Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 527

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Alcart Parish. A territory where the borders of the Holy Empire Euras and the Helmud Empire meet. Virtually the only neutral zone with Helmud on the continent.

300 years ago. When the war had just ended, this region had important and political significance to Helmud and the Continent. At that time, people on the continent did not believe in the demonic world, the demon tribe, or the demon king of confinement.

It is a natural distrust. Just a few days ago, the demon king of confinement, who was on the verge of conquering the continent by trampling on it, no, actually trampling on it, declared the end of the war, took the entire huge demonic realm under imperial rule, and set out to compensate for the damages caused by the war. .

Who the hell could have taken the devil’s words at face value? If the hero, the great Vermut, hadn’t taken the lead and emphasized the ‘promise’ with the demon lord in captivity, it would have taken quite a while for the Devil Helmud to become an ’empire’.

“I remember.”

Gavid spoke in a grave voice and walked.

“Alcart Parish. It was proclaimed as a compromise for the Holy Empire, which had a lot of influence on the continent, especially regardless of borders. In fact, at that time, it was not even a joke at a cheap bar that demons believed in the god of light.”

Even so, Helmud, the demon king of confinement, authorized the Diocese of Alcart. The demon king accepts and the demons bow their heads. The act itself was propaganda against the continent.

“The dawn of the Helmud Empire. His Majesty the Demon King tried to give various aids to the continent, but no one tried to come to the empire. But they didn’t even want the demons to come to their land. At that time, this place, Alcart Parish, was used as a pretty useful trading post.”

“I was born in that era.”

Bishop of Alcart. Eileen Flor opened her mouth.

A woman wrapped in a pure white robe from head to toe. Gavid smiled and looked at Eileen. Her face was covered with a pure white mask, so I couldn’t see her expression, but it wasn’t hard to read the young emotions in her eyes.

“As the Grand Duke said, it wasn’t even a joke that demons were reformed and believed in the light in that era.”

Eileen calmed down by closing and opening her eyes once.

“In those days, faith was insignificant in this area. Instead of killing humans, the demons mischievously mocked them. By treating priests who memorize the Bible like barbers.”

Eileen Flor. A very rare half-man, half-horse. As Gavid knew, there were less than 100 people of mixed blood between demons and humans in this world, including Amelia and Eileen.

“Early on, I cursed my very existence. I thought it was wrong to be born into this world. If this place hadn’t become the parish of Euras, there would have been no birth. I also thought of this.”

Eileen closed her eyes once again and opened them.

It was a long time ago, but I still remember it clearly. Before having faith in the light. Aileen lived for 100 years, buried in such evil thoughts. She roamed the gutter of Helmud and lived on the sympathy of demon nobles, human tourists, and immigrants.

“I consider myself very lucky. I saw the light in the dark, and I walked by the light and came into the bosom of the light. I was cared for and taught. That is how I am now.”

Eileen turned to look at Gavid.

“I wanted to share the grace I received, so I made myself the parish priest of Alcart.”

“I have heard many times about the services you officiate. He thought he would definitely like to see it, but he was too busy with work to make time for it.”

“Most of the demons who come to my worship are similar. To see the faith of half-man, half-demon. Or to laugh at. Which one is His Highness the Grand Duke?”

“I respect you.”

Gavid replied with a smile.

“If you attend the service you officiate, I will listen to you with reverence. But it won’t be edified. Because I cannot worship the god of light.”

“Most demons are like that.”

Eileen turned her head again and walked forward.

“but. part… … There are demons who start out of curiosity and enter into faith. Also, demons desperate for a place to lean on have faith.”

“ha ha ha. It is to maintain this place, Alcart Diocese, in anticipation of such a thing. No matter how great His Majesty the Demon King is, it is impossible to take care of all the demons.”

“If a war breaks out, what will happen to those demons?”

Eileen did not stop walking.

“The demons who have entered into the faith in the light, read the Bible and wait for the light to dwell in them… … If there is a war, what will happen?”

“Imperial law will not impose any force on its citizens in wartime.”

“… … .”

“It’s the same as 300 years ago. If His Majesty declares war, the demons who ‘want’ will just have to participate.”

“He speaks cruel words.”

Eileen let out a long sigh and shook her head.

“The ferocity of demons is their nature. The reason why it was able to be suppressed until now is because the great Vermut and the demon lord in captivity made an agreement and the war came to an end… … . If war breaks out again… … The demons who were slowly reformed and served the light, and the demons living with humans on the continent… … Everyone will throw off their reins and bridle.”

“If you enter the war just for that reason, isn’t your faith in the light too thin?”

Gavid laughed.

“Saying that, Bishop Eileen Flor. How are you? You may not want to accept it, but half of the blood flowing through your body belongs to the demons. Even if there is a war – will you still be a priest?”

Eileen didn’t answer right away. That was something Eileen would ask herself every night.

“I would like to.”

“That is an uncertain answer.”

“I also have the nature of a demon. However, I believe that more than half a horse will not be eaten by nature and become rampant like a beast. I believe that the faith I have believed in for over 100 years, the light that dwells in me, will suppress the evil nature within me.”

“I believe, Ra. Well, that’s what faith is.”

“… … duel.”

Eileen’s steps stopped.

“If His Highness Prince Lindeman wins, will a war break out right away?”

“I think it might be. His Majesty postponed the war because he wanted the hero to climb Babel. If the hero is defeated and dies, His Majesty will no longer have any reason to sit in Babel’s throne.”

“What if the hero wins?”

“I will die defeated… … Then the opening will be delayed. Until the hero climbs Babel.”

“… … .”

“It cannot be delayed forever.”

Gavid saw the back of Eileen, who had stopped walking, and the closed door in front of her.

“Even if the hero doesn’t climb Babel, the end of the promise is approaching. That’s what His Majesty said beforehand. One day, eventually, the promise will come to an end. Rather, I think It is your last mercy to the world that Your Majesty has declared to wait in the presence of Babel.”

Gavid’s voice lowered.

“In other words, this is the difference. ‘Who’ is invading. When the warrior climbs Babel, the warrior invades Babel. But if the promise ends without the hero climbing the barbel… … Helmud will invade the continent. Which one do you think is more terrifying?”

“Please forgive my rudeness.”

Eileen let out a long sigh and grabbed the doorknob.

“duel. I will pray earnestly and sincerely for the defeat of Your Highness.”

“ha ha ha.”

Gavid burst into laughter at that answer.

“Forgive me, Bishop Eileen Flor. As a priest, you will have no choice but to pray for my defeat.”

The door is open. Eileen said no more, bowing her head deeply and stepping back. Gavid walked through the door with a calm smile.

“Am I late?”



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inside the door. A spacious sofa in the middle of the room. Yujin, who was sitting in a messy posture, opened her mouth.

“I was just there early.”

Even after 300 years, Alcart Parish is a very symbolic neutral area. So Eugene and Gavid decided to have a meeting about a duel at this place.

“I didn’t know you would be alone.”

Gavid said, sitting across from Eugene.

“There were many people who wanted to come with me, but I told them not to come. It’s because I don’t want to be particularly nervous.”

When the talks were decided in Alcart. Not to mention the people of Lionheart, all the strong people Eugene knew came to come with them. Even Crown Prince Honein and King Aman had said they would dispatch the kingdom’s army, and the Pope also clamored to send all paladins. Rather, in this case, the emperor of Kiel was rational.

“Who is St. Christina Loggeris?”

“I sent it out. You worry too much about me.”

“haha. Even if I sent it out, it doesn’t mean much. Very blatant.”

From the moment I entered the room, my skin was tingling. It seems that divine power melts and flows in the air itself. From the moment the door opened and Gavid entered, Alcart Cathedral was captured by a powerful sacred barrier.

“Because it’s Yunan.”

There is no way that Eugene will not feel this blatant and powerful divine power. He frowned and lifted his cloak. Now, inside Eugene’s cloak, Mer and Lymir, who were mostly together, are not there. Eugene reached into the awkwardly quiet cloak and took out his holy sword.

– Quick.

Light flowed through the holy sword. That was it. The sacred power of the saints, which had an effect even in the room, was absorbed into the holy sword Altair. Eugene didn’t put the Holy Sword, where light flowed like an electric current, into the cloak again, but rather put it in the back.

Gavid’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the transformed holy sword.

Altair. The holy sword that I will never forget has changed from 300 years ago. While fighting the ghosts in Hauria, I saw that the blade of the Holy Sword was broken. As a result, the prototype of light trapped in the metal blade was released.


The blade of the current holy sword was covered with something like transparent glass. It’s not about sealing the light. The transparent glass does not capture the light and illuminates it to the world as it is. Just looking at it, it looks like it will break with just a light tap.

But it will never break. There was no need to use the Mystic Eye of Prestige, Gavid knew instinctively. That glass-like blade will never break… … .

“From the moonlight sword to the holy sword… … Vermouth’s favorite swords all change differently in your hand.”

“That bastard must have written it strangely.”

Eugene replied with a sad face.

You’ll hear from the saints later on about getting rid of your worries, but as she said herself, Eugene didn’t want to make a fuss here. Didn’t Gavid come alone without the Black Mist?

“Did you hold the meeting because you were curious about why I declared a duel?”

Just as Gavid was abrupt, so was Eugene. He decided to set a location to coordinate the duel, so he chose the cathedral of Alcart Diocese, a neutral site.

“no. I am not very curious.”

Eugene shook his head. He had already concluded by himself how Gavid had a change of heart and asked for a duel. Maybe Gavid’s answer was different from Eugene’s, but that was no longer Eugene’s business.

I want to duel with the sword of confinement, Gavid Lindman.

What is important to Eugene right now is this.

“I set the date. That’s enough. I don’t want to set the location on my own.”

“her. Why? I was going to give you freedom of choice.”

“Even mutts will eat at least a little in the courtyard of my house. If I choose a place of my own, try to be the type of person you come to. Then even if I win, I’ll be a little embarrassed.”


Maybe that’s the reason It was an answer I could not have imagined, but after hearing it like this, I thought it was a very Hamel-like answer.

“Then, where would be good?”

“It would be better to go to a place where no one lives. It may be a problem to evacuate, but if you and I fight, that area will be destroyed.”

“It’s okay not to worry about that.”

Gavid shook his head.

“This duel was guaranteed by the demon lord of confinement. His Majesty said that he would personally grant power to the ‘place’ so that the duel between you and me would not cause great damage to the world.”


“If it’s a duel between you and me, wouldn’t it need a proper stage?”

Gavid’s cheeks twitched and his lips curved.

The long-awaited duel since 300 years. Just having a conversation with Hamel and Eugene about it ‘in person’ made me feel dizzyingly happy.

“There is a large Colosseum in Simuin, where duels and competitions between knights are famous. If you and I have a duel there, the demon king of confinement will personally give down his power and wrap the Colosseum in chains. If you do that, the loss of life and the disappearance of the area, which you are worried about, will not happen.”


This time, Eugene made a sound of surprise. Could it be that the demon king of confinement went that far? That is to say, Gavid’s rebellion was granted by the demon king of confinement.

“I don’t want to use the colosseum of the officials. I’d rather make a new one.”

“In that case, we must decide the place first. Except for the Helmud Empire… … Hmm, what about Alcart Parish?”

“no. This is in the middle of the city.”

“I would have said you didn’t have to think about the loss of life.”

“The power of confinement is not absolute.”

Eugene twitched his lips and smiled. Gavid didn’t understand the words for a moment and stared at Eugene. Soon, Gavid burst into his wild laugh and nodded at him.

“You are arrogant, Hamel. But I will not scold you for your arrogance.”

“A place where there are no people except in the city.”

“How about the sea? Iris. It would be nice to see the end of the South Sea where that pitiful Dark Elf was buried.”

“It’s troublesome to build a duel in the middle of the sea.”

“Then what about mountains and forests? Mount Uklas. It’s pretty good here too. It is spacious and uninhabited.”

“That place is Lionheart’s territory. And there is the Black Lion Castle and the tomb of Vermouth. I don’t want you and the demon king of confinement to come.”

“Hmm, that makes sense. good night. then… … What about the northern end? Rehein Yar. If it was there, Moron would be able to see our duel.”

At that suggestion, Eugene thought for a moment. Soon, Eugene nodded his head.

“Beyond Lehein Yar, Lagur Yaran.”


Gavid also made a surprised expression.

“I know about that strange land. The end of the world connected to the distant sea. However, no one has been able to confirm the end-to-end connection.”

“There won’t be any problem even if you run amok there.”

“The place has been decided… … What is the date?”

“You did it until the end of next year, right? Don’t delay it until it’s close.”

“It doesn’t matter. You will need time too.”

In Gavid’s attitude and answers, there was a composure that could not be hidden. Eugene couldn’t help but feel it.

“I heard you stayed away for two months. Did you secretly practice?”

Yujin tilted her head and said. It was the same for Eugene that his attitude showed emotion. He, in this room, had been in a bad mood ever since he saw Gavid.

It didn’t look good. It couldn’t have been better.

It’s because I was certain of the uncomfortable things I didn’t want to accept.

‘If I fight now, I will die.’

Eugene clicked his tongue and thought.

“Because I found a good opponent.”

Gavid laughed.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 526Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 528
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