Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 53

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‘It’s hard.’

Eugene felt puzzled once again. I didn’t even want to break her ankle, but I thought I’d break her, so I kicked her. But she doesn’t waver. It feels like she’s kicked a whole block of metal with no joints.

‘The density itself is different from that of humans.’

drug? Or magic mixed surgery? Either way, Hemoria’s body was not human. Eugene looked at Hemoria, squeezing and straightening her hand that was about to break.

“It’s hard.”

sound inside the mask. The body that had retreated moved forward again. The moment her shoulder twitched and her arm lifted.

Eugene didn’t wait for Hemoria’s fist to reach its orbit. f*ck! Eugene’s fist pierced Hemoria’s stomach. The impact was heavy enough to lift her feet, but her screams did not escape from Hemoria’s mouth. There was no sign of pain on his face.

However, he only looked at Eugene with eyes full of questions. A fist dug down. The power was also powerful, but it was so fast that it was impossible to respond. The first kick was like that too. I read the motion, but it was so fast that it was difficult to respond.

Just the other day. Rather, it was Hemoria that was read and blocked. Unique acceleration… It wasn’t just using physical abilities. If that was the case, there was no way Hemoria would be overwhelmed.

Atarax’s eyes narrowed as he watched the battle. That Hemoria is being overwhelmed in close combat. All of Hemoria’s targets are blocked just before they’re finished, and the attack hits precisely at the moment when Hemoria can’t respond.

‘Something’s mixed up.’

The acceleration of mana is simple and unique. There’s something mixed in… Lion Heart’s Baek Yeom Sik? No, it’s different. What is mixed is the mana side, not the skill.


Hemoria’s feet rose once more. No moaning this time either. She’s already thrust her fist into her stomach several times, and Hemoria has responded as if she doesn’t feel her pain. She still is. Eugene glanced at her arms as they approached to grab hold of her body, and snatched Hemoria’s wrists with her hand on the other side.

He immediately broke Hemoria’s arm and put it on her back. It broke her joints, but Hemoria’s arms did not weaken. She twisted her bent arm and tried to wield her whole Eugene body.

So, without hesitation, I let go of my arm. Swinging his arm, he burrowed into his hollow side and slammed his fist into it. I’ve already tapped a few times, but I didn’t even feel the creaking of the ribs, which were hard like a human being.

‘I’m sure.’

Eugene’s eyebrows wrinkled. Most people except Eugene wouldn’t notice. That’s right, recovering the mana drawn from the core perfectly without waste was one of Eugene’s specialties from his previous life.

That’s why Eugene felt mana ‘seeking’ in each blow, contrary to his intention. It’s not a coincidence, it’s what Hemoria intends. It wasn’t even using her sword steel or magic, but the mana flowing through Eugene’s body seeped into her whenever it came in contact with her Hemoria’s body.

‘Drain-type magic? It’s too secretive for something like that.’

The stolen mana does not become Hemoria’s power. It would have been useful to take it away, but right now Hemoria wasn’t using the stolen mana.

‘Be cheeky.’

light couplets. That’s why we have room in each other’s hands. If Hemoria had suffered as much as the beating fan, he would have taken his fist right away.

But I don’t like the sight of him trying to aim for something while stealing mana little by little without making a sound of pain. Guillotine Hemoria. Eugene didn’t know why she was called the guillotine, and rather than knowing why, he wanted to hear her groans and screams instead of the clink behind her mask.


Lightning and embers flew around Eugene. Atarax’s eyes flinched at the explosive acceleration. Atarax was not the only one surprised. Gillaid and Cline were also surprised by Eugene’s movements. Looking at Eugene with a face that only Genos took for granted, I felt her heart overflowing with emotion.

‘It’s indeed Lord Hamel.’

In this place, only Genos and Mer know Eugene’s true identity. It should never be known that Eugene is that Hamel… So Genos quickly straightened his expression.


I didn’t feel the same surprise as the spectators. Because it’s so close, and you’ve been through it before you feel it. Fast enough to be compared to before, and a heavy attack stuck in the side.

Hemoria’s body staggered greatly. She didn’t hold her body properly, and swung her arms to try to counterattack her. Eugene calmly removed her hand, then plunged her fist into the center of her empty chest.


Even though I held back my screams, I couldn’t help but choke on my breath. Hemoria stumbled and tried to back away, but Eugene grabbed Hemoria by the collar and pulled her closer. Kwajik! Her raised knees made Hemoria’s body tremble.

A series of attacks. Eugene confirmed where the mana permeating through him was gathering. Not the core near the heart. The mana that has permeated Hemoria’s body is gathering in the danteon below her navel.


I heard that there is also a training method to collect mana… Eugene looked at Hemoria’s body. Hemoria placed her core near her heart, and in Danjeon was accumulating her mana secretly taken from Eugene.

“You have to ask for permission.”

Eugene murmured and grabbed Hemoria’s hair. Wow! Eugene aimed precisely at Danjeon and slammed her fist into her. She’s a Hemoria who never lets go of her moans, but this time she was different. Eugene heard Hemoria’s panting moans from inside the metal mask.

The reaction was also intense. Hemoria’s body twisted greatly. Movement far beyond the range of motion of the joint. Her fist, which skimmed the ground, aimed at Eugene’s face. She was so powerful that, if hit properly, her head would burst like a balloon pricked by a needle.

‘I’m angry.’

stronger than before. The speed also increased. However, the gap between Eugene and Hemoria could not be bridged. Eugene could not imagine losing in a close combat under these conditions.

Anger pushes Hemoria’s back. However, I couldn’t completely beat Eugene with the anger I felt. Hemoria’s movement was completely in Eugene’s palm.

Eugene persistently aimed at only one spot. Danjeon where the stolen mana gathers. Every time I put an attack there, a moan flowed from the inside of the mask.


When the unknown number of fists hit the ground once more. Hemoria couldn’t hold out any longer. The mana gathered in the Danjeon was completely dispersed. Even the metal mask came off at her coughing cough. Hemoria stumbled and tried to back away, but her Eugene wouldn’t let go and grabbed her Hemoria’s hair.

And once more, he slammed his fist into Danjeon. Hemoria’s body floated to the surface at the precise blow. She bent her body deeply and let out her painful moan. Eugene saw Hemoria’s legs quivering and tightening, and she thrust her fist into it once more.

In the end, Hemoria couldn’t hold out any longer and sat down.

Eugene didn’t hit him any more, but raised both hands and stepped back. Hemoria cupped her belly with both of her hands and let out a gurgling cough. Her peeling metal mask fell to the floor.


Eugene shook his raised fist and stared at Hemoria’s face.

I wondered why it was making so much noise. Hemoria’s teeth were sharp enough to be considered human. She coughed up her blood as her hemoria cooed, only to realize belatedly that her mask had been removed.

That moment. Hemoria’s eyes burned with more passion than ever before. She gasped, but suddenly rushed at Eugene. Her open mouth, sharp teeth like those of a beast, tried to bite Eugene’s body.

Of course, Eugene did not give up the flesh as Hemoria wished. As he immediately stepped back, he swung his palm. blah blah! Hemoria’s head turned to the side.

Hemoria, who had fallen to the ground, did not rush any further. Instead, she twisted her chapped lips and gripped the ground with her fingers. Her eyes turn even redder. The dripping blood boiled and the wound regenerated. Drops of red blood began to gather in front of her trembling lips.


Atarax shouted. hug! The drops of blood gathered in front of Hemoria’s lips burst and disappeared.

Eugene heard that cry. However, Eugene decided to pretend not to hear. When the drops of blood gathered in front of Hemoria’s lips, Eugene was already right in front of Hemoria.


The kicked foot lodged in Hemoria’s stomach.


Blood spurted from Hemoria’s mouth. Hemoria’s body flew away at the impact of the kick. Yujin swung her cold feet down slowly to the ground and laughed haha.

“Please speak a little faster.”

“Haha…! Kahak! Kheuk!”

Hemoria, who had flown far away, groaned in pain as she wrapped her arms around her stomach. Blood and saliva dripped from her trembling lips.

“…Because the disciple is so stubborn. Even though I know it won’t be a match, I try to win somehow.”

“It doesn’t look like you’re convinced of defeat.”

Eugene glanced at Hemoria and said. Barely catching her breath, she picked up the metal mask that had fallen to the ground, wiping the blood from the corners of her mouth.

“Without Atarax-sama stopping me, I don’t mind doing more.”



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“No, that would get us in trouble.”


“Eugene-nim must have enough room, but Hemoria can’t afford it. If she goes any further, Hemoria will cross the line of her sparring.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“Please. You are worried about your disciple.”

Saying that, Atarax approached Hemoria and placed the cloak around her shoulders.

“I see, Eugene. Although it was a light match, there was no flaw in Eugene’s taijutsu. It is only natural that the disciple was overwhelmed like this, and even if it were me, I would have been helpless.”

“You are too humble.”

“One of my few strengths is honesty.”

Atarax laughed, saying it like a joke.

“Isn’t that blood magic?”

Loverian didn’t laugh. He continued, glaring at the metal mask covering Hemoria’s mouth.

“One of the ancient magics that died a long time ago. It’s a magic that doesn’t have a proper nuclear power plant left in Alot…?”

“As expected, the enemy tower lord. I never thought you would recognize this old magic.”

Atarax looked back at Loberian with a calm face.

“The Maleficarum is an organization that has been fighting the enemy of the Church since the days of the Light Faith. We are priests and hunters, paladins and butchers. Isn’t it strange that we use magic other than divine magic?”

“…Of course it is, but I just thought it was unexpected. Blood magic is an ancient magic that failed to be restored even in Arot. The reason why there are no original texts left is because the Holy Empire declared blood magic a heresy and persecuted it a long time ago.”

It was a magic hunt initiated by the Holy Empire a long time ago. At that time, the Holy Empire declared various magic other than divine power as heresy, and treated it as black magic and hunted it. The indiscriminate and self-righteous hunting was not only for magic, but also for elemental magicians, and many elemental magicians and wizards were killed by the heretic inquisitors of the Holy Empire.

“…that was a long time ago.”

Atarax was unfazed.

“And the Holy Empire has already paid for its sins. A temple of light built on all continents. Facility to take care of orphaned children and the suffering and difficult, free welfare, etc. For a long time after the magic hunt, the Holy Empire…”

Atarax’s boasting was not worth listening to. He said that he compensated more than he did damage, but to Eugene, that argument was no different from the demon king of confinement. Right now, the demon king in captivity is also a reward for the war 300 years ago, and he gave war reparations to each country, right?

“Blood magic is not heresy.”

Atarax smiled and continued.

“There was a misunderstanding about using blood as a medium. The Holy Empire analyzed blood magic long ago and came to the conclusion that it is not as evil as black magic.”

“…so monopolized and used?”

“The word monopoly is painful to hear. Isn’t Arot alone monopolizing many great magics?”

“Strictly speaking, we are protecting it. A long time ago, some bastards did crazy things called mage hunts.”

Melchis snorted and smirked. Atarax glanced at Melchis and continued.

“…it was… unfortunate. Everyone has a childhood when they are not mature. If you are interested in this blood magic… Please visit our headquarters in Maleficarum. We do not place too many restrictions on what we teach.”

“If you are baptized with light.”

“It doesn’t take a hard decision to serve God, does it?”

Atarax said with a smile.


The sound of teeth erupted again from the inside of Hemoria’s mask.


“It was hasty.”

Atarax sighed and took off his helmet.

“You never said you could bare your teeth, did you?”

Hemoria stood with her hands on her back and bowed her head. Atarax looked at the timid disciple, then shook his head.

“…Well… Judging from how he was persistently aiming for Danjeon, he seemed to have figured it out right away… No matter how angry he was, he couldn’t bare his teeth without my permission. Oh, if you want to protest, it doesn’t matter.”

Then Hemoria raised both hands.


An apple handed down in sign language. Atarax clicked his tongue and continued his words.

“You have endured a lot and been beaten a lot, so I won’t punish you. By the way… are there any left?”


“No matter how many times we were attacked… it’s strange that not even a little is left.”

‘Eugene Lionheart’s mana is strange.’

‘It was too early to notice.’

‘All the stolen mana is gone.’

Atarax’s expression crumpled at the continued sign language. Something is mixed with mana. I could tell that by looking at it. The flame of the white flame… a foreign lightning.

‘If Hemoria had contained mana, I would have been able to interpret it.’

Atarax felt an inescapable regret. A hero who has been recognized by the holy sword. I don’t know his personality, but his qualities and skills were real. Hemoria was completely overwhelmed in a state where there were restrictions on each other.

‘…if blood was taken.’

“At Lionheart’s estate?”

Atarax laughed and shook his head.

“I tried to confirm it in a rough way, but Hemoria. The hero of the holy sword is not our enemy.”

‘Master, do you think that person is worthy of being a warrior?’

“It is true that he held the holy sword. And did he not do anything like a warrior? Even if he is just a dreg, he has slain the remnants of the Demon King.”

Atarax’s laughter died down.

“…But… Lionheart again… God is really mean. Leaving countless followers alone, and Lionheart… and giving the owner of the holy sword to the same generation as the fallen seduced by the remnants of the demon king.”

‘The Holy Sword is not the only special thing.’

Hemoria continued sign language.

‘There is a saint of brilliant light in the Holy Empire. She is still a candidate, but she becomes an Auxiliary Bishop Christina with the same appearance as that faithful monk.’

“…Ah… that’s right. We have a candidate for a saint.”

Atarax looked into Hemoria’s eyes, which sparkled with faith, and smiled.

‘It would have been nice if I had become the owner of the holy sword.’

up Hemoria gritted her teeth while sign language.

“I can’t help it.”


A spark bloomed from the match he held in his finger. Atarax lit the cigarette in his mouth and extinguished it with a flick of a match.

“It seems that you cannot become the owner of the holy sword with only faithfulness.”


“I will not accept a retired doctor.”

The Round Table of the Black Lion Castle.

Klein, who had just become the head of the Senate, uttered that from the beginning. To those words, Gilreid couldn’t answer right away and only puckered his lips.

“I know what you are thinking, and I know you feel guilty. However, if you resign from the position of head of the household as a result of that, Lionheart will fall into even greater chaos.”

Klein continued without losing momentum.

“If you withdraw from the household, who will you entrust the household to? Gion became a black lion? Or Guilford, who went out of the collateral? If that happens, what will you do with your wife and children?”


“It will be very difficult. Do I have to keep you, who has withdrawn from the household, at your home? Or should I send it to the collateral? How are you going to do next? I mean, it’s not smooth and it’s difficult. So, endure the disgrace and humiliation and continue to sit in the head of the household.”

Eugene was also called and sat at the round table. Eugene listened to Cline while nodding his head in his heart.

‘If I step away from the household now, Anicilla’s eyes will roll over.’

The reason Anicilla’s personality became peaceful was because her position in the family was solidified and Xian was sure to be the next head of household. But what if you leave your home now, or if there is a problem with the next head of household? There was no doubt that Anicilla would run out of control.

“…but… this time it’s because I fell short as a father. As long as I have put pressure on the family through my shortcomings, I have to take responsibility for him…”

“The responsibility is not yours alone, but Lionheart’s.”

Cline waved his hands and spat out.

“This problem is not only your son, Iod Lionheart, but also a problem that Lionheart has been harboring for a long time.”


“About that, the deceased former senator clearly left a will. As the new senator and long-time adult of Lionheart, I will do my best to ensure that the family does not experience problems like this in the future.”

“What do you mean by a will…?”

Gillaid hesitantly asked, and Klein coughed and rose from his seat.

What followed was the exact conversation Eugene had with Doines. Massive reinforcement and training of the Black Lions. Abolition of the blood system. Right from this year, the collateral will be free to practice mana and real sword, just like the main family.

“…The Baek Yeom Ceremony will remain in the main family, but even if the Blood Ceremony is abolished, all collaterals will feel the change in Lionheart.”

“…is that… the will of the former senator?”

“Do you think it is surprising? so do i. But he really left that will and closed his eyes.”

Klein let out a long sigh and sat down in his seat.

“…It’s sudden… and frankly, it’s hard to accept. The elders, including myself, decided to accept that will. This situation was triggered by collateral dissatisfaction, and it must be acknowledged that the dissatisfaction has accumulated and rotted from the evil custom of eating blood.”

Gilreid hesitated, unable to say anything. Gilreid had already felt that the bloodline ceremony was not a proper tradition. However, tradition is something that cannot be easily corrected even when we know that it is not correct.

“…Lionheart… is changing.”

“You have to change.”

Cline let out a deep sigh.

“I should have changed right away… No, no. If I hadn’t gone through this pain, I wouldn’t have even thought of changing…”

“…I think it’s necessary to reinforce the Black Lion’s strength.”

Gilreid opened his mouth, controlling his emotions.

“…I’m late to tell you. The emperor of Kiel says he will promote the unity of the Knights of each country in preparation for Helmud’s action.”


The gathered elders showed interest in what Gilade said. Gilreid cleared his throat at the focused gaze and continued.

“yes. Kiel’s allies. And even small countries that want to participate. …It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it looks like they’re trying to allow mercenaries equivalent to knights to participate.”


Klein’s eyebrows furrowed.

“It looks like you want to have a contest of strength in the name of unity. Even taking out foreign knights and mercenaries.”

There are several famous knights on the continent. The Knights of the Blood Cross of the Holy Empire, Juras. The turbulent knights of the sea kingdom servants. The White Dragon Knights of the Kiel Empire. Ruhar’s white fang. Nahama’s sand scorpion… and Lionheart’s black and white lion knights.

Which of them is the best Templar? It was a question that could not be quickly answered. Of course, the emperor of Kiel would consider his White Dragon Knights to be the best, but there was no good opportunity to confirm him.

“Through the reunion meeting, each knight corps matches hands and feet and promotes friendship…”

“If the power of the empire and the kingdom is gathered in one place, even the demon king of Helmud might be a little nervous.”

“Hahaha… Even though the Anti-Magic Union and the Knights of the Blood Cross were stationed on the border of Helmud, the demon king in captivity showed no reaction?”

“Did you hear that the emperor said where he wanted the reunion meeting to be?”

“Of course you are thinking of Kiel’s homeland.”

Gilreid answered with a furrowed brow.

“It can’t be.”

Klein clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“It’s not even Kiehl’s event. The only possibility is… Luhar.”

“I think so too.”

Yujin kept her mouth shut while listening to the conversation between the elders and the head of household. Then, unable to contain her curiosity this time, she gave a glancing glance at Genos, who was standing behind Klein.

“…Umm… The reason why Ruhar is highly likely to be a place of reunion… is because of the legitimacy of the royal family of Ruhar.”


“The royal family of Ruhar is a direct descendant of the brave Moron-nim. Of course, our Lionheart is also a descendant of the great Vermut, and there are disciples of Senya in Arrot, but…”

“The biggest reason is this. Even just 100 years ago, did Moron show up at the founding event of Ruhar?”

Gilade took the word.

“After that, he disappeared again, but Moron’s death is still unknown to the world. Even the royal family of Luhar only says that Morron’s whereabouts are ‘retired’.”

“…aha. You want Moron-sama to show up at the reunion?”

Yujin nodded her head with her eyes shining.

“That is the biggest reason. It is an era where the demon king of confinement gives a warning and you don’t know when Helmud will reveal his evil mind. In this turbulent era, if the hero who directly confronted the demon king 300 years ago is added to the military force…”


“…Sir Genos? What are you doing? Are you uncomfortable somewhere…?”

“No… hmm… nothing. Sudden shortness of breath… uhm… I sometimes have an unbearable cough like this…”

For an instant, Eugene glared at Genos, and Genos hurriedly took a breath.

“…When do you think the reunion will be held?”

“Since His Majesty is showing great enthusiasm, I think news will be delivered within this year.”

“You’re so outspoken… Now that this happened, you don’t seem to want to publicly announce that Lionheart’s status isn’t what it used to be, right?”

“It’s nothing special, is it? Successive emperors of Kiel always wanted to prove that their White Dragon Knights were superior to the Black or White Lions, and wanted to possess the power of the Lionheart.”

“You will only see a pitiful and ashamed figure. The Immortal White Lion is also dead, and so is Dominic, his heir…”

The elder couldn’t speak properly and only let out a deep sigh.

“…The disappearance of the magic spear and crushing weight is also significant.”

“But Carmen-sama is still alive and well, right? There is Genos, and the power of the Black Lion Knights…”

“It is right to say that it has fallen by about half compared to its peak.”

“Not necessarily.”

Klein hit his knees and looked up.

“Isn’t the person who destroyed the magic spear and crushing weight here?”

All the elders’ eyes turned to Eugene. Eugene blankly blinked his eyes, then scratched his cheek and nodded his head.

“I will try hard.”

Perhaps thanks to his refusal, he did not listen to the invitation to join the Black Lion Knights.

‘If that collusion is to be held in Luhar, it’s good for me.’

It’s a place you should visit at least once, but it’s a place that’s so far away that it’s burdensome to go there alone. If Moron was alive… it was clear that he would show up at the collusion, as everyone intended.

‘Unless his personality has changed drastically in 300 years.’

Since ancient times, Moron has loved banquets and competing with others. If a large number of knights and strongmen from other countries gathered in the middle of my kingdom, it was clear that the asshole would come out to prove that he was the best and strongest warrior.

‘If alive.’

Think of a Moron. poor common language. We’ve been wandering together for over 10 years, but there’s never been a time when Moron’s tone wasn’t slurred. He was simple yet honest, and rather than displaying him in a skillful subject, he liked to press and compete with force from the front.

No matter what situation or what enemy he faced, Morron was the first to jump forward. It was a promise to check Moron first and come back and think about what to do next.


That belief has never been shaken. Moron endures. If it is a Moron, it will be pierced. Moron is fine.

It was not only Moron that such faith was directed.

Hamel, Senya, Moron, Anise, Vermouth. All five of them trusted each other.

Because of their unconditional trust in each other, they were able to break through the terrible darkness of Helmud.

Because they never doubted that each other would never betray, never run away, and fight with the same fighting spirit, they were able to fight to the death with the demon king.


Eugene brooded over the complex feelings. It was a long time ago, but Eugene could recall Moron’s appearance and voice as clearly as if he had just seen it.

It’s not just Moron. Senya, anise, and vermouth. I clearly remember everyone who had the same meaning and fought back to back.

‘I can’t imagine you dead or old.’

Yujin clenched her fists as she recalled the image of her old friend.


the day after the meeting.

Eugene came out in front of the warp gate of the Black Lion Castle. He had no reason to remain in the Black Lion Castle any longer, so he wanted to return to his hometown early.

It is said that the Heretic Questioners from the Holy Empire returned early in the morning. They didn’t even want to see them off, and unlike when they came, they left the castle quietly.

‘Shouldn’t I have asked Christina to say hello?’

I thought about that for a moment, but I also felt that there was no need to say anything unnecessary. Atarax, who secretly scratched the inside of people, and Hemoria, who openly growled like a beast and sharpened his teeth. No matter what Eugene thought, the two would not have feelings of friendship toward Eugene.

“…Looks like I’ll have to stay at the castle by this month.”

Gilreid smiled bitterly and opened his mouth.

“…I have to deal with the case properly, and I also have to visit the grave of the deceased senator from the previous generation.”

It’s not just Doines’ tomb. Iod annihilated all of the Bossar count family, including Theonis. Their funerals have already been held, and another lord has already taken office in the county of Bossar. Klein and the other elders bowed their heads to the wrath of their relatives.

Aside from that, Guilade must also apologize. Guillaid thought so. He visits the bossar family graveyard, and when he is done there, he must also visit the family of Deacon, who died as a sacrifice.

After that? Announcing the abolition of the blood line ceremony, you have to deal with influential people from the side who will come to find the castle of the black lion. Originally, the meeting was held at the main house, but since the abolition and change of Lionheart’s long tradition were announced, it was natural that the meeting should be held at the Black Lion Castle where the elders were staying.

“I don’t think you’ll be back within this month.”

“I think so too.”

Gilreid smiled bitterly and nodded.

“I should be able to go back by next month at the latest. Xian said he would remain in the castle and train until I return… Until then, I’ll have to leave the family home to you.”

“Anicilla-sama is there, and Carmen-sama is there too.”

“I’m holding on to it.”

“Even having my father doesn’t help much…”

Eugene joked, and Gilade forced a sunken cheek into a smile. Seeing that, I thought he was joking. The sick man’s smile, which would not be strange if he collapsed at any moment, looked pitiful.

“…And isn’t Ciel coming back soon too?”

Eugene looked behind Guilade and said. Ciel Lionheart. She poked her head out from behind the castle wall and glanced at Eugene.

“I’m going to learn from Carmen-sama.”

“Who said what?”

“When I return to my home, it is on my mind.”

“Who said what?”

the answer is nasty He might have waited a few days and asked to go back together, but Ciel didn’t. It was her concern about her father, who would suffer from her suffering, that made her decide to stay a little longer in her Black Lion Castle. She would need an attendant as well, so Ciel acted together with Gilreid, and she planned to visit the tombstones of the Bossar family or the Decon family.

“…I have to tell my mother. Me and my brother are fine with no injuries.”


After answering that, I looked at Gilade.

“Then, see you next time at the main house. Uncle.”

Guillaid smiled lowly when he saw Eugene’s hand approaching him.


The hands of both of them, not a drop of blood. It seems like yesterday when I first adopted them, but there was no more youthful tinge left in the hands we held together. That made Gilreid’s heart ache even more.

I remember the adopted son’s hands so clearly… I couldn’t remember what the eldest son’s, Iod’s, or the child’s hands were like. Guillaid closed his eyes, brooding over guilt and regret.


Ciel’s lips pouted out. It is clear who the word Uncle is directed to, but why Uncle? Even last time, I kept the line by saying ‘Gilreid-sama’.

‘Uncle… not bad… not…’

“Call me sister.”

“Have you been drinking since morning?”

“Why does my father call me uncle and not call me sister?”

“I don’t know what it has to do with it.”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. The warp gate has been connected since a while ago, and Diad, the 6th division commander in charge of him, is glaring at him.

“Don’t make a fuss, give me a little rub on Uncle Daddy’s shoulder.”

“…and talking like an old man again.”

Eugene didn’t bother to respond and headed for the warp gate.

When you return to your hometown.

First, you need to explain the situation to Anicilla and Carmen. After that, you have to test the magic spear and crushing weight in the forest where the elves are staying. Perhaps, in the process, he might sneak into the spirit vein of his family.

‘I’ll forgive that much.’

After the maintenance of the crushing weight and the magic spear is over.

Eugene must also prepare.


Until Princess Raksha comes.


Lionheart’s Forest.

Eugene sat upright in his heart. The talkative Mer wasn’t around right now.

Anicilla, the hostess of the main house, is a giant behind the religious community of Kiel. She is not respected by many knights like her head, Guilade, but she is called the lioness of the salon because she hears about and interferes with most of her aristocratic affairs even though she does not attend the church.

The prestige of the family stuck in the gutter due to the iodine problem.

Anicilla had a lot of work to do to dominate the aristocratic family, not only until now, but also in the future. You should write handwritten letters to close aristocrats, attend parties you don’t usually attend, send threatening gifts to people who gossip at parties or tea parties without knowing the subject, and warn the media outlets that published sensational exaggerated articles. .

That is, there is a lot of stress. Normally, there are many ways to relieve stress, such as drinking a few glasses of wine before bed, putting on sportswear before dawn and jogging until you are out of breath.

Coincidentally, Mer was at the main house now. Annie Cilla realized that decorating, feeding, petting, and enjoying a little girl who seemed to have realized her romance and her lingering desires for childcare was an excellent way to relieve her stress.

So now, Mer was held by Anicilla. In fact, she couldn’t have Mer by her side in what she was about to do, even if Anishilla didn’t want it.

‘Because I might get caught up in it for no reason.’

The first time you encounter a spark of lightning. Melchis had warned that Mer’s spell might be invaded in the process of subduing the lightning spark. If Mer’s compositional formula was damaged, it would be impossible for Eugene now to restore it.


Yujin slightly twisted her body as she sat upright, lost in thought.

Lionheart’s Forest.

The sapling of the world tree that had been moved here spread its roots underground and touched the spirit vein created by Vermouth hundreds of years ago.

It’s only been about a month or so.

As Tempest and Melchis had said, this forest became a lush and full of vitality in all four seasons. The fairy trees hadn’t increased yet, and the saplings of the world tree hadn’t grown any bigger, but… Eugene could feel the same spirit of the world tree as when he entered the elf’s territory in this forest.

“Because I don’t listen to you softly.”

I can only feel it. It was impossible to control the spirit of the World Tree. It was something they tried when the lightning spark first melted into their body, but still those spirits did not respond to Eugene’s call.

‘I didn’t even expect it.’

The weapons taken out from the inside of the cloak were a magic spear and crushing weight. Although they went through a fierce battle in the Black Lion Castle, fortunately these two weapons were not broken and kept their original shape without any cracks.

The spearhead of the magic spear wriggled like blood vessels were protruding, and the curved spear blade was as long and sharp as any blade.

The crushing weight is in the shape of a giant hammer. The excessively long magic spear was much longer than Eugene’s, but at least the crushing weight was similar to Eugene’s height.

But it’s heavy. A huge hammer hanging from the end of a rod would be more suitable for breaking rocks in a mine than using it as a weapon.

In fact, the crushing weights and demonic spears of today were nothing more than lumps of metal that were bizarre and difficult to handle, and could only be used as they were.

This is because the remnants of the demon king and demonic energy were completely annihilated by the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. Eugene held a magic spear and crushing weight in each hand and opened his eyes thinly.

It can be used as a weapon by itself. After checking, I don’t know what kind of metal it is, but these two weapons received mana very well. But if that’s all there’s no benefit. Mana eats Winid and Aspel well.

In the process of injecting mana, it was confirmed that some of the lightning sparks mixed with mana permeated the magic spear and crushing weight.

‘It’s impossible to interpret the spell.’

I checked it first through Akasha. There is a spell to embody the power of the demon lord on the demonic spear and crushing weight, but rather than being engraved, it melted into the weapon itself, and it felt like they became one. As a result, it was impossible to separate or modify the formula.

‘I didn’t even understand what.’

With simple mana, it is impossible to recreate the lost power of the magic spear and crushing weight. Will it be different if I use magic? Probably so, but Eugene himself would not be able to deal with demons without going crazy.

Fortunately, I felt the possibility of reproducing the authority of the Demonic Spear and the Crushing Weight through the lightning spark melted into mana.

Magic spears and crushing weights are great as catalysts.

ㅡ Hwareuk!

A white flame burns. Yujin concentrated on her consciousness while holding the magic spear and crushing weight in both her hands. When the cores are connected and the rotation becomes one. The flames intensified and lightning flashed.

Woo woo!

As if responding to the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony, the magic spear and crushing weight vomited tears. Yujin felt her skin tingle and glared at the two weapons. Mana is not being sucked in, but Eugene is forcibly pumping it in. The mana Eugene now possessed was so strong and pure that it was unbelievable that she had only trained for seven years.

That mana is poured in enough to scratch the bottom of the core. The sword steel wrapped around the demonic spear and crushing weight became a huge and fierce flame that could no longer be expanded, and gradually condensed under Eugene’s rule.

As I pushed it to the limit, it began to permeate little by little. I wasn’t even surprised. Eugene had already been repeating this every day for five days, whenever mana was restored. The spirit vein is also nearby, and this forest where the saplings of the World Tree are planted is full of mana. Even if mana is used up to the point of depletion, the excellent white flame ceremony restores mana in less than half a day.

‘I think it will be soon…’

By the time you feel a sharp pain in your exhausted core. ㅡ Quick! A different sound than before came from the magic spear and crushing weight.

The two weapons, which were originally black, turned white in the flames of the phantom flame ceremony. Shortly thereafter, thin cracks began to spread. Knock… Knock! Lightning sparks mixed with Eugene’s mana began to permeate through the cracks.

The reaction did not end there. The spirits of the World Tree, who had been called and asked many times but never approached. White things like smoke began to approach Eugene as if they were being attracted.

The spirits of the World Tree rushed into the crackling sparks of lightning. They mingled with the lightning sparks and became part of the mana that Eugene controls. And again, it seeped into the cracks between the magic spear and crushing weight.

Eugene watched them in a dizzyingly elevated consciousness. Should I quit soon? Although the spirit of the World Tree was added, the total amount of mana did not increase dramatically. The core is about to run out. If you continue to extract mana like this, you may collapse from exhaustion, or if you don’t care, serious damage to the core may remain.

‘This is not going to be f*cked…’


An explosion exploded from the magic spear and crushing weight that Eugene was holding. Although it was a sudden explosion, Eugene did not panic and did not miss the crushing weight and the magic spear. It was because he did not miss the sign before the flow of mana twisted and exploded.


Yujin’s face crumpled and looked at my arm. His bones and muscles were not injured, but his skin was red and sore, as if he had suffered a minor burn.

The flame died out with an explosion. So was the lightning bolt. But it is not extinct. Yujin smiled and raised the magic spear and crushing weight.

The thinly spread incontinence was soon filled. Lightning spark melted in Eugene’s mana. It was added to the magic spear and crushing weight, and they became one. In other words, the magic spear and crushing weight are completely connected to Eugene.


Eugene couldn’t hold back his laughter and raised Mana. ㅡPajijik! Even with a small amount of mana, the sword was weak against the magic spear and crushing weight. Yujin laughed heartily at the lightning sparks that jumped out.

No, you shouldn’t be satisfied already. First of all, from the crushing weight. Eugene put down the magic spear, grabbed the crushing weight with both hands, and lifted it up.

position in sight. After confirming that, I slammed the crushing weight down.


A huge force pressed down on the realm. It’s a success. The power used by the demon king is of course incomparable to the power used by Iod. Succeeded in reproducing the Power of the Crushing Weight without using demonic energy.


I did feel a little dizzy. I made up my mind, but mana was continuously sucked out when using authority.

‘…Not to the extent of being burdensome.’

It should be taken into account that there is very little mana left in the core. The power… even though it was weakened, it was good enough to use in actual combat.

‘The power is going to get stronger.’

Eugene put down the crushing weight and raised the magic spear.

I calculated the coordinates to cause the thorn, and stabbed the spear down. Papabak! Like the crushing weight, the spear blade soared exactly in the area it was aiming for. As expected, the range was smaller than the spearhead that Dominic used, and the arrangement of the spear blades was bad.

I was not disappointed. As long as the lightning sparks dwell in the magic spear and crushing weight, the power of the authority will grow with Eugene.


I tried to put the crushing weight and the magic spear back into the cloak.

It couldn’t be. It was because when he put it halfway into the cloak, his intense gaze pierced Eugene’s body. Ignoring it and putting more in, the gaze became more and more fierce. Wanting something, I pulled out my weapon a little, and my gaze softened…

“…why do you do that?”

Yujin held back a deep sigh and turned her head.

The back of a tree seen from afar.

Carmen Lionheart was half-faced. The thinly opened eyes are colored with a dull light … Eugene tilted her head with a shaken expression.

“…That… You’re not trying to blame me for having a demonic spear and crushing weight now, are you?”

I had told Carmen beforehand about the possession of the magic spear and crushing weight. I had to tame the arms in this forest, but it was impossible to fool Carmen’s eyes.

He felt gratitude for resolving the accident that occurred in the Black Lion Castle, and confirmed that there was not even a speck of magic left. So Carmen readily agreed to the matter.

But why are you looking at me like that? When Eugene blinked his eyes, Carmen cleared her throat and walked out of the tree.

“…I heard an explosion.”

“Yeah… well… because of me.”

“I felt a surprisingly huge amount of mana.”

“That’s what…”

“What you just unfolded, the ‘Pressure’ of the Crushing Weight and the ‘Changrim’ of the Demonic Spear… is that right?”

“That…you told me the other day. I will tame it so that I can use it…”

Before Eugene finished speaking. Carmen suddenly stretched out his right hand to the side. Eugene was taken aback by the sudden action and took a step back. In front of Eugene, Carmen turned his right hand over and showed it in front of him. Suddenly, a silver pocket watch was in her hand.

“Form change.”

ㅡClap! Inside the pocket watch, a heavy mechanical sound rang out. The pocket watch opened, and the hands inside turned.

The lid of the pocket watch was cracked.

Eugene was speechless and watched what was happening in front of him. It was no exaggeration to say that it was the cutting-edge essence of alchemy. The palm-sized pocket watch cracked open, and the metal seemed to stretch and wrapped around Carmen’s right hand and forearm.

“Heaven Genocide, Destiny Form.”


“The moment you see this arm… someone must die.”

“…Do I have to die?”

“If you and I start playing games of fate, so be it. Because I have no intention of dying.”


Carmen said as she squeezed her sharp fingers covered in silver metal.

“But I don’t struggle with my family.”


“It’s a good thing for each other. There will be no new tragedies added to Lionheart.”

Kirik, Chirik. Carmen continued to move his fingers. Eugene didn’t know what to say, so he looked at the Heaven Genocide Destiny form covering Carmen’s hand. A metal gauntlet wrapped around his right arm… The sight of it made something like hot excitement rise from the depths of his chest.

“What do you think?”


“My Destiny Form.”


“I haven’t shown you yet, no, I can’t show you. In order to maximize the power of the Destiny Breaker, it must be unfolded in this Destiny Form.”


“In this heaven genocide, not only the Destiny form, but also various forms exist. Wouldn’t you like to see more?”

“…it’s okay…”

“If it’s a blaster form, I think it’ll be a good match with the pressure of the crushing weight you just used. You can’t really compete, though.”

Carmen raised her hand to the side with a look of genuine regret. ㅡClap! sound of machinery. Heaven Genocide returned to the form of a pocket watch.

“so. What do you think?”

“Didn’t you just ask?”

“I felt it was not a true sentiment.”

“…I think it’s really cool.”

“Would you like to have it?”


“I can’t help it even if I want to have it. Because this is actually a cool artifact. But I won’t lend it, and I won’t tell you how you got it or who made it.”


“Aren’t you curious?”

Carmen asked with a smug expression on her face. It seemed that he couldn’t help bragging that he threw a glance, spread his chest, and shrugged his shoulders.

“…I wonder.”

“An accidental encounter, a miracle… A mysterious experience decades ago when I was young. I’ll just tell you this far.”

“Can you tell me what you’ve been saying to the end?”

“I can’t. Promises are very important and cannot be broken.”

click! Carmen closed the lid on the pocket watch and put it into her bosom.

“Your new armament has awakened a passion in me. Don’t worry, I’m used to this mania and I can keep it under control.”

I didn’t worry about anything.

“But be careful with the explosion. While running to this place, I saw several elves who were frightened by the sound of the explosion and sat down. I intercepted Lord Sycnad from jumping in thinking it was an attack.”

“…thank you.”

“Is the arm injury okay?”

“It’s kind of tingling. Leave it alone, it will be better tomorrow.”

“It’s clumsy. Even minor injuries must be treated. And Lionheart is worthless. There are plenty of medicines for each type, so don’t be afraid to apply them.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Let’s go back.”

Carmen took the lead in getting out of the woods as if it were natural. Since the taming of the magic spear and crushing weight was over, Eugene had no reason to remain in the forest any longer.

“By the way. The Demonic Spear and the Crushing Weight are no longer the Demonic Spear and the Crushing Weight, so should we continue to call them the Demonic Spear and the Crushing Weight?”

“Yes… yes?”

“Since that ominous magic has disappeared, there is no longer anything to be called the demon king’s armour. So there must be no reason to call it a demonic spear or crushing weight?”

“It’s confusing, so I’ll leave it as it is…”

“What do you think of Gaia Crasher and Longinus?”

Gaia Crasher, Las gigolos.

Longinus, Luinthos.

“The crushing weight and the magic spear are good.”

“Hmm… It is the owner’s right to name the equipment. I’ll make a better offer, but don’t invade him.”

Do you think the names Gaia Crasher and Longinus are better?



before leaving the forest.

I met Narissa, who was sitting on the floor, and Levera, who was helping her up. The moment she saw them, Carmen gave her a proud glance and crossed her arms.

The elf collapsed in surprise at the sound of the explosion.

Did you come this way to show him in person? It seemed that Eugene would never understand Carmen Lionheart’s intentions for the rest of his life…

“We met before we met.”

“what’s the matter?”

Narissa and Revera work as apprentice servants in a separate building. Shift time must have passed already, but the two of them had not yet changed and were still wearing Lionheart’s maid outfits.

“I have come to ask for permission to go out tomorrow.”


“yes. Because tomorrow is a holiday.”

Levera brushed off the dust from Narissa’s skirt and continued. Narissa’s body staggered whenever her skirt was hit with a bang. It seemed that he had not yet adjusted to his recently fitted prosthetic leg.

“Can I ask what you are going out for?”

“I need to go get a prosthesis.”

Narisa pointed to the eyepatch covering her left eye and said.

“Where are you going out?”

“It is the capital city.” “Did you go out last time?”

“doesn’t exist.”

The elf somehow draws attention. Of course, the security of the Kiel capital is excellent, but in case you didn’t know, it was decided that the head of the elves would always have one escort when the elves went out.

“Is there an escort you want?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Levera replied with a dry expression, and Narissa glanced at Eugene and stabbed Levera in the side. But no matter how many times she stabbed her, Revera’s expression didn’t change.

“Then come with me.”

“…is that okay?”

Narissa’s eyes trembled. I never expected that Eugene would say that.

“Me too…”

“You don’t have a day off tomorrow.”

“If you ask for shifts…”

“Chief Chamberlain Nina doesn’t like to change business hours for personal reasons.”

Narisa had no choice but to keep her mouth shut at the smooth answer.

“What time can I leave tomorrow?”

“Time doesn’t matter.”

“Then, shall we go out and have lunch? I haven’t been to the capital a few times, but I know Merga restaurants well.”

It was because Anicilla and Jehard went out with Mer every day.

“…All right.”

Levera bowed her head unfazed.


Lionheart’s home is on the outskirts of Seiris, the capital city, so it would take a few hours to get to downtown by carriage.

If Revera had gone out with only an escort, of course they would have taken a carriage, but since Eugene decided to go with them, there was no use of a carriage.

What do you ride a carriage for? You can use a warp gate. The warp gate of the parent family does not operate except for important reasons, but now Eugene was treated well enough to use the warp gate to his heart’s content for personal reasons.

“If it’s a bill, is it a specially ordered artifact?”

Mer, as usual, was not inside the cloak. She had gone out to the capital several times since coming to her parents’ house, but it was her first time going out with Eugene. Maybe that’s why she received strict coordination from Annie Silla from early morning.

“I heard that there are prosthetic eyes that connect directly to the optic nerve, but I heard that they are very expensive.”

Levera was dressed in neat street clothes, not a maid outfit. She continued, caressing the patch over her left eye.

“What’s wrong with money? Buy it if you need it It wouldn’t be uncomfortable not having an eyeball.”

“The apprentice attendant’s salary is too high, but…”

“No, of course you can’t buy it with your salary. Can’t I just buy it for you?”

“Thank you for your words, but I am fine.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“I cannot use such a proposition.”

Levera lifted her eyepatch and continued. Her eyes were intertwined with burns and knife marks.

“Since the inside of the eye has been burned by the pharynx, this eye will never be seen again, no matter how expensive the prosthesis is.”


Mer shuddered when she saw the wound on the inside of her eyepatch.

“…then… um… wouldn’t it look nice to wear a prosthetic eye with a jewel in it?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you just didn’t say anything?”

“I’m talking about Levera-sama in my own way.”

“Are you saying you care about telling one-eyed people to wear jewels in their eyes?”

“I feel hopeless for the humanity of Eugene, who says that he only sees one eye and has one eye.”

“I didn’t say anything wrong…”

A careless conversation of give and take. Levera couldn’t respond and she just kept her mouth shut. Of course, it is true that it is said with care in its own way, but what should I answer to the words of one eye or jewel eye?

“…just a normal prosthesis is good.”

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