Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 543

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The mansion that came back after a year had changed so much from Eugene’s memory.

‘What will become of this mansion?’

Eugene had no choice but to think that way without realizing it. Still, the appearance of the old mansion was still there from a year ago, but now there is no trace of it.

“… … .”

What made Eugene uncomfortable most of all was the extreme disharmony within the mansion grounds.

On one side is a forest thick enough to beat the Great Forest. Three towering fairy trees. Even a simple fairy tree grows much larger than an ordinary tree, and even that is a sapling of a world tree. Eugene gulped as he watched the lush branches begin to cover most of the forest’s sky.

Unlike nature itself, which is full of vitality on this side, there is no nature on the other side. I could see the unknown mechanism working hard. Various objects are being carried on the belt that moves without stopping. Like swords, spears, axes, arrows, shields… … such weapons.

On the other side, various minerals are piled up in heapuk. The precious Mithril seemed as common as stones on the road.

Yujin opened her eyes thinly and watched the place. Dwarves running around with thick, short legs… … Even people who don’t know who they are.

“Huh… … .”

When I asked who they were, they were all elemental spirits belonging to the White Magic Tower. They were accustomed to assisting the Dwarves, and enchanted the finished equipment and handicrafts. Some even set up workshops on the other hand and were even collaborating with the Dwarves.

Right now, the current White Tower owner, Melchis Elhaire, is a great spirits, but in the first place, the White Magic Tower handles not only spiritism but also alchemy.

“Huh… … her… … .”

Even when I last saw it a year ago, the mansion grounds were in disarray. The elves brought by Eugene and the saplings of the world tree made Lionheart’s forest grow too radically.

And the 10 dwarves brought to process Raizakia’s corpse. They set up a studio on one side of the mansion site for work efficiency, but the problem is that the studio has grown too large.

‘The results are good, but… … .’

Thanks to the saplings of the World Tree being completely rooted, Lionheart’s Forest became the continent’s best spirit vein. The benefit is monopolized by Lionheart, and in terms of simple efficiency, the mana accumulated over the past few years is qualitatively superior to the mana accumulated over the course of a lifetime of training by the White Lions and Black Lions.

Even though the dwarf’s workshop may spoil the aesthetics, the results are excellent. Thanks to this, all Lionhearts were armed with dragon-material equipment, and they could continue to monopolize the work of the dwarves.

“… … When everything is over.”

Yujin cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

“Let’s all move in together as a family.”

Anicilla didn’t answer and kept a smile. She set aside the others and set herself up to meet Eugene in person, alone. Of course, the reason for the play is because I wanted to show how much the mansion has changed in one year.

“If it is the end, when will it be?”

“I am… … If I kill the Demon King of Confinement and the Demon King of Destruction, it will be the end… … .”

“It must be very difficult.”

“yes… … .”

“It’s not as much as you, but I’m having a hard time too.”

Anicilla whispered, still smiling.

Eugene remembered Senya and the saints who ran away as soon as he saw Anicilla who had come to meet him. Senya ran away, saying that she had to meet her brother, and the saints left, saying they had business with the pope who had arrived beforehand… … .

“Isara, that is very good. Do you have a place in mind?”

“I’m fine wherever Anicilla-nim wants. If Anicilla-nim wants the castle, I’ll grab King Straut II, who is at the banquet today, by the collar and tell him to prepare to empty the palace.”

“oh… … .”

Anicilla maintained the same smile as before and nodded.

Having said this before, Anicilla didn’t seem to hate the move itself. But Eugene could feel it. The other time, Anicilla just couldn’t help it, thinking about it, she wouldn’t be bad, so she accepted the move for that reason – but now it’s different.


I felt a cold murderous intent. A murderous intent of resentment that is far from violence. Eugene continued to speak.

“Or how about the Holy See? Yuras It’s nice to live there quietly. It is also the center of the city. It is said that there is no warp gate, but that is all a lie. There is also a warp gate in the basement of the Holy See. If not, what are you going to do?”

“It’s a castle… … .”

Anicilla, who had been listening silently while maintaining a smile, reacted. She nodded her head slightly and looked back at her Eugene.

“Babel would be nice.”

words spoken abruptly. The curved eyes opened slightly, revealing the pupils. An eerie gaze licked Eugene’s skin. That gaze pierced deeper than any magical eyes Eugene had ever seen in his life.

“bar… … bar, what?”


“Is that Babel the Babel I know?”

“I don’t know what other Babel you know of, but there is only one Babel I know of.”

“uh… … hmm… … .”

Can Babel be called a castle? Eugene remembered the Babel he had seen the other day when he went to Helmud.

A 99-story high-rise building… … However, if she answered that Babel was not a castle to Anicilla now, there was no doubt that the fan on that hand would be blown away.

“hmm… … Babel is… … yes… … If it doesn’t collapse and remains intact, yes. The lower floor is for the knights to use, and the upper floor is for us to use.”

“It would be wonderful to use the palace on the top floor as an office for the family head. It is also symbolic.”

“yes… … .”

Will Babel remain intact even after killing the demon king of confinement? More than anything else, Eugene couldn’t be sure of that.

Perhaps, unable to withstand the aftermath of the battle, he collapsed… … In severe cases, the entire region may disappear, just as Yongmaseong did. No, in the first place, the present Babel exists because there is a demon king of confinement, but if the demon king of confinement dies, isn’t it natural that Babel would disappear altogether?

‘Then I have to build a new one.’

As long as Anicilla says so, even if Babel disappears, a 99-story building must be erected in its place. As Anicilla said, the symbolic meaning is sufficient. Hamel, who died in Babel, and Lionheart, the descendant of the warrior, conquered Babel over 300 years and made it their domain.

‘That’s pretty… … .’

The more I thought about it, the better it felt.

‘If Babel disappears, you can build a new one. The 99th floor is too high, so about the 10th floor… … No, is the 10th floor too low?’

Yujin thought so and nodded.

“By the way, why are the wizards of the White Mage Tower here?”

“Without you and without Senya, who can hold down Melchis?”

“There was Cristina.”

“When you weren’t there, the saintess stayed in her room and drank for weeks. In the meantime, Melchis-sama came in and things started happening.”

Not bad for Ryan Hart. Rather, they benefited greatly. Through active exchanges with the White Magic Tower, the elves in the forest learned spiritism, and among the knights, the number of those who belatedly blossomed into spiritism increased. Also, most of the dwarven works with alchemy and magic became the property of Lionheart.

“Good for you. My family has become rich thanks to the elves and dwarves I brought… … .”


A sound was heard. Fortunately, it wasn’t the sound of a fan breaking. It was just the sound of Anicilla biting her teeth.

Eugene did not speak until the end and changed his words.



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“Everyone will be waiting for you, so let’s go back to the banquet hall.”

There are many empty guests at the Lionheart Mansion today. All the kings who had ever seen Eugene attended, including the emperor of Kiel and the pope of Euras. And the spectators who attended the duel in Raguryaran a few days ago, as well as the heads of powerful collateral families and their children.

“I heard they use elves as servants… … It was real.”

Emperor of Kiel. Straut II sat in the VIP seat and watched the elves. Even just a few years ago, seeing elves in the city was extremely rare. Most of the wandering elves were hunted and imprisoned as slaves, while other elves lived hidden in uninhabited forests or mountains.

However, after Lionheart became the patron of the elves, the circumstances of the race changed drastically. Even though the country banned slavery laws, the hunting of elves in the shadows came to a halt in front of the name of ‘Lionheart’.

I know why. Lionheart’s name is also a name, but the Black Lion Knights do dirty work in the shadows. And Eugene Lionhart’s name. The hunters who were active in the Great Forest stopped hunting because they were uncomfortable with the fact that Eugene was behind the Bayar tribe rather than the wise Senya’s successor.

In fact, at that time, Straut II was dissatisfied with everything related to elves. Even if it’s a minority race, a single family controls the fate of a race, and even wields greater power than the laws of a country… … You even made a connection with the savage tribes of the Great Forest? Had it not been for Alchester’s dissuade, Straut II would have robbed Eugene Lionheart once with any excuse.

‘thank god.’

At that time, Alchester had never met Eugene. Nevertheless, Alchester supported Eugene. In Alchester, it must have been to show loyalty to Lionheart and to protect the young Eugene – now that I think about it, Alchester’s dissuade saved Straut II’s life. If I had made an excuse and invited Eugene to sit down… … .


A voice pierced the ears of Straut II, who was breathing a sigh of relief.

“Huh… … !”

He forgot his face as Emperor Kiel and jumped up from his seat. At some point, Eugene was standing next to Straut II.

“Yu, yu… … Eugene Ryanhart… … kyung.”

“What’s the matter, Mr. Kkak, don’t you call him ‘sir?’”

“radish… … .”

“Why didn’t you come to the duel? Sir Alchester is here, but why are you not coming?”

Eugene strained his eyes and glared at Straut II.

Is that a common sense correct scolding? Straut II is the emperor. No matter how much the fate of the continent is at stake in that duel, it is impossible to go directly to the duel where you do not know what will happen. In the unlikely event that Eugene was defeated, Gavid and his demons could have killed all the spectators.

“ah… … No matter what, even for Jim, the position is… … .”

“Entrance? Lord Alchester came in person, but why didn’t you come?”

Why was he being so rude to me, the emperor, while using honorifics for Alchester?

Straut II felt it was unfair and sad. Still, a few years ago, he treated me like an emperor in front of other people… … After Hamel’s reincarnation became known, even that minimal treatment disappeared.

“that… … It wasn’t just the luggage that didn’t go, the pope and servants of Euras, and the king of Arot wouldn’t have gone either… … .”

“Oserys will be difficult to come from the southern end. He has lived all his life in a hot country, so he must have froze to death if he came to the North.”

“… … .”

“The Pope is too old. Arrot Dyndolph sent Crown Prince Honein instead. What are you?”

“Jim also sent Lord Alchester… … .”

“Is Lord Alchester royalty? Is it your son?”

Eugene tightened his eyes and fired at him. Strout II, whose shoulders trembled, had an intuition from this conversation that he could never win. It was because Eugene had already decided on the answer he wanted to hear. In the end, Strout II cleared his bubbling stomach and bowed his head.

“sorry… … .”

“Okay, let’s do our best so that we don’t have to apologize in the future.”

Tuk-tuk. Eugene tapped Straut II on the shoulder a few times. A grudge received from Anicilla. The depressiveness that caused it was completely gone.

“If you endure too much, you will get sick. Sometimes you have to squirt.”

Even if the cause was provided by oneself. Yujin muttered that and stood up from her seat.

‘Are you asking me to listen?’

Everything about Straut II was unfair. But he couldn’t bear to let out old emotions like Eugene did. I thought it would be better to just wait until I got sick.


Eugene coughed as if to hear him. Then, numerous gazes in the banquet hall turned to Eugene.

Senya and Cristina arrived first, while Eugene did not arrive yet. Everyone in attendance was waiting for Eugene to come, but no one knew he had arrived until a cough was heard.

“Come on, calm down.”

Before the booming voices spill out. Eugene raised her hand first. Even though that was all, everyone stopped talking. Even Melchis, who was wearing a dress with a hollow back, kept his mouth shut without making a sound.

natural pressure. The current Eugene had such an atmosphere.


Eugene sighed and shook his head. Behind the banquet hall. I saw a platinum lion standing proudly decorated.

Every time Eugene saw it, he felt the urge to just break it or melt it down, but strangely, Gilade liked that colorful float… … .

“Just put them in storage… … .”

Eugene grumbled and looked away from the Platinum Lion. He looked for a high seat, but unfortunately the highest seat in the banquet hall was above the Platinum Lion.

Could it be that he was aiming? Eugene stopped and clenched his fists. There is only one great person in Lionheart who can lead such a thing. Eugene immediately sought Carmen.

“… … .”

Carmen’s eyes met, and she smiled and nodded. Eugene knows that Carmen has no ill will… … . So he couldn’t really shoot anything.

Eventually, Eugene let out a deep sigh and climbed onto the Platinum Lion.

[If you don’t want to go up like that, you can just float in the sky. Or do you just speak from the ground? Everyone sees Eugene and listens to Eugene’s voice anyway, so is there any reason to stand here?]

“… … .”

[Eugene, I know that well. Right now, Eugene-sama is deceiving herself. No, not just now. Eugene always deceives himself in most things. You say you don’t want to do it, but you’re enjoying yourself. It still is. I can’t help it, Miss Carmen is blah blah… … thinking so In fact, you enjoy being envyed in a splendid and high place.]

talk your way Controlling her heart, Eugene put her hand inside her cloak and pinched Mer’s cheek. All the words that bold little boy speaks are obscenities.

[The hermit is more noble than all the humans here, so it is only natural that the hermit is envyed by everyone in a splendid and high place.]

[You bastard, why do you always side with Eugene after I tease you? Like a cowardly lizard.]

[I’m just being honest. But, hermit, this sculpture is too shabby to show off her dignity. Wouldn’t it be better to stand on the head of the original woman who is a dragon?]

[You clever bastard, don’t use Eugene for getting attention!]

Mer and Lymiria started fighting over the cloak. Eugene ignored the noise of the cloak and stood on top of the Platinum Lion’s head.

“Many of the guests who have come here have also come to the arena of Raguryaran.”

Eugene said that first.

“I don’t know how well the relay of the duel went, but I said this during the duel.”

What the hell are you talking about? The people in the banquet hall looked up at Eugene with their eyes shining and their ears open.

“I am a god.”

Eugene declared it first in a calm voice. Naturally, Eugene’s gaze turned to the pope.

I wondered if this declaration would make me feel uncomfortable, but that didn’t happen. Right now, Cristina was beside the Pope, Cardinal, and Raphael. I thought she ran away with an excuse, but she seems to have met and talked to me beforehand.


“God… … suddenly what… … .”

“Are you serious, not a metaphor?”

The crowd groaned. It was not the people who saw the duel in person, but the people who watched the duel through the relay. Those who saw the duel in person, like Alchester, did not question Eugene’s words.

It was because the duel there, the sparks and power that Yujin exuded, were enough to be called Divine Wisdom.

“Anyway, since I’ve become a god, before enjoying the banquet… … .”

After clearing his throat, Eugene took out the Levantine from his cloak.

“If there is anyone who wants to be baptized by me and become a church member or a paladin, please line up in front of me. It is not an opportunity that comes every day. That doesn’t mean it does everything. Select based on criteria… … .”

“Huh… … .”

Before Eugene finished speaking, someone held his breath and raised his hand.

It was Carmen.

“hmm… … I knew it would.”

Eugene nodded.

“Come this way.”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 542Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 544
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