Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 545

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“Why do you say things like that?”

Ciel grumbled as he walked through the corridors of the mansion.

Dawn after the banquet is over. To come to my room at this late hour, isn’t that what I have to say even if I try not to misunderstand?

If the person who said that was a relatively normal and normal man, Ciel would have had even the slightest misunderstanding.

But the opponent is Eugene.

Ciel knew a lot about Eugene, and he had even heard rejections that were so hard that he thought it was too much. Because she was, she couldn’t possibly misunderstand or harbor her expectations.

‘That bastard will act like a eunuch until he kills all the demon kings.’

I didn’t ask directly and get an answer, but Ciel was sure of it.

Why? Could you die fighting? Rather, shouldn’t it burn more vigorously? Even if you die when you die, you must burn the flame without regret before you die… … .

“… … .”

If Eugene dies anyway, the world will come to an end, whether for the demon king of confinement or the demon king of destruction. No matter what the remaining people do, it will be impossible to stop those demon lords.

That’s why, even more, shouldn’t we be burning vigorously so that there are no regrets left before everything ends in vain?


I forcibly stopped the stern imagination that was going on endlessly.

Of course, Ciel knew all too well that Eugene would never act like that. Even if the world were to end tomorrow, that guy wouldn’t drink a glass of wine.

just, just… … Even though I know that I can never change destruction, I will raise the edge of my sword and go out to prevent destruction.

he’s that kind of guy

‘… … In the first place, if Eugene had really invited him to the room for a private reason, I would have called him alone.’

Should I call me in the first place? A gloomy thought suddenly reared its head, but Ciel desperately ignored it.

‘It’s not just me who called. Saint Christina and her older sister also sang it, so… … It must be something very important.’

It’s not another place, what the hell is the important thing to do in the room. First of all, I didn’t misunderstand. I didn’t even expect it.

But if, if, if, because there is such a thing as if. So Ciel took a bath right after the banquet, changed into new clothes, and lightly sprayed his perfume.

“… … .”

Ciel stopped walking and stopped. In front of the tightly closed door of Eugene. Because she couldn’t stay still and stomped her feet and saw Christina doing something strange like pinching her own cheek and pulling her hair.

why do you do that There was no need to ask directly. There was no smell of alcohol in the wind that flowed this way. Soft and refreshing soap scent. There was no doubt that the other side had resumed bathing just in case, and now it seemed that the two personalities were fighting over who would open the door and enter.


The fight is so intense that it even leads to self-harm. Seeing Ciel no longer bothered her, so she cleared her throat a few times. Then, her saintess quietly let go of her hair, which she had been pulling, and brushed her tousled hair with her fingers a few times.

“What is it? I changed my clothes and sprayed on perfume. What kind of foolish expectations do you have?”

The eyes that look back are sharp. It’s anise. Ciel put on a calm face and shrugged his shoulders.

“Hasn’t the banquet been quite long? It’s not unusual to wash and put on new clothes.”

“You seem to enjoy the scent, which is quite old for your age. do you like it? Or are you forced to write?”

“It’s a trendy scent these days. Is it because the saintess is an old person, or is it because she is a priest? It smells like country. To put it nicely, it has a fresh scent.”

Despite Anise’s harsh words, Ciel did not back down. For a moment, their gazes collided in the air.


Anis snorted and turned away.

“Little girl. It’s obvious what crazy expectations you have, but they won’t turn out the way you expect them to. If that was the case in the first place, there’s no way Hamel would have called you and me together.”

“yes? I didn’t expect anything. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Ciel continued to walk without knowing. Anis glanced at Ciel with pity, but

I couldn’t shoot any more. Because he knew that no matter what he said now, he would end up spitting in his own face.

Of course, in the case of Anis, there was room for excuses. It was Cristina who washed herself with anticipation and excitement, took out and put on new clothes, and stood in front of the door with an immodest gait. Even cold water has its ups and downs, and of course it was Cristina who squealed at Anis who was about to step out and grabbed his hair… … . In Anise’s opinion, she didn’t have much trouble with herself.

“Let’s go inside.”

I tried to ignore the sad cry that was heard in my head. Anise grabbed the doorknob without expecting a single thing.

“… … Will you come in with me?”

“You called both of us together.”

“but. I will go in first and look at the situation.”

“No, the two of us sang together.”

Ciel widened his eyes without backing down. Saying more would only make it ugly. Anis clicked her tongue and opened the door.

“… … .”

“… … .”

would have to say that too. The scenery in the room was completely different from the trio’s shallow expectations. There was no romantic lighting, and there was no alcohol like wine to enjoy lightly. Eugene wasn’t even wearing a bathrobe.

“Why have you been in front of the door for so long?”

Eugene seemed very comfortable even though he was comfortable. He took off his stuffy formal clothes and wore a loose short-sleeved top, and in one hand he was holding a large meat bone. That’s understandable. Eugene ate only meat throughout the banquet.

After the duel, Guillaid gave Nina exactly what Eugene had asked for, and at today’s banquet, a table was prepared exclusively for Eugene. A mountain of too much meat… … Eugene took an even bigger bite of the chunk of meat he had prepared there.

“… … Why are you doing that?”

Ciel didn’t quite understand, so he stammered.

Right now, blood was flowing from both of Eugene’s wrists. He cut his wrist directly. He was wearing short sleeves because he was leaving so much blood flowing as it was.

“Holy Blood.”

Anise furrowed her eyebrows and muttered.

There are holy relics related to Holy Blood in Yuras. Incarnation, or the blood of a saint. A drinking cup that is said to contain that blood… … Anis, of course, knows that most of those relics are fake. I know that the ‘real’ that exists rarely can’t be called a holy relic.

But now that is different. Eugene is a ‘real’ god, and that must be the blood of a god. he is holy blood

[ah… … ]

Christina didn’t cry anymore. She let out a long sigh and looked at Eugene’s back.

small bathtub. Although they couldn’t see inside, Anise and Cristina could tell that it wasn’t just water that filled them.

“Did you recreate the fountain you destroyed yourself?”

“Not different.”

Eugene shook his head.

“That’s fake, this is real.”

The fountain of light that was destroyed in Juras. It was made with purified holy water using the holy relics of successive saints as a filter. As saints were born and died repeatedly, the ‘performance’ of the fountain of light became stronger, and successive saints accepted the ‘holy water’ by injuring their bodies and soaking in the fountain of light. In that way, Yurath has been training the saintess as a sacred weapon.



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But what Eugene has made now is ‘different’. In that small bathtub, none of the saint’s remains were used. It was a ‘true’ fountain of light that generously used holy blood, which is more valuable than dragon blood or elixir even with a single drop.

“The appointment of a paladin has been roughly finished.”

enemy. Eugene chewed the meat sticking to the bone and swallowed it.

No matter how much he had divine immortality, pouring out the essence of divine power and holy blood was extremely exhausting. I ate and ate, but I was still hungry and my head was dizzy.

“But you didn’t baptize the saintess. yes?”

“… … .”

“You are feeling it too.”

Yujin smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“You are bound to be different from me and Senya. And it’s different from Moron.”

“I know.”

Anise let out a short sigh and nodded.

“Our ability and strength are according to God. No matter how much we pray and believe, we cannot become as strong as you.”

If it’s a warrior or a magician, it’s hard to become strong alone as a cleric. After all, the power that priests use is divine power.

“… … no way.”

Anise sighed once again and shook her head.

“No way, I didn’t know you would come first.”


“yes. Are you considerate of our pride?”

“I thought it would be better for me to prepare first than for you to come and ask for it yourself. Did I do something wrong?”

“I know that even what you say now is a consideration for us. You always did, Hamel. By showing condescension that I didn’t have to pay, I was considerate of my heart.”

When I thought that I would become a saint of Eugene, not light. Christina’s body had stigmata. And now that Eugene has the divinity of light, of course, the ability of the two ‘saints’ has also grown.

I’m feeling it. Now, the two saints can heal dozens or even hundreds of sick people with a single prayer. Severed limbs and shattered organs can be regenerated without shedding a single drop of blood.

But that’s not enough. No matter how much the saintess’ ability grew, that power was ultimately obtained from Eugene.

It was impossible for a god to receive help from a saintess. In the end, in the upcoming battle, the saints will not be of great help to Eugene.

“Hamel. If we are baptized anew by you. What can we do?”

“You can lighten my burden.”

Eugene replied with a calm face.

“As you all know, I- it is difficult to handle all the divine powers of light alone.”

Levantein is refined to contain all the ‘light’. However, the flames of the Levantine burning like that are so strong that it is difficult for even Eugene to draw out the full force. It is difficult to write properly without using ignition. Pulling out to the limit is a burden even with ignition.

“Is Moron not enough?”

“The role of a paladin and a saint is different.”

Anis felt the throb of the stigma. This stigma is ‘real’. It is not inscribed with force, as in the old days, as in the Well of Light, as in Popes and Cardinals. It is engraved with sincerity and faith.

Moron is strong. He became the first paladin of the light and war gods, and became the god’s champion. However, as Eugene said, the role of a paladin and a saint is different. In the end, since Moron did not have the same ‘faith’ as ​​the saint, no stigmata were engraved.


Anis smiled lightly and nodded.

“Hamel, you- make me a new angel. Christina as the new saint. That’s how you’re trying to incarnate the two of us.”

“that’s right.”

Eugene nodded.

“The divine power of light is so enormous that even I, who have attained divinity, cannot handle it. I will connect the divine power that I cannot use to you. And I will use the stigma on both hands as a door to extract divine power.”

“… … .”

“No, you… … I know it because I experienced it 300 years ago. If you are baptized, you will be sick when you use miracles. You might bleed.”

“Hamel. You took care of my wounds 300 years ago whenever I bled from a stigma or drank to forget the pain. Are you still forcing me, Christina, to suffer?”

At the question that came back, Yujin once closed her eyes.


I opened my eyes and answered.

“I’ll wipe away the blood and apply ointment to the wound. Just be patient until you kill all the demon lords.”


At those words, Anis burst out laughing.

“If you take care of the wound yourself like in the past, I will endure the pain. In the first place, in this life, you always struggled right up to the point of death. However, as saints, we just prayed behind the scenes without much pain.”

Anise took a step forward.

“I hated that. Even if that was the role of a saintess, I hated putting only Eugene in the harsh line of fire. I felt the same pain as Eugene, and I wanted to fight together.”

Christina took a step forward.

“Therefore, we will gladly accept this baptism. But, my God, I dare to point out. You said until you kill all the demon lords. No, it’s not enough. Until we kill all the demon lords and save Vermut-sama and the world. We will laugh and bleed.”

Eugene smiled bitterly and moved out of the way. The bathtub he had taken from the bathroom was still filled with golden water.

“I thought it would be bloody.”

“I thought it would be like that too, but when I mixed it with water, it turned out like that.”

While saying that, Eugene stared at the saints. The saints standing in front of the bathtub clicked their tongues as they felt the gaze.

“Are you going to keep watching?”


“I’m going into the bathtub, so I’ll have to take my clothes off before I go in.”

“uh… … Doesn’t it matter if you wear it… … .”

“I hate it because it’s embarrassing.”

“No, but… … It means soaking your body and not the end. I need to tweak your stigma a bit… … .”

Anise’s face twisted at that answer. Only the back was shown 300 years ago, but now the case is different. Even so, she didn’t want to show Hamel her naked body.

[I don’t care.]

Rather, Christina seemed to be expecting it.

[It’s not like that. This, this is a very sacred and pure ritual… … ! Sister, what lewd and fiendish thoughts are you thinking!]

Christina yelled out loud. Anise shoved her feet into her bathtub, ignoring the now-familiar slander. When the rippling golden waves passed my ankles and wet my calves. Anise’s body trembled.

‘It’s hot.’

It is as if the fire is seeping through the skin. Anise took a deep breath and entered the bathtub.

“Oh… … .”

“Are you okay?”

Eugene asked with a worried face. Anis couldn’t continue his words and instead nodded his head a few times. Feeling her pain, Christina did the same. As she shares, she must be able to endure at least.

“… … .”

Ciel stood awake and looked at everything blankly.

For now, I accepted that washing myself, putting on perfume, and putting on new clothes were stupid. Now, the saints are unable to speak properly and continue to breathe heavily, and Eugene looks at the saints with worried eyes… … .

“uh… … hmm.”

Ciel quietly took a step back.

“I-I’ll go.”

If this is the case, why did I call you? Ciel had such thoughts in his heart, but even his snoring knew that he was not in the mood to say such things right now.

“Where are you going?”

Ciel’s body stopped as he retreated through the closed door.

“Come closer.”

“why… … why?”

“come fast.”

Unusual high-handed attitude.

Feeling an unknown thrill, Ciel quietly approached Eugene.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 544Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 546
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