Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 548

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At Eugene’s grumbling, Vermouth was speechless for a moment. It was because the words were too bubbly and cheap to be words that came out of a serious conversation just now.


After a while, Vermouth burst into laughter. Every time he shrugged his shoulders and laughed, the chains that restrained his limbs and even held him to his chair rattled and creaked.

“I heard and saw it. The character of the demon king of confinement has a perverted side.”

Of course, the demon king of confinement does not wear chains for reasons of taste. Countless chains are connected to the demon king in captivity, and the chain is the power that symbolizes him because it has no choice but to be like that.


Vermouth’s laughter faded.

“I cannot tell you the whole truth about my nature and my promises. but.”


Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head. However, I didn’t like the silence that ended with . Right now, Vermouth was avoiding the promise of ‘shut up’, and he was choosing what he could say.

“You can’t do it.”

“Do you remember what I said earlier?”

“I don’t have to say more.”

“That it was my second mistake not to prevent your death.”

“… … .”

“My first mistake.”

don’t want to hear Eugene clenched his fists and glared at Vermouth.

“I was born into this world.”

But Vermouth finally spoke.

“I shouldn’t have been born into this world.”

“… … .”

“Everything went wrong because I was born.”


“If I hadn’t been born… … perhaps… … .”

“Don’t bullshit.”

Yujin couldn’t stand it and took a step. But he couldn’t get close to Vermouth. No matter how much I walked, the distance did not narrow any longer.

“Aren’t you going to put this away?”

“It is an inviolable seal. No matter how much you are, you cannot pass this seal without a physical body. So, Hamel, you stand there and listen to me. I am… … .”

“Shut up your mouth.”

Eugene didn’t like that. He has a vague idea of ​​Vermouth’s true identity. I knew from the very beginning that he was related to the demon king of destruction.

Vermouth’s identity? what does it matter To Eugene, to Senya, to Anis, and to Moron, Vermouth’s identity was not important at all. That guy is just Vermouth Lionheart. Human or whatever, it’s just Vermouth Lionheart.

He was a hero 300 years ago. Even if the light did not recognize Vermouth, to the world, to everyone, Vermouth was a warrior.

Eugene hates the nickname ‘stupid’ Hamel. Anisni the Faithful, Senyani the Wise, Moronni the Brave, the first time she heard such nicknames. The young Eugene held her stomach and laughed.

The Senya that Eugene knew was more emotional and stupid than a wise corner. Anise drank every day, which could not be said to be faithful, and had a love and hatred for the light that did not save the world. Moron? The reason he was so brave was because he was just an asshole. Stupid Hamel? I thought that was an outrageous slander.

But vermouth is different. I don’t want to admit it too much, but Vermouth was really great. He was a great, warrior. 300 years have passed. The hero of this era is Eugene.

Does that make Vermouth no longer a hero? He was a warrior 300 years ago, ended the war with a promise, and it is Vermouth who delayed the destruction that should have come then by 300 years.

“You are Vermouth Lionheart, a warrior.”

He spat at the still silent Vermouth.

“And our comrades. I don’t want to do it with my sober mind because it’s an unfamiliar story, but you’re not the type to make fun of things like this, so I’ll tell you directly. you are a friend our friend. my friend.”

Vermouth’s eyes trembled. Eugene continued.

“Why am I here?”

woo woo woo… … The world shook. The inviolable seal centered on vermouth pushed Eugene back. But Eugene did not back down. Rather, he gritted his teeth and moved forward. In Chimi’s anger, blood vessels bulged on Yujin’s forehead.


Duduk. The distance between Eugene and Vermouth narrowed. In the end, the inviolable barrier couldn’t push Eugene away. It was hard to take one step at a time- but Eugene forced himself to go in front of Vermouth.

“I will definitely save you.”

Vermouth looked up and saw Eugene’s face.

Beneath her gray hair, she could see bloodshot golden eyes. Similarly, Eugene saw vermouth. The surname ‘Lionheart’ suited him, and the majesty of a lion was vague to the current Vermouth. The guy was worn out and worn out.

Eugene raised his fist at Vermouth. Someday, for sure, if I meet Vermouth. what he thought he would do. Promising to stick her fist into Vermouth’s face.

However, I couldn’t do that when I was in front of Vermouth. He saw the faded, cloudy eyes. He saw his bloodless face. Eugene chewed her lips.

“pup. It’s a face that looks like it’s going to die if you hit it once.”

Eugene grumbled and lowered his fist. Took. The relaxed fist landed on Vermouth’s shoulder.

I couldn’t bear to hit him in the face, but he tapped me on the shoulder, but when I actually hit him, I felt sorry for him. It was because his face wasn’t the only thing that seemed like he would die with one hit. Upon closer inspection, the haggard body was no different. Her shoulders were sunken, and her limbs were flimsy and bony.

“… … You didn’t just break a bone with that, did you?”

Yujin asked as she quietly raised her hand on her shoulder. Vermouth couldn’t say anything and just stared at Eugene’s face.

“… … me… … .”

After a moment of silence, Vermouth managed to squeeze his voice out. He masked the trembling of his hands by clenching his fists.

“Are you going to save me?”

He could hide the trembling of his hands, but not the trembling of his voice.

That word itself had been heard by the specter. Vermouth used it, so I couldn’t help but feel guilty. Being born in Hamel and not Hamel. He did not resent Vermouth at the moment of his death. Rather, he said thank you to Vermouth.

and someday

He said that one day his colleagues would come to rescue him. At that time, Vermouth could not give the ghost an answer. He couldn’t answer. Even answering that statement was forbidden to Vermouth.

It is the same this time. Vermouth couldn’t answer anything. He opened his lips several times and tried to speak, but no matter how much he prayed, no voice came out.


The chains were getting tighter and tighter. Vermouth’s face grew even paler. In place of the desired voice, rapid breathing was spat out. Vermouth clenched his fists while clenching his teeth.

Kugoogu Palace… …

Suddenly the world started shaking. Yujin was startled and looked around. The mana of destruction that had already been painful was getting stronger and stronger, and Vermouth’s hair swayed as if in sympathy with it.

“Hey you… … .”




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Vermouth barely raised his voice. But he couldn’t stop talking just because he heard something like that.

“What is it all of a sudden? Are you the demon king of confinement? That bastard you… … .”

“No, no.”

Vermouth answered with a hoarse voice, gasping for breath.

“I’m trying to open my eyes.”

“… … what?”

“The demon king of destruction… … I want to open my eyes.”

woo woo… …

A sound like the howling of an unknown beast shook the world.

Eugene unknowingly swallowed his saliva and shrugged his shoulders. All he could hear was a chill and goosebumps all over his body. When Hamel first saw the Demon King of Destruction 300 years ago. And in the distant past, when Agaroth saw the Demon King of Destruction for the first time. Just like that time, the unbearable fear shook Eugene’s heart.

“well… … listen Hamel.”

Vermouth raised his head and looked at Eugene.

His eyes were different from before. The cloudy, unfocused eyes didn’t feel like vermouth at all.

But it wasn’t unfamiliar. Eugene had memories of seeing those ‘eyes’.

few years ago. When Senya showed her memories as her magic. At the grave 200 years ago, when I was attacked by Vermouth.

At that time, Vermouth’s eyes were like that. It’s obviously in the form of vermouth, but it’s like it’s not really vermouth. Eugene could perfectly understand what Senya said at that time. Reason is fuzzy for Vermouth, who has become ‘that way’. The madness of destruction fills the vacuum of reason that has become so dim.

“At most one year.”

Vermouth stared at Eugene with bloodshot eyes.

“Destruction, fully awake, will immediately destroy the world. At that time, no one can stop the destruction.”

“… … .”

“I… … while I’m holding on It has to end. Babel before it’s too late… … .”


Eugene nodded.

“Say no more, Vermouth. Just listen. We’ll climb the barbell before it’s too late and kill the demon king of confinement. And I’m going to rescue you.”

“… … Hamel.”

“Never forget that. When it’s hard to hold on and it’s like X, remember what I just said. We will definitely save you.”

woo woo woo… … ! The sound grew stronger, and the shaking of the world intensified. The ground was shaking and shaking, but the chair Vermouth was sitting on and the scars from long ago did not shake. Only there was silence in the midst of seething destruction.

Really? I saw Vermouth’s face. trembling body. Eyes that are getting bloodshot and reddened. Madness creeps in. Eugene bit his lip. Even though those scars and chairs were silent, Vermouth was not.

That’s why even more.

Eugene couldn’t take his eyes off Vermouth. He tried to step back so as not to get caught up in the congestion of this space, but he could not turn away from Vermouth and back down.

Is there any other way? It would be impossible to kill the demon lord of destruction right away, but at least it was a way to alleviate Vermouth’s suffering.

‘… … does not exist.’

It reminded me of Moron, who was suffering from madness. At that time, he was able to erase Moron’s madness and the magic behind Rehein Yar through the Moonlight Sword. That was possible because the moonlight sword is the sword of destruction, and Eugene handled the moonlight sword perfectly.

The magic and madness of this place cannot be compared to the other side of Rehein Yar. Even if he took out the Levantine instead of the Moonlight Sword, the magical power of this place could not be erased. It’s something you can’t even try. If you don’t do it, such an attempt may be stimulated and the demon king of destruction may wake up.

“… … good.”

Vermouth read a young regret in Eugene’s eyes. I knew it couldn’t change anything right now. So, when there is still reason left. Vermouth spat out in a cold tone. He barely raised his hand and spread it towards Eugene.


Eugene’s consciousness was pushed back. It was the same as what I had seen in Noir’s dream in the past. Eugene could not resist and had no choice but to be expelled from there as Vermouth had hoped.

The distance widened in an instant. The figure of Vermouth sitting on the huge scar moved away. Eugene looked at Vermouth with open eyes. He still had a lot of swearing and a lot of conversations he wanted to share. But it was impossible to stay here any longer.


Then there is There is no need to feel sorry for this brief encounter. Eugene thought so and closed her eyes.

Eugene left. Again, only Vermouth was left here. Vermouth felt madness and magic fill the void inside him.

Gradually, the cycle is getting shorter. The long sleep of 300 years quickly turned into a slumber. It is not strange if the demon king of destruction opens his eyes at any time.

‘Not yet.’

Even the demon king of confinement is not sure when the demon king of destruction will fully open his eyes. But Vermouth was sure. He closed his eyes tightly, trying not to let go of his blurred reason.

Hamel’s words echoed in my head.

He said that it had nothing to do with identity or essence. He just said that being Vermouth Lionheart was enough.

But Vermouth couldn’t possibly think that way. He is in a position where he has no choice but to deny most of the stories he heard from Hamel today.

“You’re saving me.”

Vermouth was self-deprecating.

“That is impossible.”

woo woo woo… … ! The world shook again.

I don’t want to have any lingering feelings or hopes from the conversation I just had. How much regret did you have in the past with those feelings? Eugene was sincerely angry and denied Vermouth’s words, but Vermouth couldn’t do that.

The greatest sin for him was to be born into this world.

Being born into this world, you have lingering feelings and hopes.


I wish I had been here instead of being born.

Vermouth grabbed the armrest and closed his eyes.

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