Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 528

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“I’m more curious if you’re someone who can say that.”

Dalian opponent.

Eugene stared at Gavid with his eyes narrowed. I thought it couldn’t be. It was unbelievable that Gavid’s ability that Eugene felt now was accomplished in just a few months.

“Is there an opponent in Helmud that I don’t know about that I can fight against? No way, Noir Jebela wouldn’t have dealt with it.”

Then, who the hell would have dealt with Gavid?

The Demon King of Confinement? It’s not very likely, but… … I thought it couldn’t be. If the demon king of confinement really became a sparring opponent, Gavid would not be able to speak so lightly.

“I know what you are wary of.”

Gavid smiled and stared at Eugene.

“It’s okay to mentally drive you without saying anything, but… … I don’t really like jokes like that. So please answer honestly. Hamel, my sparring opponent is not a demon. I am not a citizen of Helmud, nor a being of this world.”


“The fantasy recreated from His Majesty’s old memories… … Maybe it’s someone you know.”

Eugene stared at Gavid for a moment. A fantasy reproduced from memory. He didn’t quite know what that meant, but the word ‘knowable’ scratched Eugene’s feelings.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”


Gavid continued, conscious of the bundle of chains in his bosom.

“Do you know the wilderness strewn with countless corpses?”

“… … ?”

“I was able to wander in that unknown wasteland thanks to the grace of the demon lord of confinement. over and over again. And what I face in that wilderness is always the same death.”

A wasteland strewn with corpses.

Eugene’s eyes trembled slightly.

“It was always the same opponent that killed me. A man carrying a greatsword. Whether I fight or not, men always end my life.”

“… … .”

“The time that has passed in reality is only about two months, but I have lived much longer than that in the wilderness. I don’t know how many deaths I’ve suffered in that, wilderness.”

Gavid raised his finger and pointed at Eugene.

“I don’t know the identity of the man. But this much you can be sure of. That his name does not exist in the history of this world. maybe… … It’s a long time ago, before history was even recorded. and.”

A man’s ‘sword’.

Barely, really barely, I just raised it to a level where it was possible to compete with opponents. Gavid has not yet surpassed the man’s sword. Even if he used the Mystic Eye of Prestige or Glory, it was impossible to surpass the man’s sword and threaten his life.

“Hamel, you must know the man.”

The first time I saw a man in the wilderness. In order not to die, I used the Mystic Eye of Prestige and drew Glory. It was then that he saw the man’s sword for the first time.

A sword body created by dark red light. A decision of ruthless, savage and irresistible violence.

That sword resembles Hamel’s sword that killed the specter.

“What do you want to hear?”

How did you become so strong? I never thought that the demon king of confinement would give aid to Gavid in such a way.

‘I’m glad it’s an illusion. I also thought there was a new strong person I didn’t know about.’

no. Isn’t that something to be happy about? Eugene thought as he clicked her tongue.

Eventually, as time goes by, Gavid will become stronger and stronger than he is now. Right away, Eugene didn’t have the confidence to fight Gavid and win, so he had no choice but to be wary of Gavid becoming stronger.

“I’m quite curious about your relationship with that man, but I don’t want to ask about that.”


“I just thought I should know the name.”


“Is it too grandiose to say that you are a teacher?”

Gavid said to himself and laughed.

“Well, it would be ridiculous for me to think on my own. But Hamel, I admired that man’s sword. I never thought that there could be such a strong man in the world. I have died hundreds and thousands of times from that sword, and each death has sharpened me little by little.”

“… … .”

“That’s why I’m genuinely curious about the man’s name and identity. I want to know the name of the person who killed me and pulled me out like this.”


He spat out.

“War God, Agaroth.”

Gavid is curious about Agaroth’s name out of pure respect. So, Eugene also answered honestly.

“Agaroth, God of War… … .”

Gavid closed his eyes for a moment and repeated the name. At the same time he searched for his accumulated memories over the long years of his life.

God of War, Agaroth.


“The name remained in the sea where Iris sank. In the form of a very old legend, without any belief.”

When Iris suddenly hides in the southern tip of the country and kidnaps the dwarves and hatches an unknown plan. Gavid also personally gathered information to guess Iris’ conspiracy. It was then that he first heard Agaroth’s name.

I wasn’t impressed. Where is the value of remembering the name of a distant ancient god who did not even leave faith and religion in this era? But, I hope we can meet again like this.

Gavid laughed and shook his head.

“You would have no obligation to answer my questions. Thank you for your kindness.”

“Are you satisfied?”

“If that man possesses the rank of a god of war in ancient times, haha, he has no choice but to be satisfied. I haven’t been able to defeat him even once.”

Gavid paused and stared at Eugene.

“Are you okay?”

“What are you asking?”

“About a year left until the duel. Hamel, you too will be strong during that time. But that’s me too. No, rather, I can use one year more than you.”

The wilderness to enter using chains as keys is far from reality. Time there is distorted with reality.

“If I dare to suggest it, it might be better for you to duel with me right now. Hamel. I can be sure A year from now, I will be stronger than I am now. Perhaps, even the sword of the god of war can be surpassed.”


Eugene did not directly deny that fact.



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“Rather, I think you are like Agaroth… … I hope to become stronger.”

This time Gavid blinked. Eugene answered before Gavid asked a question.

“I need the assurance that I have surpassed Agaroth.”

Judgments drawn against hazy memories are unreliable. However, if he duels Gavid a year later and wins, he will be able to gain the assurance that he has truly surpassed Agaroth.

“is it.”

grave voice. Gavid gave him a slight nod of his head and continued his words.

“But I don’t think this duel itself will be very fair. Hamel. Of course, as you know, a duel is only between you and me. Saint Segna, Cristina Rogeris, who is wise in our duel, cannot intervene.”

“Of course it should.”

“I know that demons are superior to humans in every way. Your sword will cut me again and again, and I will not be mortally wounded.”

“I guess so.”

“Also, the majestic eye of prestige reproduces the power of the demon king of confinement that I serve.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just as you use the Mystic Eye of Prestige, I draw out the Miracle of Light from the Holy Sword.”


Gavid’s voice lowered.

“If you wish, I will add rules to make this duel much fairer. If you break my heart or cut my throat, I’ll admit defeat even if I don’t die. Admit defeat, I will kill myself… … .”

“ha ha ha!”

Eugene didn’t listen to Gavid. He laughed loudly as he tapped his knee.

“Stop bullshit, Gavid Lindman. You’re going to admit defeat if you break your heart or cut your throat? ha ha ha! Do you think the demon king of confinement would do that to me? Will the demon king of destruction set up rules and fight with me?”


Yujin shook her head as she affirmed.

“I don’t need those rules. I will kill you in a duel a year later. so win After that, he kills Noir Jebela, climbs on Babel, and kills the demon king of confinement. Then I go to kill the demon king of destruction.”

It’s such an arrogant word that common sense can’t understand it. Gavid also admits that Eugene is strong.

However, even that despairing vermouth was helped by his colleagues in Babel 300 years ago.

“My words insulted you.”

But Gavid can’t read the emotion of arrogance in those words. Rather, he felt blind faith close to madness. Hamel of annihilation, no, Eugene Lionheart. I sincerely say that.

“Then there is nothing more to coordinate.”

Gavid nodded and rose from his seat.

“How are you going to build the arena? If you don’t want to mind… … .”

“There are quite a few dwarves from Lionheart, so you can just ask them to make them.”

The answer came back with a sad face. Gavid smiled and nodded his head. The door of the chains opened in front of Gavid, who turned his body.

“Then one year later… … .”

“for a moment.”

Eugene also jumped up from his seat and grabbed Gavid.

“Can I ask you one more favor?”

“… … ask?”

I never thought the word ‘please’ would come out of Hamel’s mouth. Gavid was very surprised by that statement and widened his eyes.

“… … If it’s a request I can grant.”

“Before you go, drop me somewhere and go.”

Before Gavid could answer, Eugene said the coordinates. Gavid was terribly embarrassed, but he blinked his eyes a few times as he drew the coordinates he had just heard from Eugene in his head.

“This place… … Isn’t it the South Sea? If what I read is correct, then Iris, who has become a mad demon lord, is the dead sea?”

“that’s right.”

“Why do you want to go here?”

“That’s why.”

“her… … .”

It was unbelievably audacious to be in a position to ask for a favor, but Gavid nodded without asking further.

Could it be related to Agaroth, the god of war? Maybe. Agaroth’s name remains in the sea where Iris died.

“I’m curious, but… … .”

How to use the remaining time until the duel is entirely up to Eugene. Gavid did not want to probe or interfere with his long-awaited opponent. It was because he had something else to focus on for a year.

Gavid operated the chain door according to the coordinates he had heard from Eugene, and Eugene took out a piece of paper and scrawled something in the meantime.

-Shoot ah… … .

The scenery seen from the chain-made door has changed. Until recently, it had illuminated the empty rooms of the Lindman House in Helmud, but now it was illuminating the vast sea.

As soon as Eugene saw the sea, he immediately stretched out his feet.

“then… … See you in a year.”

Gavid resumed his interrupted words. Eugene passed through the chain door without answering, and raised his hand to Gavid.

“her… … .”

A tall middle finger. Gavid was dumbfounded and let out a blank laugh.

Should I say that his rude behavior is also Hamel-like? Gavid shook his head as he watched Eugene fall into the sea.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Eugene’s letter left on the table caught my eye. She didn’t mean to peek at it, but because Eugene opened it without folding it, she was forced to look at the contents.

[I will train for one year and come back. I decided to build a duel arena in Ragurya, so I have the Lionheart dwarves build the arena instead of me. Don’t be angry later, and don’t worry too much.]

“her… … .”

Gavid shook his head once again at the letter in which he wrote only what he had to say one-sidedly.

If you write it down like that and leave, what will the rest of you do? And since we decided to build an arena in Laguryaran, I’d ask the dwarves to do it… … .

“I’ll have to send a separate letter later.”

If the work proceeded according to the letter Hamel left, there was no doubt that at least one thing would go wrong and a problem would arise. So instead of Hamel, I thought I should write to Lionheart about the date and place of the duel.

“You’re so irresponsible.”

Gavid clicked his tongue and opened the chain door anew.

* * *

The moment I passed through the chain gate, I fell straight into the sea.

‘I don’t know anything else, but I’m envious of this ability because it’s so convenient.’

The power to arrive at any time in one step, without the need to use a warp gate, as long as you know the coordinates. This kind of authority is only the Demon King’s authority that Senya and Dragon do not possess.

‘Thanks to you, I came comfortably.’

This is the end of the South Sea. The place where Iris died, close to the distant sea. And in the distant past, the place where the frenzied demon king made a pact with the demon king of Yupe.

A city ruled by Agaroth.

The sea where the sacred place of the god of war is buried.

“If I had come alone, it would have taken me quite a while.”

Eugene muttered as he fell into the sea. This is a sea far away from the warp gate, so you can’t get there without taking a boat or flying.

The remaining time is ‘only’ one year.

You should make the most of this time. how? Should I go to Moron and engage in sparring again? Is there anything left to be gained from such sparring?

‘doesn’t exist.’

The current Eugene is stronger than Moron. While Eugene left, Moron would have started training again, but even so – you won’t get anything from sparring with Moron anymore.

Then should I go back to the World Tree and ask the Sage for help? Should I go into the vine like Carmen and confront the illusion of the giant? That might be quite helpful, but it’s like ignoring the sage’s warning head-on.

In the end, there is only one direction that Eugene can pursue.

‘divine power.’

You need a place to hide somewhere.

A place where I can contemplate who I am, what I am, my source, and only me, without being disturbed by anyone else.

“There is nothing but here.”

The moment your fallen feet hit the sea.

As if the sea had become a door, it split apart with a ‘jeok’. Eugene fell through the gap in the sea without panicking.

‘1 year.’

Eugene’s eyes narrowed.

‘I haven’t come out of here for a year.’

The abyss of the deep sea opened wide.

A year has passed.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 527Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 529
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