Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 525

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Gavid let out a big laugh as he refilled his empty glass.

“I always wanted to fight Hamel.”

“A fight and a duel are different.”

Noir responded with the same smile. She knows what kind of man Gavid Lindman is. He has been a sword of confinement for hundreds of years, and served the demon king of confinement for the longest time among all swords of confinement. He is the mightiest, most loyal sword of confinement of his predecessors.

“The duel you want is against the will of the demon lord of confinement. The demon king of confinement wants Hamel to climb the barbell. So shouldn’t you wait for Hamel in Babel? Because that is the will of the demon king of confinement.”

Noir’s voice lowered. She whispered in a seductive voice, as if seducing Gavid.

“But you declared a duel to Hamel. A place other than Babel. Before Hamel even went to Babel.”

“That’s it.”

Gavid murmured as he waved his glass. Noir laughed lightly and leaned his leaning forward body on the backrest.

“If you simply want to kill Hamel, you’ve had an opportunity before. A chance to kill very, very easily.”

“I don’t think it would have been easy.”

When the War of Hauria is over. Gavid remembers that moment clearly. Gavid sincerely pulled out the Glory and attacked Hamel using the Mystic Eye of Prestige.

Hamel at the time was very powerless. There were many heroes around him who threw their bodies to protect Hamel, but Gavid’s demonic sword was able to cut off all obstacles and kill Hamel.

didn’t kill stopped the sword. Because of Hamel’s ridicule. But, but. Even if he had ignored the ridicule and swung his sword, he wouldn’t have been able to kill Hamel.

That’s how much Noir Jebela’s power was great. She caught up behind him so that even Gavid couldn’t notice. If Gavid had slashed her demon sword all the way down, she would have been blocked by Noir somehow.

“Even then I was very emotional.”

Unwanted memories of the past. Memories of the Twilight Witch that are not mine. Confusion about the man you love.

I think all of those feelings have been neatly wrapped up. perhaps… … Although it may come to mind again the moment Hamel and I are about to kill each other. It will be the sweetness of that time.

“It is true that my actions go against the will of the demon lord of confinement.”

emptied the glass

“But Duke Jebela. As you said, the demon lord of confinement… … You will be silent even if you devour the millions of this city. It’s just the same for me. Even if I go against his will and duel with Hamel, he will gladly observe my disobedience.”

“It is strange and curious that you, who have been loyal to the demon king in captivity for hundreds of years, disobey in this way.”

Noir did not empty his glass. All she could do was shake her glass and stare at Gavid. A bewitching light flowed from her beautiful purple eyes.

“Enough to defy the will of the demon king of confinement.”

Noir opened his mouth. The voice has changed. The space itself seemed to resonate with Noir’s voice. A ‘sound’ penetrated Gavid, enough to make her dizzy.

“Do you want to kill Hamel?”

This is different from the ability originally possessed by Noir Jebella. Now, this is not a dream, it is a reality. Even so, her voice and will are interfering with reality and causing changes.

The nature of the dream horse and the extremes of fantasy. I had in mind the manipulation of the perception I had reached in that way, but it seems that that absurd nightmare has transcended even that realm.

“Do you want to test Hamel?”

The whispered words are trying to bring out Gavid’s true intentions. Noir’s gaze and voice are breaking the boundary between reality and dreams.

In this moment, Gavid was convinced. If he hadn’t passed through the wilderness. He clashed swords with an unknown man there, and in the end, if he couldn’t make the sword touch him.

A battle with Noir Jebela would not have been possible. Even if Gavid wore the Mystic Eye of Prestige and drew Glory, he would not have been able to escape from the boundary between reality and dreams that Noir had destroyed.

“That’s my role, Gavid.”

Before I knew it, Noir stood up from his seat. She put down the glass she was shaking and passed the small table between them. Gavid’s eyes didn’t follow Noir. He wordlessly brought her glass to his lips.

“Before Hamel climbs Babel, the first thing I have to fight is me. As a confined servant, it suits you to wait for Hamel in Babel. That is the right flow for you.”

“Duke of Jebela.”

Gavid put down the empty glass.

“I just want to fight Hamel.”

The dream was shaken.

“As a sword, I was loyal to the demon king of confinement for the rest of my life. I lived without disobedience. But after all, I am also a demon, and it seems that I was a swordsman.”

“Excuse me?”

“What the confined demon lord wants is for Hamel to climb the barbell and reach the palace.”

Gavid continued.

“Of course, the demon king of confinement wouldn’t leave the doors of Babel and the palace wide open for Hamel. In order for Hamel to reach the throne, he will have to overcome trials just like he did 300 years ago.”

“I guess so.”

“I am the last ordeal of the demon king’s hero in front of the palace… … As a sword of confinement, it will block Hamel.”

Gavid’s lips twitched.

“At that time, will Hamel, whom I will fight, really have strength?”

“… … .”

“I long for a fight with Hamel. I want to fight Hamel, who is doing his best, only looking at me, and trying to kill me. But Hamel, whom you will meet at Babel, will not do that. I can’t. Because he has to enter the royal palace after crossing me.”

The shaking stopped. Noir got up and disappeared and sat in front of Gavid as if it was all a dream.

“I said it was your role to kill and test Hamel.”

Poured another drink into the empty glass.

“In that case, even more so, I have to do it before you. Neither do I want to fight Hamel, or lose his life. If you kill Hamel first… … Haha, I will regret it for the rest of my life. And you will have to live with the feeling of defeat against Hamel for the rest of your life.”

Gavid said with a big smile. a sense of defeat Noir couldn’t help but feel a sense of surprise. Because, as far as she knew, Gavid had never been defeated by Hamel. However, Noir did not bother to ask about the reason for that sense of defeat.

That Gavid Lindman disobeyed the will of the demon king of confinement. It was no longer a sword of confinement. If so, is the Demon in front of you the grand duke of Helmud? Noir already knew the answer.

A brief two-month retreat. Gavid even laid down all the duties of the Grand Duke. And if Gavid, as Archduke, decides to kill Hamel, there will be no ‘duel’.

“This is troublesome.”

Noir chuckled and rested his chin on his hand.

“Just as you want to kill Hamel, I also want to kill Hamel. But if you kill Hamel, then I won’t be able to kill Hamel.”

“I guess so.”

“What about this?”

“I will not be persuaded, there is only one way to assert your will.”

“What is it?”

“Killing me.”

Gavid said in a steady voice. I hope you will really say that Noir was in a good mood and chuckled.

This is Jebela City. Noir’s territory. How dare you say such a thing in front of the lord in this land?



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Noir smiled and nodded.

“I give you the order.”

“Thank you, but I’m curious about the reason for the concession.”

“I am the same as the demon king of confinement.”

Noir brought the glass to his lips.

“Hamel needs to come find me.”

emptied the glass Noir puts down his glass, and Gavid raises the bottle to fill it. But Noir shook his head slightly and pulled the glass inside.

“Hamel must come to this city to meet me, to kill me. Yes, it has to be. I’m not going to go find Hamel first.”

Every time he spoke, Noir’s smile deepened.

“So Gavid. I want you to duel first. I will give you the order myself.”

“What if I kill Hamel? You won’t be able to meet Hamel as you wished.”

“Ahaha… … You are forcing me to speak harsh words. But since I’m an old acquaintance with you, I didn’t want to say it this far.”

It was obvious what he was going to hear, but Gavid smiled and wiggled his hand. Noir laughed at that blatant hand gesture and said.

“You can’t beat Hamel. I’ll admit you’ve gotten really strong over the past two months, but you still can’t beat Hamel. My Hamel will defeat you in this duel… … Before heading to Babel, they will come to kill me.”

“This is a really, really nasty word.”

“Ahaha! That’s why I gave up the order. I believe Hamel will kill you and come to me. Um, should I still pray?”

“Pray for what?”

“Your defeat and death.”

Noir said with a mischievous smile, and Gavid patted his knee and burst into laughter.

“You have great confidence, Duke Jebela. So, you… … Are you sure you have the confidence to fight and defeat Hamel who killed me, who won the duel with me?”

“Hmm, how about that?”

Noir touched her lips and tilted her head.

“I mean. I want to kill Hamel, and I also want to be killed by Hamel.”

“Huh… … .”

There is no lie in Noir’s words. However, Gavid could hardly understand the meaning of the words.

Do you want to kill, do you want to die too?

Gavid had a puzzled look on his face for a moment, but then he straightened his expression. The opponent is Noir Jebela. Gavid had already given up understanding of Noir’s behavior and emotions hundreds of years ago.

in Hauria.

I saw what kind of expression Noir had. At that time, the face of Noir that Gavid saw was a face he had never seen in the hundreds of years he had known him. Come to think of it, that dreamer was like that every time he got involved with ‘Hamel’.

Hamel first. When they returned from raiding Vermouth and his comrades. Noir had a face like a girl in love for the first time. He was dispatched in hopes of killing or enchanting them and making them exhausted, but why was he embarrassed because his cheeks were dyed red? I still vividly remember how angry I was because I couldn’t or didn’t want to know the reason.

When Hamel died. Because a promise was made, the demons did not openly celebrate. Regardless of other demons, Gavid wasn’t even in the mood to celebrate.

The demon king of confinement won the fight against Vermouth and his friends. But he did not win the war. It was the demon king of confinement who refused ahead of the easy and obvious victory.

What is Gavid? He was defeated both in war and in battle. The promise was made, and since Hamel was dead, he could never be punished again.

Noir was different from Gavid and other demons. she probably… … Among all the demons, she was the only one who mourned Hamel’s death.

And in Hauria. He was furious with Gavid for trying to kill Hamel. He was furious enough to compare to any other moment Gavid had ever seen.

that anger.

‘Was it really directed at me?’

Noir’s behavior and emotions are incomprehensible. I don’t even want to understand But this much was clear.

Noir Jebela. To her, ‘Hamel’ is a very special being. Even if Hamel died and was reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart, he is still special to Noir. He may be even more special because he died and was reincarnated once.

I want to kill Hamel.

I want to die to Hamel.

Gavid was sure. Noir Jebela is crazy.

That lunatic dreamer is in love with Hamel in a lunatic way.


So concluded.

Regarding those unknown words, Gavid decided not to ask any more. It was respect for an acquaintance he had seen for hundreds of years.

Same goes for Noir. Just as she hadn’t asked what Gavid had been through, the dukes respected each other in their own ways, keeping their questions buried in their hearts.

“A duel.”

Noir’s lips opened.

“The deadline is before the end of next year. I told Hamel to decide the location.”

“I was preparing for a duel.”

‘Chains’ could be used further. Hundreds of thousands of times, you can enter that wilderness and meet a man.

“I was thinking about this while I was immersed. I only prepare for a duel with Hamel, but it’s not Hamel. That is very unfair.”

Even Gavid himself was not fully prepared. He was in tune himself, but he honestly wanted to reach more up front. Gavid’s sword touched the man of the wilderness. However, he couldn’t knock the man down.

“Is that why you declared it first?”

“If Hamel is already ready, it doesn’t matter if we set a date tomorrow. But I think he needs some preparation too. So he set the deadline until the end of next year.”


“I declared a duel on my own, but it would be polite for Hamel to decide the time and place. Maybe Helmud wouldn’t choose… … .”

“If, what if. What if Hamel doesn’t set a date and place until the end of next year?”

Noir asked with a happy expression.

“I don’t think Hamel would do that. If that’s the case, I’ll have no choice but to go find Hamel myself.”

“Ahaha! I was curious and asked, but I think so too. You asked for a duel, but Hamel can’t run away.”

Saying that, Noir tilted his head.

“so. The reason you came to me is because you want to drink together… … And to entrust the ‘permission’ of the duel. Is this the end?”

“There is one more.”

Gavid smiled faintly.

“Tell me in advance. This is not a request. As the grand duke of Helmud, think of it as an order.”

“oh… … Would you like to step back from the duties of the Grand Duke and enjoy the authority of the Grand Duke?”

“Perhaps you won’t refuse either.”

“Well, listen to that and decide. So what is it?”

Gavid’s lips parted.

“… … .”

Noir’s eyes widened. She looked straight at Gavid in genuine astonishment.

“… … Are you serious?”

“of course.”

“This… … this is very… … I’m surprised. I never thought you would ask me like that. No, it wasn’t a request. Command… … It is an order.”

Noir stammered, finally bursting into laughter.

“great. I accept it. I will not refuse.”

“I’m glad I didn’t have to convince you.”

“Ahaha… … Persuasion. You can’t refuse this, can you?”

Noir laughed and replied. Gavid emptied his glass as he heard the laughter. He asked, glancing at the empty glass that Noir had pulled towards him.

“Doesn’t alcohol suit your taste?”

“oh. You said not to talk about the taste?”

“I don’t think I can drink it.”

“Aha, you are misunderstanding something. Gavid, this drink is very good. The reason I refuse alcohol is not because I don’t like the taste.”


“This is your drink.”

Noir rose from her chair.

“A fragrant, thick, strong drink for intoxication. But I don’t want to drink this and get drunk. Aren’t you like that too? If you want to get drunk in front of me and show ugliness, ahaha, I’ll make you dream at least what you want.”

“ha ha ha!”

Gavid laughed the same. He rose from his chair, still holding in his hand the ample amount of ‘Imperial Glory’.

“Thank you for being considerate. yes, this… … It’s a drink I made to drink. It’s not to drink with someone else, it’s a drink to enjoy alone.”

“If you want, we’ll give you the best room in the city.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go back to my room and drink the rest.”

Gavid laughed as he resealed the bottle, then reached out into the air.

“I have to leave half of it.”

“For a toast?”


Cheer up! Chains fired from the inside of the sleeves opened the door to space.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to drink that toast.”

Leaving such a murmur, Gavid stepped inside the chain.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 524Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 526
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