberian and Melchis had a conversation on their own and looked closely at the magic circle. Eugene looked at the two for a while, then lifted the Akasha she was holding in her left hand.

“This is the rest I remember.”

The magic circle left as a memory in my head moved into the air. The magic circle didn’t work because it wasn’t poured with mana. However, at that action, Hemoria moved.

A magic circle drawn in the air. Hemoria stood in front of him and glared at her Eugene. thin eyes. Ruby-red eyes. Eugene felt the hostility boiling in the depths of his eyes.

“…What is it?”

she is a strange woman A black metal mask covering the entire mouth. It felt like a restraining ball in her canine mouth. Isn’t it uncomfortable to have that thing in her mouth? it will be uncomfortable You will have to take it out every time you drink water or eat.

“If you have something to say, say it yourself.”

Hemoria said nothing. Instead, she heard a ‘crack’ from inside the metal mask. Are you grinding your teeth? Or is there a real gag inside the mask? Come to think of it, from the moment she passed through the warp gate, she had never uttered a single voice.


Atarax pulled Hemoria by the shoulder. Eugene saw Atarax’s fingers grasp Hemoria’s shoulder for an instant. However, Hemoria’s expression did not change at all. She just glared at Eugene, just like she did.

“Because the disciple is stricter than me in some respects.”

Atarax smiled and patted Hemoria on the shoulder.

“The hero chosen by the holy sword…”

“I hope you don’t call me that.”

“Yes, I thought it would be inconvenient to call them that one by one.”

Atarax turned his head and looked at the magic circle.

“…I know it can’t be helped, but… this terrible magic circle is being shared by the two magic tower owners of Arot. And the fact that a magic circle exists in Eugene’s head… All of this is something we cannot accept.”

“Did you hear? Red Tower. That inquisitor seems to think that you and I will study some kind of magic circle and plot something evil.”

“Isn’t that something that could happen? The wizards I know don’t hesitate to do crazy things for my interest and desire to explore.”

“I can’t deny that, but if you’re a magician at the level of the owner of the mage tower, you’re already going crazy. My madness can’t afford to be distracted by the magic of this outsider.”

Melchis snorted and waved.

“The same goes for the owner of the red pagoda who is silent next to me. huh? don’t you feel something Ugh…! The hairs all over my body are twitching, bristling with fear…! Do you know why?”

Melchis shuddered, full of exaggeration, but she wasn’t lying. live. Eugene felt him too. It was the killing spree of Loberian, who had chewed so hard that his molars would shatter.

“Because the owner of the red pagoda is angry! Do you know what a great hatred for black magic lurks behind that gentle, handsome mask? Red Pagoda Loverian Surface! Although he became docile with age, he was called the Mad Dog of the Red Magic Tower and had a bad temper until about 30 years ago.”

“Let’s not bring up the embarrassing past. The spirit princess of the White Magic Tower.”


A nickname from my youth that I never want to hear again. Melchis covered his ears and howled like a crow.

“…But it is true that anger is brewing. Atarax Inquisitor. I will never study or use this magic circle for personal gain. If you want, I’ll even swear on mana.”

“The Holy Empire is Arot’s ally.”

Atarax smiled and shook his head.

“From the standpoint of the interrogator, I just gave a warning. I have no intention of forcing you to make an oath. Red Tower Owner, I already know why you hate dark magic…”


The sound was heard again from behind Hemoria’s mask.

“…Ryanhart. Descendants of the great Vermouth… It would be foolish to believe in the purity and justice of their blood… Eugene, who was recognized by the Holy Sword, will not be eroded by black magic.”

Tok, tok. Her fingers, which were still holding Hemoria’s shoulder, tapped her on the shoulder. There were no more clinking sounds from inside Hemoria’s mask, and the hostility in her red eyes was gone. Hemoria bowed her nod to Eugene and backed away from her with Aprax.

“Hemoria. You don’t say anything, don’t do anything, just stand here and watch as the masters of the Magic Tower figure out the magic circle.”

Hemoria nodded. Are you putting it under surveillance? Thinking so, Eugene glanced at Gilade. After arriving here, Gilreid’s complexion became even more pale, and his trembling lips were too chewed and bloody.

“…house owner.”

Klein, who looked at him with pity, approached him.

“…It’s a diary found in Iod’s room in Count Bossar’s mansion.”

Klein took out a luxurious leather-covered diary from within his bosom.

“…According to the words of the Black Lions who searched the mansion… this diary was in the first compartment of Iod’s desk drawer, as if he had been asked to find it.”

“Isn’t it cute?”

Atarax burst into laughter.

“In my head, I must have imagined a pretty cool future. After completing the ritual here… sacrificing those who laughed at themselves and ignored them… gaining strength like that, and slowly escaping. But if you do that, you won’t be able to tell why you did this, so you left a diary yourself.”

I left a diary with no reason to leave it. Eugene had the same thoughts as Atarax. Iod, the idiot, he wanted to talk about ‘why’ and ‘how’ he was able to do this.

Gilreid silently accepted the diary and opened it. Eugene thought that Atarax would interfere with reading the diary, but unexpectedly, Atarax let Gilade read the diary without any interference.

“…iced coffee…”

It didn’t take long for Guillaid to read all of the diary. He let out a long sigh and shook his head a few times. Then he lifted his chin and looked up at the sky.


Ciel let out a gloomy voice and took Guillaid’s arm. Guillaid shed tears for a while before handing over the diary he was holding to Eugene.

“Can I read it?”

“…Since you were the last of that child, I think you deserve to read it too.”

There was no reason to refuse. Eugene was also quite curious about the inside story of this case.


The first half of the diary was not worth reading. lamentation and hatred. and self-hatred. It couldn’t even be a jumbled sentence, it was just stuttering in words. Stories about how much he was despised by the county of Bossard and how much he was scolded by his mother, Theonis.

It was a content that could not help but fall into great grief for the father, Gilade, but it was nothing to Eugene. I am not interested in this Eugene continued to turn over the diary.

What has changed is the content.

‘Dominic Ryanhart has come.’

It was from there.

Why was Dominic looking for Iod? For that, Dominic himself couldn’t explain the exact reason. impulse. That was all for Dominic, but Iod accepted the reason more precisely.

The remnants of the Demon King.

It was because the spirit of darkness had spoken to him. That being resided in Dominic’s crushing weight, and he was interested in the ‘family blood’ flowing through Iod’s body.

‘The Spirit said I was special. After becoming a spirit, many people held her back, but I said I was the first to hear her voice.’

‘When I asked how long you existed, you said it was 100 years since you became a spirit. dark spirit. are you a demon The remaining thoughts of the extinct demon king… That’s all, it’s not the demon king. It is not an insignificant existence. The spirit said I’m special, and the spirit is also special to match me.’

‘I want to be a great wizard, not an elementalist.’

‘The Spirit said she didn’t want to remain a Spirit. Then what should I do? The spirit said he would tell you how.’

‘What is required for the ceremony is the blood of the enemy. Ciel and Xian? Those twins would make a great offering. Since a long time has passed, the blood must have thinned, but the spirit said that it was very meaningful for me to become a special vessel and to offer my brother’s blood as a sacrifice. After all, magic is amazing.’

‘The more offerings, the better.’

‘Tomorrow I’m leaving this house. My mother and grandfather, everyone bless my future. When the ritual is complete, I become an archmage no one can ignore.’

‘When everything is over, I haven’t decided where I’m going. Pride puts me up as a symbol of the downfall of his family and wants to create a new lion heart… Dominic doesn’t seem to have that intention. Neither do I. I hate Lionheart.’

The diary ended like that. Eugene closed the diary and handed it over to Atarax, who was waiting for him.

“…I knew I was insane even when we were fighting, but it seems I was insane from the time I wrote that diary.”

The day before Iod left the mansion. Iod was the only human alive in the count’s mansion. Count Bossar, Theonis, and Gasol were all killed by Iod right from the start.

“The power of black magic rituals is amplified according to the content of the taboo.”

Atarax turned over the diary and continued.

“Great vermouth. The enemy of the demon lord who was subdued 300 years ago. The family that inherited that blood… the legitimate son of that place… sacrificing my brother. There could be no better condition for a dark magic ritual. It also seems to be true that Iod’s ‘blood’ was quite special.”

enemy’s blood.

Iod didn’t force the ceremony, and was obsessed with Eugene.

‘It seems that Iod wasn’t the only one stubborn.’

Vermouth is not the only enemy of the Demon King. To the spirit of darkness, Eugene must have been a great sacrifice that could never be given up.

“The word ‘Pride’ is mentioned incoherently in this diary. Is this Lionheart’s tumor?”

“Immediately after this incident, four families disappeared among Lionheart’s collateral branches spread across the continent. Some members of the other families also disappeared.”

Klein replied.

“It must be Lionheart’s tumor that they wanted to attract Dominic and use the iodine.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“at all.”

Klein answered without hesitation.

“If Dominic stole the magic spear and crushing weight, it would have become a dangerous organization. Had the iod… completed the ritual, it would have been a terrible organization. But nothing came of it. Despite the grand name of Pride, they are nothing more than losers who fled and abandoned what they had to preserve their own lives.”

“But if they become naturalized in Helmud, Lionheart’s prestige will fall to the ground.”

“Is there any prestige left to fall further?”

Klein chuckled and shook his head.

“I would rather appreciate it if they were naturalized in Helmud. Helmud will want to boast about the fact that the family of a great hero has walked voluntarily into their arms… If you do that, it will be the work of the Black Lion from now on.”

“Maybe I will be naturalized in Nahama, or I might hide in the great forest of Samar.”

Atarax muttered as he closed his diary.

“…The analysis of the magic circle is almost finished.”

Loberian raised his lowered body and said.

“If you exclude the help of the black magician or the high-ranking demons of Helmud, the current interpretation would be the best.”

“Tell me what you think.”

“Reconstruction of the soul, creation of the body.”

Loberian’s expression crumpled.

“The basic outline of the formula is similar to summoning magic. It’s a mess, but it’s okay.”

“You said it was the creation of the flesh?”

“If the sacrifice had been made normally, this magic circle would have summoned a large number of monsters from Helmud. And he must have mixed and used the monsters to form a new body.”

“…What about soul reconstruction?”

“Literally. What existed here was the dark spirit with the remnants of the demon king, not the demon king. However, if the ceremony had been completed… he would have become a higher level ‘Spirit King’.”

Melchis paused and burst into laughter.

“Surprisingly! That dark spirit tried to raise the hierarchy by its own and artificial means. Is it really supposed to be the remnant of the demon king? I tried a method that normal spirits would never use.”

“…a spirit king with a physical body…”

“I won’t be able to reach the status of a demon king right away, but a being that wouldn’t be strange to become a demon king was almost born.”

Loberian said that while looking at Eugene.

“Fortunately, that didn’t happen.”

“Blessed be the holy sword and the warrior.”

Atarax chuckled and clapped.


Atarax’s applause stopped.


A metallic sound flowed from Heronia’s mask.

“Looks like not everyone here is dead.”


Atarax’s feet pounded the ground. His body was enveloped in a subtle glow, and the black dead soil rose all at once. ㅡPasasak! The raised soil vibrated. slowly, slowly. The soil moved. A huge hole made in a fierce battle. near the entrance. The soil that had moved up to that point whirled.


Loberian let out a low moan. There is no trace of magic left there. It looked like that to Eugene, who was holding Akasha.

but. The interrogators of Maleficarum, the Inquisition Bureau of the Holy Empire, are hunters who have trained only in black magic and chasing demons for hundreds of years.

Atarax is one of the most talented players in the Maleficarum. He followed the remaining demonic energy in this space and found traces of the black magic that had spread five days ago.

“It’s impossible to reproduce even the spell, but…”

Atarax grabbed the soil shaking in the air and continued.

“…This is… teleportation. It’s not Blink, it’s a long-distance… non-gate teleport…”


Eugene’s face crumpled.

“Looks like he ran away.”

“You didn’t let them run away, did they?”

Atarax smiled and looked at Eugene. Yujin glared at her sad eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

“Do I have any reason to let him run away?”

“Maybe there is a secret reason.”

“Me who was recognized by the Holy Sword?”

“I just want to explore all the possibilities. The holy sword does not unconditionally prove innocence.”

“I thought he was dead. But to say he ran away, he must have been far more talented than I thought.”

“Why didn’t you check?”

“Didn’t I do it because I didn’t want to do it?”

“Eugene-nim’s carelessness caused the rat to escape. That rat might sneak in somewhere, eat some of her grain, and spread disease…”

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

Eugene tried to reply, but got angry.

“Did I f*cking run away on purpose? The bastard I was trying to kill? Oh I didn’t know! In front of my eyes, the demonic spear stabs and the crushing weight tries to break the head, and the older brother turns around and joins hands with the dark spirit to make me a sacrifice! How am I going to check whether the bastard I was f*cking into ran away or was swept away?”

“Don’t get excited.”

“I wasn’t excited. It’s just hot. When you think about it, it’s ridiculous and it makes me angry. Is the holy sword Sifal funny? Can you hold the Holy Sword?”

“It’s hard.”

“He is dumb, what is it? Why didn’t you just make a sound and not talk? If my words count and I’m f*cked up, don’t giggle and say the f*ck. Don’t pretend you’re not dissatisfied and change everything!”

When Eugene shouted, Atarax closed his mouth, and Heronia also blinked her eyes without making any more noise.

“That is all.”

Eugene let out a big breath and put the holy sword in his hand into the ground.

“If you have more complaints or want to f*ck me, please come and pull out this holy sword first and tell me.”

Eugene crossed his arms and stepped back from the holy sword.

“I don’t want to be scolded by a brat who pretends to be sincere while not being able to pull out the holy sword.”



Hemoria’s mask, a much louder sound than before echoed from the inside. Her pupils were a much darker red than they had been at first, and it felt more like her blood was boiling rather than congested.

Unlike Hemoria, who showed intense emotions, Atarax’s face was calm. He looked at the holy sword on the floor and at Eugene, who was standing with his arms crossed, and laughed.

“…pretending to be faithful… haha! Eugene-nim, you’re the only one who tells the Maleficarum’s Heretic Questioner such a story.”

“You are probably the only one who doubts the owner of the Holy Sword.”

“I just want to look at the possibilities.”

“You said earlier that there was no way I, the owner of the holy sword, would fall for black magic?”

“Letting Hector escape is not the same as falling for black magic.”

“This is not the end. Are you forcing yourself to confess to me?”

Eugene smiled and glared at Atarax.

“You run as if you’ve bitten a good number.”

“Could it be possible?”

Atarax took a step back and shrugged.

“Once I know. Hector Lionheart’s escape… I will try to believe that Eugene has nothing to do with it. Actually, I want to prove my innocence, but…”

“It is true that you want to confess.”

“Do you know?”

“You know it’s a brutal interrogation that crushes the mind.”

“haha! You don’t have to worry about that. Maleficarum is an expert in ‘interrogation’ more than anyone in the Holy Empire. It is not digging into the depths, and there are no aftereffects from digging into the truth from at least five days ago.”

“Have you forgotten?”

Eugene raised the tip of his chin and pointed at the holy sword in front of him.

“If you are dissatisfied with me or want to say something, come and pull out the holy sword first.”

“…that’s really interesting.”

Atarax’s gaze turned to Hemoria. Hemoria, who had been glaring at Eugene with her bloody eyes, strode towards her holy sword. The distance she could reach if she stretched out her hand. Her Eugene twisted the corners of her mouth under Hemoria’s intense gaze.

“…a lot.”

sound in the mouth. It’s too loud and sharp for a teeth-grinding sound… Eugene tilted his head and stared at Hemoria.

“I don’t think he is a prisoner. Do you have bad teeth like a beast?”

“The disciple is practicing silence, so he cannot speak out.”

Atarax spoke for Hemoria. keep silent Eugene snorted at her and took a step back.

Hemoria’s hand stretched out toward the holy sword. A hand wrapped in her black glove. The moment his long fingers tried to grasp the hilt of the holy sword. ㅡ Hwareuk! The torch of the holy sword wrapped around Hemoria’s hand.

But Hemoria didn’t panic or groan. She calmly bit her hand and brushed off the torch wrapped around her glove. Hemoria’s skin was visible through the cracks in the burnt skin of her torch. Pale, bloodless skin.

Hemoria felt Eugene’s gaze. She proudly took off her gloves, revealing her bare hands. Her skin was just white, but it was nothing special.

“It’s hard.”

groaning sound again. Hemoria moved her hand to and fro at her Eugene.

“…Sign Language?”

“You’re asking if I thought you were a vampire.”

It was Loberian who interpreted it. Eugene replied without avoiding Hemoria’s stare at him.

“…He grinds his teeth as if he wants to notice, but the sound is so sharp. Her eyes are red, her skin is white, and she wears a hat, cape, and gloves. Aren’t you suspicious?”

“The Heretic Questioner is a vampire. Unfortunately, the Maleficarum is a more conservative organization than Eugene thought, and does not accept demons like vampires as interrogators.”

“I guess there are none other than the Inquisitor?”

“Even demons have freedom of religion. If you want them to serve the god of light and become priests, why not baptize them as evangelists of light?”

Atarax laughed and patted Hemoria on the shoulder.

“To believe that Hemoria, full of faith, can’t even hold the holy sword… What a holy sword.”

“you are?”

“If I stretched out my hand for no reason, I might even burn my hand. I don’t want to be humiliated like that.”

As Atarax said, he approached the spot where Hector had disappeared. He continued his words, looking at the soil still floating in the air.

“…Anyway, Hector Lionheart escaped from here without dying.”

“It’s a long-distance teleport… Only the archmages can do that.”

Loberian’s eyes narrowed.

“Blink calculates the coordinates of the destination point that comes into view and leaps. If you can do the calculations neatly, Blink is not a very complicated and difficult magic. However, long-distance teleportation is of a different class.”

“Warp connects both gates. It’s different from teleporting.”

All you need to teleport is a milestone. If the world tree is a milestone, you can teleport anywhere in the world to a place where there is a world tree using a leaf as a medium.

“Unless we know what medium Hector was carrying, we have no idea where he teleported to.”

“But how many wizards in the world can teleport?”

Melchis smiled and raised his finger.

“First of all… the 5 masters of Arot’s mage tower. Trempel Wizard, the leader of the Court Magic Division. As far as I know, none of the wizards from other countries have reached the 8th circle yet, right?”

“…I was in Kiel’s palace until this morning. Kiyel doesn’t have the 8th circle archmage yet.”

In response, Melchis’s clown went up.

“Anyway, is it true that Arot is the kingdom of magic? A kingdom with six great wizards, including the master of the magic tower! Wouldn’t Arot be able to unify the continent if we waged a war?”

“The Mage Tower has no obligation to participate in Arot’s war of conquest. Perhaps if Arot starts a war, everyone in the Red Mage Tower, including me, will leave Arot.”

“It is the same for me.”

Melchis continued with a chuckle.

“Except for Arot… Helmud is the only one that has a teleportable mage. Staff of Confinement, Edmond Codlet. And some high-ranking demons.”

“The Queen of Dreams and the Black Dragon… First of all, the most famous are the two.”

Black Dragon. Mentioning him, Loberian gave Eugene a glance. It is Loberian who investigated Lyzakia on behalf of Eugene. He knows the possibility that Raisakia, who reigns over Helmud Dragon Demon Castle, may not be him.

“Among the high-ranking demons, there may be more archmages who can teleport besides those two. Demons live several times longer than humans, and use black magic that is superior to humans.”

“Isn’t Nahama also home to one archmage?”

Atarax’s eyes grew thin.

“Desert Dungeon Master, Amelia Merwin. We know that the situation in Kiel and Nahama has been unstable for several years. Kiel’s lion heart is divided internally, and Kiel’s power is weakened… Nahama, who swallowed Turas by blaming the sandstorm, would do it. That Amelia Merwin is also a black magician who contracted with the Demon King of Confinement.”

“That’s true, but the demon king of confinement probably wouldn’t have given orders directly to the person standing behind Hector.”

Eugene continued with a dull expression.

“A trick like this is too insignificant for the demon lord. In the first place, would the demon king in captivity have the will to revive the demon king who died 300 years ago?”

“To think that there is no unconditional…”

“Atarax. I also studied history diligently from a young age. Demon lords do not cooperate with each other. For 300 years, they have been competing to see who can sink more countries and expand their territory and vassal.”

Of course, Eugene did not study history. He lived directly at the heart of that history, so he didn’t have to study.

While the three demon kings died, the demon kings never cooperated with each other. Even though they are called demon lords, there is no such thing as camaraderie between them.

“The demon king of confinement goes out on his own, commits a trick like this, revives the dead demon king, and divides the lion heart? Where is the need for a demon king? You, the Heretic Questioner, and Maleficarum are well aware of that. The Demon King is an existence that doesn’t need to be like that.”

Is there a reason for the demon king of confinement to divide Lionheart? If it bothers you, you could just rip it from the front? Likewise, is it necessary to perform a secret ceremony to resurrect the dead demon king? It would be possible to wipe out all those who interfered and proceed openly.

“…I don’t think the Demon King has anything to do with this.”

Three black magicians who contracted with the demon lord of confinement. Archmages of Arot. high-ranking demons. It is they who can be suspected immediately.

“…After escaping from this incident, Hector Lionheart will not be able to travel comfortably anywhere on the continent.”

Atarax continued.

“But it’s a different story in the lawless zone. Even the eyes of light that spread across the continent cannot fully capture Samar, a lawless area.”

“…Could Hector have fled to Samar?”

“I think the possibility is great. I heard that Eugene has a relationship with the Zora tribe, the great tribe of Samar… can’t we get their help?”

Atarax smiled and stared at Eugene. lack of Zoran. Eugene remembered Ivatar, the successor of the tribe who had guided him on the way to leave Samar.

“…The forest is so wide, it must be difficult to find people.”

“You are free to request him, Eugene. If you want me to catch and kill the escaped Hector Lionheart.”

“What are you going to do with the Maleficarum?”

“As long as Hector Lionheart is involved in this ceremony, of course we will do our best to pursue Hector Lionheart. By using the Eyes of Light spread across the continent.”

The god of light has many followers.

“I’m sorry.”

Atarax took off his helmet and bowed his head.

“Nothing is clear. However, we regret the unfortunate tragedy that took place here.”

“…It’s a disgrace.”

Cline sighed and said.

“…If there’s nothing more to find out here, and if you’ve checked… Let’s go back to the castle now. We will also have to interview the children involved in this incident.”

“Thank you for understanding…”

Atarax stopped talking and turned his head. He stared at Hemoria, letting out a low laugh.

“…Hmm… I see.”

“Is there a problem?”

Yujin asked with a sly expression. In fact, she was guessing in her heart. As they talked, Hemoria continued to stare at Eugene and her holy sword. Her gaze wasn’t as full of hostility as before, but Eugene could feel her familiar sense of selfishness and enthusiasm in Hemoria.

“It looks like you want to find out why Eugene is the owner of the holy sword.”

“In my heart, Atarax-sama seems to want him too, doesn’t it?”

“Haha… I won’t deny it. The story of the holy sword Altair and the hero who was recognized for it is an old story that not only the Holy Empire but everyone on the continent has heard from childhood.”

Atarax laughed softly as he approached Hemoria.

“Of course there are complaints.”


“Lionheart owned the Holy Sword for 300 years and did not return it to the Holy Empire. Since the great Vermouth, no one in Lionheart has been able to master the holy sword. But, what if the Holy Sword had returned to the Holy Empire? Wouldn’t it be possible for one of the sincere and outstanding young men to become the owner of the holy sword?”

“It may have been, but I don’t think you are that faithful and brilliant young man.”

Eugene smiled and tilted his head.

“and. That I am the owner of the holy sword is a fact that the Pope of Jurass has also acknowledged.”

“But Eugene-sama is neither a god of light nor a subject of Yuras.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t mean to take away the holy sword.”

“It wouldn’t be possible.”

“…I’m just asking you to match your pupil’s will.”

Atarax’s hand rested on Hemoria’s shoulder.

“Light sparring.”

“By using the holy sword?”

“If you need it.”

“I don’t think you need it.”

Eugene laughed and took off the cloak of darkness. Then, in a hurry, Mer stuck her head out from between her cloak.

“Eugene! Eugene’s body is still…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just sparring lightly, but what?”

Eugene laughed haha ​​and tried to put the cloak on the floor. Then, Melchis, who was watching quietly, screamed and rushed at Eugene.

“Don’t put it on the ground! You’re asking for dirt!”

It was years away from getting it back, but Melchis didn’t want to leave his cloak down in the dirty dirt.

“What about weapons?”

“Hemoria does not use any weapons.”

“Aha… The whole body is a weapon, or something like that, it seems obvious, right? Um, yes. The training seems to have gone well.”

“…please don’t ignore the disciple too much.”

“Isn’t ignoring what you guys are doing?”

Yujin smiled broadly and loosened her wrists.

“You don’t seem to be able to feel it, but who are you asking about qualifications? He is the greatest genius in the history of Lionheart, excluding the founder, the owner of the holy sword and Akasha, and the one who defeated the remnants of the demon king.”

“…Hmm, I know Eugene-sama is amazing, but… just like the familiar said, isn’t Eugene-sama still not fully recovered?”

“Light couplets. It’s not like using a weapon, it’s just a little bit of mixing your hands, so what do you think?”

“…If you are injured, we will treat you. Even though I’m not as good as Christina, I’m pretty good at healing magic.”


A voice came from within Hemoria’s mask. She took off her hat and her cloak, raised her fists and braced herself. On the other hand, Eugene stretched her arms comfortably and looked at Hemoria.

“Aren’t you taking off your mask?”


“Um… you mean don’t hit me in the face?”

I didn’t like it from before.

“If you get hit around your jaw while wearing a metal mask… will your jaw hurt, will my fist hurt…”

As I continued to stare, hostility and dissatisfaction spilled out, and an inexplicable chewing sound came from the inside of the mask.

‘First of all, I’ll bet on a fight.’

Eugene unbuttoned the top button of his uniform shirt and glared at Hemoria.


brief confrontation. silence. No crackling sound was heard. Hemoria glared at her Eugene with her thin eyes, then opened her clenched fist.

Sign Language?

Eugene smiled. What Hemoria showed with her hand was sign language. However, he did not need Roberian’s help in interpreting the meaning.

It was because it was such a blatant and easy sign language. To flick an outstretched index finger. Yujin nodded and stretched her foot forward.

“Perhaps the Inquisitor is also a priest after all, so he is very merciful.”

The master of the holy sword who appeared after hundreds of years. I want to know that skill… It’s understandable to think that way. As long as he’s an Inquisitor, he’ll be confident in battle too.

Do you really think you can win?

‘It can’t be.’

If you really think so, you must have a serious problem in your head. From what I can see, he seems to have quite a strong sense of pride and stubbornness, but he must have been arguing with me because there was no part I liked and I couldn’t convince myself.

Of course, Eugene welcomed such a dispute. Hemoria, no, the reason why he didn’t like the Heretic Questioner was because Eugene was the same. The fact that he openly praised him as the owner of the holy sword. Grabbing the pod that doesn’t work.


Eugene said that right away. It was not known how Hemoria would take those words. Her feet stretched out in front of her. It was not a simple walk. The accelerated mana pushed Eugene’s body forward. With that one step, Eugene made the distance that had been ample at regular intervals.

After that, I swung as I warned. Wedge! Hemoria’s bobbed hair swayed in the wind. did not come into direct contact. Eugene’s foot literally passed right in front of Hemoria’s nose.

Tak, Tak.

After kicking once, Eugene took a few steps back. A smirking and smiling face. Her fingers, which were still twitching, clenched into her fist again.

Hemoria moved. She boldly dug in front of her, cutting her fists short and screaming. Tuuk! Yu-jin grabs her fist as she tries to stab her in the side. At that moment, Hemoria’s fist was wide open and intertwined with Eugene’s fingers.

Intense force to pull back the fingers. Eugene’s eyes lit up. intertwined fingers. Eugene did not feel the movement of her mana there. Simple and ignorant, without the use of mana, just strong.

‘This much strength in that physique. Is it a peculiar constitution like a monster?’

It is not a strength that can be obtained through training. Yujin thought as she watched her fingers bend to the limit of their range of motion. If you go on like this, your bones will break.

If you stay still like an idiot. grasp! Eugene’s feet swept across the ground. A kicked ankle, Hemoria flinched and stepped back.

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