Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 538

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When Gavid is mourned by the demons.

Eugene didn’t look back. It’s because I’ve already finished condolences and seeing off Gavid. I don’t know how Gavid would have accepted them.

Seriously, I thought thank you. she said so This duel was important to Eugene as well, and had a great meaning. So he had to win. It was desperate.

“I’m tired.”

Yujin let out a deep sigh and murmured.

Eugene slowly finished the ignition. The sanctuary surrounding his body disappeared along with it. It’s different than he was a year ago. To Eugene, who has gone far beyond human, there is no longer any physical reaction.

It’s not even sane either. If there is one thing that has changed from before, it is that the body can move normally. However, he could not help but react to the runaway of divine power.

‘I’d rather just be sick.’

Ignition’s recoil made it impossible to use divine power for a while. Fortunately, mana can be used somehow, but as long as she can’t use her divine power, even Levante can’t pull out even half of her original power.

‘It’s a relief that Babel didn’t look like this.’

In this duel, Eugene won a lot. One is divine power and Levantein’s power. In addition, since he won the duel relayed to the continent, his faith would rise to the point where it could not be better.

The biggest achievement, of course, was killing Gavid Lindman here. Now, from Babel to the throne of the confined demon king, no demon can stand in the way of Eugene.

Except for Noir Jebela.

‘I have to kill them before they go to Babel.’

Eugene thought about it calmly. It’s not easy. Even with this much power in my hands, my confidence is vague. However, he was certain of this one thing, regardless of whether he won or lost.

Noir should not be given any more time. She was no longer the existence to be called the ‘Queen of Dreams’. She is just like Gavid. She has already transcended the realm of ‘Evils’ and has become an incomprehensible existence.

‘It even has the Mystic Eye of Prestige.’

The magic eye of fantasy alone is terrifying and tricky, but there’s even the magic eye of prestige. Besides, Noir will not use the Mystic Eye of Prestige like Gavid.

‘Noir Jebella is overwhelmingly superior in the utilization of the magic eye. It’s not used for direct combat, but it’s probably used to assist the magic eye of fantasy.’

That’s why, all the more, you shouldn’t give Noir time. I don’t know what the heck he did in Jebela City, but I can’t leave him alone any longer.


The steps of Yujin, who had been deep in thought, stopped abruptly. A damn name to hear after a year. Would you have gotten used to it if you had listened to it all year? Yujin frowned and looked up.

Everyone in the audience stood up and watched Eugene. The first to jump down was, surprisingly, Guillaid Lionheart.

“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart!”

Gilead shouted and got down in front of Eugene. Eugene saw the lion heart crest glowing softly on his left chest.

It’s not just Guild. All the Lionhearts who came here were the same. The new pattern of the uniform that Carmen introduced a year ago… … Eugene looked at the Lionhearts standing in front of them one by one with melancholy eyes.

“What’s wrong with your expression?”

Ciel asked with a puzzled expression.

this feeling… … What am I supposed to say? Honestly, it’s not that I’m in a bad mood, but I can’t even openly like it… … Should I just pretend I didn’t see it? No need to mention it, right? It looks like all the Lionhearts who are not here have the same sentence engraved on the chest of their uniforms. Yujin cleared her throat and shook her head.

“I’m tired.”

“It’s just exhausting.”

Xian nodded and murmured.

A recent duel. I saw it with my own eyes from a nearby audience, but I couldn’t understand it. Gavid and Eugene’s duel was far beyond human comprehension… … .


A crow-like cry hit my eardrums. However, Eugene was not surprised and looked in the direction of the sound.

In this place, no, of all the people on the continent, there is only one person who can make such a loud noise. As before, Melkiss raised his arms, not caring in the slightest that he was being relayed.

“Hurrah, Hurray, Hurray!”

At some point, Melchis held a large flag in his hand. Eugene was speechless at the lion heart crest engraved on his flag and his own name written in gold beneath it.

While Eugene pursed his lips, Melchis cheered and waved the flag from side to side.

“… … hmm… … .”

Chimi suppressed the nausea by closing her eyes tightly.

It sounds like they’re kidding, but they’re not kidding. The lion heart’s crest shining softly, and the flag fluttering eagerly, all of them were prepared with the belief in Eugene’s victory… … .

Although Eugene gained divinity, fortunately he had a human heart, so he did not yell at Melchis and endured it for now.


Senya, who was behind her, let out a coughing sound. She did not push her body into the crowd or fly directly through the sky to come down to Eugene. With just a slight lift of her foot, Senya surpassed everyone and reached in front of Eugene.


Senya just cleared her throat and stretched out her shoulders, sticking out her chest. She expected a reunion greeting like ‘It’s been a while’, but Eugene didn’t act as Senya expected.

“… … .”

However, Senya couldn’t say anything dissatisfied with Eugene. It was because the moment her Senya stood in front of her, her Eugene opened her arms wide and embraced her without hesitation.

Senya couldn’t have imagined that she would receive a hug like this, so the moment she was held in her arms, she couldn’t say anything and only pursed her lips.

“long time no see.”

A whisper licked Senya’s red-hot ear. A spark flew in Senya’s head and his shoulders trembled.

“uh… … uh uh uh… … .”

I barely raised my voice. The hug he tasted over a year ago was very stimulating to Senya. Senya barely gave strength to her weak legs.

There was no need for that. It was because Moron, who had approached, hugged Eugene and Senya whole and lifted them up.

“Ugh! hahahaha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Moron laughed loudly and shook Eugene and Senya in the air. After shaking her body a few times, Senya regained her senses. I remembered what Moron had said earlier.

Senya left behind her regret and disappeared from Eugene’s arms and came down to the ground.


Moron immediately carried out what he had said. He tossed Eugene high into the sky and shouted again.


He could have run away, but Eugene let out a deep sigh and fell silent. Moron received Eugene’s body in the palm of his hand and threw Eugene high once more as if bouncing a ball.

“that! In a duel with Gavid Lindman! you win! Hamel!”

“Yes, yes… … .”

Moron threw and caught Eugene ten times before letting him down. Eugene roughly pressed his messy hair with his hand.


I stopped the moron who wanted to do more. It’s not just Morone. Eugene looked back at everyone with calm eyes. Then everyone stopped cheering.

“… … .”



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Eugene’s expression, gaze, and atmosphere. That was the reason, but everyone felt it.

Gavid Lindman is dead.

Moron cleared his expression and turned around. Probably not, but Moron stood in a position to stand in his way, guarding everyone here just in case.

Senya also took out the subspace Mary and held it in her hand. He didn’t prepare for the ceremony. ‘Now’ Senya’s magic didn’t need any more spells.

Cristina and Anis, who were praying in excitement, were also conscious of reality. Cristina nervously grabbed Rosario.

The black mists did not want to show the end of Gavid to others, so they drew a circle so that they could not be seen from the outside.

But now it is no longer necessary. The black mists mounted their swords held high, lowered the face coverings of their helmets that had opened upwards, and retreated.

Noir Jebella rose from the dispersing ashes. She cupped the small amount of ashes in her lap with her hand. Noir’s expression was unrecognizable. For the black veil that covered her face was as thick as the darkness of her abyss.

The demon king of confinement stood behind him. He stared for a moment at the ashes falling from the sky.

At the calm gaze, Melchis flinched alone. She lowered her flag, which she had waved vigorously, under her slip. Could it be that the demon king of confinement was displeased with this fuss? Wouldn’t she be the first to attack for daring to insult this time of remembrance?

No matter how bold Melchis was to the point of not caring about the eyes of the people on the continent, the demon king of confinement was a little scary.

“Congratulations on your victory.”

The mouth of the confined demon king opened. He took his eyes off the ashes that had drifted across the sky.

Worn out right away… … I thought it was that kind of feeling. Rarely, the confined demon lord felt a little lingering. If you had ignored Gavid’s wishes. Even if you don’t revive it, if only the soul is collected and taken to the next one.

‘It’s meaningless.’

The demon king of confinement shook his head with a bitter smile. Even if he took it next time, he wouldn’t have blossomed as much as he does now. Gavid’s fable is because the present era was special.

“Now there really isn’t much left.”

Relieved of regret, the demon king of confinement muttered.

Gavid Lindman. He had had someone like him by his side several times before, but this was the first time he had ever felt so regretful.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The demon king of confinement looked down at Eugene. The moment he saw Eugene standing in front of Lionheart and the heroes of the continent- the confined demon king could not help but feel a strange feeling.

It is a world that would have perished.

If it had not been for the promise made 300 years ago, the demon king in captivity would have watched the world disappear into the sea fog and waves from the top of Babel, as he had done many times.

The demon king of confinement.

It reminded me of vermouth from 300 years ago. The distorted by-product. A man who could not be said to be a hero from the very beginning of his existence, but who was turned away from the light by forcibly holding a holy sword.

Light did not regard Vermouth as a hero until the end. Light neither understood nor tried to understand Vermouth’s existence. In the first place, Light did not have the intelligence to understand Vermouth.

Even so, Vermouth swung the holy sword. He used the holy sword as a medium to forcibly pull out the light. In fact, Vermut didn’t need a holy sword, but even so, Vermut held the holy sword.

Because the name ‘Hero’ was needed. It is because it is necessary to claim that the end of the world has not been decided, that the hero who can stand against the demon king, and the hero chosen by the light are here.

And in the end.

“Did Vermouth’s promise bear fruit?”

The demon king of confinement muttered in a low voice.

Because of the hero, Vermouth, the people of 300 years ago threw themselves into the demonic realm. Even those who were weak and not heroes were influenced by Vermouth and died in the Devil’s Realm for the sake of the world.

The continent and humans did not win the war. But he wasn’t defeated either. 300 years ago. There are several moments that the demon king of confinement will never forget.

One was when I first saw a man named Vermouth Lionheart. The moment he saw him, the demon king of confinement returned to Babel without advancing any further. And I met Vermouth in Babel. I wondered what the hell this man who couldn’t be called a hero was up to.

The other is, when I saw ‘Hamel’ for the first time. When he became Vermouth’s ally and came to the Devil’s Realm.

last one.

The top of Babel. The king’s court. When all of the comrades who passed Hamel’s death collapsed, and Vermouth released the sealed nature.


The demon king of confinement nodded and said.

I could have refused, but I didn’t. The demon king of confinement sealed the promise as Vermouth had hoped.

300 years passed like that. 300 years was not a long time for the demon king in captivity, but it was not so in the world.

The destruction was postponed for 300 years. The war is over. The world has changed incomparably to what it was before the war.

What is now in front of the demon king in captivity is the fruit of the promise.

But can it really bear fruit?

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Iron gruck. The chain behind the demon king of confinement moved.

“There is not much time left. Regardless of my will, the end of the promise is drawing near.”


Yujin nodded and replied. He also remembered vermouth. A worn-out vermouth, chained to a chair.

“I can’t wait for the end of the promise.”

Eugene still didn’t know what kind of bastard Vermouth was. However, he was certain of this.

Even if he is related to the demon lord of destruction- he, Vermouth, does not wish for the destruction of the world. Even if Vermouth wasn’t a hero, he did everything he could to save the world.

He must have desperately hoped that Eugene would complete that wish.

“I’ll find you before it’s too late.”

Eugene lifted his finger and brought it to his neck.

“Don’t run away, wash your throat and wait.”

Shuk. Eugene’s finger cut his throat. Her black mist shimmered and poured out her murderous intentions on Eugene. However, their intent to kill didn’t feel very great to Eugene.

“Don’t wait.”

The demon king of confinement smiled and opened the door of the chain. The demon king of confinement walked into the door first, and the black mist quietly followed.

The chain door closed.

Only Noir Jebela was left alone. Her face was still covered with a veil, so I couldn’t see her expression. But Eugene felt Noir’s gaze.


The moment Eugene opened his mouth to say something.

Noir raised his fingers and shook his head.

“Meeting with you, conversation, rapport, things like that, I don’t want to do it here.”

Noir whispered.

“The end of the promise is not far away,” he said. Then, Hamel, you will have no choice but to visit me sooner or later.”

Noir took a step back. – Hwaaaaaagh! A downward wind swept across the ground.

Noir pressed her hand through her fluttering hair. Noir’s smile was visible through the swaying veil.

“I’ll wait.”

The wind, which had been piercing down, soared upward this time. Noir flew up into the sky with the wind. My Bella Face, who had come to greet her master, lit her eyes.

“In my city.”

At the end of that whisper, Noir and Jebella Face disappeared.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 537Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 539
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