Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 537

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A flame that seems to burn everything in the world. Gavid stood in front of him. There was no place to retreat.

He raised his sword, but Gavid already knew. How powerful is that burning myth. What kind of myth will that flame leave in this place today?

In that myth, Gavid will be recorded as a foolish demon who went against the gods. This myth has already been decided and can never be changed. The demonic sword in Gavid’s hand will disappear in the ferocious fire of God.


Gavid denied the word in his mind.

Even if Eugene truly attained the same divinity as light, that belief was not of the demons. Gavid thought that there was nothing more ridiculous than a demon worshiping a god.

‘Even if your sword really became a miracle.’

I silently admit it and I don’t want to disappear. Even if Hamel, no, Eugene Lionheart really achieved godhood, Gavid would not acknowledge him. Because he is a demon, not a human. Demons never follow human beliefs. That was the last stubbornness Gavid Lindman had.


Gavid shouted and swung his magic sword at the flames. However, Gavid’s magic sword was not a miracle to rebel against the godhead. As already decided, Levantein’s flame burned the demonic sword.

It didn’t stop there. The flames that turned his demonic sword entirely into ashes invaded Gavid’s body.

The pain of not only the body but also the soul being burned to ashes. It was so terrible that it could not be compared to the death in the wilderness that Gavid had repeated hundreds of thousands of times.

held out The soul, which was supposed to burn and disappear into ashes, did not disappear, but retained its shape, albeit imperfectly. Gavid gritted his teeth in pain.

blazing fire. A pain in which everything in existence burns. The sound of crackling fire. Inside, a sound I hadn’t heard all along approached.


Gavid Lindman. He gave up everything he had and stood in this place. He leaves his loyalty to the demon king in captivity and the glory of the Helmud Empire, and remains in this position simply out of a duel with Hamel and a longing for victory. Glory is broken. The Mystic Eye of Prestige pierced itself.

It was Gavid’s decision to ‘throw it away’. But now, the Black Fog, watching the duel from the stands, did not respect Gavid’s choice. Just as Gavid hoped for victory in the duel, the Black Mist also wished for Gavid’s victory.

They sighed and called out his name in despair when Gavid collapsed, they called out his name with hope when Gavid stood up with a new demonic sword, and now they were eagerly shouting his name as they saw Gavid about to perish in the myth.

It’s not just the Black Fog. The duel here, in Laguryaran, is being relayed across the continent. Not only humans but also demons are watching the duel.

The demons who want the end of the promise and the start of the war naturally hope for Gavid’s victory. The young demons, who did not yet feel much of the war, cheered for Gavid’s victory, who did not collapse even in several crises.

It was natural. If human aspirations are concentrated in Eugene, demons’ aspirations are concentrated in Gavid.

I thought it was nasty and nasty. I threw away the things I had and left only the sword and became what I am now. In the end, isn’t it like the things you thought you threw away are holding up your back? Gavid was self-deprecating and pathetic.

‘Even so.’

Gavid stepped forward. The ‘voice’ supported Gavid’s back so he wouldn’t fall, and he held on to his already burnt body, which should have been reduced to ashes.

‘I am.’

This ‘desire’ is different from what Eugene receives. If Eugene created an absolute miracle through his wish, the wish now concentrated on Gavid was only to the extent of delaying his inevitable death a little bit.

‘I am… … .’

Beyond the savage flames that have not yet faded.

I saw Eugene. He was looking at Gavid with his eyes wide open in disbelief. There was not a single point of ridicule or contempt in that gaze. There was only astonishment and admiration.

‘I, you… … .’

Gavid’s feet staggered forward.

“Gavid Lindman.”

A voice was heard. Amidst the fading cheers and the already felt sighs, that voice was clear and close.

It was the voice of the demon king of confinement. He sits on the throne of chains. There was no boredom that was like everyday life to him now. The demon king of confinement smiled bitterly as he saw the end of the ‘knight’ he had kept by his side for a long time.

“Leave no regrets.”

Those words penetrated Gavid’s mind.

regret, regret… … Isn’t it unavoidable? Even after giving up everything and focusing on it, the end is like this. Even though it has reached this level. In the end, I couldn’t reach the man I really wanted to defeat.

Could it be that I was wrong?

Shouldn’t it have been abandoned?

I’d rather not insist on a duel… … .


Such regrets are of no use to anyone. The terrible flame, the death that has already been decided, the consciousness that will not be strange if it disappears at any time – did it make itself weak in the end. Gavid laughed and stretched out his hand.


The Black Mist is watching. All the demons in Helmud are watching. Noir Jebela is watching. And, the demon king of confinement is watching.

You shouldn’t leave regrets in the end and act indecently.

The ashes left by the burned soul became a sword. Don’t stop by helping yourself with regret. If you’re not completely dead yet, keep pushing.

‘I did not come here to die of regret.’

Even if it was a defeat that was already decided, I didn’t want to collapse in vain and pathetically. I longed for a victory that was out of reach, more and more because it was out of reach. I didn’t want to remain as a pitiful, foolish demon who couldn’t do anything in the ‘Shinhwa’ that Eugene Ryanhart would write.

I grabbed the sword.

Quarrrrr! Gavid kicked the ground in the blazing flames. He ran to Eugene against the flames. Demons do not believe in God. The desperate will defied divinity. Eugene moved Levantein while pouring sparks.

Strong, I felt respect. She didn’t even know that she would move. Miracles and myths were stronger than Gavid’s sword, but the tenacity burned at the end of existence defied even miracles.


It’s not just an obsession. It is a curse born from a desperate end.

Pooh! In an instant, Levantein’s flame disappeared. All of that vicious myth was formed on the blade of glass.

That moment.

Gavid’s mind brightened. The realization of ‘how’ to swing the sword changed the slashing. A slash that scattered black ashes touched the Levantine.

Kwaaaang! Myth and curse collided.

“haha… … .”

Gavid laughed in a cracked, hoarse voice.

“Very little.”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. Gavid murmured as he got down on one knee. The last sword was blocked by the Levantine. Gavid’s longing couldn’t overcome the Levantine in the end. He got stuck and broke.

However, a small fragment that broke and protruded grazed Eugene’s cheek. At least a little bit, it reached Eugene.

“Why do you think I lost?”

Gavid looked up at Eugene and asked. Eugene slowly put down the Levantine and raised his left hand to stroke his cheek. The blood wiping on the back of his hand was hot, and the wound was bitter.

“Because I am stronger than you.”

No matter how many times he was cut and mortally wounded, he returned, but these wounds did not go away. From now on, the scars on my cheeks won’t go away.

“… … You and I carry different things.”

“What you carry.”



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“I can never lose here.”

Eugene said in a calm voice.

Died as Agaroth, died as Hamel. And reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart. She was given the Moonlight Sword. She was chosen by the holy sword, the light.

Eugene is carrying all of that. didn’t throw anything away shouldn’t have been thrown away


Eugene sighed, feeling the blood running down his cheek.

“The last one was creepy.”

Black cursed sword.

If there was no divinity, I would not have been able to see through the trajectory of the betrayal. Just before the collision, the broken sword turned into a terrifyingly deadly curse and aimed at Eugene’s neck. If I hadn’t stopped it, my throat would have been cut right there, and if I had blocked it even a little wrongly, my arm would have been cut off. Even after breaking it, the fragments were immediately burned, so it was only a cheek brush, otherwise it might have been one-eyed.

“is it.”

Gavid smiled and nodded. Perseok! One of his arms was burnt to ashes. Death, which had been pushed to the limit, began to approach.

“You won.”

The sword was broken, but I wanted to spit out the curse. I wanted to say that today will be added and that a desperate and hopeless end will come to the myth that will be used in the future.

Did not do it. In the end, it will only be the complaining of the loser. do your best… … done I did my best. It was desperate. I thought it was a duel that was not lacking to put at the end of a life.

“Hamel… … no. Eugene Ryanhart.”

Gavid moved his motionless finger. The space was twisted crookedly. Even these manipulations do not work. Gavid opened the gap with his wry smile. The half-remaining bottle of alcohol tumbled out of the small opening.

“A humble gift for a winner, but accept it.”

“What is this?”

“I can’t see it. It is alcohol.”

Eugene picked up the bottle rolling on the floor. Unlabeled liquor, once opened and half drunk. Eugene inspected the suspicious drink and looked at Gavid.

“There is no such thing as poison. Even though poison won’t work on you in the first place.”

“… … .”

“I was thinking of winning you and toasting you. Having been defeated like this, you, the winner, take it. You can throw it away if you don’t like it.”


Yujin shook her head and pushed the bottle into her cloak.

“Let’s drink it after killing the demon king of confinement.”

In response, Gavid blinked a few times. He looked up at Eugene for a moment, then burst into a hoarse laugh.

“I hope it isn’t written that way.”

“Gavid Lindman.”

Yujin raised her gaze and looked up.

“I was weaker than you 300 years ago.”

“… … .”

“If you hadn’t backed down on your own, I would have been killed by your sword.”

“I know that I am stronger than you.”

Gavid replied.

“Three hundred years ago, even a year ago, I was stronger than you. If I were going to kill you, I could have killed you anytime.”


“But today. As you said earlier, I was weaker than you.”

I was not relieved. I didn’t even have any regrets. I was upset. Gavid closed his eyes for a moment.

“But this sense of defeat… … It’s different from 300 years ago. It has no choice but to be like this, and I think it is natural.”

“… … .”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Gavid said that and opened his eyes. He barely raised his motionless body.

“Will you give me time to report defeat?”


Yujin nodded and took a step back.

“Let me tell you one last thing.”

“… … .”

“Thank you for dueling me.”

Eugene turned his head away without hearing the answer. Staggering, Gavid stared at Eugene’s back as he walked away. There was not an inch of ridicule in those words.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Gavid opened his mouth.

“Thank you for making this duel my last.”

Eugene didn’t answer. She didn’t even look back. I just raised one hand to her and shook it once. Gavid chuckled at the sight and turned around.

Cheers were heard from the audience on the other side. Everyone heard Eugene’s name shouted. Gavid didn’t pay any attention to it. He stretched out his motionless foot and took a step.

– Perseok! The bridge that could not stand it turned to ashes and collapsed. Normally, he would have been able to balance quickly, but Gavid couldn’t do that now. The body that lost its strength fell forward.

But it didn’t fall to the ground. Someone supported Gavid’s body.

“Do you have any regrets?”

Gavid barely raised his head. I saw the demon king of confinement. His eyes couldn’t see well, but even if he lost his sight, there was no way he wouldn’t be able to recognize the demon lord in captivity.

Gavid smiled bitterly and nodded.

“There is none.”

“If you wish, I’ll let you reap your regrets.”

The demon king of confinement who came down from the throne did not use chains, but directly used his hands to support Gavid. The voice was quiet, and there was no regret or sadness.

It has no choice but to be. To this sinner who has chained all causalities together, that kind of feeling has long since worn out.

but. Even if there was no regret or sadness, the words of the demon king of confinement were sincere. It’s just that the demon king of confinement doesn’t choose it himself. If Gavid wishes, the demon king of confinement will confine even the death decided on Gavid.

“This duel must end with the death of the loser.”

Gavid shook his head and replied.

“I hope you don’t hold on to my end.”

That was a good enough answer. The demon king of confinement did not recommend any more. The black mist that followed encircled the demon king and Gavid in confinement.

Gavid’s body is crumbling to ashes. All the black mists drew their swords and raised them to the sky. The demon king of confinement looked down at Gavid and opened his mouth.

“Duke of Jebela.”

Noir in the sky came down to the side of the demon king in captivity. The veil that had been thrown over his head came down before he knew it, covering Noir’s face.

“Do you have a story to share?”

“I never thought I would receive such consideration from you.”

Noir answered in a quiet voice. There was not the slightest hint of laughter in his voice.

“Will you give me time to mourn?”

Noir raised a hand and asked. The demon king of confinement looked down at Gavid without answering. Gavid smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

“It turned out just as you wished, but you don’t look very happy.”

“I am a little surprised too.”

Noir supported Gavid on behalf of the demon king in captivity. She slowly lowered her body, resting Gavid’s head on her lap.

“Should I have stopped the duel then?”


“What is it? It was impossible to stop you then.”

Noir muttered in a low voice and looked down at Gavid’s face. Her cloudy eyes see nothing more, and her body is crumbling to ashes.

“Finally, I can show you my dreams.”

Noir’s purple eyes shone.

“Everyone wants to have a happy dream at the last minute. Gavid Lindman. What you haven’t reached. what has not been achieved. Whatever it is, the dream… … .”

“It’s just futile.”

Gavid replied.

“And I’ve already lived a dreamy life enough. Everything I threw away was a dream I had hoped for since childhood.”

“Even this death?”

“Defeated, but not a nightmare.”

After a brief laugh, a voice continued.

“There are regrets and regrets. Pretty satisfied.”

“… … .”

“I hope the eyes entrusted to you will help you achieve your dreams.”

Noir said nothing more and closed his eyes for a moment. I felt the demonic eye of prestige dwelling in his left eye. Noir let out his long sigh and nodded his head. Gavid laughed hoarsely, feeling Noir’s trembling.

“… … your majesty.”

Gavid opened his mouth.

“Can I wish for Your Majesty’s reign and prosperity?”

The demon king of confinement stared at Gavid with dull eyes. He knew what that question meant.


The demon king of confinement shook his head.

“I do not seek dominion and supremacy.”

“… … .”

“If you wish, Gavid Lindman. I hope that my long-cherished wish comes true.”

Gavid doesn’t know what the confined demon king is pursuing.

However, he felt that the demon king in captivity did not wish for reign and prosperity. If he really pursued them, there would be no reason to make a promise 300 years ago. There is no reason not to kill Eugene, the reincarnation of Hamel. No need to wait in Babel… … .


Gavid did not ask about the secret wish of the demon king in captivity.

“I hope that His Majesty’s secret wish comes true.”

Even if the demons of Helmud die, their souls cannot leave the demon king in captivity. However, the demon king of confinement did not catch the soul of Gavid, who disappeared as ashes.

Because Gavid didn’t want him.


The demon king of confinement closed his eyes and replied.

The Grand Duke of Helmud, the sword of confinement.

Asmodian, Gavid Lindman.

He turned to ashes and disappeared.

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