Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 530

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What is Lagurya?

It snows all year round in Rehein Yar, right next door, but it doesn’t snow in this land. Gray cloudy skies. A land as if it were foggy. A sea of ​​silence without even a ripple.

A black mist poured from the wide open chain door. sword of confinement. Gavid Lindman led the Black Mist into the Land of Silence.


Before even looking around. Gavid laughed and shook his head.

Above the hazy sky. I saw the now familiar appearance of Jebella Face. All the black mist came out, and while the chain door was closing, Jebela Face’s mouth opened.

“I thought you would come alone.”

Noir Jevela sneered and stood in the sky. She usually enjoys her unconventional and flashy fashion along with her eccentricity, but today she was wearing an unusually monochromatic dress.

Gavid smiled at the black veil that covered Noir’s face lightly.

“You would have foreseen that I would die in defeat.”

“Ahaha. Of course I do, but I have no intention of laughing at your death. I intend to sincerely mourn you if you die.”

Noir lifted the veil that covered his face and smiled.

“But this is a bit surprising. I thought you would come alone.”

“It’s a duel that everyone on the continent wants to see.”

“That answer is even more surprising. Gavid Lindman. I didn’t know you were such a show off man. What are you going to do if you end up losing?”

“If I am defeated, it is even more meaningful to bring the Black Mist here. You’ll know right away how strong Helmud’s enemies are.”

Gavid said that and looked back at the black mist.

Helmud’s most elite knights. Gavid hoped that even if he was defeated, the Knights of the Black Mist would learn something through this duel.

“And, it wasn’t necessarily because of my wishes that I brought you here. don’t you know The Black Mist is the bodyguard that protects the demon king in captivity. If the demon lord of confinement comes, the Black Mist must be here as well.”


Noir’s eyes lit up. She glanced at the chained door that was already closed.

“The demon king of confinement himself… … Are you coming?”

“Because he decided to give power to the arena.”

“I had heard about it, but I never thought it would come in person.”

“Are you afraid? His Majesty will rebuke you for your rudeness.”

“Ahaha! It can’t be. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Noir chuckled and waved his hand. Gavid shrugged his shoulders at the sound of laughter echoing from the sky and started walking.

“Archduke Lindeman. How can you not scold Duke Jebela for not serving Your Majesty?”

The adjutant of the Black Mist approached Gavid and whispered. Not only him, but all of the Black Mist couldn’t understand Gavid.

The Demon King of Confinement is the emperor who rules over Helmud. Although the confined demon king himself enjoys the title of ‘demon king’ rather than the title of ’emperor’, in either case, the demons under his command must be polite. However, Noir Jebella does not call the demon king in captivity ‘Demon King’.

“It’s because I acknowledge her status.”

Gavid replied in a calm voice. Noir had already been disrespectful to the demon king in captivity from a year ago. He used words and actions as if he were the same as the Demon King. From then on, Gavid had already tolerated Noir’s words and actions.

“So, just in case, don’t do anything that offends Duke Jebela. She can kill you like stepping on her ants, and her Majesty will not rebuke Duke Jebela even in the face of your death.”


It was an unfair word, but the Black Mist all bowed their heads in response.


Gavid looked up at the arena and exclaimed. It is a magnificent building that is hard to believe that it was completed in less than a year. Gavid grinned as he scanned the delicately carved walls.

“It would be a shame to make this one last.”

If you win the duel.

I cut off the thoughts that naturally followed. Such thoughts would be enjoyed even more after winning the duel.

Gavid laughed and flew up into the sky. If you look around you’ll find a door to get inside, but he didn’t have to. This is because the ceiling did not exist in this building, similar to Simuin’s Colosseum.

“It looks gorgeous, but… … Ahn is more shabby than I thought.”

Seeing the mostly empty spectators, I burst into laughter. It has to be. This is the northernmost point of the continent. In order to come here, you have to cross snowfields that never stop snowing, and you have to cross steep and rugged mountain ranges.

‘Even so, the warp gate could be installed. Not installing… … Is it because there is a good reason?’

Gavid thought as he glanced at the frighteningly calm sea and the ominous Leheinyar.

I didn’t see it when I visited the Night March… … Now, Gavid could see the fraud and poison stagnant in Rehein Yar.


The highest peak overlooking Laguryaran. I saw a man who stood tall at the top and felt bigger than the mountains of Rehein Yar.

“The Moron of Horror.”

The distance is far. But Gavid felt Morron’s murderous intent as if right in front of his nose. Moron, strangely chopping her axe up on her shoulder, met Gavid’s gaze in the distance.

“If you want, you can look a little closer… … haha. Is there anything you can’t help?”

I saw the blood soaking the ax across my shoulder. The visible fraud and miasma were spreading in that blood. Gavid chuckled and looked down at the crowd again.

The fact that most of the stands are empty is not simply because this place is far from the continent and difficult to come by. Distrust of Eugene Ryanhart, who disappeared for a year. And- if, if Eugene was defeated in a duel, it must have been anxiety.

“Wouldn’t it have been better if the stands were full?”

Noir, who was flying high, whispered.

“If not only humans but also demons had come, hehe, we would have been able to measure which side’s shout would be louder.”

“I heard that duels here are broadcast all over the continent.”

“that’s right. Because everyone in the world will want to know the aspect and outcome of the duel.”

Noir felt the various magics installed in this large arena. It seems that the black tower and the magic cable were reproduced in a human way, right? Noir laughed and murmured.

“This kind of video transmission is my specialty. I would have made it easier if you had been kind enough to ask for help.”

Still, the reproduction itself is great. At this level, as announced in advance, you will be able to watch the duel in the main squares of each country.

Who will win, who will be defeated, who will survive, and who will die among the brave, brilliant Eugene Lionheart and the sword of confinement, Gavid Lindman?

“The crowd thinks this is enough.”

Gavid laughed and came downstairs.

“There are heroes of the continent, aren’t there lionhearts?”

As the place is a place and there is no way to know what dangers might arise, there were no emperors, popes, or kings to be seen. But all the heroes seen on the battlefields of Hauria are present.

Gavid nodded slightly at them and gave them a courtesy.

“But the person in question didn’t come.”



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Noir laughed and whispered. Eugene is nowhere to be seen in the arena, let alone the spectators. I can’t even read the signs.

“It seems my Hamel hasn’t arrived here yet.”

“Today hasn’t passed yet.”

Gavid replied with a calm face. other side. Still, the spectators who hung the flag of Helmud high. Gavid smiled at the large chair in the middle of it.

“Fortunately, they don’t seem to want to make me stand in the middle of the arena and wait.”

“If you sit in that chair, where does the demon king of confinement sit?”

Noir asked with a mischievous smile. Gavid, who led her black mist across the sky, let out a hearty laugh.

“Your Majesty, who will descend here, will not use that chair as the throne.”

“Well, the demon king of confinement is always like that. I used to make a chair with a chain on the back of a chair that was fine. What’s so comfortable about that hard, bumpy chain chair?”

Gavid descended from the sky and sat on a chair beneath Helmud’s banner. The black mist that followed him spread wide and stood behind Gavid. Noir giggled as he looked around at the knights of the Black Mist who were not seated.

“Are you going to sit here and wait until the day is over?”

“Of course you will.”

“What if my Hamel doesn’t come today?”

“I believe Hamel will come.”

“I said if. I also believe that Hamel will come.”

“if… … If Hamel doesn’t come.”

The mood of the Black Mist has changed. The fog began to roll with the bleak intent of murder. Gavid, still seated in his chair, calmed the mist with a slightly raised hand.

“well. I don’t know what to do. I never thought about Hamel not coming to the duel I promised him.”

“Hehe, you were the last person I met Hamel, right? Then, of course, you know where Hamel is. How about you pick me up?”

“I didn’t promise that to Hamel.”

Gavid shook his head.

“If Hamel doesn’t come here today, he broke his promise to me. I don’t think Hamel ran away from the duel… … If it doesn’t come, isn’t it inevitable?”


“I don’t really want to do it, but someone else will have to fight me in place of Hamel.”

At that answer, Noir burst out laughing.

“If you do not accept, I will leave this place immediately. I don’t know where I’m going, I haven’t thought about it yet, but it must be a city somewhere.”

“Go to the city?”

“I will cut down everyone in the city.”

The air in the arena froze.

“No one will stop me. If it gets in the way, I’ll have to cut through the things that get in the way.”

Gavid lifted his head and looked ahead.

“Is this a good enough answer? Saint Christina Rogeris.”

in front of the spectators. Christina’s expression, which was spreading her eight wings of light, was cold. She didn’t say anything, but Gavid had a clue about Christina’s intentions on the subject of not even listening to her question.

“Your job is not to persuade me. Go back to your seat, put your hands together and pray. Please, I hope Hamel arrives here before the end of the day.”

“Are there any other conditions?”

Christina opened her mouth. Her chill chills her spine.

But that’s all. Cristina looked straight into Gavid’s eyes without backing down from her.

If she had been Christina in the past, her face would have turned white and shuddered at Gavid, Noir, and the Magi that the black mist spewed out. However, she has grown over the course of a year, so has Christina. Although she developed the bad habit of drinking, she adapted perfectly to the stigmata of her hands and never missed her daily prayers.

“I want you… … I thought he was a very gentleman, a man who put chivalry first. And as much as I eagerly looked forward to the duel with Eugene. I believed that they would understand if Eugene could not arrive due to unavoidable circumstances.”

“is it.”

“I think you are wrong, but I won’t blame you. One duel, one city annihilation. It’s crazy from a human point of view, but you’re not human.”

“I think not adding such words will help you and I form a more friendly relationship.”

“Maybe. But I don’t want to establish friendly relations with you. Also, I think it’s an insult to treat you with a mask of lies.”

I wasn’t scared. Cristina looked at Gavid rationally. She wouldn’t have felt it before, but she sure did feel it now.

Gavid Lindman is terrifyingly strong. Without Eugene and Senya, everyone here couldn’t handle Gavid. Even if Moron is brought up, the odds of winning are not likely to be that great. Besides, if Gavid disappears without a fight and uses the Mystic Eye of Prestige, it is impossible to catch him.

“So I will be honest and insist on my will. Gavid Lindman. If I get down on my knees right here and kiss your feet. Can you push back the date of the duel?”

“Are you saying that you understand your position?”

Gavid didn’t laugh. He stared at Christina with genuine surprise.

“You are the Saint of Light. A man closer to the light than the Pope of Jurass. You, a demon, would kneel down and kiss his feet? Even in front of everyone on the continent?”


“Even though your actions dishonor the light?”

“The light I serve is not so narrow-minded as to consider it humiliating for a saint to kneel and kiss. What’s the point in saving a city’s life, that my knees are worn out and my lips dirty?”

“You tell an interesting story. Lady Rogeris. What if I decline your offer?”

“Then let me make another suggestion. Why don’t you hold me hostage until Eugene returns? As far as I know, in the long history of Helmud and Euras, there has never been a time when a saintess has been held hostage.”

“I don’t think you’ll be very happy holding you hostage. I have no intention of torturing you.”

“Then I will do it voluntarily. If Eugene doesn’t come tomorrow, I will gouge out my left eye myself. After two days, I will cut off my left arm, after three days, my left leg, after four days, my right leg, and after five days, I will gouge out my right eye.”

At the flowing words, Gavid opened his mouth involuntarily.

The saintess harmed herself. She must have believed in miracles and said such things, but she was held hostage and said that she would harm herself was so full of madness that it was unimaginable for her to be a saint.

“Five days. If Eugene doesn’t come after five days.”


Anise had been screaming from the start. But Christina ignored the cry. She didn’t even give herself up to Anis.

[I’d rather make it clear that I’m here. I will mortgage my soul.]

that cry. Cristina didn’t answer. She spoke in a steady voice.

“Then I will give you my head.”

Cristina finished talking, but Gavid didn’t answer.

“ha ha ha!”

Soon Gavid burst into laughter. I hope you will hear these words.

After laughing for a while, Gavid saw the eight wings spread behind Christina’s back. Its brilliant wings and appearance made it impossible not to recall Anise of Hell from 300 years ago.

“Being able to hold and kill the ‘saint’ as a hostage… … That’s a very attractive proposition. But I will refuse.”


“Saint Rogeris, your life will be far more valuable than exchanging the human life of just one city.”

“Rather, that side is for you… … .”

“okay. If I can take you hostage and kill you without killing a city, haha, that’s great. But I don’t want to.”

“… … .”

“So don’t persuade me any further, and go back to your seat.”

repeated rejection. Cristina couldn’t help but stare at Gavid in amazement. She thought that the condition she just had was something she would never refuse.

“This man is more naive than you think.”

Noir lying in the sky whispered.

“If you really want to beg, you better beg me, not Gavid Lindman? If it’s me, Heheung, Christina Rogeris. Depending on what you do, it may block Gavid for a few days.”

[Christina. Please, don’t listen to that Gall X’s story.]

This time, he did not ignore Anise’s cry. Christina chewed her lips and turned her body around.


Noir’s eyes lit up. She whispered, looking across the bleachers at the eerily calm sea.

“Even though you don’t even have to beg.”

Christina’s shoulders trembled. She quickly spread her wings and soared into the sky. It wasn’t just Christina who felt something of her. Everyone in the stands stood up and looked back at the sea.


Gavid also smiled and nodded. He stood up and looked towards the sea.

“You are here.”

calm sea.

Beyond that, far away – I could feel the waves coming.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 529Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 531
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