Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 521

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‘Mana’s favorite’.

Those words resonated deeply and heavily in Senya’s chest.

Of course, Senya had been aware from the very beginning that her existence was very ‘special’. A magical talent that surprised even the elves. Senya knew how to feel and handle mana subconsciously from a young age.

‘okay. It is no coincidence that I was led to this forest.’

It doesn’t make sense for parents to go all the way to the Great Forest to abandon their children, but the fact that a baby ‘survived’ in the forest is special. A forest full of savages and monsters. But Senya wasn’t attacked by anything… … .

‘Because I am loved by Mana.’

Senya clenched her fists and approached the sage.

– Let’s discuss the myth of magic together.

The sweet excitement that those words left behind. In this era, there is no magician who is superior to Senya, not even a magician equal to him. He summoned the great mages and studied mythology, but in the end, Senya was the center of the research and the leading pioneer.

There was an inescapable thirst. I want to discuss magic with an opponent of equal level. In particular, when Eugene sparred with Moron and immersed himself in training, Senya’s thirst inevitably grew.

Vishre Raviola. The sage of the ivory tower. The goddess of magic from the previous generation, who created a myth with magic in the age of gods. The throne she ascended to was what Senya longed for. Senya straightened her expression and approached the sage. Depending on the content of her story she was sharing, she thought it might be possible to call her ‘senpai’.

“The junior’s magic is very amazing.”

The sage opened his mouth to the approaching Senya.

“While delving into an inferior type of magic, the junior licked the magic that reached the realm of mythology beyond the seal of my Mary. I have purified the essence of mana.”


Senya, who had been approaching with a happy face, stopped abruptly. But the sage didn’t care about Senya’s reaction and continued talking.

“Before that, the magic that the juniors achieved on their own is also worthy of praise. It was so high that it could not be considered an inferior kind of magic. It’s really amazing to reach that level even though it’s not yet complete.”


“The Demon King of Confinement. It refers to the magic that suppressed the mana of that Norma. No matter how much Norma was not the main body, the magical power that was polluting my Mary was very strong. Even so, the junior’s magic successfully suppressed Norma’s magical power.”

What the hell is that damn thing talking about? Right now, only those thoughts were floating in Senya’s mind.

“But junior. I sincerely admire the junior’s magic, but at the same time I’m worried. That is, the magic of juniors is limited by their inferiority.”


I couldn’t stand it any longer. In the end, Senya squealed and raised a bloodstain in his neck. They thought it was time for their temper to explode, so Eugene and Christa calmly backed away without being surprised.

“Listen, listen, what the hell are you talking about?! What is my magic?!”


The sage opened his eyes wide and stared at Senya. The sage, who studied Senya’s expression for a while, belatedly understood the emotion of anger and nodded her head.

“Ah, that’s right. Junior, please apologize. My expression was quite misleading.”

“A misunderstanding is a misunderstanding!”

Senya had never heard such an evaluation in her life. Is magic inferior? That the magic of Senya, who is wiser than anyone else, is inferior? Senya’s hair floated up in response to intense emotions.

“you! You know that he was a very proud wizard in the old days! Even so, you don’t have the right to judge my magic as inferior! I am… … .”

“stop. stop. Junior, calm down. didn’t i tell you that there was a misunderstanding. Then shouldn’t you give me a chance to clear up the misunderstanding?”

Unlike the angry Senya, the wise man’s expression was very calm. Rather, it pricked Senya’s feelings even more. It was to the point where the sage’s beautiful voice seemed to incite rather than soothe.

“Well, well, it can’t be helped. The system of current magic and the magic of the age of gods is so different… … .”

When Senya couldn’t calm down his anger, the wise man muttered with a puzzled expression. She pondered for a moment, then lifted her Mary.

“First of all, let me answer the questions my juniors had. The answer to that is consistent with misunderstandings.”


“The magic inside Mary’s seal. And the magic of the elves. Dragon’s word.”

The wise man muttered that and lifted Mary up.

“As for the homogeneity of that kind of magic, the answer that the junior came to is correct. There is no ‘spell’ in those things.”

Miracles, prayers, prayers.

“Such magic is caused by will. Mana answers the wind. To make something happen as you wish. That is the essence of magic. That is why magic is difficult and limitless.”

– Woo-woo! Mary’s petals swayed. Like her scent, the mana flowing from the flower flowed proudly in front of Senya’s eyes.

Anger fell asleep on Senna’s face before she knew it. Senya watched her mana flow, her eyes twinkling with curiosity and interest.

“The Elfran race has been loved by spirits and mana since ancient times. But I did not receive infinite love. That’s why elves’ magic has limits.”

“… … What about dragons?”

“Ahaha. That race is also loved by Mana. However, the magic of those beings is not a request to the world, infinite mana. It is what they ask of their natural heart. That’s why the dragon’s magic is strong. It is arrogant and shallow because it is a magic that is achieved by fully wishing for oneself.”

The sage’s lips curved.

“It’s insignificant.”

Whoa! The mana drawn by the sage flowed towards Senya. Senya hesitated for a moment before lifting Frost. Senya drew mana just like a sage does.

“Did you understand, junior?”

The sage’s smile deepened. But Senya couldn’t help but laugh. She chewed her lips, not paying attention to the stiff cheeks.

“Humans are not as loved by mana as elves and dragons. Humans cannot seek answers by praying for mana. That’s why humans created magic. He has imprisoned the arcane and infinite magic, the mana that draws him, into a trivial design.”

do not mix The mana led by Senya did not mix with the wise mana at all. Even so, the sage’s mana dominated Senya’s mana as if it should.

“I know it is unavoidable. I was once like that too. Most wizards of the Age of Gods were idiots who clung to trivial designs. But juniors, juniors shouldn’t be like that. Is the junior going to remain an insignificant wizard? If so, insist on the current inferior magic.”

Senya is the creator of the circle magic ceremony. Since the introduction of the circle magic formula, magic has improved and become easier than 300 years ago. Senja takes great pride in such achievements.

That’s why I was keenly aware of the wise man’s words. Regarding the ‘limits’ of the Circle, Senya was aware of it from the very beginning. The circle ends up limiting his magic to 9 circles. In the case of Senya, through the Eternal Hall, she far surpassed the 9th circle, but-

“Is the junior’s magic really infinite?”

whispered the sage.

“No, it is not. I think juniors’ magic is truly amazing. Even I couldn’t handle magic as well as my juniors when I was a ‘human’. However, junior The magic that the juniors answered is, after all, human magic. If you really want to ascend to the divine throne, you must transcend human magic.”


Senya gasped for breath and answered. The sage’s mana is guiding Senya’s mana. It was such a powerful flow that even Senya could not resist it. If he uses the absolute rule, will he be able to disobey?

‘I can defy it.’

But I thought it shouldn’t be like that. What do you get if you disobey the wise man’s guidance right away? Recharge your self-esteem? You can’t be satisfied with that, can you?

“Brother. would have said You are being loved by Mana.”

The sage laughed and whispered.

“Elf magic cannot be used by humans. This is because humans are not as loved by mana as elves. Because the magic of elves is for elves. but junior Didn’t you even learn the magic of the elves?”

“I am… … I didn’t learn all of them. only a small part… … .”

“Ahaha! At that time, juniors were immature. What about now?”



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The sage’s laughter grew louder.

“Aren’t juniors no longer snoring toddlers? He is a magician who has reached maturity and is on the verge of transcendence. You are the one who summoned Vishur Raviola, the dead mana, the me who has been enchanted by magic, as an echo.”

A sonorous voice permeated Senya’s presence. His quickened breathing slowly began to calm down. Senya was no longer agitated.

“Close your eyes.”

said the sage.

“Close your eyes and listen. Feel the mana flowing through all things. Hear the voice of her mana. Realize the love that is like an infinite blessing.”

Senya slowly closed her eyes.

“The chant and the magic ceremony were compromised by an inferior person who longed for magic. But, junior, you don’t have to. You do not have to compromise with magic. Do not think arrogant. Arrogance is something that is taken for granted to those who have reached divine status.”

Senya knelt on the spot without realizing it. He lowered himself, leaning on the staff he held in both hands.

This is the other side of the world tree, not reality. her sages and her followers who worshiped her. And the place where immeasurable transmigration of souls takes place.

“Wish with will.”

The wise man let Mary go. Mary didn’t fall down. The ancient staff radiated a beautiful light and approached Senya. The flow that Merry drew out suddenly wrapped around Senya and harmonized with Senya’s mana.

“Ask for Mana.”

A clear and sonorous voice. A voice that seemed to permeate the existence and resound.

‘iced coffee.’

I just found out That voice simply doesn’t have that kind of ‘feeling’. It truly permeates and resonates. She, the sage, had a conversation with Mana with that beautiful voice in the distant past.


The voice felt distant. Even my body felt distant. Senya became a pure spirit body and she looked back at herself.

I raised my head and looked behind me.

A huge circle appeared. Hundreds and thousands, a circle far beyond him. Countless circles are confined within one circle. Infinite mana, infinite circles, split, entangle, scatter, split again, entangle… … .

Eternal Hall.

Long ago, Senya made this. I was convinced that this was the ultimate point of circle magic. He also thought that he must have reached the truth of magic. I was confident that the changes brought about by this infinite circle have infinite possibilities.


Senya looked at the magic of her immature days and stopped laughing. He was so embarrassed and embarrassed that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“what’s this?”

Senya muttered in a laughing voice as she approached the Eternal Hall. Behind the Eternal Hall. The universe is unfolding.

That is the magic that Senya has recently achieved, the absolute law. Fortunately, the absolute rate was much better than Eternal Hall. Watching this… … I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

But I felt sorry. It claims to be absolute, but it is not absolute. It is expressed as the universe, but it is not the universe. Huge enough to embrace the Eternal Scepter, but far short of infinity. Senya strode forward and stretched out her hand towards the Eternal Hall.

– Quick!

Cracks appeared in the circles that made up the Eternal Hall. Before long, the circles that had dared to mention infinity collapsed. The collapse spread not only to the Eternal Hall, but also to the universe behind it.

The world started to crumble. The collapsing world was an image that existed for Senya. Her magical system, which she had cultivated all her life, had collapsed. But Senya didn’t feel the slightest regret.

“thank you.”

It was those magics that made Senya what she is today. Magic that Senya has cherished and cherished throughout her life.

However, now it must be broken. Even if it collapses, it doesn’t disappear. All of that eventually melts into Senya and moves forward together.

In the world collapsing, Senya closed her eyes. Slowly, quickly, ‘I’ became smaller. Senya has become so small that she cannot even become a speck of dust. smaller than everything in the world. A place where the passage of time is meaningless. A place where past, present and future coexist.

when you open your eyes Senya saw the essence of mana. In this small and small world, Senya’s existence was even smaller. But it was not swallowed.

understood. Senya felt the love of Mana entangled in her and the fate that followed. It was as the sage had said.

“I must have gotten here somehow.”

born as a human To such a Senya, those words are too arrogant. But Senya didn’t think so himself. This is by no means arrogance for her.

It is very natural. Senya smiled broadly and embraced her mana.

All Mana hugged Senya equally.

* * *

“Whoa… … .”

The sage let out a long sigh and sat down. She put her hand on her chin and looked in front of her.

“You’re incredibly quick to understand.”

I never thought I would reach the small and small world of mana immediately after advising. The sage stuck out his tongue and shook his head.

“Wasn’t it you who guided me?”

Eugene approached the wise man and asked.

Senya’s face was nowhere to be seen. In the place where Senya sat down, there were only flower buds that did not bloom. A magical flower bud created by mixing Merry and Senya’s mana. Yujin tried to peek inside the bud by focusing her eyes, but she couldn’t see anything.

“If I were to guide you and make you reach the level of a god straight from becoming a god, wouldn’t I be worthy of the name of an absolute god?”

The wise man smiled and looked up at Eugene.

“I simply gave the way and pointed the way. However, that absurd junior immediately took to the method I taught him and ran in the direction he pointed.”

“Can I too?”

Yujin tilted her head and murmured. Although she is far away from Senna and Sage, Eugene has learned her magic as well. In fact, the comparison target is too outstanding, and Eugene is also one of the greatest wizards among humans.


The sage smiled and said.

“Like character, divinity must be appropriate. Agaroth, the divinity you have achieved is not compatible with me and my juniors.”

“Isn’t it okay if she’s the goddess of magic and I’m the male god of magic?”

Eugene jokingly said that, but the wise man glared at Eugene with a straight face.

“really… … You’re saying something really ignorant… … .”

Eugene didn’t say anything more and just kept his mouth shut.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 520Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 522
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