Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 522

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The wise man smiled and stared at Eugene. For a moment, she contemplated her Eugene up and down.

Gray hair that was a bit dull to be silver. Golden eyes that resemble those of a beast rather than gold.

“What a wonderful body you have.”

The wise man, who had been concentrating as if appreciating art, said with a light exclamation. At those words, Yujin couldn’t help but flinch back. He instinctively felt a sense of danger, so he looked for someone who could help him.

“… … .”

However, there was no one who could help Eugene right here and now. Carmen, the most sensible and admirable great man, is in the vine. It can’t be said to be common sense, but in any case, Senya is now challenging herself to become a priest of magic within the flower bud.

The only ones left are Christina and Anise. But will they really help Eugene in this matter? Rather, it can be fun to play with Eugene by talking back and forth with the wise man… … .

Eugene glanced at Cristina while imagining so much fear.

But surprisingly, Christina’s expression was calm and calm. Rather, she kept her distance from her, putting her hands together towards her.

Christina had several reasons for doing this. Respect for the sage, a ‘god’ from a long time ago. Christina did not want to disturb the reunion of Eugene and the wise man by talking.

And it was because he silently agreed with the wise man’s words. If the sage said something nasty and insulting to Eugene, he would of course get angry, but… … .

“The body of a long time ago was also very good, but hehe. It has a very different charm now than then. No, it’s not very different. I guess it’s because it’s mixed… … .”

“Kuhm… … .”

“Whoop whoop. I liked the old faces too, but to be honest, I like your current faces more. In the old days, you didn’t have a cute taste. Agaroth. Do you remember your face?”

“article… … any.”

“He was big, and his face was full of masculine beauty. The lines are thick and I mean. But now it looks very nice. He’s the right size, and I especially like his face.”

The sage whispered with a mischievous smile. Every time he spoke, Yujin’s face turned red.

Of course, Eugene is also aware that his face is handsome. She had that kind of self-awareness she had since she was 10 years old.

However, I felt ashamed and embarrassed to hear this openly from others, especially from a wise man. In the first place, Eugene had no choice but to have an ambiguous sense of distance towards the wise man, Vishur Raviola.

“indeed. Their personalities are also quite different.”

The sage murmured softly at the sight of his face dyed red, unable to speak, and avoiding his gaze.

“It has to be. It is true that you are the reincarnation of Agaroth, but you are not really the same person as Agaroth.”

“… … what… … yes.”

“Ahaha! That doesn’t mean you have to feel sorry for me. In the first place, I arbitrarily projected Agaroth on you and called you by that name. What, these acts are my spiteful greed and regret.”

The sage laughed and shook his head. Yujin looked at the wise man for a while, then let out a deep sigh and asked her.

“If it were Agaroth, what do you think he would have said in the present moment?”


“No, just curious. My memory is not clear… … .”

“Once, you would have tripped me up.”

The sage answered immediately without hesitation. Eugene opened his mouth wide at the answer that seemed to have left out too many things.

“why? Why are you jabbering?”

“Yeah, it’s because I told you that I am interested in and like your body. Agaroth was very reckless and hot on that side. He didn’t filter out the opponents he liked.”

Eugene kept his mouth shut without asking further. It seemed that if she asked more, she would hear a very stern story from the mouth of the sage.

[It seems that Hamel was a prostitute in his previous life. He was said to be a god of war, but in fact he was a lewd slut. It’s fortunate that the current Hamel isn’t born with that kind of nature.]

Anis, who had been listening from afar, grumbled. Christina listened to the conversation between her Eugene and the wise man, holding her hands together without saying a word.

‘But I hope Eugene-nim is just a little bit lewd.’


‘misunderstanding… … Don’t get me wrong. Very, very little. Moderately… … Just me and Sister… … .’

[oh my god… … ! Cristina, what are you talking about? If you say that, don’t we, ah, no, think I’m lascivious!]

Anise screamed in genuine panic.

In the past, when Christina heard stories like that, she made her own excuses. But now she didn’t even have the slightest excuse. She just looked at her Eugene, feeling a bit regretful.


The sage raised his voice. She tilted her head, furrowing her brows slightly.

“It wasn’t even like that. There was one exception.”

“… … exception? What exception?”

“It’s the opponent who is the one who is the one who is the one.”

That moment. Eugene felt ‘annoyed’ in the wise man’s voice. It’s not just the voice. His expression was also very blatant. Since he expressed his feelings so openly, even Eugene could understand what kind of emotion it was.


“Agaroth, you didn’t filter out the opponents you liked. If the other person wanted it, he did not reject it and passed through affection. However, there was a girl you only made an exception for.”

Eugene’s expression hardened. I didn’t have to worry about who the ‘exception’ was applied to.

“The Twilight Witch.”

The sage still furrowed his eyebrows and spat out.

“That girl was unpleasant and irritating to me in many ways. A girl who penetrated the magic of the evildoers, reached the limit, and was on the verge of becoming a priest. Of course, Agaroth, you destroyed the throne that girl was aiming for right in front of you. If that girl had risen to the throne as she had hoped, she would have become an evil god that even the demon king would laugh at.”

“… … .”

“I have warned you many times. The witch is very vicious and you never know what plots she may be plotting, so don’t let her be around her. Did she kill her at all? She said that if she didn’t like killing her, she would hand it over to me. But you ignored my advice. Whenever I ask why, your answer is mostly the same.”

“What did I say?”

“Because it’s fun.”

The sage paused for a moment. She laughed and shook her head.

“At first you really took the witch and kept it for fun. But from some point on, everyone knew that you didn’t keep a witch by your side just for fun. Is that even a faint memory?”

“… … no.”

“Ahaha! Look at that, saying that your memories of me are hazy. You have clear memories of witches. That’s why the witch was special to you. That witch was considered more special than I, Vishur Raviola, let alone other women.”

The sage hated the twilight witch in his lifetime. He didn’t like it from one to ten. If Agaroth had held the witch lightly, he would not have been so jealous.

Agaroth did not conceive of a witch. Her witch seduced Agaroth many times, but Agaroth never embraced her witch. That- made the sage even more bitter. What’s really funny is that they didn’t hug each other, but Agaroth and the witch saw each other naked several times.


The sage smiled bitterly and muttered.

“Even if I ask you now, I don’t know the answer. But, but Agaroth. I don’t know if this is the right answer, but I have my own answer. You didn’t want to break your relationship with the witch. you were greedy I hated letting go of what I wanted. You reaped it in anticipation of the witch’s betrayal. I didn’t want love and hate to lean completely to one side… … .”

The wise man said that and looked straight at Eugene.



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“To me, all of that is heartbreak. We kept each other by our side, searched our hearts, expected something, and in the end we died together. I couldn’t do that with you.”

“Thanks to you, I am suffering now.”

Eugene muttered with a wry smile.

“… … The Twilight Witch reincarnated and became my enemy.”


The sage let out a long sigh.

“I hated that witch very much, but her fate is ironic and pitiful.”

“Aren’t you curious?”

“I am very curious. But don’t ask Don’t tell me either.”


“Because I am an echo that will not even be a remnant after all.”

Surprisingly, there was no regret on the face of the wise man who answered like that. She smiled again and stared at her Eugene.

“I did a great job by guiding my juniors to the ministry. Sooner or later I will disappear again. Perhaps, with this opportunity, I might be able to exist, albeit faintly, with consciousness within the World Tree. Ahaha, I can’t say I’m alive.”

“… … .”

“It is better to leave the past in the past. Just as you are not Agaroth, the witches of today are not the witches of those days. That’s it. but… … .”

The wise man approached Yujin. She slowly raised her hand and caressed Eugene’s cheek.

“You are pitiful.”

“… … what?”

“The point of not being able to rest even after death.”

“So are you.”

“I think you and I are different in many ways. What you carry is much heavier than I am. I died, but even though you died, you came back to life. Even as I start a new life like that, I’m carrying on the karma of the distant past.”

The hand that was groping his cheek moved. At that moment, the sage couldn’t help but think.

‘It’s different.’

He said it was better to leave the past in the past. The wise man knows that the man in front of him is Agaroth, but not Agaroth. Nevertheless, calling him Agaroth is ultimately due to the sage’s greed and regret.

However, no matter how much you cover your eyes one by one with regret and greed, you will eventually accept it. That the man in front of her was not Agaroth.

“My dear.”

The sage opened his mouth.

“Tell me your name. Whisper me so I can remember.”

I felt the young weight of the question.

A long time from the end of the world to the beginning of a new beginning until now. During that time, it was she who existed as the tree of her world to prepare for her world’s destruction someday. It seemed that Eugene would be crushed by her childish joys and sorrows at the sound of that voice.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

said. As the sage had hoped, he told me the name. He couldn’t help but tell me his name.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The sage repeated in a clear and sonorous voice.

“I don’t know how you were reincarnated. I don’t even know why such heavy karma follows you.”

“I am not following you.”

Yujin smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Come to think of it, I… … I could have stopped doing it at any time.”

300 years ago.

When it was Hamel Diners.

When I lost my parents in the war. He might not have vowed revenge. Like most people of that era, he could have lived as if he were dead, feeling fortunate that his life was saved.

Hamel couldn’t do that. He vowed revenge. He thought he would put an end to this dogged war. He decided to kill all the demon kings who started the war, all the demons who turned the world into dogs, and all the bastards involved in demons.

After being reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart.

I lived like a dog my whole life. He just did a lot of hard work and died. The Demon King is alive and not dead, but the world was still very peaceful. I could have lived without having to suffer like in my previous life. Since I had suffered in my previous life, I could have lived this life comfortably, just for myself. You might think I deserved it.

Eugene couldn’t do that. She couldn’t possibly forget the resolution of her previous life. She couldn’t let go of her worries about her comrades, who were either alive or dead. No, more than all of that, Eugene is, just.

I wanted to kill the demon king. I didn’t want an incomplete peace. I wanted to end the war.

I wanted to kill the Demon King of Destruction, the Demon King of Confinement, Gavid Lindman, Noir Jebella, Raizakia, Iris, and everything else, ‘enemies’.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The sage laughed. Now her smile drew a beautiful curve, but her eyes were filled with sadness rather than laughter.

“Is your will to live completely yours?”

“… … .”

“It might be because of Agaroth’s influence. Because you, he was unmistakably the god of war.”

“I made the choice.”

Eugene is also aware of this.

A huge murderous intent against the demon king and the demons. There were a lot of people who lost something in the war 300 years ago. But among them, Hamel was very special. Even the demons who had gone through all sorts of battles and wars retreated in fright at Hamel’s murderous intent. That, even Noir Jebela.

“There must be several occasions. What I’ve been through. Heaven passed down from the previous life. But in the end, I am the one who chose.”

“iced coffee… … .”

The wise man’s hand grabbed Yujin’s shoulder.

“In the end, your destiny is inconsistent. Even the end wouldn’t have been peaceful. No matter how many times I die and come back to life, I can’t be at peace the same.”

“It will be different this time.”

Eugene replied.

The sage’s arms embraced Yujin. Eugene silently hugged the wise man. The two hugged each other for a while.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Your enemy is too strong. The Great Demon King, the demon king of demon kings, is your enemy, and the demon king of destruction would be an insult to be called the demon king. Including me and the giant, all the gods couldn’t hold on to destruction like you… … .”

whispered the sage.

“So, give me a blessing. A blessing to fight against terrifyingly strong enemies. A deity to add to your deficient deity.”

“… … .”

“So don’t forget either. Just as the dead I did not forget Agaroth. Just like I remember your name now.”

The wise man’s hand gently pressed Yujin’s back.

“The wizards of the ivory tower. my believers. and my name. Vishur Raviola, who was called a wise man. Carrying all those names, carry on your will. Even if we were defeated and died, we were not destroyed.”


Eugene nodded.

“I will remember.”

The sage smiled at the answer.

A green light wrapped around Eugene and the sage.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 521Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 523
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