Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 533

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Gavid’s Mystic Eye of Prestige. Among the binoculars that should naturally exist, the left eye is not functioning as a demonic eye.

At first I thought it was an illusion. It was because it was hard to understand from Eugene’s mind that only the left one of the pair of mystical eyes was not functioning.

But it was not an illusion. Through several attacks, Eugene never paid attention to Gavid’s eyes.

It must have been. Gavid’s left pupil does not contain the evil eye of prestige. Those are just plain eyes.

“There is no penalty.”

First, Gavid said so.

“It’s not like I don’t use it to insult you. It’s just that I had no choice but to prepare for this ‘next’.”



A bitter smile spread across Gavid’s lips.

“Really, in case I lose to you, Hamel.”

“… … .”

“The magic eye is up to you to use.”

right pupil. The majestic eye of prestige emitted a bleak light.

“As you know, these eyes contain the power of my lord, the demon king of confinement. Whether it is written with a pair of eyes or with one eye, that fact does not change.”

Eugene knows that well. Right now, even Ciel has only one pupil with a demonic eye. Nevertheless, Ciel handles the power of darkness and the power of immobility with a single magic eye.

but. The ‘Mystic Eye’ is not something that can be conveniently drawn and transferred to others.

A demonic eye is something that dwells in non-physical beings. Even if one eye is plucked out, the demonic eye does not disappear. As expected, Gavid’s left eye doesn’t have the Mystic Eye of Prestige.

“… … From what you’re saying, it looks like you passed it on to someone else. Who are you? Has the next sword of confinement already become an internal affair while I am gone?”

“There is no need to hide it.”

Gavid giggled.

“I have not decided on a successor. Even the demon king of confinement didn’t want that.”

A year ago, right after declaring a duel with Eugene. Gavid returned to Babel and reported the duel to the demon king in captivity.

And he hoped to transfer the Mystic Eye of Prestige. If he was rejected, he thought he couldn’t help it. At that time, he thought he would not let go of regrets. Anyway, the demonic eye of prestige was bestowed by the demon king in captivity for his sword.

However, the demon king of confinement did not refuse Gavid’s request. He didn’t even show a hint of displeasure. Rather, she laughed happily and accepted Gavid’s request.

After getting permission, where Gavid headed.

Jebela City.

“Queen of the Dream Demon.”

The whispered reply proved the most terrible case that Eugene had imagined.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Eugene was startled and raised her head. Beyond the transparent chain wall, I could see the figure of Noir Jebella lying comfortably in the air.

when I first arrived here.

Of course, Eugene had no choice but to look after Gavid and Noir. Because those two were the big obstacles to overcome before climbing to the barbell. Fortunately, the stage with Gavid was prepared today, and Eugene did not think about losing.

After winning the duel, I thought about it. If you kill Gavid today, only one Noir Jebella will remain before climbing the barbell.

I paid attention to Noir Jebela,

I couldn’t feel anything. Rather, it gave Eugene a fright. Noir Jebella feels no power or rage. If she hadn’t heard from Gavid now, she wouldn’t have even known that Noir Jebella had inherited one of the Mystic Eyes of Prestige.

“I was going to tell you later as a surprise.”

Noir lay down in the air, twitching his legs and laughing.

playful laughter. However, Eugene felt eerie from that smile. It was only at this moment that Eugene had no choice but to understand.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Born as a race called succubus, she has now far surpassed the race called succubus. Then, did she become the Demon King?


That is no longer even the demon king, but a different being. Eugene clicked her tongue and lowered her gaze, glaring at Gavid.

Preparations to kill Noir are too early now. What Eugene needs to do right now is to win the duel with Gavid Lindman. It will completely kill him.

“I never thought I’d give you one of my magic eyes. You dukes feed me candy in an outlandish way. You will regret not having one magic eye before you die today, and you will have regrets about not having full power at the moment of death.”

“There is no difference in strength.”

As if to prove the words he had spoken, the light in the demonic eye of prestige became stronger.

Chick-Geek, Chick-Geek. The chain did not materialize, but a metallic sound resonated around Gavid.

“As I said, the magic eye depends on how you use it.”

I don’t regret giving one of my magic eyes to Noir. I didn’t even think that I was lacking in power because of that. The battle in the wilderness repeated countless times, the ‘sword’ that cut Agaroth was not obtained with a pair of Mystic Eyes of Prestige.

So if you lose today. It has nothing to do with the defect of the magic eye. It was simply that Gavid’s sword couldn’t cross Eugene’s.

Iron gruck.

An invisible chain appeared. Chains protruding from the empty air wrapped around Gavid’s left hand. At the same time, hundreds of chains raised their heads like snakes towards Eugene.

That alone changed the nature of the space. Eugene felt a huge force pressing on the sanctuary.

Quarrrrr! The moment those many chains were shot like spears, the Levantine was wrapped in flames again. The captured space opened wide, and the barrier of flame soared. The authority of the magic spear Luintos, Changrim, was manifested in a completely different form.

The chain could not penetrate the barrier of flame. There was no need to penetrate. The power of Chain of Confinement is simple and intuitive. It closes everything it touches and confines it. Mana, magic, divine power, and miracles all lose their initiative the moment they are connected to the chain.

Dragging the chain is Gavid. Gavid pulled his left hand that was connected to the chain.

Pew! The flame barrier dissipated with a loud sound. Gavid skillfully swung his chain with his left hand spinning.

Eugene stood in the center of the sanctuary without moving. Because he thought it was necessary to check. How much value does the sanctuary of ‘now’ really have in front of the power of confinement?

Koo Goo Goo Palace! The arena vibrated. The chain Gavid wielded came to a halt in the empty space without any walls, shaking his body.

Although they didn’t touch each other directly, Eugene and Gavid felt the same thing. This is a simple contest of strength. It can’t be said that no one is particularly superior, but that no result can be produced by competing only in strength like this.

So Gavid stepped forward. Dark magic covered Gavid’s body and flowed into Glory’s blade.

‘I’m testing it.’

My strength and my sword. Gavid twisted his lips into a laugh.

Indeed, that sanctuary is amazing. He stabbed with the intention of killing him, but the tip of his knife did not reach Eugene. Common sense does not apply to a radius of several tens of meters centered on Eugene.

Nonetheless, Gavid made his way to Sanctuary. Each time his distance shortened, he wrapped his chain tighter around his left hand a few more turns, strengthening his stepping foot. The mana that shimmered in Glory gradually grew thicker according to Gavid’s will, but it did not become savage and quietly condensed.

At one point, Gavid’s foot pushed hard into the ground. The chain, which had been pulled tight, loosened in an instant. The power that flowed through the chain changed. Except for the sanctuary created around Eugene, all forces pushed Gavid’s body forward. It was completely different from sprinting or leaping.

It seemed like everything was being hit from the front.

In an instant, Eugene felt it. What followed from Gavid was a single slash. But it never felt like a slash with a ‘sword’.




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Gavid Lindman.

“Was it like this?”

Sanctuary Law. You cannot harm the gods in the sanctuary. That’s why Gavid Lindman’s sword doesn’t reach.

The law, which should have been absolute because of its simplicity, was destroyed in one blow. Even then, the black did not stop. The demonic sword, which had already reached the point of killing a god, aimed at Eugene’s life.

With that in mind, Eugene quickly changed his strategy. The sanctuary developed in its current state cannot block the demonic sword. then.

‘It changes the shape of the sanctuary.’

Sparks shot up from Eugene’s back.

Signature, Prominence. The moment the black wings of light were manifested, Eugene’s mood suddenly changed. The movement was the same. Explosive acceleration pushed Yujin’s back. In an instant, the positions of Eugene and Gavid were reversed.

The demonic sword that had been striking the ground stopped abruptly. Even with all of his strength on the way, there was not the slightest imbalance in Gavid’s movements. He turned around and followed Eugene’s figure.


For a moment, I couldn’t help but think that way. No, Eugene’s hand wasn’t on her chest. ‘That’ is not an ignition.

Prominence, a signature created by Eugene Lionheart with the support of the archmages in Alot. Gavid already knew what type of magic it was and what abilities it possessed.

Spatial leap that is performed continuously by specifying the coordinates with the feathers that have been sprayed. It also has absurd performance as a combat support type magic, but for Eugene, the extreme of prominence is that it can be used as a pseudo-core to replace ignition. I have already confirmed that performance by seeing it directly from the sky of Nahama.

“You’ve already surpassed the realm of magic.”

Gavid laughed and murmured.

That flame isn’t just made up of mana. Likewise, the spells that make up Prominence are not magic. Prominence has gone far beyond the realm of magic and has certainly reached a miracle. Those black wings themselves were Eugene’s divine powers.

It is not about making a sanctuary in the world. Prominence itself took the place of Eugene’s sanctuary.

This is not Agaroth’s way. The god of war used his sanctuary as a weapon of war, just like his name. On the battlefield where Agaroth stood, the god army never got tired, and most of his injuries were miraculously healed, and he even received the blessing of divine power.

However, in front of the demon king of destruction, Agaroth’s sanctuary was destroyed in vain. In other words, judging ‘now’ after experiencing death as Agaroth, we cannot stick to Agaroth’s method. If he had to engage in an all-out war against the demons, he would have to use the extensive sanctuary, but what Eugene should do now is a duel, not a war.

It will be the same when you have to kill Noir Jebela and the demon king of confinement.

So, Prominence was made into a sanctuary.

Chijik, chijik. The space where Eugene was standing shook and cracked. The world is burdened by the power that has been immersed beyond its limits.

Gavid didn’t express his admiration anymore. He silently raised his sword. Currently, Eugene is enclosing the entire sanctuary. What that meant in battle, Gavid still couldn’t understand.

If so, you’ll have to hit it directly. As Gavid drew in his breath, his magical powers and powers opened to the front. The chains that entangled everything wrapped around Gavid’s body once.

Fire… … .

In the black light, Eugene’s eyes shone. Divinity flashed from the depths of his brilliant golden eyes.

Unprecedented power moved. The swords that symbolize each other collided as they cut through space.

A single collision, an impenetrable explosion of light, filled the arena. Immediately, the demon king of confinement snapped his fingers. The arena shook even though the chain was reinforced several times.

Eugene and Gavid, blood spurted from each other’s arms. Christina and Anis screamed at the sight.

This duel has too harsh conditions for Eugene, a ‘human’. In the duel, Eugene must not be injured. Even if there was nothing to be done with minor injuries, serious injuries would inevitably hinder the duel.

Look at Eugene’s right arm now. Even with one sword strike, twisted bones pierced the skin. Blood oozes from torn and torn muscles. With the aid of the saints, such wounds could be healed in an instant, but the saints were in no position to intervene in the duel right now.

“oh… … !”

The moment he felt surprise and worry, Eugene’s arm returned intact.

Ultra-high speed regeneration by divine power? no. The reality itself that the arm was smashed seemed to have disappeared. It was a unique immortality that even saints could not understand.


Only the demon king of confinement who sat on the throne of chains understood the nature of that immortality. He didn’t stop laughing, he even tapped his knee to express his admiration.

“Hamel, you.”

Gavid, who had also regenerated his broken arm, also raised his voice in admiration.

“Are you really human?”

Gavid didn’t stop moving even at the moment he asked the question. Chains of confinement appearing from all sides hit Eugene. Eugene’s left hand ran through Levantein’s blade. The flames burned more intensely due to the added divine power.


Dark red flames drew a line in the exploding brilliance. His left hand, which ran through the Levante’s blade, clenched into a fist. The sudden spread of darkness absorbed all the light.


The overlapping divine power created a small sphere. The sphere that absorbed all the light had the power to call it a black sun.

Eclipse exploded.

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