Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 531

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oh oh oh… … .

The black fog that had been standing behind Gavid rose from his chair. Directly under the sword of confinement, the elite knights of the Helmud Empire. All of them were eroded by the creeping emotions.


The emotions felt by all of the Black Mist were the same.

The sea, not too far from this arena. But something is approaching from a distant place beyond the sea. It felt like a huge wave that would wake up the frighteningly calm sea and swallow all the demons here.


Noir, who was lying in the sky, straightened up. She flew a little higher with a stiff expression on her face. She was in order to see the ‘sea’ clearly.

It wasn’t just a feeling. In fact, the sea of ​​Laguryaran was roaring. As if the silence had been the calm before the storm, the sea now roared violently, and the rushing waves were gradually pushing the gray land away.

shoot it, shoot it

The sound of the sea grows louder. The expression gradually returned to Noir’s stiff face. Noir whispered, holding her heart as if it were her first love.


Hamel has yet to be seen. However, Noir felt Hamel more deeply and intensely than at any other moment. This feeling was unmistakable love and her throbbing hatred.

Cristina could not go any further and stopped in the sky. All the people in the audience where she was originally sitting stand up, and she climbs to the top of the audience to see the sea, but she is still in the sky, just as Christina was going back.

Only the body is here. The souls of Christina and Anis had already left the arena and were heading towards the sea. The two saints recognized each other’s presence and briefly burst into laughter.

“sister. Embarrassingly, I said something really mean.”

“How many times have I stopped you? Christina. You don’t have to say that, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself.”

“But if I hadn’t stepped forward, Sister would have done it instead.”

“You, alive and well, become a hostage and die, and I, who died a long time ago, become a hostage. In my opinion, the latter was obviously right.”

Anise laughed at Christina, who looked just like her. She folded her wings, which were in full bloom, and came to her Christina’s side and took her hand.

“Well, there is no point in talking about it now. But, Cristina, this worries me very much. Are we supposed to welcome Hamel? Or should I be scolded?”

“Right now, I think it’s only right to welcome them. But if the duel ends with Yujin-sama’s victory. At that time, Eugene, who upset us, will have to pay for his irresponsible and ugly actions.”

Christina replied with a bright smile. That was the moment.

ㅡShoot aaaa! The sea was greatly stirred. Waves from afar swallowed all the seas of Laguryaran. In an instant, the gray land became a shallow sea.

The feet of the saints did not get wet even from the waves pushing the ground. They have now transcended their physical bodies, and only pure souls have become angels.

The two moved naturally, as if they were supposed to. I folded my brilliant wings and knelt on the ground where white waves came and went.


The sound of footsteps echoed in the calm, sunken sea. The ripples rose again in the calm sea with the sound.

“Isn’t it too late?”

A voice that makes you laugh. The two saints laughed and raised their heads.

“Yes, it is not too late.”

“Because today isn’t over yet.”

Suddenly, a man was standing on the shore.

Eugene Lionhart. He’s changed a bit from the last time I saw him, a year ago. How engrossed was he in a year? Anis smiled and whispered.

“Didn’t you shave your beard off?”

“It seemed like it would be close.”

“lie. Didn’t you think that a beard would suit you?”

Eugene licked his lips at the whispered teasing. He looked at Cristina, caressing her lower lip in his beard.

“Christina. how do you look i quite like it Aren’t I old enough to grow a beard?”

“I think it suits you very well, but I think a face without a beard is even better.”

I can’t help it when I say that. Eugene raised her hand and ran her face without asking further. Then the beard disappeared completely, revealing his bare face. He tidied up his hair, which had been shaggy over the year, and walked along the beach.

“It’s not too late, but still. I’m sorry I’m late.”

Eugene approached the two kneeling angels.


Anise whispered.

Eugene reflected in her eyes was different. Compared to a year ago, something is different. The beard you just shaved off? Shaggy hair? No, it’s not that outward.

Eugene Lionheart’s essence, existence, and soul seemed to have changed.

“Can you win?”

My heart swelled. … … Is this what it would feel like to see the real ‘God’? Even if you don’t understand it with your head, you can understand it with your heart, I feel like I’ve witnessed such a ridiculous miracle.


Eugene answered honestly.

“I’ll have to try, but I don’t think I’ll lose.”

loose confidence. Eugene’s expression was clear enough to believe that he was a person facing a death-death duel. Seeing that expression, Christina put her hands together in front of her chest.

She has been with most of Eugene’s battles so far. Every time she did that, she also remembers what kind of expression and emotion Eugene faced with.

Most of Eugene’s battle opponents were demons. There were beings that were close to demon lords, and there were real demon lords. Most of Eugene’s feelings toward such a being were the same. Anger, hatred, murderous intent, things like that.

But now it’s different. Curiously, the current Eugene did not feel any anger, hatred, or murderous intent.

Although there was no anger, hatred, or murderous intent—the current Eugene had other emotions. It was a pure and upright fighting spirit. It doesn’t seem likely There was no lie in that loose confidence.

Eugene came to win this duel.


Christina whispered. Eugene laughed without answering. The moment his feet passed the two kneeling angels, they disappeared into light. And returned to the body where it stopped.

“ah… … .”

Cristina shuddered for a moment in the sky. She then spread her eight wings and flew through the sky. Railing facing the sea. The crowd gathered there was holding their breath without even making a small sound.

They saw the crashing waves. I saw the wildly agitated, now calm sea. I saw the waves eroding the land that was called the end of the world.

I saw a man who suddenly appeared and stood tall on the borderline of the end. The spectators could not see the two angels greeting the man there.

However, I felt a strong divinity in the man who crossed the sea. Man has crossed the end of the sea that no one has conquered and crossed. Everyone knew it.

I felt a myth.

“you… … .”

Ciel stuttered and opened his mouth. A feeling that is difficult to understand. A mysterious uplifting feeling following encountering the real Shinhwa. Maybe that’s why my voice didn’t come out well.



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Still, Ciel managed to squeeze his voice. he called the name

Has there ever been a time in my 24 years of life when it was difficult to speak out like this? Have you ever realized that, after all, I am human like this? But this feeling is not helplessness. It is different from helplessness.

It’s touching. It’s not just Ciel. Everyone felt the same emotion. Starting with Ciel, everyone was speechless. All of Ryan Hart, including Gil Reid, placed their hands on the lion pattern on his left chest.

Knights and mercenaries, warriors and archmages. All the so-called heroes whispered Eugene’s name and clenched their fists.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The hero answered the call of the hero. Eugene, walking on the edge of the end, stood on the railing of the arena before he knew it. Warrior? Can I call the current Eugene a hero? Everyone felt the same way.

The present Eugene had become a being who should no longer be called a hero. Is it because of the mood? In this gray land where the sun could not be seen, it seemed that only Eugene’s surroundings emitted a soft light.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

Eugene smiled and said. But she had no one to answer her words. Everyone looked up to Eugene, enveloped in indescribable emotion.

The excitement aroused by divinity and mythology was instantly extinguished. Instead, an eerie chill pervaded the space.

Everyone here felt it.

The demon king of confinement has come.

Most of the audience did not know how the demon king of confinement descended to this place. However, the demon king of confinement was undoubtedly standing here, even as he was.

All the black mists that stood up knelt in their seats. Even Gavid lowered his body.

However, Noir did not come down from the sky. Still standing in the sky, she looked down at the demon king of confinement who had appeared in the stands.

How dare you look down at the demon king, the emperor of Helmud. That would be a huge disrespect, but the demon king of confinement didn’t scold Noir. He did not give Noir a single glance.


The demon king of confinement, standing at the lowest point of the audience, opened his mouth and took a step. The chains hanging from the shoulders like a cloak made a rustling sound whenever the demon king of confinement moved.

“Have you met the light?”

The demon king of confinement asked. At those words, everyone looked at Eugene with surprised faces.

Eugene didn’t answer and looked at the demon king in captivity.

Golden eyes that radiate a brilliant light. I felt a firm divinity deep in the pupils of the demon king of confinement. At the same time, he obeyed and obeyed existentially and saw the light shining on himself.

“This seat.”

Eugene opened his mouth. He tilted his head and glared at the demon king in captivity.

“It’s not a place where you and I are daring, nor is it a place where I am tested by you.”

unwavering voice. A thin smile was drawn on the lips of the demon king in captivity. Yujin glared at that smile and continued.

“The protagonists of this place today are not you and me.”

Eugene’s fingers moved. he said, pointing to Gavid in the crowd on the other side.

“Gavid Lindman. Today, this is where you and I duel.”


The demon king of confinement let out a short laugh. The world shook at the sound of that laugh.

“Right. I was in a hurry, Eugene Ryanhart. You are right. Today, this seat… … It is not a stage for you and me.”

The demon king of confinement shook his head.

“The sword of confinement.”

A whisper followed.

“My knight.”


Before he knew it, Gavid stood by the demon king of confinement. He slowly got down on one knee and lowered his head towards the demon lord in captivity.

The demon king of confinement turned his head and looked at Gavid. sereung. Gavid pulled out the Glory hanging from his waist and supported it with both hands. The demon king of confinement held Glory in his own hand.

“Gavid Lindman.”


“I hope to win this duel.”

The demon king of confinement placed glory on Gavid’s shoulder as if he had been appointed the sword of confinement for the first time.

“So this duel is not against me. my wish, my promise. If you care about those things, you don’t have to.”


Gavid replied.

“I will offer you victory.”

After the appointment, Gavid raised both hands. Glory returned to Gavid’s hand. And Gavid stood up.

Cheer up! A cloak of chains lifted her head. The demon king of confinement sat on the throne of chains where he always sat.

“What a wonderful place.”

The demon king of confinement looked around the arena and said.

“This place and today’s duel will become a myth.”

– Whoa! The world was shaken. A chain suddenly rose from the center of the arena. The swinging chain returned to the ground and spread wide, dividing the spectators and the arena. The interlocking chains that wrapped around the circular arena melted into space.

“Thank you for the power.”

Gavid put the Glory back into his waist and bowed his head.

An authority bestowed directly by the demon king of Yupe. Now, no matter how much destruction takes place in that spacious arena, no matter how great the force, the damage will not spread to the spectators.

“Aren’t Senya and Carmen still here?”

Yu-jin, who was looking at the knight’s appointment and authority with disdain, asked.

“Yes, you haven’t come back yet.”

“Great. I thought you would definitely come back after a year or so.”

Eugene grumbled and stepped away. He walked leisurely up the steps of the stands and jumped off the ledge below.

“Come down now.”

Standing on stage, Eugene snapped her finger at Gavid. Gavid grinned and went down the stairs.


This duel is not against the demon lord of confinement.

The demon king in captivity hopes for victory in the duel.

That freed the last remaining shackles from Gavid.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 530Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 532
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