Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 524

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late night.

A city that is night but not dark. A city that is brighter at night than during the day with a splendid night view.

Noir Jebela. She was in the sky of the city that bears her name.

Inside the Jebella Face, which no one knows on the continent anymore. I saw the night sky that looked rather blue in the night view that was too bright, and the stars and moon in the distant place that were hard to see by the light on the ground.

city ​​down there. The night view is gorgeous, but you can’t hear the loud noise. Now, all the tourists in Jebela Park are immersed in a dream shown by Noir’s fantasy demonic eye.

The biggest event in the city, called ‘Jebela Showtime’. It is no exaggeration to say that tourists come for the Jebela Showtime. There is no limit to the ‘dream’ shown by the magical eye of fantasy. Everything you wish can come true in your dreams.

However, there is no such thing as a set schedule for Jebela Showtime. It only starts according to the mood of Noir Jebela.

“I know you are crazy, but.”

A voice came from behind. I knew right away that he was here. He knew he was going to come inside my Bella Face and talk to me as he approached me.

I knew it, but I ignored it. She’s not close enough to kick her out by blaming her for saying she doesn’t like it. Noir didn’t really like that demon, but since he’d known them for hundreds of years, he thought they were close enough to be called acquaintances.

“I never thought I would go this crazy.”

Gavid Lindman muttered with a hollow laugh. The most splendid city in the Helmud Empire, and the city that collects the most energy and taxes. The city most visited by tourists. That is Jebela City.

But in recent days, Jebela City has not been accepting new tourists. It is impossible, but Jebela City is rejecting tourists as if it had declared a blockade.

What is strange is that there are no complaints from tourists about it. Tourists who entered Helmud for the sole purpose of visiting the city left for other cities without protest, even though they were rejected at the city gates.

“Me and this city have circumstances.”

Noir whispered without looking back. She continued, waving the wine glass between her fingers.

“Could my actions be against the law?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know?”

“It can’t be legal. So, are you here to sanction me?”

Still, Noir did not look back. Gavid shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth.

“I don’t know where to point out and punish. Duke of Jebela. Even if you admit that you are a taxpayer with a huge stake in the empire’s national treasury, and that you have been credited with laying the foundation for the empire… … this is too much Even if you return all your possessions to the treasury, I will sentence you to ‘execution’.”


At those words, Noir burst into laughter. Gavid continued to speak to her against the background of her clear laughter.

“The blockade of the city. Indiscriminately forcing hypnosis on visiting tourists to manipulate their cognition and make them go back. Those alone are serious crimes like no other in the history of the Empire.”

Gavid raised a finger and pointed out the window. He saw the silent city spread out below, shining in splendor.

“Taking all the beings in this city hostage is beyond a felony and must be sentenced to an unconditional sentence.”

It’s already the fourth day.

All tourists from Jebela City, Jebela Park. to all workers in the park. Nothing was an exception. No one is awake in this city right now except for Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman.

“I just listened to everyone’s wishes.”

Noir snorted and said.

“You all came here because you had a dream, right? Hehe, I was very, very, very hard-headed before. Everyone came because they wanted to see their dreams, Jebella Showtime, which I show, but I didn’t show Showtime every day.”

“I wanted to maintain the rarity, wasn’t that the reason?”

“Ahaha! that’s right. If you can always see it when you want to see it, who would want to see it eagerly? Well, I think I showed it quite often though. Unlucky tourists would go back without seeing Showtime.”

Such tourists soon come back to Jebela Park. In fact, the same goes for tourists who watched Showtime. There is no end to greed. Once you taste a sweet dream, you become addicted to it and come back and yearn for the dream.

The dream that Noir Jebella’s magical eye shows is the most powerful drug in the world.

“Well, so I tried. Everyone came here hoping for a dream, so I showed them.”

I couldn’t help but think it was absurd. In this gigantic city, the number of demons and humans far exceeds the millions.

That vast number of beings are trapped in a dream created by Noir Jebela. Among demons who are not demon kings, only Noir Jebela can do this. no. Even the demon king would not be able to hold millions of beings hostage like Noir now.

“Not one dream, but millions of dreams.”

It wasn’t like I was forced to sleep with magic that could say infinity. It wasn’t that I was paralyzed by fear. None of the dreaming beings in that city now feel any emotion of the kind of unhappiness or fear.

The magic eye of fantasy created the dream that all beings in the city wished for. They close their eyes and fall into a deep sleep in reality, but in the mental world created by their brains, they are enjoying an unthinkable fantasy of reality.

“We’re not doing this to show everyone in the city a utopia without misfortune. What is your purpose?”

Wanting more power? In order to acquire infinite magical power by endlessly supplying regular energy?

No, it can’t be. Noir Jebela already had that in her hands. Noir’s magic has already surpassed the level of the demon king, and she is already the pinnacle of the species called the dream demon.

“If you want greater power than you do now, you will have to become the Demon King. I wouldn’t say I don’t know how. In fact, from my point of view, you have already surpassed even the demon king.”

“Ahaha… … .”

Noir shrugged and laughed.

“You have a lot of questions for me, Gavid. Do you want to hear the circumstances before executing me?”

“You know that I am not here to execute you.”

Gavid replied with a wry smile. Noir smiled briefly and set her wine glass down. And finally, he turned his chair and looked back at Gavid.

“I know. Although we should discuss whether it is possible for you to kill me in the first place.”

“Huh. I never thought I would try to scratch my ego here.”

“Ahaha! It was just a light joke. um, no I’ll be honest with you, Gavid. i mean If I fought you in Hauria- I could be sure of victory.”

Noir smiled mischievously and rested his chin on his hand.

“There’s nothing to add, but even if you use the Mystic Eye of Prestige and Glory.”

“I guess so.”

Although he spoke of pride, Gavid’s expression was calm. Rather, he stared at Noir with his eyes shining as if he was curious.

“How are you now?”

“I don’t know.”

Noir answered with the same smile.

“When it comes to things like ‘ability’, I think I’m far, far superior. But that certainty no longer exists. It’s amazing, isn’t it? It must have been less than two months since I saw you in Hauria… … .”

Noir’s eyes sparkled. She wanted to see right through Gavid, but she couldn’t fathom the depths even with her eyes.

“It’s as if you’ve been through a hundred years instead of two months.”

At that, Gavid smiled faintly.

how much time did you spend That, in the wilderness strewn with corpses and weapons. The identity of the man is still unknown. He dies, comes back to reality, hits the chain again, fights, dies, comes back to reality.

I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated it.

“I don’t know.”

Gavid smiled and nodded.



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“That was enough. I don’t really want to check with you.”

“Ahaha. Unless you’re here to execute me, and you don’t want to test me. Why did you come to see me?”

Noir asked with a smile. In fact, she already knew the answer. Yes, because Gavid already had the answer in his hand.

“I was thinking of getting a drink or something.”

Gavid said, raising the bottle in his hand.

“It’s a liquor that was brewed at the same time as the founding of the empire. Oh, not that I dipped myself. someday… … Haha, it’s a drink I commissioned from my father-in-law for someday.”

“Aha, then, is this the only alcohol in the world? Hehe, if you had just asked me out for a drink, I would have immediately declined without a second thought.”

Noir moved a finger. Then, a large chair and table appeared in front of Noir.

“But if you brought the only and precious liquor in the world, shouldn’t you drink it out of curiosity? But I’m curious about this, Gavid. You said it was a drink that was commissioned for ‘someday’, right? What is that one day?”

“You ask an obvious question. What do you think?”

“Continent conquest?”

Noir asked with a wry smile. Gavid nodded at him as he sat down in his chair.

“I had no other wish than that. I thought that the demon king of confinement would have waged a war hoping for that. He made a promise, but he thought it would break at some point.”

“You said you would drink with me the drink you would drink that day… … Ahaha, this is very romantic. Why do you want to drink now? Why don’t you wait for that ‘someday’… … .”

Noir placed an empty glass in front of Gavid and stared at his face. He thought it must have been hundreds of years, but Gavid’s appearance hadn’t changed.

‘No, isn’t that true?’

I felt that my eyes had changed. and atmosphere. During the two months or so, when he resigned from the Grand Duke’s duties, which he had not missed for 300 years, and left Babel… … What kind of change of heart was there? Anyway, because there has been some change.

“Is it because of the duel?”

Noir tilted his head and asked. Gavid didn’t answer right away and opened the bottle’s seal. glory of the empire. It’s an obvious name, but that’s how Gavid gave the drink.

In fact, Gavid doesn’t really enjoy drinking. He never got drunk, nor did he ever feel the need to force himself to get drunk. But it wasn’t that he never got drunk.

When it first became the sword of confinement.

I’m so happy, I’m so honored I drank alcohol that I didn’t even drink well. It was a special day. I thought I had to do something special that I didn’t normally do. I wanted to experience a special feeling that I had never felt before.

So I got drunk. While drinking in a binge, I did not suppress my intoxication. It was quite enjoyable. I knew that this is why she was drinking.

But since then, I’ve hardly drank. Unless it was a place to drink, he wouldn’t eat it when he was alone. never got drunk He knew the joy of being drunk, but he thought that the sword of confinement and the grand duke of Helmud should not be drunk.


yes someday when promises are broken. If the demon king of confinement resumes the war and all lands on the continent become Helmud’s territory.

At that time, I thought I wanted to drink and get drunk. This drink, the glory of the empire, is a drink made for that one day future.

“In a duel, one of the two must die.”

Gavid laughed. He laid down the painstakingly torn seal beside him, and finally canceled the cork’s sealing magic. So the bottle was opened.

The inside of Jebella Face was filled with fragrant and strong perfume. Noir chuckled as he savored the drifting scent.

“indeed. One of them must die… … . Ahaha, if you die, you won’t be able to drink even after waiting 300 years. So you want to drink now?”


“It’s a little strange. If it’s you, after winning the duel, you can drink this sake as a toast… … Or maybe I’ll wait as long as I wished.”

“You know that too.”

Gavid took the bottle. He continued as he filled Noir’s empty glass.

“The opponent is Hamel of Massacre. It has grown incomparably stronger than it did 300 years ago, and the bottom of its power cannot be measured. And I assure you, he’s stronger than ever seen in Hauria.”

“You are stronger than ever.”

“So are you.”

Noir and Gavid looked into each other’s eyes and laughed. Noir took the glass first. Gavid did not refuse either. The two glasses collided lightly.

“Don’t talk about taste.”

After taking a sip, Gavid said. He burrowed deeply into his chair as he slowly shook his glass.

“Feeling… … I want to leave it entirely mine. I thought so from the time I ordered this drink.”

“great. Gavid, I didn’t know you could have such romance.”

Noir licked his lips and set the glass down.

“Instead, I want to ask you something else. May I ask?”

“However much.”

“Why did you decide not to punish me?”

This is an expected question. Gavid smiled and put his nose to his glass. After enjoying the incense a few times, he set the glass down.

“Isn’t that because the demon king of confinement didn’t order you to be punished?”

“Ahaha! That’s natural. Well, Gavid, you may find this offensive. I want to speak, so I will speak. If I don’t just show dreams to millions in this city – even if I kill them all, kill them all, eat them.”

Noir’s smile deepened.

“The demon king of confinement won’t impose any sanctions on me? Oh, of course, the words I just said must be supported. If I had done this 10 years ago, well, if I didn’t kill it, I think I would have punished it. Exiled to the outside of the empire… … But for now, ‘now’, it’s okay.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because I have a role to play right now?”

After saying that, Noir laughed. She picked up her drink again, which she had put down, and took a sip.

“But Gavid. Even if the demon king of confinement did that to me, wouldn’t you?”

“I will not disobey the order of the demon king of confinement. If the Demon King doesn’t order you to be punished, I won’t punish you.”

“But you won’t laugh and drink with me like you do now. They will come with Glory instead of bottles, and instead of attacking or killing me, they will insult and scorn me.”

“I guess so.”

Gavid also drank more.

“In the past, it would have been.”

“What made a difference to you?”

Noir’s eyes curved.

“Is it also a duel?”

Noir’s body leaned forward.

“Why, are you trying to duel with Hamel?”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 523Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 525
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