Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 544

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Carmen came forward, catching the eyes of everyone in the banquet hall. She returned from the Great Forest after a year with Senya, and her appearance itself did not change much from when they were separated from the Great Forest.

However, Eugene felt a distinctly different depth in her pupils than a year ago. A year is not a short time for humans, but the year Carmen spent would have been dozens of times more dense.

I don’t know how out of sync the timeline may have been, but Carmen’s experience is similar to Gavid’s. The magic of the sage and the world tree brought a giant beyond time and space, and Carmen must have challenged the giant for a long time, repeating countless deaths.

“It’s just my personal curiosity.”

When Carmen came down the float. Eugene whispered, limiting his voice so that the others could not hear.

“Did you defeat the giant?”

To be honest, I was very curious about that fact. It cannot be compared with the ‘real’ one, but it is the memory of the giant called by the sage. Right now, Gavid has transcended the demon tribe by repeating the battle and the illusion of Agaroth, but what about Carmen?


Carmen shook her head.

“I was unable to defeat that huge and majestic man until the very end.”

It was a natural answer. Although the methods are similar, there is a big difference between Carmen and Gavid. The crucial thing is that Gavid is a demon and Carmen is a human. No matter how much death in the practice does not lead to reality, and even if Carmen’s mental power is strong, this kind of practice is difficult for humans to handle. If you repeat death a hundred times, even Carmen’s mind will collapse.

“but. Even though I couldn’t defeat it, I gained a lot. I, Carmen Lionheart- I was able to be born again from a humble underdog by challenging and losing dozens of hundreds of times to great people who could never win.”

Carmen clenched her fists and said. It wasn’t directly embodied, but Eugene felt the flame burning inside Carmen.

White salt meal. Carmen’s white salt ceremony, like Eugene’s, was newly changed, so it was not distinguished by the number of ‘stars’.

“I realized. Lion Heart’s White Flame Ceremony. The ‘star’ that distinguishes the realm is, after all, an illusion. If you blindly obsess over increasing the number of stars, you won’t get true strength.”

Carmen’s powerful voice did not go only to Eugene. She went on to speak for all the Lionhearts at the banquet.

“The white salt ceremony invented by the great Vermouth, the progenitor of our Lionheart, was eventually started and completed by him. The founder passed down the white salt and red salt dishes for our descendants. Of course, we thought that the white salt diet was the best, and the red salt diet was inferior… … .”

At those words, the collaterals began to hum.

There are numerous collateral families in Lionheart, but the families attending the banquet are especially influential among them. Even the black lions who attended together are mostly from collaterals, and they are Lionhearts whose skills have been recognized regardless of the prestige of the family. To them, Carmen’s words now were harsh and bitter words that separated her family’s origins.

“I don’t want to lie. I, Carmen Lionheart, will speak up. Actually I thought so in the past. The main family inheriting the family inherits the white salt ceremony and maintains legitimacy, and the collateral branch that has spread out like a branch learns the red salt ceremony and must not go against the original family. This was my idea, and the Black Lion existed to keep those family laws.”

I just want to proceed with the appointment as a paladin, but why did it become Carmen’s oratory? Eugene had such thoughts in his heart, but he couldn’t bear to stop Carmen’s eloquence.

“But I realized through fables. Even if we cook Baek Yeom-sik, which we considered authentic, we can never follow the founding father. The white salt ceremony and the red salt ceremony left by the founder for the family are nothing more than guidelines for Lionheart’s martial arts in the end!”

Carmen’s voice grew stronger. The collateral was no longer buzzing. They listened to Carmen’s eloquence with bated breath. Even the head of the house, Guillaid, and the head of the Senate, Cline, listened intently to Carmen’s eloquence.

“The ancestor of Lionheart was a great hero, but it is wrong for us living in the future to assume that the path the ancestor walked is absolutely right! Sticking to only two training methods, white salt and red salt, will eventually fade the true ‘star’ we have!”

Carmen raised her fist.

“We all have a shining star in our hearts… … .”

“Woo-wook… … .”

Eugene took a step back without realizing it. However, only Eugene showed such a reaction.

The strongest of the collateral, Genos, was listening to Carmen’s eloquence while shedding tears. Even Gilreid had her eyes reddened and his fists clenched.

“I want to complete the star of Carmen Lionheart, not the great Vermouth.”

Fists stretched high into the sky. The sky was still clear because the sun was still in the middle of the day, but the fingers reaching toward the sky seemed to be grasping the stars in the night sky.

“Those who really want to find their star, come to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s the main family or the collateral. Leaving the frame of the white salt ceremony and the red salt ceremony, having a single brilliant star is for us and Lionheart. I believe that this is the future that the great founder Vermouth dreamed of.”

In fact, Carmen was not wrong. It is impossible to reach the state of vermouth even if you have cooked the white salt meal. In the first place, there is a big difference between the white salt formula passed down to descendants and the white salt formula used by Vermouth himself, and humans can never use the real white salt formula.

That’s why one day you have to go beyond the white salt ceremony. Eugene was like that too. Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik, which was originally a 7-star, went through various battles and the number of stars became meaningless. Now, in the place where the star of Baek Yeom-shik was in Eugene, there is an infinitely expanding universe.

It is because Eugene is special. He did not simply learn the Baek Yeom-sik, he understood the Eternal Hall, and created the universe by melting his experience as Hamel and Agaroth’s divine power.

It’s impossible for other lionhearts to do that – but judging from Carmen’s case, it would be right for Vermouth to evolve the white flame formula in that form.

‘Even if you reach the 6th star right now and enter the dark room, you’re specializing in Baek Yeom-sik… … .’

What if it is possible with red salting? It will depend on the outcome, but it is certain that the gap between the main family and the collateral will be greatly reduced. If that happens, the superiority of the Baek Yeom-sik of the original family will only create a huge gap with the collateral when the realm is low.


Carmen’s voice continued. The glory of Lionheart, the future of the continent, and the will to be inherited. With all of that, Carmen shouted with strength.


The hand that had been facing the sky with a cry became a fist. Now, Carmen has earned her ‘star’.


Carmen cried again. That hot cry moved everyone. Genos raised his fist. Saying that it was still the same, Xenia next to him stretched out his fist in the same way.


Like that, all the lionhearts in the banquet hall raised their fists. The banquet designed to bless Eugene’s return and the victory of the duel suddenly became a rallying point for Lionhearts.


A word that everyone shouts with the same meaning. A family name for Hamel, the reincarnation of Lionheart itself. Lionheart, who has grown since then, has no choice but to naturally become the vanguard for Hamel. perhaps… … This may be the future that Vermouth envisioned.

“… … .”

Even if it is. Listening to Lionheart’s hot cry, inspired by Carmen, on top of the brilliantly sparkling Platinum Lion, Eugene couldn’t help but think about what kind of expression he should make. To tell you the truth, Eugene just wanted to cover his ears and run away.

“brilliant! For Eugene Ryanhart! For the future of the continent!”

Carmen’s cries did not end. She shouted her mission with passion and looked at Eugene with burning golden eyes.


I couldn’t help but feel the unspoken pressure from that gaze. He wanted to resist, but it was impossible. Not only Ryan Heart, but everyone gathered at the banquet hall had their eyes shining as if they wanted to hear Eugene’s decision.

In the end, Eugene hesitantly raised his fist, no, the Levantine to the sky.

“go… … Wake up.”


All Lionhearts went wild. Eugene closed his eyes once more. Only when the enthusiastic cheers stopped did I open my eyes again.

“Then, stand up.”

Carmen, who had been shouting so violently as if she was about to vomit blood, but now her expression was calm. Yujin barely managed to control her emotions and nodded her head.

The appointment itself was similar to what he did to Moron. As he did back then, he didn’t mention the first paladin and great warrior, but he tapped on the shoulder with his thinly burning blade. When he was appointed like that, Levantine’s flame permeated the opponent.

Although Shinhwa was transferred like that, Eugene’s divine power did not diminish. Rather, whenever Shinhwa was transferred through Seoim, Eugene’s divine power rose to the fullest.

After Carmen, the appointment continued. He gave appointments to the collateral heads of the White Lion Knights, the Black Lion Knights, and the Taro Knights. As initially thought, seoim was not limited to Lionheart.

Leading the Beast King Aman, he appointed the elite of the white fangs of Ruhar. He also ordained Ayvik and his mercenaries. Ortus and the Storming Knights thought about it for a while, but after seeing the ordained people admiring the myth that had settled in their bodies, they eventually stood in front of Eugene.

It was the same with Alchester and the White Dragon Knights. Strout II pondered over whether he should really tolerate his resignation. It was because he had sworn to serve only the emperor, and it seemed as if Eugene had completely taken over Alchester and the White Dragon Knights, which the emperor had personally appointed.

However, even with such thoughts, the 2nd generation of Straut could not stop him from being crowned. He was afraid to hear what Yu-jin said for nothing, and he had to tolerate Seo-im for the sake of the world.

Unexpectedly, it was the warriors of Ivatar and Zoran who hesitated. For them, faith is the Great Forest and the World Tree. No matter how much they respected Eugene, it was strange in many ways to be appointed by a new god to the tribes of the great forest, who had never had a relationship with another religion in their lives.

“are you okay.”



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Eugene guessed why Ivata was hesitating and spoke first.

“I’ve met the World Tree in person, and they say the World Tree is fine.”


“It’s not a lie, it’s real. It’s not like I’m going to be your god. We need each other and we like each other, so we’re doing something like a contract for a while. Then, later, when the war is over and you’re satisfied, let’s discuss the faith of the entire tribe again.”

Eugene said in a tone that he had nothing to regret. It wasn’t really sad. In the past, I thought about converting the entire Zoran into a religious country through Ivatar and supplying faith, but now Eugene is connected to all faiths that exist on the continent as well as light. So there was no need for that anymore.

“I get it.”

Ivata didn’t even know that. However, he respected Eugene as a warrior, and he coveted the myth permeating the knights who were ordained. In the end, starting with Ivatar, the elite of the Zoran warriors were appointed by Eugene.

Raphael and the Knights of the Blood Cross were not separately appointed. After all, they are light paladins. Even if Eugene does not take office, he shares his divine power to some extent.

‘avatar… … .’

Pope Euryus and Raphael heard the story from the saintess in advance. Of course, they haven’t heard the whole truth. The saints didn’t try to persuade those obstinate fanatics in the first place, and chose to embellish lies in moderation.

Eugene Ryanhart met the light himself. became an incarnation of light. Eugene and Light became one body, and Light gave Eugene new life to become a new god who lights up the era… … . In fact, it wasn’t just a lie, and since a ‘real’ saintess said that, there was no reason to have doubts about being the Pope.

“Why can’t I?”

After the knights, mercenaries, and warriors were appointed. Melchis, who came out to be appointed and was rejected, was crying.

“Are you discriminating against wizards? Are you saying that weapon wielders can become paladins, but wizards cannot become paladins, no, holy wizards?”

“Has there ever been a name called Holy Wizard in this world?”

“I am a person with an open mind. If there is no Holy Wizard, I will be the first Holy Wizard.”

“Stop yelling and come in. I cannot serve as a wizard.”

“Then you use magic too! You can’t do that to Eugene, how well this noona took care of you when you were a cute little kid. Your signature right now, what is that, the prominence of convenience! The person who helped me make it is this Melchis Elhair sister, how could she do that to her?”

Melchis begged like a child who was clamoring for candy, but if he couldn’t, he couldn’t.

“Senya will be appointed as the wizard, not me. Wouldn’t it be better for Melchis-sama to be appointed by Senya than to be appointed by me?”


Immediately, Melchis’ expression changed. She hurriedly backed away from Eugene and knelt down in front of Senya, who was drinking tea leisurely.

“no! Goddess of Magic!”

Senya’s wish is to become a magic goddess. All the great wizards of this century know that.

Even before the liberation of Hauria, he would not have reached godhood yet, but did he eventually reach godhood through a year of seclusion? Loberian and the other archmages were also thrilled and surrounded Senya.

“uh… … uhh… … .”

Today, I was thinking of savoring Eugene’s disgrace, but I never thought I’d turn the bomb like this. Senya glanced at Eugene and stuttered his words.


Even Arot’s King Dyndolph and Crown Prince Honein bowed their heads to Senya.

“female… … not here I’ll do it at Arot next time.”

Senya managed to clear her expression before replying. Eugene has the experience of an Agaroth enemy and the help of light, but Senya is a body that has just risen to godhood. She could have done it herself, but since she had never done it, she felt the need to practice. What if, in this place, in front of everyone, what if you failed after appointing yourself?

It seems that the first button of the myth of Senya Merdein, the ‘wise magic goddess’, went wrong. Senya didn’t really want to do that.


Those who were enough to be called the protagonists of the continent were appointed. It was unnecessary to mass-produce paladins through appointment.

Eugene judged that. It is because they have trained and equipped themselves that they are in harmony with Shinhwa, and it is no different than wasteful to appoint a worthless idiot.

‘finally… … .’

All of the appointments here are over, but after the banquet, there is still work to be done.

“Christina, Ciel.”

Eugene called out to the two of them, limiting his voice so as not to cause any misunderstanding. Ciel quickly approached Eugene at that call.

All the members of the head family, the white lion, the black lion, and even the collateral were appointed. Only Ciel hadn’t been ordained yet.

-You’ll do it later.

Hearing such a story, I stepped back. It must have been delayed until the end for a special reason.

“Is it finally my turn?”

Ciel smiled brightly, his eyes shining. Christina, who approached her lightly, also stood by Ciel.

“You two.”

Eugene spoke with a calm face and a calm voice so as not to cause any misunderstanding.

“Come to my room after the banquet.”

I tried hard, but it was a remark that was bound to be misunderstood.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 543Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 545
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