Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 547

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A number of emotions were flooded.

I’ve seen the current vermouth a few times, but this is the first time I’ve come face to face with a ‘real’ vermouth like this.

met too late

I thought so.

Vermouth Lionheart. I should have met that bastard at least once, somehow. We had to meet at least once, even for a short time – to talk. no. Even when you can’t talk. I had to see it in person, not from a vision or someone else’s memory.


Eugene went into futility. This is a world where nothing can live. It’s different from the dimensional rift where Raizakia got stuck and was sucked in in the battle with the specter. This place does not allow living beings. The only thing that can exist here is the destruction that created nothingness.

But vermouth is here. Eugene was only conscious, but he had reached this point. Eugene did not bother to interpret the fact. It’s something I already vaguely understand, and then.

I didn’t want to disturb the first meeting in 300 years with trivial thoughts.


Eugene called Vermouth once again. My consciousness was shaken with each step I took.

It was reached, but it was not easy to advance to the center. It’s the same as when I first saw the Demon King of Destruction. Just as he drew despair and madness just by looking at it, this place- despair and madness strikes just by standing there.

But Eugene was able to suppress it. It’s not the first time he’s been here in his life. distant past. The old days when Eugene wasn’t Eugene and Hamel wasn’t Hamel.

Agaroth, the god of war, came here. After ordering the death of the god army and seeing all the deaths, Agaroth himself had come here to die as well.

and died here

“Are you alive?”

Eugene was sure of where this place was. This is inside the belly of the demon king of destruction where Agaroth died. center of destruction

Eugene paid attention to where Vermouth was sitting. pitted wound. A long time ago, the place where Agaroth cut. Vermouth sat at the center of it, bowing his head.

“Or are you dead?”

The closer you get, the harder it is to connect. The gait is also heavy. She didn’t even know if the voice she barely squeezed out really reached Vermouth.

Still, I had to say something. Whether Vermouth was listening or able to answer didn’t matter too much right away.

“This bastard.”

I’d like to have a conversation with him, but if he’s in a state where he can’t communicate properly, it can’t be helped. Then, there was only one thing Eugene had to do. It is to curse Vermouth.

“You bastard. Do you know how hard it was for me, Mr. X, because of you? Oh, thinking about it makes me mad again. You bastard, if you had said something right away, wouldn’t it have been like this now?”

Vermouth had grand plans. But that bastard didn’t really tell anyone about the plan and was hiding it. before climbing the barbell. If Vermouth had at least given him a word, things wouldn’t have gone this far.

“Chuck, you should have told me to never do anything strange and breathe quietly behind your back. uh? Don’t try to commit suicide! just keep calm! Just follow me! just! If you just ask us to go up together! That’s it!”

The more I thought and spoke, the more angry I became. Of course, Eugene couldn’t hold back his anger and screamed out loud.

“If you did! I didn’t even try to commit suicide like an idiot… … .”

“Do you really think so?”

It cracked, paused, and a low voice was heard. Eugene suddenly stopped his scream. A chair chained to a chain. I saw Vermouth, who had been drooping his shoulders and head, slowly raise his head.


The closed eyes opened. Dark, faded golden eyes stared at Eugene. At that gaze, Eugene’s breath stopped.

The eyes of Vermouth that Eugene and Hamel remembered were not that cloudy or faded. That’s why I could tell just by looking at his eyes. What a terrible and painful torture the time Vermouth had been through for 300 years up to now.

“If I, then, had given you a word. Hamel. you really… … .”


Eugene quickly shook his head.

“Perhaps I didn’t listen to what you said back then.”

I got angry and fired at him, but in fact, Eugene knew it well. If he had listened to Vermouth before he climbed Babel. For example, don’t overdo it at Babel… … I must live and go up to the palace of confinement… … if you heard this

very, very little. I would have pretended to listen. And he would have interpreted the ‘why’ of Vermouth saying that.

don’t overdo it? That’s what I’ve always heard. You must live and go up to the palace of confinement? Yeah, well, it’s because the five of us have worked hard to come here.

“I would have died there after all.”

The result would not have changed. Hamel was dying at the time. With a body like this, you can’t climb the barbell any longer. I don’t want to disturb my colleagues. Even if everyone else said it was okay, Hamel himself did not want to be in that situation.

So Hamel committed suicide.

“Look at that.”

Vermouth’s lips moved. The dry, cracked, colorless lips drew a thin curve.

“at that time. No matter what I said… … You wouldn’t have listened.”

“No, kid. Then you should have done it with actions, not words. At that time, my physical condition was so bad that I couldn’t even resist, but if you dragged me by force… … .”

“Think about it. Hamel.”

Vermouth shook his head slowly.

“I am… … at that time… … He thought that the end of everything, the completion of the end he had been seeking, was just around the corner. It was really very little. very little. The shield of confinement was killed, and the staff of confinement was about to be killed. All that remains is the sword of confinement.”

“… … .”

“The sword of confinement is strong, but he was an orthodox swordsman. For us, it was less tricky than the Staff of Confinement, which threw all sorts of traps and curses.”

“… … .”

Eugene was speechless and quietly kept his mouth shut. Vermouth still smiled faintly and whispered to Eugene.

“I think I was thorough in everything, but at that moment I relaxed just a little bit. It’s really not long now. The thought that I really only had to take a few more steps caught me off guard.”

“uh… … hmm… … .”

“When the curse left by the staff of confinement rushed over me like an outburst. I was a little slow to respond. But it wasn’t too late to dodge or defend.”

“… … .”

“In that moment, you moved. Hamel.”

“Kuhm… … .”

“I have been paying attention to your movements since the barbell. I knew you were dying. I knew that it would be your last battle with Ignition when you fought with the Staff of Confinement. So even more, I didn’t care about you at that moment. Because in my judgment, you couldn’t move any more.”

“Kuhm… … .”

“I can’t imagine that at that moment, you in that state would move and block my way… … I couldn’t even imagine That was my second mistake, 300 years ago.”

After saying that, Vermouth closed his eyes. Eugene couldn’t answer, so he just munched his lips.

Vermouth was mostly right. In the battle with Belial, the staff of confinement, Hamel’s body lost its ability to fight. Without support he could no longer move.

but it moved When Belial’s curse rushed over Vermouth. My body, which could no longer move, moved. Vermouth will not die from that curse. He won’t even get hurt. He will be able to respond to anything.

And I, from now on, will have to look at everyone’s backs with this stupid body. You will have to watch as Vermouth, Moron, Senya, and Anise fight Gavid Lindman and defeat the Demon King of Confinement.

This is Babel, the demonic castle. It’s not a place for an asshole who can’t even control himself. Just being such an asshole in the rear is a hindrance to everyone. My colleagues will never try to abandon Hamel. No matter how fierce the battle, I will pay attention to the rear so that Hamel doesn’t get caught up in it.



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Hamel couldn’t stand it. He didn’t want to get in the way of his teammates by carrying an asshole.

“… … hmm… … sorry.”

In the end, Eugene had no choice but to let out a long sigh and say that.

“You know, Vermouth. At that time, I threw my body- It wasn’t just to save you. Just, I… … I wanted to die. I tried to die with the satisfaction of dying after saving you.”


Vermouth opened his closed eyes and answered.

“This is nothing for you to apologize for. I didn’t give you any explanation. And without you knowing anything, simply to save me. And he made such a choice to end his life, which he could no longer fight. you… … He was such a character. I was careless, and my judgment was slow. It’s because I didn’t focus on you in the end.”

“That’s right.”

Yujin nodded her head in agreement as if she had waited. Vermouth blinked a few times at that shameless answer. After a while, Vermouth let out a dry laugh and nodded his head.

“you… … It doesn’t seem to have changed. No, isn’t it? Rather, it seems more brazen than 300 years ago.”

“I have to be shameless to reincarnate as a one-year-old child and hang out with snorers with sober mind.”

“haha. When arranging your reincarnation. I was most worried about you not being able to tolerate many things and running amok at a young age.”

“What do you see people as? Although I was emotionally suicidal at the end, I’m usually a pretty cool person. If I were reincarnated as your descendant after 300 years, with the memories of my previous life intact… … There must be a reason.”

still alive When Hamel died and woke up with a ‘mite’ sound. The neck that burst out crying at will, and the body of a newborn baby who couldn’t control it. A voice I heard in the meantime.

– He is a healthy son.

-name is… …


The voice of a mother who has just finished giving birth.

-Eugene Ryanhart.

I can never forget the feeling I felt when I heard that name. The moment when the life of Hamel Diners ended and the life of Eugene Ryanhart began.

“There were times when I just couldn’t stand it.”

When I was able to walk quickly and manage to speak the way I thought.

When he learned that the ‘great Vermut’ had made an agreement with the demon king in captivity to end the war, that two demon kings were still alive in the world, that the demon king had become the Helmud Empire, that Vermut and Anis had died, and that Senya and Moron had gone into seclusion.

He cried until his throat was hoarse. I smashed everything in the room.


Eugene called Vermouth in a calm voice.

“I thought it over and over again. when i met you when i had a conversation with you What are you going to ask?”

“… … .”

“Why did you make a promise? what is a promise Why did you reincarnate me?”


“Now I know. You had no choice but to make a promise. Regardless of whether it was possible or impossible for you to defeat the demon lord of confinement, the ending you drew required me unconditionally.”

Vermouth didn’t answer and closed his eyes.

“I don’t know the exact content of the promise. All I can do is speculate. This world should have ended 300 years ago. But because you made a pact, destruction has been postponed until now. The demon king of confinement… … The war has stopped, and you have captured the demon lord of destruction.”

“… … .”

“Why did you reincarnate me? I know why. You knew from the beginning that I was the reincarnation of Agaroth. So he made me a colleague. But since I died like an idiot, I have no choice but to reincarnate myself.”


Vermouth opened his mouth.

“What you said is right. the questions you had You now know most of the answers.”


“But there is something you haven’t asked yet. You can ask now. Because I am in front of you.”

“… … .”

“Who am I?”

Vermouth said with a wry smile. He moved his hands as he buried himself deep in his chained chair. The chain shackles on his wrists clicked, and Vermouth’s hand rested on his chest.

“Who the hell am I, Vermouth Lionheart? Are you really human? You already know that I am not human. But what is my essence… … .”

“you do not have to know.”

Eugene exhaled.

“You are Vermouth Lionheart. That’s enough. Neither Morron nor Anise. Even Senya, who almost died because you had a hole in her chest, thinks so.”

“… … .”

“That’s enough for us. If you are vermouth, it is only natural that we consider you vermouth.”


“But no matter how you think about it, that was a bit harsh. Did you have any ill feelings toward Senya? Why are you drilling a hole in your chest? That’s why Senya almost died… … No, no. Senya said that you were in a very strange state when you attacked him. It was like a different being, not you.”

back. Vermouth clutched his chest and chewed his lips. Eugene pretended not to see it and continued.

“Me too, it’s not that I don’t understand very much. Even now, Senya from 300 years ago had a lot of times when I really wanted to hit just one.”

Although, I never thought of wanting to pierce a hole in my chest.

“And I also remember that sometimes, when I got too angry, I lost my temper and ran amok… … Even when the moonlight sword ran rampant, it seemed like I was fighting but not me. Well, I think you might be like that too… … .”


Vermouth sighed and shook his head.

“You know that too, don’t you? What you are saying now is nothing more than forcing yourself to turn away from me after all.”

“That’s Mr. X, what is it?”

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Vermouth.

“That’s what we did. We have no intention of hearing from your mouth what you are doing.”

“It is not a problem that will end by ignoring it.”

“Then hear me later. later, later… … everything is over After forcing you up from that dog-like chair, we, all together, surround you and beat you up.”

“… … .”

“I will hear you then.”

Vermouth closed his lips and was silent. I knew that those words were sincere. Whatever you say now, Hamel won’t listen.

“You haven’t changed.”

Closed lips opened.

“I, you and… … To Senya, Anise, and Moron… … who i am what is the promise what to prepare If I wanted to convey it, I could convey it as much as I wanted.”

“I guess so.”

“But the reason I couldn’t convey it was because even my silence was included in the promise. It’s the same now. Hamel, even if you ask about my identity… … i can’t answer should not answer Only the demon king in captivity can convey the truth.”

“Why did that bastard make such a promise?”

“The demon king of confinement has seen the beginning and end of his destiny several times, and has chained countless causes and effects into confinement. For him, 300 years of postponement of destruction is an ideal that should not exist, and he wants to observe it.”

“Actually, that bastard who was imprisoned secretly intervened in this or that.”

“Even the possibility of going against fate is to see the outcome. That is why you made a pact with me.”

Vermouth chuckled and shook his head.

“That desperate and impoverished person has a love and hatred for fate because he has many causes and effects. He wants a change of fate and an ending somehow, but he despairs that that itself is impossible. At the same time, he believes that the will of existence can change fate. Because he himself cannot do that, he loves the freedom of being free from fate all the more.”

“… … .”

“So the demon king of confinement blocked my mouth. 300 years of postponement of destruction. I didn’t say anything, and Senya devoted herself to magic. Moron established the kingdom, and Anise chose death. All of that has become the flow to reach now. If I hadn’t kept quiet. If only I had told everyone who I was and what I had to prepare for.”

Vermouth looked straight at Eugene and whispered.

“Could you really be where you are now? Is it necessary to assume that you, who knew all the truth in advance and were thoroughly prepared, might be better than you are now? You have experienced a lot, gained a lot, and you are here now.”

Iron gruck. The hand held in the shackles left her chest. Vermouth draped his arm across his chair and continued.

“My existence. promise. Purpose 300 years ago. All of that will be said by the demon king of confinement in the presence of Babel. After knowing all the truth, what you decide is the final ordeal of the ‘demon king’.”


Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“That bastard is a very perverted bastard.”

I should have expected it from the time I wore the chain.

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