Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 549

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-I’m back.

When I opened my eyes while holding my breath. The first thing I saw was the face of Ciel, who passed out with her eyes closed. She was half-melted in her chair, as if her entire body was energized.

Eugene freaked out and grabbed Ciel’s shoulder. Although he succeeded in reaching Vermouth as he had intended, that in itself became too much of a burden for Ciel.


Fortunately, Ciel was only exhausted. I didn’t wear any internal injuries that would leave aftereffects. But just in case you didn’t know, Eugene moved closer and grabbed Ciel’s face. I wanted to look into it because I was worried that there might be something wrong with the magic eyes, but the problem was that the pupils were turned upside down.

Then you have to turn it over again.

A fire rose from Yujin’s fingertips. Eugene carefully caressed Ciel’s eyes. The rolling eyes returned to their original position. Yujin carefully looked into the unfocused eyes.

There was no problem. Maan was also fine. Has she just lost her mind? Eugene let out a sigh of relief and removed her fingers from her pupils.

Then, light returned to Ciel’s eyes. Although her vision was blurry, Ciel came to her senses.

I couldn’t help but be a little flustered. The first thing he saw as soon as he woke up was Eugene’s face, which was so close.

“… … Uhm.”

Embarrassed and embarrassed, I let out a cough, but I immediately felt regret. If I had stuck out my lips using dreaming as an excuse, wouldn’t they have touched even slightly? The distance was that close, so it would have been enough to reach them.

“… … .”

Thinking back, I did well not to do that. She couldn’t help but change her mind when she saw Eugene’s face nearby.

Right now, Eugene’s eyes were filled with so many emotions. Ciel couldn’t fathom all of those emotions, but he could sense that they weren’t positive emotions.

“you… … what’s the matter?”

I thought that expression and eyes like that didn’t suit Yujin. So Ciel stuttered and asked.

“me? what am i

“You look sad.”

“What’s up?”

Yujin smiled and went back to her seat. she looks sad Yujin caressed her cheek for no reason as she clicked her tsk tongue.

It did stiffen up a bit. It seems that the tip of her nose is also cold. No matter how you think about it, this body has many problems other than fighting talent. There must be something fatally flawed, especially in the tear ducts, I thought.

“I’m sleepy.”


“It is late. It’s time for me to go to bed right now.”

Instead of grumbling, Eugene yawned proudly. It was a clumsy lie that even a child could understand. But Ciel didn’t bother to point it out. He thought it was a problem that shouldn’t be pointed out.

“… … what did you do to me?”

Instead, I asked for something else.

It was different from the sea. At that time, Ciel saw Vermouth with Eugene, but this time he did not. A flame seeped into her body, and yet it was cold rather than hot, and in an empty moment – she lost her mind. Ciel’s memories were cut off there.

“I went in too deep.”

Should we talk about vermouth? He pondered for a while, but decided not to. I feel sorry for Ciel, but her story about Vermouth is too much for her to handle. And from now on, there will be no use of Ciel’s eyes as a door.

“Still, I did. while you fainted.”

“I, don’t I tap my shoulder with a knife and do something like that?”

“I touched your eyes instead.”

Moron said that the formality of the appointment was not important. If Eugene wants to do that, he will be appointed in any form.

“… … .”

Ciel hesitated for a moment and looked at Eugene. Hearing the words just now, I could feel that the appointment was over.

Now, other than the white flame mana, other light dwelled inside Ciel. If it were another time, he would show off his divine power in front of Eugene’s eyes and flirt, but he wasn’t in that mood right now.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

“Then don’t notice and be shameless?”

“It was like that when I was younger.”

“What the hell was I like when I was a child that you remember?”

“He was a cheeky, cheeky kid who used his pretty things well. Instead of not paying attention to others, make others notice you.”

Ciel’s words stopped for a moment at the words that continued without interruption. All of them were correct words that Ciel could not refute.

“that… … I think I’ve been watching you a lot though.”

“okay? It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen you, but I just knew it today.”

“Anyway, I noticed a lot of you. I’m still watching. You’re making that face, how can you not notice?”

Ciel pursed his lips and grumbled. Then he jumped up from his seat.

“Then I will go back to my room. Your expression is so depressing right now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s an emotion that can be resolved by talking to me. okay? I am taking care of you.”

“What’s up?”

“Why, don’t you like it?”

Ciel narrowed his eyes and glared at Eugene.

“No, fine.”

Eugene let out a deep sigh and replied. Only then did Ciel raise the corner of her mouth and smirk.

“Saint Un… … Hmmm, how long do the saints have to stay like that?”

“well. I don’t have this kind of experience either. It might take a whole day though.”

“Do I have to soak in that bathtub all day? It will be cold.”

“It’s not just water, it’s holy water, so it won’t be cold.”

“Aren’t you doing something strange while I’m gone?”

“weird? What’s strange?”

“A man and a woman are soaking in a bathtub in the same room.”

Ciel giggled and smirked. Eugene blinked her eyes at those words, then shook her head in disbelief.

“You are talking very crazy. It’s a sacred ritual. called baptism. Do you know that this is blasphemy?”

“It’s even blasphemy.”

“As a rookie, if you feel that I am blasphemy, then it is blasphemy.”

“Yes, I hope, because it is God.”

Ciel stuck out his tongue and turned around.

It was just a joke, but Ciel didn’t really think so either. The saints might wish for such a thing to happen in their hearts, but Eugene himself would never think of such a thing.



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‘It might be a real eunuch.’

Ciel looked back at Eugene for the last time. I saw Eugene sitting in her chair with a sad and serious face. Eugene, who was resting on her chin, turned her head as she felt her gaze.


“No, nothing.”

Ciel turned around and opened the door. Only Eugene and the saints were left in the room. Eugene slowly got up from her chair and approached the bathtub behind her.

Holy water that emits a soft light. Cristina’s expression as she soaked in the bathtub looked much more comfortable than before. Eugene noticed the stigmata on both of Christina’s hands. The light of the holy water that filled the bathtub is moving little by little to the stigma.

‘I did everything I could.’

Moron was made a paladin and a warrior. He also appointed the knights and warriors present at the banquet today. With this, Eugene’s unique Order of Holy Knights was completed. When they march to Babel, they will become Eugene’s god army and fight the demons of Pandemonium.

After killing the demon king of confinement and conquering Babel.

Next is the Demon King of Destruction. Most of the members of the family of perdition who were secluded in La Vista died in Hauria. There should be a few people left in La Vista, but they must be goofballs that can’t be dismissed with all their might.

However, it is impossible not to think about variables. Even at the time of Hauria, the specter created hundreds of thousands of Nur using humans and demons. After the conquest of Babel, what the new army must do is to block the pressure that will pour out in case of emergency.

‘Where will it come from?’

Raguryaran or Reheinyar? Even in the battle against the demon king of destruction, Moron’s help is needed. Although it is confirmed that Senya’s magic can temporarily suppress Noor’s appearance, he cannot blindly believe in it. Nooru appearing there is only a ‘sign’.

‘A sign of destruction.’

The Demon King of Destruction is currently sealed. However, the fact that the seal was incomplete, and that it would end soon, was confirmed during the meeting with Vermouth. Even if you don’t do ‘nothing’, it’s a year at the longest.

‘There’s no way he’s sleeping peacefully while he’s trying to kill you. If you stimulate it, it will wake up.’

If that happens, even Senya’s magic won’t be able to suppress Raguryaran and Reheinyar’s noor. Therefore, part of the new army must be placed there to prevent the spread of Nur.

‘That should be left to the Kingdom of Luhar.’

Immediately at the banquet, Aman and the elite knights were also appointed. He had to judge based on the situation, but if Luhar Kingdom’s forces were not enough, he would have to mobilize the Simuin Kingdom Army or the Slad Mercenary Corps as well.

Thinking so, Yujin laughed involuntarily. All of the military powers that Eugene recalls lightly now are the country’s elite troops. In addition, if Eugene wishes, he will be able to mobilize not only elite troops but also conscripts.

“You’ve grown a lot.”

Yujin shook her head and murmured.

No matter how famous Hamel was 300 years ago, it was impossible to give orders to the king of a country. But Eugene can. If Eugene really wanted it, the forces of the entire continent, not just one country, would gather and move. ‘Eugene Lionheart’ has become such an existence in less than 10 years.

It had to be like that. Regardless of divinity, the end of the world depends on Eugene now.

Will it perish or will it survive? If you survive, what kind of future will you have?

“It’s also heavy.”

Eugene smiled and took out a drink from his cloak. She set the table full of the drinks she had brought from the banquet.

Anise and Cristina, who love alcohol to death, are silent. Senya, who likes to drink quite a bit, though not as much as them, goes to the forest, and Moron is at the far north end.

‘… … I did everything I could.’

I thought again. He has already attained divinity, so there is no need to increase his faith. From the moment the light dwelled in Eugene in the first place, all the divine powers that had been arranged and accumulated from the age of the gods became no different from Eugene’s.

The preparations have been completed, and all that is left is determination. After finishing my resolution, I just challenge myself.

Even so, it is not easy to make up your mind and commit. I can’t back down any longer, and I don’t have much time. What if it fails? What if you die? I’ll have to find a good place to die.

A specter came to mind. In the end, the words I said while holding his hand.

-let’s go.

said then I will kill the demon king of confinement. to save the world If you die from the demon king of confinement, your soul will be captured. The next era will be invisible.

In fact, at this point, I thought that the result would not be very different whether I was killed by the demon king of confinement or by the demon king of destruction. The reason Eugene Lionheart of ‘now’ exists is because the old gods reincarnated Agaroth.

All the old gods were eaten by the giants and became one god, and the power they prepared was passed on to the Levantine.

If the current world perishes and the next world opens. At that time, even hope like now will not exist. Then it just repeats again. How many times will the world end after that? Even then, will the demon king of confinement survive alone?


Eugene glared at the liquor in the bottle. In fact, Eugene also knows. The resolution he needs most now is not the determination to fight the demon king of confinement or the demon king of destruction. Killing the two is what Eugene longs for, regardless of success or failure. I’m determined, I finished it right away.

The resolution Eugene needs now is to kill Noir Jebella. There is intent to kill. want to kill have to kill

But at that moment, can I really kill her? No matter how prepared she is, even if she harbors her murderous intentions, even if she comes to the brink of killing her.

I- Can I really kill Noir and Arya in that moment? Eugene Lionhart can do it. Hamel Diners can do it too. But what about Agaroth?

‘I’ll have to force it.’

And after killing them, they will regret it a lot and feel pain. It will leave scars that will last a lifetime.

Instead of taking a drink, Eugene caressed the scar on his right cheek. These are the scars left by Gavid Lindman. These scars will never go away for the rest of your life.

Noir’s death will leave a scar on Eugene’s mind, not his body. Eugene was afraid and hated that he would have regrets, regrets, and pain from her death.

“You have to.”

I spit it out even though I knew it. decided again. ready to do no more You just have to be determined. Now, Eugene was determined again. So it doesn’t take long.

If the saints open their eyes and Senya’s preparations are finished.

Go to Jebela City.

The new army will not accompany you. In the battle against Noir Jebela, the new army wouldn’t be of much help. The superiority of troops is meaningless in dealing with Noir now. Perhaps the troops they took would rather become Noir’s strength.

No time should be delayed. Noir Jebella has already exceeded the standards of the Demon King. He was getting infinitely stronger even when he used the entire city as a factory to supply stamina, but now Noir is supplying and consuming fantasy itself, not stamina.

Noir Jebella is reaching the divinity that Arya had hoped for in the Age of Gods.

She is an evil god, and Jebela Park is the domain of the evil god.

Eugene let out a long sigh and raised the glass to his lips.

The alcohol had no taste whatsoever.

That night.

It wasn’t just Eugene who was drinking.

A city that has sunk quietly. In this city where night did not exist, night returned a few days ago.

This is because the entire city was turned off to commemorate an old friend.


Noir lay down under the dazzling full moon. As she lay in the dark city as her cradle, she wiggled her legs.

“You are thinking of me.”

Noir smiled and raised his glass. The full moon caught on the edge of the sparkling wine.

The longed-for fantasies of millions sleeping in a silent city. More than all of that, the murderous intent and longing from a faraway place made Noir shiver. familiar flesh. and-

“I need to send an invitation.”

Noir shook his full moon-long drink and laughed.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 548Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 550
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