Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 539

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Eugene ran a hand through her wind-tangled hair and glared at the sky where the Jebella Face had disappeared.

I felt a little bit surprised. Was Gavid’s death heavy enough to make the atmosphere sink so blatantly? Eugene recalled Noir’s expression the last time he saw it.

“… … .”

In fact, Eugene also knows. It is not only because of Gavid’s death that the atmosphere of Noir has subsided. Vaguely, someday, surely. Thinking so, laughing and talking like a joke – Noir clearly recognized that the ‘end’ of each other was imminent.

Expectations, regrets, and sadness about how the end will come to an end… … .


Eugene glanced down at his hand. Her fingertips were trembling slightly. She thought she couldn’t help it. This feeling is something that cannot be cut cleanly. A relationship is like that.

I closed my eyes. I remembered the wise man, Vishur Raviola. remembered the light.

At one time, Eugene thought that even though he was Agaroth’s reincarnation, he did not want to be swayed by Agaroth’s ties and feelings. After all, I am me, and I thought that relationships and emotions when I was not me were a hindrance.

It is an arrogant and stupid idea. With such a distinction, Eugene saw many times the virtue of Agaroth, which he tried to deny. He swallowed it when it was sweet, and spit it out when it was bitter. He harbored such a contradiction.

‘It can’t be helped.’

The meditation that took up half of the year made Eugene fully aware of his contradictions.

concluded. Eugene couldn’t dismiss the relationship he had with Agaro as something that never existed. The relationship at that time became a wish, and now the world, now Eugene Lionheart exists. Denying Agaroth’s relationship is the same as denying Eugene’s origin itself.

So, what Eugene had to do.

‘I have to put an end to it.’

With the witch of twilight, with the saint of the god of war, with Aria,

The relationship with Noir Jebela cannot be dismissed as non-existent. Agaroth’s feelings melted into Eugene can’t be left that way.

‘Perhaps I… … The moment you kill Noir Jebela… … .’

Eugene shook his head at the sticky and bitter feelings. These feelings and imaginations did not weaken her heart—but honestly, they were disgusting and burdensome. Eugene clicked her tongue and squeezed her hand, which was still shaking.


Cristina, who had been slightly backing away, took Eugene’s hand.

“Are you okay?”

“No, it’s not okay.”

Normally, I would have replied that it was okay. But now Eugene didn’t act as usual. Are you really not okay? Disturbed by Gavid’s death and the thought of killing Noir? There is no such reason.

“I am really struggling. So much has happened in one year.”

To say this openly was a kind of declaration of surrender and begging for his life for Eugene.

The grip of Christina’s hand wrapped around the back of her hand, and the handle of the flail visible through the clerical robe. It’s been a year since I didn’t even write a letter properly and went to sleep. And, a small metal bottle hanging from Christina’s waist… … .

“I trained desperately and eventually won, but it wasn’t an easy victory. Don’t you think so too? I almost died several times in this duel… … . If I had started training a little later, it might have been me, not Gavid Lindman, who would have been defeated and died in a duel today.”

Eugene spoke quickly and looked around. However, most of them did not understand the meaning of Eugene’s words and only kept her eyes closed. The problem is that most of the people who come here are the elders that Eugene is polite… … .

“Crown Prince Honein.”


sudden name. The eyes of Abram the Honein, the next king of Arod, widened.

“You feel more accomplished than you did a year ago. What circle are you now?”

“8… … It’s the 8th circle.”

Honein stuttered in reply. Currently, Honein is 29 years old. The lineage of the royal family of Arot is a lineage that has been developed to specialize in magic.

It’s just that Eugene was so incredibly special, Honein was originally a person who would be classified as a ‘genius’. Even if he is a beginner, reaching the 8th circle at the age of 29 is a testament to Honein’s genius.

“Weren’t you in the 7th circle a year ago?”

“Yes… … ji.”

“How did you rise to the ranks of the archmage in just one year?”

“that… … The war in Hauria inspired me… … .”

Eugene’s eyes narrowed. The answer he expected from Honein was not like that.

“Have you ever skipped training for a year?”

“No, there is none.”

However, Honein was able to answer that question with confidence. He never forgot a request from his father, Daindolph Abram.

In order to reform your country, you must be strong enough to be willing to lend your teeth and claws to the lions without resorting to their mercy. After hearing that, Honein devoted himself to magic again and again, proving his training in the war of Hauria, seizing the realizations he had gained on the battlefield and breaking down the walls of the 8th circle, becoming the youngest archmage next to Eugene. rose to the ranks

“For a year after the war, I didn’t miss a single day of magic training. Eugene, your inaction gave me a great magical inspiration, and I use magic every day with the determination to stand by your side… … .”


Eugene was not very interested in the motives and circumstances of Honein’s immersion in training.

“To sell out without wasting a year! That’s what made the crown prince the archmage.”

“uh… … hmm… … yes.”

“Sian, Ciel, are you like that too?”

target has changed. Not knowing what Eugene wanted to say at the moment, Xian flinched and stepped back.

“Uh, huh?”

“Feeling your mana, the two of you Baek Yeom-sik has risen to 6 stars. The head of household and Gion-nim have risen to 8 stars. In one year!”

Gilreid and Gion, which were mentioned at the same time, also couldn’t guess what Eugene was thinking.

But Ciel was different. She could guess what Eugene was afraid of because she had been terribly tormented by the saints for the past year. what to hide Every time the saints got drunk, they used to say that if Eugene returned someday, she would pull out all her hair after the duel was over.

“You are right, Eugene. A year is never long Rather very short. You shouldn’t waste a single day to break down the wall and reach a new level. The moment you make up your mind, you have to start practicing right away.”

Ciel immediately sided with Eugene. I thought it would be fun to pretend not to know, but… … Ciel really liked Eugene’s hair right now. It was because the messy and shaggy nature of being raised in a haphazard manner overlapped with Eugene, who was like a country boy when he first came to Lionheart 12 years ago.


“For a year, I ran through the great forest every day, wielding an ax and training.”

Ivatar answered quickly.

It was a lie. For the past year, rather than training, Ivata has been busy governing Zoran, which has just entered its dawn as a nation, and managing state affairs.

However, he was born in a savage tribe, accepted the culture of the outside world with an open mind, and became the chieftain through the tribes of the great forest. That’s why he was able to give Eugene the answer he wanted.

“Gargis! Your muscles got bigger… … .”

“I’ve never missed a single day in 20 years of training and family secret muscle growth pills.”

Muscle growth pills, a word I haven’t heard in a long time. Are you still taking muscle growth pills even though you’ve grown that much? It’s already bigger than Moron.

‘What the hell does that bastard want to be?’

Did you really want to become a giant after you ate the giant’s balls?



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“Anyway, yes.”

That should have been enough. Eugene took a deep breath, then slowly turned his head to look at Cristina.

“A year is so short… … I don’t think I’ll win the duel unless I start training as soon as possible… … .”

“… … .”

“The place I want to go to is also a very difficult place to go, and that’s because I can go right away if Gavid opens the door… … so… … .”

“All right.”

No way, no way, I never thought I would make such pitiful excuses… … . Anise sighed at Eugene’s inability to be bold. But Christina didn’t think so.

‘A duel with the sword of confinement. Gavid Lindman was strong enough that Eugene had no choice but to focus on it.’

[My God, Cristina, did you fall for that stupid excuse?]

‘Didn’t Sister listen with you too? Eugene did not make excuses.’

[If that’s not an excuse, then what is it?]

‘You know that I’ve been struggling all night with worries for a year, and you explained that I had no choice but to do that. What a kind heart… … !’

Anis sighed again at that answer. A very friendly interpretation… … After all, isn’t there a difference between an explanation and an excuse on a piece of paper?

“I see, Eugene-nim, I was short-tempered. Hard training where you can’t even rest for a day… … Even after the training was over, Eugene-nim came right here and fought a duel without a break.”

“That’s right.”

“Then what Eugene needs right now is a break. There is also a place to rest here in the arena, but the duel is over and you don’t need to be here any longer. What would you like? Are you going back to our house?”

Christina asked with a smile.

house? Does that ‘home’ refer to Lionheart’s home? Why did Ryan Hart’s house become Christina’s house?

Eugene shamelessly thought so. If Anicilla had known that idea, one more nasty debt would have arisen.

“I have something to talk to you about.”

It is true that you need a break. The only thing I ate for a year was preserved food such as beef jerky that I had stored inside my mantle. And the kind of candy and sweets that Mer and Raimirua crammed in… … Meat, meat was scarce. Juicy, fatty meat. I want to fill my stomach with such meat, drink alcohol, shower, and sleep soundly.

You can’t do that yet. Eugene looked back at Moron and Senya. Senya nodded her head slightly. She too asked about her Eugene, and she had a story she wanted to hear.


Christina also muttered in a low voice. The saints also have stories they want to hear. I decided not to make the sudden sleep a problem anymore… … A year spent by Eugene. and.

[Whoa… … ]

Anise sighed. He knew right away, and his complicated mind was sorted out. However, thinking that he would learn the certain truth from what he had only guessed, he couldn’t help but feel confused.

-Have you met the light?

When Eugene came to the arena, the demon king of confinement asked such a question.

“We must go back first.”

Gilreid spoke first.

“Couldn’t this be gone for a year again?”

“I will arrive at my parents’ house within a week at the latest.”

“Get ready and don’t wait.”


Eugene raised his voice and said so.

“Not grandly, but modestly. Only in the mansion.”

“No matter what, everyone who saw the duel here should attend.”

“At this level… … yes.”

“People from the sidelines… … .”

“If it’s even Ryan Hart… … .”

“His Majesty the Emperor, His Holiness the Pope, and other distinguished guests who supported you… … .”

“Exactly! Just that far.”

Eugene could not yield any more. Gill Reid nodded his head with a satisfied smile at the success of the negotiations.

“Is there anything else you want?”

“Please tell Nina to prepare the food.”


“yes. Something I’ve been eating since I was 13.”

Hearing that, I remembered.

The time when Eugene was growing up. The days of swinging the sword every day and performing the Baek Yeom Ceremony. As Eugene requested, Nina, the exclusive attendant, obtained meat thick and large enough to be ignorant, cooked it according to Eugene’s taste, and served it on a plate for three meals a day. A stew with more meat than vegetables, a perfectly grilled steak… … .

“Don’t tell me.”

Guillaid smiled and nodded. The ridiculous confidence he had seen in the duel and the childhood of Eugene he had seen 12 years ago did not overlap at all.

Still, this was unmistakable. Whatever status he gets, Eugene is Gilreid’s son.

“Then, I’ll see you at the mansion.”

Yujin said that and turned her head.

“Why aren’t you coming? Aren’t you going?”

Mer and Lymilia, who were shrugging their shoulders in the back, turned to each other in shock.

“… … I thought Eugene-nim had become such a great person that he didn’t even care about a snarky familiar like me.”

“Bo, the original woman believed in the hermit. However, the greatness of the hermit is not great even for the original woman who is a dragon. so… … so… … .”

“Stop talking nonsense and come quickly.”

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and opened his cloak. Mer and Lymira, who had been glancing at each other, ran into the cloak without paying attention any longer.

“Let’s move from the seat.”

Eugene floated into the sky. Cristina, who had not yet let go of her hand, rose into the sky together as Eugene led her.

Senya looked disapprovingly at that appearance, and finally spat out a word.

“You can fly.”

“Strangely, the wings don’t come out now.”

“Can a saintess lie?”

“I am not lying. The wings don’t really come out.”

Cristina didn’t change her expression and told a lie. Senya pouted her lips as she felt her insides boil.

“Where are you going?”

“Moron House.”

“That cave? why?”

“Because I can look down on Laguryaran.”

“Then you don’t have to be there. Wouldn’t that peak over there be enough?”

Senya pointed to the high peak and said. This is where Moron looked down at the arena.

“Well, that doesn’t matter… … .”

Fire! Senya’s mana expanded. Before Eugene could finish his words, Senya’s mana enveloped Eugene, Christina, and Moron.

“… … ji.”

when the words are over. The four left the arena and reached the peak of Rehein Yar.


Yujin looked around and burst into admiration.

“Isn’t it space movement?”

“Swap it up.”

Senya replied with an arrogant expression.

“It replaced the mana that was here with my mana.”

“Any restrictions?”

“You cannot replace more than 10 people. Of course, my mana can easily cover thousands of people, but if I forcibly replaced that amount of mana, the axis of space would collapse and cause a catastrophe. The distance is roughly this much.”

“It is convenient. Can I write too?”

“Of course not! You can use this only when you understand the small and small world of mana and handle spiritual power perfectly.”

“Did you decide to call it spiritual power after all?”

“Sage senpai called it the essence of the source, but that’s too long.”

“Did you decide to call me senior after all?”

“Are you going to keep giggling?”

Senya widened her eyes and fired. Eugene didn’t tease her anymore, coughed and turned her head away.

“first… … .”

Where should I start?

Eugene thought for a moment, then nodded and looked back at Moron.

“Hey Moron.”

“What is it, Hamel?”

“You are my paladin from today.”

At the sudden words, Moron blinked his eyes.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 538Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 540
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