Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 535

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Gavid looked down at his right hand.

Glory was visible. The blade, which was never meant to be broken, was shattered, but the hilt that I was gripping tightly remained. That’s it. It can no longer be called a sword, nor can it be used as a sword.

“… … Amazing.”

Gavid muttered in a hoarse voice, groping his body with his free hand. The shirt, which had been white without a single stain, became tattered. Even the pants that were squared without wrinkles are tattered. The same goes for shoes that have been polished and polished.

I stroked my head with my hand. His hair, neatly combed with pomade, was also a mess. To see everyone in the world showing their ugly appearance without being organized this far.

Gavid chuckled and closed his eyes once.

“is it.”

Gavid Lindman.

He was seriously mistaken about something. He harbored a false contradiction from the very beginning.

The wilderness was repeated for one year. He suffered countless deaths from Agaroth. Even if he used the Mystic Eye of Prestige and wielded Glory, the result was defeat, and he could hardly change the result.

Because Prestige’s Mystic Eye and Glory are weak?

no. Those are just tools borrowing the power of confinement. No matter how special and excellent a tool is, it can only produce that level of power if handled carelessly.

I had to contemplate myself before I depended on it.

The demonic eye of prestige and Glory eventually belonged to the demon king of confinement.

That alone couldn’t overcome Agaroth’s sword.

You can’t win a duel with Eugene Lionheart.

“I must have realized it already.”

He was given the title of Grand Duke of Helmud. It is also called the sword of confinement. He yearned for him and asked the imprisoned demon king to duel with Hamel.

It’s a contradiction. Indeed, it was the sword of confinement, not Gavid Lindman, who stood in today’s duel.

Gavid giggled as he looked at the broken Glory. The name of this demonic sword is Glory. For Gavid, along with the demonic eye of prestige, it was proof of making himself a ‘sword of confinement’.

“for a moment.”

Gavid looked up at Eugene. Eugene was still standing and looking at Gavid with a firm expression.

“A little while is enough.”

I didn’t hear an answer. Gavid slammed the hilt of the Glory into his right eye.

Eugene’s cheeks trembled at that sudden action, and everyone in the audience let out a sound of surprise. It was the same with the black fog. They couldn’t understand why Gavid was behaving like that.


Only the demon king of confinement understood the meaning of that action.

“Are you finally giving up?”

before the duel begins.

I got the glory back from Gavid once. And he once again bestowed the title of knight and glory on Gavid.

Then Gavid could definitely say no. That itself was both a test and an opportunity given to Gavid by the demon king of confinement.

But Gavid did not refuse. Despite his immediate realization, at the start of the duel, Gavid couldn’t shake his contradiction. The name ‘Sword of Confinement’, which had represented him for a long time and was honored and cherished more than anything else, was already strongly subordinated to Gavid.

As if chained.

-I wish you victory in this duel.

When the demon king of confinement said so, Gavid was grateful and was appointed by the demon king of confinement.

-So this duel is not against me. my wish, my promise. If you care about those things, you don’t have to.

What did Gavid answer?

– I will give you victory.

This duel is not against the demon lord of confinement. The demon king of confinement hopes for victory in the duel.


Gavid realized himself. The victory in this duel must not be dedicated to the demon lord in captivity.

Victory, defeat, glory, and death in this duel, everything belonged to Gavid.

In the duel, the demon king of confinement is never Gavid’s master. He shouldn’t be a lord. The moment he thinks so, Gavid’s innocence in this duel is changed.

So Gavid pierced the evil eye with the broken Glory. It wasn’t just piercing through the demon’s eye and breaking it. Gavid’s will rejected the magic eye. He forsook the gracious power he enjoyed as the sword of imprisonment.

The demon king of confinement happily accepted the refusal.

The sword hilt of the Glory that was stuck in the right eye turned to ashes and disappeared. New pupils were formed in the empty eye sockets. Like Glory, the Mystic Eye of Prestige has disappeared. The power Gavid had used for hundreds of years had emptied.

But Gavid did not feel helpless. Because something new has filled the empty hole. Gavid laughed involuntarily at the unknown feeling of fullness.


Just as Eugene apologized, Gavid apologized the same. He no longer staggered, but stood up straight and looked at Eugene.

“I thought I realized it, but it seems I couldn’t throw it away.”

Gavid muttered and raised his hand. Hwaaak! Gavid’s magic, not the magic of confinement, became a long sword. Gavid grabbed the newly appeared sword.


Eugene let out a small exclamation at Gavid’s appearance.

The demon in front of me, Gavid Lindman. He’s the guy I saw 300 years ago. But strangely, Eugene was unfamiliar with Gavid now. It was as if he was seeing a completely different being.

“Are you really a demon?”

Eugene asked. It wasn’t much different from Gavid’s question asking if he was human. Taking his question, Gavid let out a short laugh and raised his sword forward.

“I don’t know.”

Gavid replied in a calm voice. He wasn’t sure, but even Gavid could feel it.

Abandoned, pursued, filled, and realized. This simdeuk itself is not allowed only to demons. A level that can be reached by going back and forth in the line of fire for an extremely long time. If a person who was enough to be called a genius devotes that much time, of course this happens. If this does not happen, it is a terrible and absurd thing.


Gavid said so sincerely. Gavid wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for his fear and inferiority complex towards Hamel. If today’s Eugene hadn’t pushed Gavid this far, he wouldn’t have realized the contradiction.

Eugene listened to Levantine without answering that thank you.

The silenced flame flared up again.

Gavid’s transformation was enough to be called a fable. How high is that realm, and I had to endure hardships to reach that height. In that, Eugene genuinely felt respect for Gavid. He was a man worthy of respect.

Even so, what Eugene has to do today doesn’t change.

Hwareuk. Eugene’s left hand gripped her chest. It is the same with Eugene who fabled while ascending to the throne. The remaining time of the ignition is sufficient enough that you do not have to worry about it.


Can I kill Gavid with the remaining time? When I used Ignition earlier, I was sure I could kill him. But now I’m not as sure as I was back then. It’s the same as the first one.



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‘I should know.’

Eugene moved first. He broke through the distance in an instant and swung the Levantein. Eugene’s solo was also fast, but the flame slash was faster than that, so he had already reached Gavid.

It wasn’t just Eugene who was fast. The moment Eugene thought he was going to run and cut him, Gavid had already responded. The demonic eye of prestige no longer dwells in his right eye. Even so, Gavid felt a special power in his eyes. like, like… … .

It was like seeing the future.

Flames spread in the air. Reached, no, reached? It spilled to the side the moment it touched.

The fluttering movement, Gavid, was as flexible as reproducing the word talryeok (脫力), and Levantein’s flame could not overcome Gavid’s sword and scattered elsewhere.

Eugene was not taken aback. If you can’t overwhelm it with simple firepower, you can mix it up with other methods.

Eugene once again added the divine power drawn from the universe in his heart to Levantein. With a throbbing resonance, the sword was completed.

‘I see the future… … . No, it’s not like that.’

Gavid dragged his feet back. Prediction based on countless experiences. It’s just that it’s more fully sharpened.

that is enough. Gavid felt the immense power of the blade, and still he accepted that he could not take it head-on.

Then you don’t have to stick to the front. Gavid held the sword with both of his hands. The blade lying beside him gave off an eerie light. Sparks focused on one point hit Gavid. The weight and power of the sword seemed to cut the entire world in two.

A sword was visible.

A dizzying tangled flow of power. With the sword that makes the center. I didn’t think that I could do it. He believed he could do it.

The demonic sword dug into the flame in reverse. The flames, like a sharp wind, scattered in a dizzying manner. The sword was destroyed, and the beautifully transparent Levantine blade was exposed in front.

The blade and the blade touched.

Neither of them pushed through to the end. Eugene also predicted the attack just like Gavid.

The divinity that Eugene has reached allows him to know where and how to attack in extreme battles. If you take it from the front and press it down, this side will be cut. So, break it down and dig in again. The blade rushed. Gavid, who stepped back slightly, skillfully counterattacked.

You shouldn’t be concerned only with the sword. Gavid saw a black orb forming on Eugene’s left hand.

Eclipse. I had already destroyed it once, but I felt something so reluctant that I had no choice but to be vigilant.


Gavid’s body movements changed. He jumped out of his seat, trying to gain as much distance as possible. As if Eugene knew it, he blew up the Eclipse midway through.

Kwaaaang! What exploded and exploded was not a spark of divine power. The ominous moonlight, that small sphere was the moon, not the sun.

‘He regenerated the moonlight sword himself?’

Strictly speaking, that wasn’t a ‘sword’, but the exploding moonlight was as sharp as hundreds and thousands of blades.

The most ideal avoidance is to spread the distance to a place where the moonlight does not reach. But that method is not available now. No matter how wide it is, this place is a duel. It is because it is like an iron cage bound by the chain of confinement.

‘The power to deal with is terrible, but the attack itself is monotonous… … .’

As if mocking such an idea, the shape of the moonlight changed. The power rushing from the front stopped abruptly, and a dark red current flowed through the gap in the gray moonlight. Don’t fall! Eventually, the moonlight became a huge, really huge sword.

A sword made only of moonlight without a hilt. Eugene swung the moonlight sword he didn’t even hold. Quarrrrr! The space could not stand it and was distorted and broken.

A sword made purely from moonlight, amplifying its power as much as possible while mixing with the explosion of Eclipse. On top of that, he was endowed with the miracle of death and death like a divine sword.

It’s too late to destroy. too big. It is impossible to cut all of them. If so, gnaw as much as possible. Among the countless possibilities that came to mind in an instant, Gavid chose the only correct answer. The magic sword emitted a dark light.

Quaggagak! The magic sword scratched the surface of the moonlight sword. That alone broke his arms and ruptured his intestines. Hana Gavid was very familiar with pain and death.

He moved forward, slicing only the surface of the Moonlight Sword without flinching. Chow! the sky parted However, Gavid’s body did not split. Gavid reached the inside of the Moonlight Sword’s slash.

Chew! The magic sword cut the front. Blood gushed from the center of Eugene’s chest. Although it was cut with the intention of cutting it in two, the slash went in shallowly. Eugene ignored his wounds and moved on.

Chew! This time, Levantein cut Gavid’s body. Eugene was equally unable to cut Gavid’s body in two.

Wounds regenerated in different ways. A spark was rekindled in Levantine. The demonic sword also emitted light quietly.

The sword fighting has begun. Eugene did not close his wide-eyed eyes even once, and packed countless slashes in one swing. If he could foresee and respond, he seemed to ask for a try. Gavid’s eyes moved quickly.

Among the rushing slashes, what is the truth? I wanted to judge, but that in itself was meaningless. All of those blades were real, and they were digging into Gavid with a definite murderous intent and power.


Gavid shouted and swung his magic sword. The vast time spent in the wilderness was put into his sword. Thus, the demonic sword transcended the understanding of the world. Compared to the slashes that Eugene poured out, the magic sword only moved a few times. However, those few slashes were undoubtedly the extremes of a ‘sword’, and contained the right truth.

It was cut all over. Yujin was startled and took a step back. The attack beyond recognition left only the result of being ‘cut’ without the ability to respond. Pooh! Blood spurted from Eugene’s body.


The few spectators screamed at Eugene’s injury.

Morone did not scream. The highest peak in Lehein Yar. He clenched his fists and glared at the nearby arena.

Blood poured from all over, but Eugene did not collapse. There is no embarrassment on the face. It was a face that seemed natural to have such an injury.


Moron opened his mouth. You can’t leave Reheinyar because you never know when Nur will appear. So he couldn’t sit in the arena, but Morron’s bright eyes could see all the details of the duel from this distance.


Moron believes in Eugene’s victory. That’s why Moron muttered in an unwavering voice. I wanted to sit in the crowd and cheer for Eugene’s victory with a booming voice.

… … Isn’t that enough here too? Moron thought for a moment. He clenched his fists and began to breathe slowly and deeply. He did everything in his power to shout Eugene’s name and victory.

“Don’t do it, asshole.”

Moron would have shouted Eugene’s name loudly if he hadn’t heard such a voice from behind.


The moment I lowered my voice, I was blocked. Moron swallowed his breath again, which had been exhaled in great surprise, and was carried away by it. Every time Moron leaned down and coughed, the peaks moved.

“If you scream, the eardrums of people who are not prepared will burst.”

grumbling voice. Even though it was close enough to be heard right next to it, Moron did not notice it in advance. He stopped coughing and looked behind him.

“Three, three?”

Senya and Carmen, who had disappeared for over a year, were standing behind Moron.

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