Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 534

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That plain declaration was not heard in the relay. Runaway lights and explosions hid everything in the arena. But Gavid and everyone else in the crowd sensed those words, an arrogant certainty in a calm voice.

But no one could deny it. This is because the current Eugene has definitely surpassed the level of a human being, and the power he creates while manipulating is nothing short of divine.

The one who realized it most deeply was the demon king of confinement. That spirit reminded the demon king of confinement of a long-forgotten feeling.

Maybe, maybe, really.

This time.


The demon king of confinement rested his chin on his hand. Eugene Lionhart. He is a monster born of concentrated destiny and possibility. Indeed, that deity is worthy of praise.

However, however. In the current ‘duel’, he is not particularly dominant. Gaby de Lindman, who abandoned the name and position he had pursued all his life and devoted himself only to his pure desire as a demon, reached the realm of divine killing. If it was the Age of Mythology, he would have made a name for himself as a god-slayer and rise to the most evil place as a demon king.

“I don’t know.”

The demon king of confinement grinned and muttered. If Eugene and Hamel had attained that level 300 years ago – the demon king of confinement would have opened the door of Babel wide without a moment’s hesitation.

But now is not the age of war. 300 years have already passed. The era that should have been destroyed soon, lasted another 300 years. If there was no promise, if there was no interest in it. The demon king of confinement would have done the same at the end of this era as he had repeated so far.


The demon king of confinement laughed bitterly and muttered. 300 years ago, that might have been enough. But now it’s not enough. 300 years was a long enough time for everyone.


Despite the explosion of that much power, Gavid Lindman is not backing down. If he had been him 300 years ago, he would have perished helplessly in front of that power.

But the current Gavid is not like that. If Noir Jebella transcended her demons by gathering countless desires, Gaby de Lindman transcended her demons by confining herself to the sword and remaining safe in the repetition of time.

The magic sword Glory advanced. The explosion of light that seemed to destroy the whole place was blocked at the tip of the knife.

drawn sideways The completed line cut the light in two. The light died out without a sound, and everything was empty. Eugene’s eyebrows twitched once because he didn’t expect to cut it all at once.


short laugh.

Well, it couldn’t be easier.

It is too arrogant to want this duel to end easily and without much difficulty. Just as Eugene went through many things for a year and finally got his divine power, Gavid is standing in this place because he has experienced unknowns and reached an unknown state.

“New things.”

Gavid muttered. After the duel begins. Eugene used the new powers he had acquired.

The holy sword and the moonlight sword, the divine moonlight sword forged from the demon king’s weapons into a new sword, Levantein. sanctuary. prominence,

“Are there any more?”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and stared at Gavid for a while. I didn’t feel any emotion in response to that question. It didn’t mean anything else.

But apart from that, Eugene couldn’t help but feel certain emotions. Although it’s a word she doesn’t really like to spit out. Eugene took a deep breath.


I didn’t mean to hide it. Eugene once again raised his left hand.

– Hwareuk. Levantein’s embers moved to Eugene’s left hand. The black flame drew a line and followed Eugene’s hand.

“I still have the habit of fighting, so I’m not used to using it as soon as I start.”

A smile spread across Gavid’s lips. Because those words and actions meant only one thing.

The one who overpowered Gavid 300 years ago and gave him fear. The will to kill unconditionally without thinking about the odds while burning his soul and life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a symbol of ‘Hamel the Massacre’.

A black burning hand dug into Eugene’s left chest.

– Pound. That loud sound was heard by everyone in the arena. Levantein’s flame resonated with Eugene’s heart and shook. thump, thump, thump. Every time his heart beat, the flames that covered Eugene calmly subsided.


What if we attack now? Gavid thought for a moment. Wouldn’t Eugene be defenseless if he attacked while the ignition was unfolding? If so, isn’t there any reason why he shouldn’t attack now?


I shook my head to myself. It’s not that I don’t think it’s honorable. It was because I had an intuition that that posture was by no means defenseless.

The moment the left hand was placed on the chest, the ignition was already activated. The reason why Eugene is standing still like that now is not because the ignition is late. If you think it’s a gap and approach it.


should not approach Gavid sensed it, but went ahead regardless. Because that is what Gavid has been craving for 300 years.

one step.

It was only one step forward. Even though that was all, Gavid’s expression changed. This wide arena felt infinitely narrow. It felt as if I was standing face to face with Eugene in a small solitary cell. Eugene felt so great that he thought so.

And one more step.

My instincts moved my body first before I could think or act. The magic sword he swung reflexively cut his front. Even though he cut himself like that, he couldn’t let go of the shock. Rather, the shock hit Gavid one beat later than he expected.

The body floated up. It was as if the soul had been ripped from the body and flew away. Having been blown away like this, he did not even know how far he would fly and get stuck. What Gavid chose at that moment.

It was to see Eugene. He did not take his foot off the spot where he wrote the ignition. He only swung his arm, the Levantine. Even with that, the slash was terribly heavy.

Cheer up! Chains protruding from the air grabbed Gavid’s body. He had already put a chain around his body for defense. Most of it had already been crushed by the attack just now.

“Here… … .”

Eugene’s lips opened. As he slowly lowered his knees, he glared at the stationary Gavid, chained in the air.

“It’s too narrow.”

Aww! Eugene’s foot kicked the ground. The arena, which had been protected by the power of confinement, collapsed with just one cloud of his feet. Eugene, who jumped like that, reached Gavid immediately without even having time to fly.

thump, thump. Eugene’s right arm crossed behind him. Levantein’s flame burned quietly.

ㅡ Cranky! Glory and Levantein collided in the air. The previous clash was equal to each other. But not now. pushed unilaterally

Gavid gritted his teeth and tried to hold on, but he couldn’t. The chains that held him together were broken. The magic power surrounding his glory was completely extinguished.

‘The firepower… … ‘

Even though it’s different from before, it’s so different. No matter how much Ignition is used, can the firepower change this much?

According to Gavid, the firepower amplified by the simultaneous activation of Prominence and Ignition is approximately 3 to 4 times. However, the firepower that Eugene now pulls out far exceeds Gavid’s expectations.

Even the firepower continues to rise. Eugene’s body leaned forward as if he were about to fall.

has disappeared. know where to appear But knowing was useless. The slash that arrived at the same time as it appeared hit Gavid. Once again, Gavid’s body was pushed back.

Eugene from before fought relatively calmly. It hardly moved from its place, and even if it did, it wasn’t as dynamic as it is now.

But now it’s different. Eugene began to lead the battle in earnest. Speed ​​was impossible to follow with the eye, and predictions that were nothing short of foreknowledge were useless.

How do you respond to an attack that you need to be aware of? All Gavid could do was wrap the chains of confinement all over his body, connect the chains so as not to back down too much, and concentrate on defense while looking for gaps.

‘oh my god.’

Gavid only understood after being hit dozens of times in a row.



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Taking out the Levantein’s flame, Eugene didn’t actively move, it wasn’t something like leisure. That insanely beautiful sword was one that even the usual Eugene did not dare to wield. You can barely handle it until you open the sanctuary or put it on your body.

So I have to write ignition. Without going into a runaway state, Eugene himself could not handle the Levantine’s power.

Gavid was right. Levantein is a sword forged with all the weapons that Eugene owns and with his desires that transcend time and space. It is a sword to burn the destruction that will end all existing demon lords and the world. The power of this sword is impossible even for a god to handle.

It was necessary to have a fatal resolution to burn even oneself. Rather than my own death or the resulting fear, I needed a pure murderous intent to kill the other person unconditionally.


Eugene’s eyes flashed. Eugene’s left hand is still on his chest, holding his heart.

“It’s still not enough.”


Dark red flames transferred to the finger that had been pulled out of the heart. With the tip of his left finger, he swiped the blade of the Levante lying on his side. The light that burned the will to kill and divine power dwelled on the blade. The Levantein’s blade trembled.


The blade of the glass pulsated. A new flame was added to the already burning flame. Like that, the flame overlapped once.

‘An empty sword.’

A feeling of pressure, as if the whole body was being crushed. A crash that cuts off. Even in the midst of that, Gavid judged.

Kiyel’s famous martial artist Dragonic’s secret skill. An empty sword that overlaps swords. The principle itself is like a source. However, what Eugene now superimposes is Shinhwa, not sword steel. Even before using the sword, it was heavy enough to block Gavid’s attack, and the power was more overlapped there.

“Not enough.”

Even wielding this much power, Eugene continued to wish. The blade of the flame burning dark red moved forward. In addition, Eugene infused one more power.

Crushing weight phalanx dissolved in Levantein The power of Lass. The power to destroy and explode everything that gets in your way.

A flame approaches.

Gavid had a hunch about what was about to happen. That sword will crush all the chains of confinement that Gavid has concentrated on.

That’s how you deny the majestic eye of prestige. It will even break the blade of Glory, which will never break. Even the chains wrapped around one’s body for defense would have no meaning in front of the Levantine.

Nevertheless, Gavid extended his sword. Because there was no other way. It is impossible to avoid. That sword already had a quality that made it impossible to avoid.

The Levantine had already determined the absolute fate of defeat and death for Gavid. Running away from that red and black flame is the same as avoiding or running away from fate.

Yeji was not wrong.

The savage and violent flame of the god broke all chains. The flames that came over shattered Glory’s blade. Even so, Levantein did not stop. The blade of flame pushed away as much as Eugene wished, touched Gavid’s body.

Twitch, Twitch. Black magic power oxidized between the blade and Gavid. Gavid’s bulging eyes and Eugene’s eyes stared at each other for a moment.

drew attention Levantein cut Gavid’s body. Fire! The flames soared high, hitting the chains that covered the ceiling and dispersing.

Gavid’s knees hit the ground. his head dropped. Eugene stood there for a moment and stared at Gavid.

“ugh… … .”

The duel did not last long. It wouldn’t even have been 10 minutes.

However, during those 10 minutes, surprisingly, Melchis did not open his mouth once. He couldn’t open his mouth. Because the duel between Eugene Ryanhart and Gavid Lindman was majestic enough to silence the talkative Melchis.


Now, Melchis barely opened his mouth. She jumped up from her seat and looked down at her arena.

To be honest, at first I thought that Eugene would not be defeated. It was because Gavid was so calm and easily cut off Eugene’s attacks.

but. After Eugene activated the ignition, the victory was confirmed. In the first place, everyone here, including Melchis, knew very well how Eugene fought. Eugene does not use ignition unless he is certain that he will win.

“it’s over!”

Melchis made a fuss and jumped from his seat.

Melchis, who had signed a contract with the three spirit kings, could vaguely feel how destructive the power of Eugene’s sword was. No matter how strong Gavid Lindman was, there was nothing he could do about that sword. How can you stop a sword that will kill you unconditionally the moment it touches you?

“It’s over! Eugene wins! Long live the brilliant Eugene Lionheart!”

Melchis raised both hands and cheered. Those in the stands, like Melchis, were as shameless as they were, so they didn’t make a fuss about standing up or cheering. However, the feelings they felt now were not too different from Melchis.

Overwhelmed by Eugene and Gavid. In particular, I felt that Eugene was truly divine. It was a rare attack, but I thought it was natural. One blow has the power to destroy the world, so what is the reason to wield it hundreds and thousands of times?


In the silence, only Melchis raised his arms and shouted.

The more the shouts were repeated, the more the audience realized one by one. Fallen Gavid can’t get up. The highest ranked demon with immortality capable of being resurrected even by cutting off the head, breaking the heart, and turning the body into ashes, is unable to resurrect from the previous blow.

What that means is, in the end, only one. As Melchis shouted loudly, Eugene had won the duel.

A murmur spread. The eyes of the black mists standing behind the chair Gavid was sitting on trembled. They were also overwhelmed by Eugene’s confidence. But even if he was overwhelmed, he believed in the power of Gavid, the sword of confinement.

He could not accept the defeat of the Grand Duke he respected. Was the battle intense? Was it intense? Was it a confrontation that would not be strange even if one of them collapsed, as Gavid hoped, bumping into each other and going back and forth?

no. It was Eugene who overpowered him. From the moment Eugene used Ignition, Gavid’s sword never gave Eugene a crisis.

The Black Mist couldn’t possibly accept that fact. They looked at the demon king of confinement, not knowing what to do.

He was still sitting on the throne of chains, resting his chin on the back of his hand. Despite the defeat and death of Gavid, who had been close to him for hundreds of years, it seemed that the demon king in confinement did not show much agitation.

Because you expected the result from the beginning? Did he not expect anything because he intuitively sensed Gavid’s defeat?


The thoughts of the demon king of confinement did not change. He had never intuited Gavid’s defeat and death. The demon king in captivity still did not know the outcome of this duel. Muttering “I don’t know” was never an empty lie.

“Gavid Lindman.”

The lips of the demon king of confinement opened.

Eugene was still looking down at Gavid. He didn’t turn away confident of victory, nor did he take down the Levantine one more time to rule out the odds.

I couldn’t. Right now, Eugene felt a strange and ominous sticky feeling.

“… … yet.”

A voice flowed from Gavid, who lowered his head.

“Not yet.”

Gavid staggered to his feet.

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