Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 523

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Ciel’s eyes sparkled with curiosity and interest.

“Well, what exactly is divine protection?”

He didn’t say anything directly, but everyone else’s eyes were shining just like Ciel’s. Even Gilreid, who usually looks serious most of the time, had his eyes shining like a child at this moment.

“I mean, I don’t know.”

Eugene licked his lips and answered. The protection received directly from the wise man and the world tree. However, even Eugene did not know how to use this protection.

“It will be useful when facing the demon lord of destruction… … I just heard I asked exactly how it helps, but the answer is very vague.”

– Eugene Ryanhart.

-This protection will grant what you most earnestly wish for at that moment.

“Isn’t that specific?”

Gillaid, who had been listening to the story without interrupting, nodded. He put his hand on the table, which was resting on his chin, and continued.

“But it must be useful to you in some form.”


Eugene also nodded. Yujin also thought about this ambiguous divine protection many times, and he came to his own conclusion.

This blessing forces a ‘miracle’. Forcibly works miracles according to wishes. The power and faith of the World Tree that has existed for a long time beyond the previous era. Also, the magic of Vishur Raviola, the wise man who made up the World Tree.

The moment of confrontation with the demon king of destruction. Everything in the world tree will cause the ‘miracle’ that Eugene hopes for. In other words, using the world tree as a medium, you can use absolute magic.

“Can’t it be used in battle against the demon lord in captivity?”

Gion, who was deep in thought, asked.

“It’s not a blessing that can be used multiple times.”

The demon king of confinement must be defeated by oneself. If that is impossible in the first place, even with the divine protection, the fight against the demon lord of destruction will not be established.

“When are Senya-sama and Carmen-sama coming back?”

It was Xian who asked the question this time. They left for the World Tree together, but only four of them returned: Eugene, Christina, Mer, and Laimir. Senya and Carmen are still inside the World Tree.

“I don’t know.”

Originally, Eugene planned to wait for the two inside the world tree or in the elven territory. However, the wise man pushed Yujin’s back. Until Carmen is satisfied with herself, she plunges into the giant’s memory. However, it is unknown how long Senya’s fable will take.

-The juniors have already reached the small and small world of mana, and from there, they began to reinterpret the essence of magic. He broke down the magic he had built up through his lifelong experience, and truly ascended to the divine realm.

-That world is the hardest and most difficult to reach. A quick-witted junior reached that world at once through a conversation with me. It probably won’t take long.

– But Eugene Ryanhart. Isn’t it a waste of time for you to stay here while your juniors are climbing the new station?

Of course, Eugene had no intention of wasting time there. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the land where the World Tree exists is the most mana-rich place in the world. So, Eugene intended to focus on mana training, but… … .

-You are really foolish… … ! Why do you need more mana when you have already filled the bowl a hundred times and have more mana? Judging from this Vishre Raviola, Eugene Lionheart. You no longer need to practice mana. It is a waste of time to look at it.

Eugene couldn’t help but sympathize with that. Eugene was already not bound by the limit of mana from the moment he started.

– You fool, do you covet the ‘spiritual power’ that your junior named it? It is an extremely pure essence derived from the intersection of mana and magic power that have each been transformed differently. It can be said that dealing with the source is the divine role of magic. But you are a body that cannot rise to the level of the god of magic. No matter how much you meditate here, you will never be able to obtain the essence of the source.

-Also, the fact that you are on this earth is of no help to you now. Rather, it could be a little bit of harm.

Even Eugene didn’t understand that well. When asked ‘why’, the wise man answered Eugene’s question with a stern face.

– The faith of the World Tree that exists on this land is unmistakably genuine. It is a very, very old primitive belief. On the other hand, what about you? Although the divinity itself is imprinted on the soul, it is no exaggeration to say that your faith in this age has just begun. If you stay on this land for a long time, your whole faith will be eaten by the world tree. It means that your faith belongs to the World Tree.

kicked out with a face mask. However, we had a last conversation.

someday, if possible. that I will come back After killing the demon king of confinement and killing the demon king of destruction. I’ll tell you what the battle with them was like.

-If I exist at that time.

The wise man laughed and saw off Eugene. Even though he said several times that he might disappear, the sage’s attitude was cheerful.

Because the end of Vishre Raviola was by no means meaningless. Even though it was already over, she became an echo and guided Senya. That alone gave Vishur, the sage satisfaction.

‘It’s a primitive belief that light is as old as the world tree.’

However, I have never lost my faith in the light. So the presence of light is even more questionable. He noticed that it was more of a huge mass of power than a god, but even the sage didn’t know what exactly the light was.


Anicilla, who was sitting next to Gilade, cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

“Let’s start eating.”

The place where Eugene is now is the dining table of Lionheart’s home. Jehard, who had been silently listening to the story, naturally brought the glass to his lips. He had already lost his gaze and emotions to the incidents in which Eugene was involved for a long time.

‘I’ll take care of myself.’

It’s not irresponsible. I just believe in my son so much. Since it was a table where all members of the family except for Carmen had gathered, Nina personally commanded the attendants. Eugene winked once at Nina as she arranged dishes and cutlery on the table.

“… … .”

As the food started to come out, Mer and Raimira, who were playing outside the restaurant, also came in. No, there was one more. The two approached the table, holding the hand of Ayla Luhar, who was much taller than them.

‘That’s 12 years old… … .’

After a while, I can’t believe that I’m 13 years old… … . As Ayla entered, Xian immediately pulled back the chair and stood up. He took Ayla’s hand with a familiar face, led her to the table, and even pulled out a chair.

And Mer and Lymilia approached Anicilla as if it were natural. Naturally, Eugene’s gaze had no choice but to turn to Mer and Raimi.

Those two little boys look like 12 or 13 year olds on the outside, but in fact, they are each old enough to be 200 years old… … .

“Hey, come here. Today’s dessert is your favorite chocolate tart.”

Anicilla, in her 40s, finds such old things cute… … .

Eugene didn’t want to be too conscious of this uncomfortable truth, so he calmly grabbed the tableware.

Anicilla was also ignoring the uncomfortable truth. But does age matter? Anicilla wanted to have a grandchild, and Mer and Lymilia were cute and lovely… … . Annie Silla even wrapped her own napkins around the two girls sitting next to her.

“Christina Arn… … .”

Ciel hurriedly took care of the words that almost came out without realizing it.

“… … Why did the saintess go back to Luhar?”

“To build my statue.”


Ciel’s eyes widened at the reply.

“What did you say?”


Eugene cut the meat with a sad face.

“They said they would build my statue in the square of light. And put it up in cathedrals.”



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“… … .”

“They say they add information about me to the skirmishes as well.”

“That, Eugene, shouldn’t you go yourself?”

I asked with a cold face.

“If you go, you will want to die.”

I remembered the time when I set up a statue at Simuin. The time when he was posing in front of dwarves and a huge crowd.

Just thinking about it made me want to leave this place right away. It wasn’t that I wanted to die, but I wanted to shut myself up in a place where I wouldn’t see anyone for a few days.

What if you were put in a situation where you had to pose for a new icon in Yuras or give a saintly speech in front of the public? you will want to die Even if it is necessary to increase faith, it will be inevitable to want to die.

“what… … Even if I don’t go myself, Cristina will take care of it… … .”

Since there was even anise attached, I thought I might overdo it a little bit. But in order to create a cult, that kind of runaway must be tolerated.

“It’s been a while. You always brought someone else with you and made me very uncomfortable.”

Anicilla, who was putting food directly on the plate for Mer and Lymilia, murmured. It was definitely a horse with bones, so Eugene couldn’t refute.

“Are you not going anywhere for the time being, are you staying at your parents’ house?”


“Then look at my sword.”

“You sparr with me too.”

Xian and Ciel did not intend to miss this opportunity. Eugene chewed on his food and nodded.

In any case, she planned to stay at her parents’ house until Senya, Carmen, and the saints returned. She wandered around outside for nothing, and she didn’t want to deal with anyone who would come up and say something about Hamel.

‘I have to go see Moron once… … No, you don’t have to? After all, King Aman must have delivered the victory of the war.’

If necessary, Moron would have contacted me. Rehein Yar, where Moron stays, is too far away, to be honest, it was annoying to go there myself.

‘For the time being, I’m staying at my parents’ house and I’m going to have to roll my faith and divine power.’

More than a month has passed since the Hauria War. You can feel the trend. His power grew incomparably.

However, all Eugene can do is still wield the new sword. Although the number of sword strikes increased from 3 to 5, to be honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. In the first place, Agaroth himself was unable to strike an effective blow to the demon lord of destruction even though he wielded his new sword at will.

‘Let’s swing it 5 times… … I don’t think I can catch the demon king of confinement, let alone the demon king of destruction.’

It needs more power than that. A way to use divine power other than the sword. Agaroth skillfully handled his divine powers and slaughtered Nur, and even created a holy place to bless the gods. However, Eugene was still unable to handle his divine power itself.

-How to deal with divine power? You fool, it must be reached alone. Advice is impossible for me. Even if I could, I don’t want to do it.

I asked the sage for advice on this too, but I received only such a rebuke.

Eugene clicked his tongue and pushed the empty glass with his finger. Then, Nina, who was standing behind her, poured her liquor into Eugene’s glass and filled it up as if she had been waiting. Eugene lifted her full glass so it wouldn’t overflow and brought it to her mouth.

‘If you hold onto it, something will come out… … .’

when you’re half drunk. Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and looked back at the door. After a while, the people gathered around the table stared at the door.

The door is still quietly closed, but after a while it will burst open. Everyone predicted it thanks to the sound of hasty footsteps approaching.

The closed door burst open.

“Sir Hezar?”

Gilade called out his name in a calm voice, unperturbed.

Hezar served the family for decades and became the new leader of the White Lion Knights last year. He hurriedly bowed his pale face and bowed.

“Sorry for interrupting your meal.”

“It’s okay. If you jumped in yourself, there must be a reason for that.”

Guillaid stood up from his seat.

“What is it?”

“Just now. There was a proclamation from Duke Gavid Lindman of the Helmud Empire.”



Hezar raised his head.

“… … Duke Lindeman wants a duel with Eugene.”

At those words, Eugene couldn’t help but open his mouth wide. It wasn’t that he misunderstood what Hezar had just said. Declaration, duel. There is no room for misunderstanding in those blatant words.

So I was even more embarrassed and embarrassed. Gavid Lindman. sword of confinement. Grand Duke of the Helmud Empire. A bastard like that declared a duel himself?

“Is that bastard crazy?”

Eugene spit it out without even realizing it.

If other demons had spoken like that, Eugene wouldn’t feel the same now. But it doesn’t make sense that it was ‘Gavid Lindman’ who proclaimed that. I can’t. It was because the demon Gavid Lindman that Eugene knew would never do such a thing.

In the first place, that proclamation goes against the will of the demon king of confinement. Of course, the demon king of confinement will not care if one of the demons under his command declares a duel to Eugene.

All the confined demon king wants is for Eugene to climb the barbell. If Eugene does not climb the barbell, the demon king of confinement does not move.

Gavid is a knight who serves the demon king of confinement. 300 years ago, and much longer than that. All of his thoughts and actions are geared towards the ‘demon king of confinement’. As a sword, as a knight, as a grand duke. If the demon king of confinement decided to wait for Eugene in the palace. Gavid also waits for Eugene in the palace. Gavid is such a guy.

‘Did the demon king of confinement order it? No, it can’t be.’

There’s no way he’d change his mind now, and if the demon king in captivity really changed his mind, he wouldn’t dare to order Gavid to declare a duel.

‘It must have started a war like 300 years ago.’

If so, in the end, this duel was Gavid’s arbitrariness, but what kind of change of heart did that honest and frustrating guy go against the will of the demon king of confinement?

‘I want to kill me.’

If that was really all, I would have liked to have killed him in Hauria.


Eugene let out a laugh. Hearing it from Hezar, I felt that all the troubles up until now were futile. Why did Gavid do this? The answer to that was already out there from the beginning.


I thought that I would wish for war, that we would meet on the battlefield.

But what Gavid wanted was a duel, not a war.

He seems to want to make everyone in the world know the beginning and outcome.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 522Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 524
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