Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 55

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“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Iris handed her a revolver with a twisted smile.

The position of the bullet has changed. It’s simple. The bullets were made with Iris’ ability. It is Iris’ freedom to destroy or recreate.

If you pull the trigger this time. A bullet will land in Eugene’s head.

Iris chuckled and waved her hand back. Then one of the Dark Elves came up to Iris and put a cigarette between her fingers.


Iris lit a cigarette with a gold lighter and inhaled deeply.

“It doesn’t matter if I give up even now.”

Iris said, rolling cigarette smoke in her mouth.

“I want to see your head explode and your brains spill out…”

before the words are over.


The door leading to the stairs was smashed.


When the door leaves fly into the room. Eugene grabbed Akasha from the inside of his cloak. keying! The magic completed in an instant wrapped around Revera and the old man.

Using Blink on others is more complicated and requires more attention than using it on yourself, but it didn’t matter to Eugene. The most important thing in space magic is to accurately calculate the complicated formula according to different coordinates and mana flows.

He was good at feeling the flow of mana from his previous life, and this handsome body was quick to calculate according to the theory. With Mer’s assistant there, it was only natural that Eugene’s space magic was fast and accurate.

In fact, magic was able to succeed more than that reason.

The door is broken. Thanks to this, a gap was opened in the space that Iris was occupying. Rather than interrupting the magic unfolding before his eyes, Iris showed interest in the being who had kicked in from the outside.

The sound of creaking footsteps.

It was Carmen Lionheart who walked into the dark room. She bit on an unlit cigar and crossed through the rising dust. Her gray hair undone and her coat fluttered over her shoulders.


Carmen looked around the room. Ten dark elves standing up. Iris is sitting on the sofa in front of him, legs crossed. On the other side, Eugene holding Akasha.

It was Mer who informed me of this place.

Lionheart’s mansion is too spacious. The only thing Eugene did in that mansion was training, but that wasn’t the case with Mer. She is loved not only by Annie Silla, the hostess of her main house, and Jehad of the annex, but also by servants such as Raman and Nina, and the Knights of the White Lion.

As a result, they are often called here and there, but Eugene cannot accompany Mer individually. So, Eugene installed a magic terminal in my room and connected it to his familiar, Mer.

Like when I came back from training and didn’t see Mer. Or, it is the terminal that Mer uses to find Eugene in the open forest.

If the link with the terminal is reversed, it is also possible to contact the terminal from the mer side. That’s how I contacted Nina who was cleaning her room, and called Carmen from her hometown here.


Iris inhaled deeply on the cigarette she was holding. A haze of smoke swirls around her face. After burning the cigarette up to the filter with one breath.

The filter snapped between my chewing teeth. So the cigarette falls down. Cloudy smoke disperses. A red ember crashed down in the middle of the smoke.

There was no one to say first.

The three, conscious of each other, did what they had to do first in the current situation.

A black light flashed in Iris’ eyes. The revolver that was still in Eugene’s hand. He didn’t even pull the trigger, but a black bullet shot out of his gun.

Then, both of Iris’ hands touched the sofa. She swung both her legs as she bounced around her waist. The blade, no, the whip-like legs approached as if tore apart Eugene’s body.

when a bullet is fired from the muzzle. Eugene’s eyes slid sideways. He didn’t miss the bullet’s trajectory until the end. A bullet created with the magic eye of darkness. The revolver was just Iris’ preference, and there was no need for an ejection port for that bullet.

It is fired without a triggering process, and it is not fired in a straight line. The darkness created by the magic eye of the darkness moves according to Iris’ will.

The moment the bullet hits your hair.

Electric current ran through Eugene’s body. The mana melted by the lightning made Eugene’s body move incredibly fast because it was a human movement. In the end, the bullet did not pierce Eugene’s head, but pierced him through the air.

Legs flying through the body. Eugene’s feet hit the ground. ㅡCoooung! The sofa was smashed, the floor sank into a hollow, and Eugene’s body spun once in place.

The cigar Carmen was biting could not overcome the wind pressure and broke. It moved forward that fast. The coat draped over her shoulders fluttered and flew away. Her left fist was pressed against her chest, and her right fist was closed tight enough to pull her shoulder back.

The moment your outstretched foot touches the ground. The ankles and lower back rotated together. Rather than punching out his fist, it looked like a cannonball was firing using his body as a cannon. A fist extended in a straight line pierced the space.

Iris’ eyes flashed again. The dark eyes of darkness created darkness. Hwaaak! The whirlwind of darkness swallowed Carmen’s blow whole.

A body that rotated once in midair. The cloak of darkness swallowed Eugene’s body whole. Kirik…! Eugene pulled the bowstring between the cloak. Brain light bow Pernoa. Five lightning bolts were caught on the pulled strings.

Don’t fall! A chain of lightning strikes Iris. Fighting! Iris’s heel kicked the bottle that was rolling on the floor. Kwajijik! Lightning smashed the bottle and burned it.

After paying for one ticket. Carmen moved closer to Iris. She spat out the cigar she was biting between her teeth. The smell of evaporating alcohol. Cigarette smoke that hasn’t gone away yet. All of which Carmen doesn’t like very much.

The situation itself was unpleasant, and there were many more unpleasant things. Duduk. Carmen unbuttoned her shirt with her left hand, which was still on her chest.


The leather gloves that couldn’t overcome the grip of his fists swelled as if they were about to burst. Her gray hair swayed. Carmen accelerated and attacked Iris.


The brake was put on the fist that had been shooting like a cannonball. A feeling of sinking under your feet. In fact, the body was about to fall. The darkness spreading across the floor invited Carmen to the bottom of the basement. Carmen did not go further and leaped behind her, bending her back.

can i kill you here?

Yujin put the brain light bow. The cloak of darkness spread wide like wings. Her opponent is Princess Raksha Iris. A legendary Dark Elf who gained notoriety 300 years ago. It was impossible for Eugene to kill Iris.

It was absolutely impossible. It is not possible to use Ignition, Moonlight Sword, or Holy Sword. Iod, who borrowed power from the remnants of the demon king, is insignificant in front of a ‘real’ monster like Iris. It was as strong as it was 300 years ago, but now Iris is stronger than it was then.

especially. It seemed that he had become completely accustomed to dealing with the dark eyes. Iris from 300 years ago couldn’t handle his magic eye as quickly and familiarly as he does now.

When Levera and the old man disappeared from the workshop. What I couldn’t immediately think of was Iris,

It was because I didn’t think that Iris would be able to deal with the demonic eye this much.

‘Moonlight sword.’

didn’t take it out He didn’t have the confidence to kill Iris with the incomplete and weakened Moonlight Sword. The same goes for the Holy Sword. Rather, the holy sword is not very helpful in the battle with Iris. That simple ignorant Mystic Eye is not easy to purify even with divine power.

Iris reached out her hand. Even in this sudden combat situation, the twisted smile on Iris’ lips did not leave. His long fingers buckled, and his pupils glowed black.

That moment. Dark matter appeared on both sides of Eugene. The two lumps tried to crush Eugene from both sides.

Dig! The cloak of darkness spun around. Winid pulled out from the inside of the cloak and cut through the darkness. The taste of the hand that was cold in the palm of my hand was devastated. feeling after a long time. I cut it, but it doesn’t look like it was cut. Actually it was. The moment the blade split, the darkness was already clinging to each other.

Mana flows through the spell mixed with the sword attack. space expansion. ㅡWhoops! The darkness that had been clinging to it stretched as if someone had stretched it up and down. It is impossible to inject magic into the darkness itself. But is it possible to physically cut it down and add magic in between?

‘It’s tricky.’

It was the same 300 years ago. Noir Jebella is much stronger than Iris. However, it was more difficult for Eugene to deal with Iris than Noir Jebella.

It was for a simple reason. Senya and Anise thoroughly shared their roles in defending against Noir Jebela’s attack. On the other hand, Iris had mostly dealt with Hamel alone.

‘At that time, I wasn’t very good at martial arts.’




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Iris kicked Eugene’s body backwards. At the moment of collision, a 17-layer defense barrier was built, and even an aura shield was created. But, sitting on the couch, with a single kick, all of the defense barriers were shattered and Eugene’s body flew backwards.


Iris returned the cold foot and sat cross-legged.

squeak… squeak…

The force of the push made the sofa creak backwards. She put her arms across her back and lifted her head up.

“You are the silver lion of Lionheart. yes?”

Carmen didn’t answer. The finger that had been driven into the ceiling was pulled out. The distance from the ground is not far. The moment of falling down is fleeting.

No one would believe such a short time. Carmen’s body movements could not help but feel that way. The moment his hand was pulled out of the ceiling and he began to fall. Carmen’s legs were digging into Iris, drawing hundreds of remnants.

However, Iris is not taken aback. The wide-open eyes followed Carmen’s attacks one by one, and summoned darkness. An endless blow. Darkness dissipates but does not dissipate. The darkness that had been scattered by kicking and kicking entangled again.

Carmen’s feet touched the ground. Iris hadn’t even gotten up from the couch yet. Eugene’s body, which was flying backward, stopped.

It’s only been a few minutes since Carmen entered.

The 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights arrived late. They ran down the stairs. All knights with skills to be recognized in any country.

“Do not come in.”

Carmen’s mouth opened. Iris, who was leaning on the creak of the sofa, also grinned.

“Don’t interfere, just watch.”

The words Iris uttered were the words she spoke to the Dark Elves behind the sofa.

Eugene’s body came down.

Jjiik. Carmen cupped his glove over his mouth and wrapped it around his finger.

Duduk. Iris’ fingers snapped and let out her voice.


Eugene’s heart raced.

It was the same this time too. No matter who came first, everyone moved the same way. The darkness that Iris multiplied spreads like ink in the space. The floor became a door leading to an unknown place, and it was difficult to tell whether the spreading darkness was a passage connected to another darkness or a simple mass of power.

That’s why the battle with Iris is tricky. The true nature of that dark matter cannot be discerned without first touching it. A bizarre power that cannot be understood even when viewed through Akasha.

‘I know from experiencing it many times.’

Does Carmen know for sure? There is no time to tell. Carmen is already moving forward. An ultra-close combat that divided her limbs. Even Eugene was familiar with this street. clap. Her left hand pulled out a karam comb hidden inside his belt.

I inserted my index finger into the ring, wrapped my hand around the grip, and made a fist. Condensed and thinly wrapped sword steel wrapped around the blade.

dismissal. Lightning flashed. Eugene’s body accelerated forward. Carmen, who had been a little ahead of her, jumped over the darkness spreading on the ground and stretched out her fist at the veil that appeared in front of him. The moment your fist touches the darkness. Carmen’s knuckles braked. A sense trained enough to reach the realm of wisdom. I saw through the sense of incongruity at the moment it touched the darkness.

if stretched further. The fist must have been swallowed up in the darkness. The darkness created by Iris bonds with each other and connects space. If the darkness disappears while the fist is swallowed, no matter how hardened and defensive the fist is, it will be cut in vain.

The stopped fist returns. Carmen flexibly twisted his body and burrowed into the dark side.

The clenched fist caused an explosion as it approached the darkness. exploded and scattered

Eugene’s instantaneous acceleration was faster than Carmen’s. When she bursts out of her darkness. Eugene had already passed him and entered Iris’ gap.

What is overwhelmingly better than 300 years ago is that there are more things that can be used than Hamel’s enemies. the wind was The wind, which Eugene wrapped around her body, moved ahead and touched the darkness before it stretched out. Whether it is swallowed and flows to another place, or whether it is blocked. With that alone, Eugene was able to grasp the nature of darkness.

‘Three hundred years ago, two were all.’

The two operating forces have increased to the point of being perfect. Perhaps other abilities have been developed, but first of all, be wary of certain things.


Sword steel erupted from Karambit’s curved blade. The slash that followed his swinging fist split the ground. The moment Iris’ eyes, still sitting on the sofa, turned dark.

Darkness swallowed the slash. I left it like that. The reason why he held the karambit among many weapons was because it was easier to move his bare body than a weapon.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s broken.’

power will decrease. The darkness trembled. Divided darkness came over. As the darkness increased, the wind grew fiercer. Sword steel scattered the embers several times. Suddenly, Carmen was by Eugene’s side.

A distance that was broken through in an instant. Iris couldn’t sit on the sofa any longer. The darkness summoned by the Mystic Eye pushed Iris back. She stood up from the sofa in an unstable position, as if being pulled from above, and raised a curtain of darkness so that the Dark Elves behind her would not be invaded.

Both of Iris’ hands were raised. At that moment, dozens of attacks had already penetrated Iris. Carmen’s and Eugene’s hands hit, shoved, grabbed, twisted, mashed, broke, tried to break Iris. Karambit, holding the form differently and inversely, tried to stab, cut, pluck, poke, and hack one after another. In fact, the adjective was meaningless. Eugene and Carmen did not invade each other at this distance, and threw every type of attack that could be poured on Iris.

and Iris.

He moved his arms with a twisted smile. The spreading darkness blocks the attack path. The type of attack is limited as much as blocking and blocking and blocking. Even if you unfold dozens of sentences, only one or two are valid at most. It blocks the road to nothing.

It was an attack that was never light, but in front of this legendary Dark Elf, everyone was lightly blocked. Since the battle started, less than 10 minutes have passed yet. However, in that short time, hundreds of attacks and defenses were exchanged, and a greater number of attacks disappeared without being able to be accomplished.

There are so many attacks coming and going. The building didn’t even shake. This underground space still retains its shape. The only things broken in this room were the table or sofa that Iris hit, and the door that Carmen kicked. As much as that, the three people’s workshop was restrained and sophisticated, and all the power shed was concentrated only on the hitting point.

“Form change.”

Carmen’s body turns sideways.

“Heaven Genocide.”

Tattered leather gloves gripped the pocket watch.

“Alastor form.”

Just hearing the name, I couldn’t guess the shape.


I took my pocket watch out of my pocket, stretched my hand out to the side… did I really need to say that line out of my mouth? Alastor form. I can’t figure out what the hell it is just by hearing the name, but if all those processes are absolutely necessary, doesn’t the practicality converge to zero?

…I thought so, but when I saw it myself, it wasn’t necessarily so. The Destiny Form that Carmen first showed yesterday. The transformation speed was such that Eugene could follow the transformation process with her own eyes, but the current speed was incomparable to that time.

The moment he muttered Alastor Form. Carmen’s right hand was already wrapped in a silver gauntlet. In other words, the Destiny Form that was shown yesterday was deliberately slowed down.


Carmen’s right hand. If the Destiny Form was a sharp claw like a blade, the Alastor Form was a metal glove that clung to his fist. The bumpy protrusion of the knuckles seemed to be focused on the blow.

The smile disappeared for a moment on Iris’s face, which had a distorted smile on her face and let her attack flow with plenty of composure. She blinked her wide eyes and looked at Carmen’s right hand.

“…what did you do…”

What’s that funny name you just muttered? what’s with that fist? The Dark Elf, who has lived for hundreds of years, has a wild and free-looking appearance and behavior, but does not understand Carmen’s bizarre taste.

Carmen didn’t want Iris’ sympathy either. When my outstretched feet touched the floor, no sound followed. Carmen’s body moves forward as if someone pushed her back. A fist attached to his waist. The sound of a mechanism ‘clicking’ at the elbow.


Iris couldn’t shine her demonic eyes in time. Before her head could comprehend her situation, Carmen’s fist punched Iris. Her iris hair popped up. There is no sound. In the blink of an eye, Iris’s body snapped, and the impact that had been lodged deep in her body crossed her airway and burst her breath. The ‘reaction’ goes back to the beginning even before it is done sequentially. Just as fast, the continuous fists plunged into Iris’ body.

Even Eugene’s eyes couldn’t follow that absurd speed. No, is it possible to move like that? The two legs remain in the same forward posture, the waist and upper body do not use any recoil, and the outstretched fists attached to the waist clap like the legs of a boneless mollusk. .

Is that attack possible with only the movement of the right arm?

“—-Machine Gun Blow.”

The streak of apnea was over. Despite this much attack, Carmen’s breathing did not become rough at all. Then, a belated sound of blows overlapped.


Iris’s body, which flew backward, was caught in the darkness. A series of blows inserted in an instant. Blood and fragments of organs were spit out, but Iris’ body was not destroyed.

Eugene jumped at Iris who was pushed away. Karambit slashes upward with his fist. Iris chewed on his bloody lips and summoned darkness.

The moment the blade is about to get in the way. Eugene’s sword steel exploded. The manipulation of mana close to divine power transformed the sword. A finger-length sword created an indiscriminate dance. Darkness was torn to pieces in front of Iris’ eyes. It doesn’t disappear by being cut, but Eugene’s slash was too fast for them to stick together.

My body throbs. Incredibly fast continuous hitting allowed too much. Iris hurriedly dragged her feet back and tried to reposition her, but her unstoppable slashing streak drew back her memories of the distant past.

this slash. form. A fast, heavy sword that swings and cuts through the entire body. It seems reckless, but it’s not easy to dig into the gap, and it’s a rampage that uses even the gap that it barely digs into as a trap.

‘…Sura light kill?’

Darkness doesn’t stick. While performing such a wild dance with a short karambit, Eugene’s rituals were combined with magic. Increase the space between slashes so that the darkness is not easily entangled. The sword steel stretched thin like a thread is left there.

It’s not just about using a sword and magic at the same time. is that possible?

It was impossible for Iris.

‘The sword lecture room…’

—-I know. Memories you will never forget for the rest of your life. 300 years ago, when she lost her beloved father. When the damned Vermouth hacks his father’s body apart with a terrible, desperate sword. Iris wanted to throw herself to save her father. I wanted to do it for my father even if I had to burn my body in the pale sword light that gave off a light that seemed to symbolize ruin.

what couldn’t be

It was because Iris was blocked by as many bastards as the damn Vermouth.

Stupid Hamel.

There was such a huge difference in skill between Iris and Hamel that if it weren’t for the dark war’s evil eye, they would have been defeated unilaterally. She is called the strongest dark elf, she is taken as the daughter of madness, and she is nicknamed Raksha.

300 years ago, Iris was the weakest in the mad castle.

The sword-gang threads that penetrated the darkness connect each other. Eugene pushed the karambit forward, and on her left finger weaved a sword steel thread. fine manipulation. fair winds. A flash of lightning that cracks open. The fingers of her left hand moved as if knitting a thread.

‘…dead end!’

The thread of the sword steel that had approached before I knew it, and tightened Iris’ body. It is a weak-looking and thin thread, but it is sharp enough to cut the fabric as soon as it touches it. Had Iris been a ‘normal’ dark elf, this attack would have dismembered his body.


Dozens of lines were drawn on Iris’s red suit. The skin is exposed through a gap in the cloth cut by the sword cavity. Smooth skin without blemishes or calluses. Even when the sword steel came in direct contact, only a few drops of blood formed.

‘Still tough.’

Frenzied children without a drop of blood. The Demon King gave his adopted children various powers instead of blood. Iris’ Dark Lord of Darkness was also possessed by the Mad Lord of Frenzy, and the strong durability that Iris couldn’t possibly think of as an elf was also a power bestowed by the Demon Lord of Frenzy.

“You bastard…!”

Iris twisted her body, her face distorted. ㅡPajijijik! Lightning sparks mixed with sword steel swallowed Iris’ body whole. However, Iris’s consciousness did not break even with that current.

“It was Lionheart’s hound…!”

Hamel, who died 300 years ago, was reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth.

Naturally, Iris couldn’t come to that conclusion. It will be the same for anyone. Moreover, Iris knew that the hated Vermouth had passed on the dead Hamel’s skills to his son, and that his son’s descendants still lived on.

‘Thank you for misunderstanding me.’

Eugene didn’t respond and quickly reached out to Iris. The lightning sparks that were still burning her body were condensed according to Eugene’s will, and put pressure on Iris’ body.

Carmen jumped out from behind Eugene’s back. Eugene no longer doubted the effectiveness of Heaven Genocide. Her right hand didn’t even recite the form change, but it took a completely different form from the previous Alastor form.

—-That was no longer a hand or a fist. The heavy iron gun was only connected from the forearm. oh oh oh…! Through the core, unrefined mana in the air was concentrated in Carmen’s right arm.


Baek Yeom-sik operated to the extreme. The 7 stars of the white flame style, few of which have been reached since the great vermouth. Since Doines Lionheart is dead, Carmen Lionheart is the only one who has reached the 7th star of the White Flame Ceremony in Lionheart.

In other words, the current Lionheart’s strongest is Carmen.

‘Until the lightning spark?’

Even part of the lightning sparks that were holding Iris’ body focused on Carmen’s cannon. The circuit engraved on the surface of the gun glowed. A black light flashed in Iris’ eyes.


A huge shock, different from before. The darkness created by defense exploded. Even though it was scattered through the aisles, it still had this much power. Iris’s teeth shattered and her pupils exploded from the shock that spread throughout her body.

Just like that, Iris’s body flew backwards. A small gap created. Eugene did not want to miss this opportunity.

inside the cloak. Eugene grabbed the hilt of the moonlight sword. Iris’s body was swaying and flying like a doll with a thread cut off. If she was now, she might be able to kill with a swing of her moonlight sword.

300 years ago, he fought through countless battlefields, won and survived.

The hasty certainty tightened my neck. Instead of the moon lightsaber in his hand, Eugene held Akasha.

Carmen had trained her intuition to the point of reaching the realm of wisdom, but she lacked the experience of crossing the line of death as much as Eugene. The strength of her Carmen is admirable, but the era in which she lived was an era of peace in which demon kings and humans did not sincerely try to annihilate each other.

So I didn’t feel it, and I moved forward. Blast Form, Period Impact. clearly beaten. Although it broke through various defenses and flowed to other places, its power slightly decreased. Still, he succeeded in destroying Iris’ body from the inside out.

Carmen saw victory. A few steps forward. I don’t know if I can hold out any longer, but if I take a few more steps, I can kill that Princess Rakshak. What about the aftermath? No worries. It was Princess Raksha who first challenged Lionheart. Also, Princess Raksha and the frenzied independence army are troublesome even in Helmud. There is nothing wrong with killing Princess Rakshasa here.

‘The Glory of Lionheart.’

trampled honor. In order to raise him again, Princess Rakshasa’s life is the best sacrifice. Kirik. Carmen’s right arm has changed. My lips are itching to spit it out right now, but there was no time to speak of him.

form change.

Destiny Form.

Destiny Break…


The distance that needs to be narrowed widens. Are your feet stretched out? tangled sense of distance. Is the detection late? because I couldn’t imagine it. How could he have imagined that Eugene, who was cooperating with him, would use space magic and pull him by the back of the back if that wasn’t enough.


Before Carmen’s words became sentences.

ㅡQuad Deuk!

Black darkness appeared in the space where Carmen was trying to advance. All of the darkness that Iris summoned before suddenly appeared, but there was a sign that ‘mystic eyes are shining’.

However, the darkness that appeared now really appeared without any sign. In addition, it had a completely different nature from the darkness that had appeared so far. I could feel it even if I didn’t touch it directly.

if you haven’t stopped

No, if it wasn’t pulled. if you keep going I would have died without realizing why.


Iris’s flying body stopped. Her body leaned forward with a creak. bursting eye. Red blood and darkness swirled in the empty eye sockets.

“Are you lucky? Or do you have a sense?”

Every time she spoke, blood dripped from Iris’s mouth. Iris giggled and leaned her back against the darkness.

“It’s too bad. I could have beaten it if I had been a little faster.”

The sphere of darkness that had appeared in the gap popped and disappeared. Iris slowly descended and stared at Carmen and Eugene.


The darkness behind, the Dark Elf standing on the other side opened his mouth.

“It is too late.”

“Not to say too much. Is it only 10 minutes?”

“It is already coming close.”

“It’s a country with unnecessarily good security.”

Iris clicked her tongue and stood on her feet. The moment she stood up, she felt a slight release of strength in her legs. She didn’t stagger, however, and braced her legs to stand upright.

‘It’s quite right.’

Yagon, did you suffer this much from a human younger than that bastard or the three demons of confinement? Iris felt more joy than her humiliation at that fact. She chuckled and closed and opened her stiff eyes a few times. Then, the bursting pupils regenerated, and her smashed teeth sprouted out.

“Will the negotiations break down?”

Eugene felt Iris’ murderous intent fade. She shrugged her shoulders and gestured behind her. A dark elf approached and handed Iris her cigarette, and even lit her with her gold lighter.

“Shall we sit at the table again?”

Iris answered with a puff of smoke.

“If you die here, I will at least talk to your successor.”

“That is difficult. The Frenzied Independence Army is meaningful because I exist as my father’s legitimate successor.”

Dark elves gather around Iris. A certain Dark Elf took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around the shoulder of Iris, who was almost in tatters.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Carmen Lionheart.”

Iris put the burnt cigarette on her finger and rolled the smoke with her tongue.

“Next time in the sun, not in the musty basement.”

The cigarette fell from his finger.

Iris and 10 Dark Elves also fell down. The darkness beneath their feet became a passageway, and all the Dark Elves disappeared underground.

‘…The ability I had earlier didn’t exist 300 years ago.’

The darkness on the floor returned to being a shadow that did not belong to Iris. Eugene glared at the shadow and was lost in her thoughts.

‘It’s an unconventional transformation, Iris. 300 years ago you were only worthy of admiration for your archery skills and nimble movements, but now you are quite good at close combat. I even developed the ability of mystic eyes.’

It must have been that he tried to become a demon king. Yujin giggled and pulled out the karambit that was on her finger.

“You’re lucky.”

Not being able to kill Iris here is nothing to regret. Rather, what should be regrettable is Iris. She is probably convinced that, had it not been for her outside interference, she could have killed both Eugene and Carmen.

Although the contents were different, Eugene also had the conviction. The more I fought, the stronger my confidence grew. No matter what you do today, you can’t kill Iris. If they had continued to fight, they would have had to seriously think about escaping.

But before he could think of a way to escape, Iris backed away. It was a short fight, but I was able to see the power of the demonic eye that I had never seen 300 years ago.

Eugene learned about the present Iris, not the past.

But Iris doesn’t know about Eugene. She was good at not pulling out the moonlight sword, the magic spear, or the crushing weight. This will give you an overwhelming advantage the next time you kill Iris.


Carmen let out a long sigh and released the Heaven Genocide on her right hand.

“…Are you all right?”

Eugene looked at Carmen’s right arm, covered in blood. Carmen flicked her finger without replying. when he first entered. The coat, which had fallen and could not follow his movements, flew to Carmen.

“…Help me.”

“Never mind.”

“If you hadn’t pulled me, I would have died.”

“Because I was behind Carmen. So I just looked at it more broadly.”

Did you notice that for just that reason? Carmen didn’t understand, but didn’t ask further. There is little feeling in his limp right arm. Carmen took a cigar out of his coat pocket with her left hand and put it in his mouth.



“a moment ago. A lighter made of gold, with a pop sound, written by a Dark Elf.”

“…Ah, yes.”

“I wanted to ask where you bought it.”

“…Doesn’t Carmen even light a cigar?”

“You might want to stick it someday.”

Carmen murmured and turned around.


“Are you okay?”

Stairs leading to the ground. There, the 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights following Carmen was waiting. Nation, the unit commander, saw Carmen’s right arm covered in blood and approached him with a hard face.

“It’s a scratch.”

Nation has been assisting Carmen for decades. So she knew Carmen better than anyone else, and she was able to interpret the meaning of her overly cool reply.

‘It means I’m going to die of pain.’

not fatal It’s not a broken bone or a torn muscle. If you leave it alone, it will get better. But now it hurts enough to make me cry. Actually, isn’t it? The whole sleeve was bleeding to the point of being stained red, but there was no way it wasn’t painful.

Should I give you some painkillers? Nation studied Carmen’s face. Cold sweat on the forehead. That’s the only reaction I can see… If Eugene wasn’t here, he would’ve handed over painkillers without hesitation, but Nation understood Carmen’s desire to remain a cool and strong warrior in front of her distant juniors.

“…The White Dragon Knights are outside.”

“I guess so. Is the Alchester kid here too?”


Alchester. Even Eugene knows that name.

Who is the continent’s strongest knight?

There are names that do not fall out of the discourse of hosages. Past Lionheart’s family heads. The Immortal White Lion, Doines Lionheart. The Silver Lion Carmen Lionheart. Other famous knights’ captains.

Alchester Dragonic, leader of the Kiel White Dragon Knights, is also a person who is always on the list of ‘The Strongest Knights on the Continent’.

The title is duke. However, he is a person who rarely appears in social circles and does not engage in political activities. In fact, Alchester’s title of duke is the highest affection the emperor shows to Alchester, an old friend and escort knight, and a symbol of ‘Kiel’s best knight’.

outside of the building.

There were no onlookers. The majesty and spirit of the knights surrounding the entire building made it impossible for onlookers to dare approach.

“Long time no see.”

A red-haired man with a dragon figure carved into his breastplate approached Carmen. It was the first time seeing him in person, but Eugene knew at a glance that he was Alchester Dragonic.

‘Kiel’s best knight.’

The current emperor of Kiel, Straut II, used to openly talk about Duke Dragonic of Alchester as the best and strongest knight in Kiel.

That’s because Lionheart doesn’t give absolute loyalty to the Emperor, and the Emperor has already wanted to obtain Lionheart through various methods for a long time.

It only made me greedy. The symbolism of Lionheart, and the power that can not be thought of as a single family…

Right now, even the Black Lion Knights are treated as equal to the White Dragon Knights, and young knights who are intoxicated with knightly romance want to join the White Lion Knights rather than Kiel’s Imperial Knights or White Dragon Knights. That, too, was unavoidable. Young knights intoxicated with romance respected the great Vermouth who fought against the demon king and saved the world more than the emperor who ruled the empire.

“…the right arm. Are you okay?”

Alchester Dragonic, an escort knight and closest aide to the emperor. He was a red-haired, blue-eyed handsome man. Alchester looked at Carmen’s right arm, still dripping with blood, and spoke.

“It was only slightly scratched.”

“Looks like you need treatment.”

“If your business is over, go back to the mansion and get treated.”

Carmen answered and looked around the building. Despite the fighting that took place in the basement, the exterior of the mansion was intact. Carmen opened her mouth after confirming that there were no people inside the mansion.

“Are there any civilians who got caught and suffered damage?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Did you hear about the situation?”

“I just heard about it from your lieutenant. I heard Princess Raksha and her gang were occupying the mercenary office down there?”

“First of all, I want to make it clear that Lionheart is an unconditional victim in this commotion.”

Carmen said as she wiped her bloody hands on the hem of her trousers.

“…I heard that your family’s elf attendant and one of the artisans of the crafting workshop were kidnapped. To get him back…”

Alchester’s eyes turned to Eugene.

“…that the famous Eugene Lionheart single-handedly invaded the stronghold of Princess Raksha and her gang.”

“To be precise, they were guided, not attacked.”

“Because you’re young, you’re very reckless.”

Alchester muttered, squinting his blue eyes. Eugene replied with a snort at the question.

“The elf I was protecting, who went out with me, was kidnapped right in front of my eyes. I just couldn’t walk away from that responsibility.”

“You’re a chivalrous man with strong convictions. But young man, know that it was luck that you survived safely.”

“Are you waiting here to talk about that?”

Carmen put the cigar on her finger.

“Alchester kid. Since he is the leader of the White Dragon Knights, he must be very busy.”

“…Stop calling me a kid.”

“No matter how big you get, you’re still a kid to me. I still remember the snoring days when you sniffed and wielded a wooden sword.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“Then let’s talk more seriously. Commander of the White Dragon Knights. I’m not Kiel’s warlord, and I’m not greedy for titles. As a citizen who loves Kiel and was born in the capital, I would like to offer a remonstrance to you, who is the leader of the White Dragon Knights and an aide to the duke or emperor.”

Carmen’s voice softened. There was nothing left of her usual ceremonial solemnity in her now.

“Why are the dark elves here?”


“It’s not anyone else, it’s Princess Raksha who leads the frenzied independence army. Regarding whether or not she entered the country, I already asked you to share information a few weeks ago, and I even shared related documents.”


“It’s not something to say at a time like this, but my family’s daughter-in-law gave reasonable money and valuables to various aristocrats in the Immigration Bureau to prepare for Princess Raksha. You’re not going to talk about bribery, are you?”


Are you talking about Anicilla?

‘…It was my great-aunt.’

Eugene recalled Carmen’s age.

“We, Lionheart, are people who live in the capital, and I have no doubt that the security of the capital is the best on the continent. Of course it should. How much are the taxes and donations Lionheart pays each year? But why do we, in this capital, have to confront criminals who kidnap family servants?”

Carmen gave a cold voice and looked at Eugene.

“Why on earth do I have to be called reckless of you in that matter?”

“…Please let go of your anger.”

Alchester let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“I am aware that Lionheart is an unconditional victim in this matter. …Princess Rakhar’s problem is… Yes, I’ll be honest. Kiel’s Immigration Bureau failed to confirm the entry of Princess Raksha and her Dark Elves.”

“So you mean they were smugglers before they were kidnappers?”


conversation going on. Eugene felt that Alchester’s reaction was unexpected. The leader of the White Dragon Knights, the best knight in the Empire… I thought he would have an upright and old-fashioned personality because of such a prestige, but the personality that Alchester reveals is weak and gentle.

“…Also, I apologize for the lack of preparedness by the Security Bureau for the situation in the capital. If Carmen wishes, I will tell you later who was responsible and how.”

“The guards leading this area and the immigration officer will need to be replaced.”

“I will give you instructions.”

“Can I say something prematurely? Alchester kid. Wouldn’t His Majesty the Emperor be pleased with such a treatment?”

“If you, Lion Hearts, would put today’s problems out of the question.”

Alchester said that and raised his head. All of the White Dragon Knights surrounding the building took a step back. Remembrance. Footsteps united. Eugene noticed that there was no one left on this street except for the White Dragon Knights.

“…Right. All we have to do is keep our mouths shut, is this it?”

“I don’t want to make the citizens of the capital tremble with anxiety by spreading unnecessary stories.”

“Covering doesn’t solve anything.”

“I will not cover it. The Security Bureau will make an official announcement with sufficient explanation and understanding so that the citizens of the capital can accept it.”

“Are you going to end Lionheart with just an apology?”

“Is there anything you want?”

Carmen didn’t answer right away, but was lost in thought for a while. Eugene secretly admired Carmen, who did not let go of the initiative while continuing the conversation smoothly. Carme now was not a crazy old woman who had a cigar in her mouth that she didn’t even smoke, and an armament with an unknown name called Heaven Genocide hidden in her pocket watch. She was Ryan Hart’s grown-up, with a savviness appropriate to her age and location.

“In case Princess Rakshasa attacks again, I want the White Dragon Knights to be placed beyond the fence of the main house.”

“How long?”

“You have to figure it out. Princess Rakhal withdrew from this place. I don’t know where he went.”


Alchester stroked his chin and fell into thought.

“…All right. Until it becomes clear that Princess Rachal has left Kiel, I will be in charge of escorting the mansion ‘directly’.”

“You yourself?”


His eyes turned to Yujin. Alchester looked over Eugene’s unscathed body and continued.

“It’s also of my personal interest… You don’t have to worry about His Majesty.”

Carmen didn’t answer right away, but was lost in thought. Alchester’s personal interest. In fact, it will not be only that. The greatest knight in the Empire and the leader of the White Dragon Knights. Alchester is the emperor’s sword that never leaves the emperor’s side. That Alchester would leave the Emperor’s side and take charge of Lionheart’s escort…

‘Looks like His Greedy Majesty is complaining of hunger again.’

Even just a few days ago, the head of the household, Gilade, had personally visited the imperial palace and had a conversation with the emperor. A warning from the demon king of confinement. The unity meeting for him will be prepared from this year.

In fact, no one would have an ideal idea that the entire continent would join forces to confront Helmud or the demon lord. The purpose must be to compete for national power under the name of unity and take what can be taken.

Straut II wants to make Kiel, already an empire, even bigger. Although he was frayed from being wary of Helmud, until last year, the emperor was subtly revealing his ambition to conquer the desert kingdom or the hippopotamus.

‘Lionhart suffered a civil war. Their power has weakened, and the changes they have planned have not yet been properly accepted.’

Pride in being a descendant of the great Vermouth. Such a history is the symbol of Lionheart. The White Lion Knights of the main family have the same power of Lionheart as the Black Lion Knights, but Lionheart’s blood does not flow in them.

What unites the Knights of the White Lion is loyalty to the family. The romance of serving ‘Lionheart’. However, is there any romance left to lead the hearts of the knights to Lionheart, who has been weakened and humiliated through civil war?


The conclusion Carmen had in her head was unshakable. The immortal white lion dies due to grandson’s immorality, and the eldest son of the main family rebels blinded by the demon king’s power. This civil war is an unprecedented humiliation for Lionheart.

But Lionheart doesn’t collapse. Doines Lionheart is dead, but Carmen Lionheart lives on. The eldest son committed immorality? what is that about Carmen looked at Eugene.

20 years old. still young. But sooner or later, that child will become a being feared not only by Lionheart, but by all knights on the continent. In her fight with Princess Raksha, Carmen gained that conviction.

“…If you come, I’ll be relieved.”

“Isn’t Carmen-sama staying at the main house anyway?”

“you and I. And three to this guy.”

Carmen said without taking her eyes off Eugene. Three… Alchester gave her a faint smile and nodded.

“What exactly happened down there?”

“I fought Princess Rakshak.”

“Are you two together?”

“okay. It would have been nice if he had killed them, but a centuries-old Dark Elf who is aiming for the next demon lord is truly worth it.”

While Carmen told Alchester about the situation, Eugene was lost in thought.

The reason why Iris backed down was probably because she was concerned about the intervention of the White Dragon Knights. He said he didn’t want a situation where Eugene, Carmen, and Alchester were added.

‘…There’s a forced side.’

Iris had no intention of negotiating with the elves from the beginning. He didn’t even have common sense behavior in mind. She smuggled herself into Kiel, killing mercenaries and taking over her office. She then kidnapped Revera and enticed Eugene to her.

‘Because of respect for Lionheart.’

Iris said so. Lionheart never negotiates with the Dark Elves. Iris was well aware of that fact, so he tried to take Eugene hostage, whom he dragged into Revera.

Do I really need to?

Iris’s magical eye of darkness. It was much more developed than it was 300 years ago. Immediately, Iris secretly kidnapped Levera without Eugene noticing, and disappeared with her men in front of Eugene’s eyes.

If you decided to go out of your way to kidnap and hold hostage. There must have been a lot Iris could have done. If she decided to sneak into her home and try to lure her elves into the Dark Eye… how would she stop it?

‘It’s not that I didn’t… I didn’t… I didn’t?’

hometown forest.

The world tree had already been planted there, and a barrier was built to protect the elves.

‘I can’t break in.’

The corners of Yujin’s mouth twitched.

‘Then there’s no need to protect the home with the White Dragon Knights… No, that’s not it. Even if I can’t break into the forest, if it’s Iris, I might do other ignorant things.’

When the thought reached there. Eugene couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Not anywhere else, but in the Kiel Empire, if it went this far against Lionheart.

No matter how much Iris is respected by the demon king of confinement as the daughter of madness, Iris’s place in Helmud will no longer be left.

‘…I’m about to leave Helmud.’

Eugene came to that conclusion. Public opinion regarding Iris and the Dark Elves in Helmud has never been good. No matter how much Iris has the power of a demon king, the demons of Helmud will not recognize Iris as a demon king.

“…Well, the introduction is late.”

While Eugene was lost in thought, the conversation between Alchester and Carmen ended. Alchester approached Eugene and offered a handshake with a thin smile.

“It’s called Alchester Dragonic.”

“I’ve heard the name familiar.”

‘The only resemblance is the hair and eye color.’

Eugene recalled the ‘Dragonic’ he had seen in his previous life.

Knowing the name of Alchester Dragonic and being interested in it wasn’t just because he was called the best knight in Kiel.

300 years ago.

Eugene had met Alchester’s ancestors.

‘Ji was talking about being half-human, half-dragon, a half-blood with a dragon…’

There was a madman who abandoned his original surname and changed his surname to Dragonic.


300 years ago.

There was a guy named Oryx Dragonic.

Just like Vermouth, it suddenly appeared in the world. confused battlefield. When the invading army of monsters crossed the Kiel border. When a general who was leading his army decides that there is no chance of victory and decides to retreat.

Oryx suddenly fell from the sky. The one who appeared like that spewed sword steel that could have been dozens of meters in length and cut the army of monsters in two. With the appearance of Oryx, Kiel-kun regained his vigor and was able to defend the border by driving out the monster army.

Most of the heroes of that era had at least one or two such anecdotes. Wars were waged everywhere in the world, human strength was weak, and enemies were always strong and numerous. 300 years ago was a difficult time, and there were many people who dreamed of becoming heroes.

When asked where he learned the sword, Oryx replied that he learned it from his father. When he asked how he accumulated that formidable mana, Oryx replied that he had inherited it from his father. Since most of the questions were attributed to his father, the general was frustrated and curious and had no choice but to ask who his father was.

‘My father’s name is Palásquez. It’s a dragon.’

…Although it is known in the world as such, Hamel knew very well that Oryx Dragonic was not a half-man, half-dragon.

His name is Vinos Allen. He is a mercenary like Hamel. He was once in the same mercenary group and fought on the same battlefield.

was not a friend

Vinos was a petty bastard. When young Hamel first joined the mercenaries. Vinos, who was a year older than Hamel, became the shooter. It was a tradition for the youngest to do the dirty work, even in those shitty times, so Hamel emptied the poop and washed the stinky clothes of the seniors as Vinos told him to do.

At the time, Hamel was young, but his personality was in the process of being formed into an eccentric nature. At first, I did as I was told, but gradually I started not liking everything.

That bastard is only a year older than me, but he’s a shooter and only gives orders.

It wasn’t just Vinos who didn’t like it. Mercenaries who seemed to have nothing to respect or learn from. Some, in particular, looked at young Hamel’s ass with insidious eyes, which was not uncommon on the battlefields of that era.

Of course, Hamel did not want to die for himself to be the target of such harassment.

And in the end, Satan was gone. One of the mercenary seniors reached for Hamel’s sleeping bag, and Hamel rolled his eyes and beat his senior.

Because of that, Vinos rolled his eyes and cursed at us, so he also lost.

The mercenary leader attacked the youngest, saying that he would cut off his arm because he had committed a crime. So even the mercenary leader was defeated.

Having done such a thing, he could not remain in the mercenary corps any longer. Young Hamel quickly packed his things, searched the arms of the fallen Vinos and other mercenaries, took his money and goods, and left the mercenary company.

…I thought it was a relationship that would end like that.

When Vinos became Oryx and guarded the border. Hamel was already a colleague of Vermut, and was heading to Kiel following Emperor Kiel’s request for help. When I arrived, the battle had already ended, and the general who was guarding the border introduced Oryx with a fuss.

Red hair, blue eyes. Her face also changed a bit. A lot of time had passed, so it was impossible to recognize by appearance.

However, Hamel remembered Vinos’ mana. He couldn’t help but remember. It was because Vinos was a shooter and he used Hamel’s mana training method to catch all sorts of faults. On the subject of such a damn thing, Vinos’s core and mana were worse than rat poop…

“What is on my face?”

It looks like you’re looking at it too much. Alchester asked while caressing my cheek, and Eugene answered calmly.

“It’s amazing to see the descendant of that famous half-dragon in person.”


Alchester smiled as if he understood.

“It’s not something to be proud of in front of the Lionheart family, the descendant of the great Vermut, but… My ancestor, Oryx Dragonic, was also a legendary hero.”

Eugene desperately suppressed laughter.

“My ancestors could not refuse the emperor’s request at the time and remained in Kiel, taking on the role of protecting the empire’s territory. But… According to the story handed down from the ancestors, the ancestor always regretted not being able to go to Helmud…”

Thigh pinched, twisted. Mer also felt the image of Eugene. She was selfless, following her single-minded determination to stop Eugene from bursting out laughing.

Mer pinched and twisted Eugene’s side and forearm with her tiny hands.

‘Are you Vinos?’

‘…You misunderstood the person. I am Oryx Dragonic. My father is the dragon Palasques…’

‘Even though it’s as much as dust, there’s still Vinos’ mana left?’

‘…I don’t know who Vinos is.’

I don’t know, because I don’t know.

made me tell the truth It had its own reasons.

‘Are you the devil’s spy?’

‘does not make sense…’

‘No, that’s right. The Vinos I knew was a bastard who was no more than a pebble kicked on the road. How did such a bastard become so strong in 10 or so years?’

‘…Prince Hamel… I heard he used to be an ordinary mercenary…’

‘I’ve heard monsters since I was a mercenary. Vinos wasn’t you. A guy like that appeared this strong, how could he not be suspicious? Be honest, you son of a bitch. Are you the devil’s spy? Did the demon king order you to infiltrate this empire and assassinate the emperor?’

‘What is that…’

There was no need for further conversation.

Hamel pounced on Oryx. Panicked, Oryx immediately resisted, but soon after, Oryx was rolling on the floor, bleeding from both of his noses.

‘Be honest, son of a bitch. Aren’t you the devil’s spy?’

‘No, I said no… Aagh!’

After a while more beating the fan. I could hear what happened in Oryx’s past.

The mercenary corps were disbanded due to Hamel’s rampage, and Vinos gained experience by going to and from various mercenary corps. In that era, the main occupation of mercenaries was to participate in war, but they were not without other duties.

‘I explored the underground dungeon as a request, and it was a dragon’s tomb… When I touched the dragon heart there, I heard that the dragon’s power dwelled in my body? Are you saying that right now?’

‘Why, why do you keep saying lies…?!’

‘I have to say something believable to believe…’

Oryx’s face was crying sadly, pouring tears and nosebleeds.

Alchester’s face sitting right in front of him and Oryx’s face overlapped. …I barely restrained my laughter. Inside her cloak, Mer was still pinching and twisting her side with Eugene.

“If the ancestors had gone to Helmud together… the achievements of the great Vermut might have increased a little more.”

There was no way Alchester knew the circumstances. He looked out the carriage window and continued.

Eugene, who knew Oryx, suffered hearing every single word. 300 years ago. Oryx sighed and refused to go to Helmud. Rather than fighting in Helmude, where the fight never stops and it doesn’t seem strange to die at any time, he wanted a life of subjugating the invading monsters while receiving extremely poor treatment in Kiel.

In fact, I didn’t even need it. Senya showed interest in the Dragon Heart, which was said to have been combined with Oryx, but was disappointed that Oryx’s mana was not great.

‘Hamel, do you know the expression of a pearl necklace on a pig’s neck?’

‘Why is the pig hanging pearls around its neck?’

‘I know your head is worse than a pig’s.’

Moron, who liked sparring with strong opponents, showed interest in Oryx at first. However, when she learned that Oryx was not as strong as she had hoped, she soon lost interest.

Anise and Vermouth, like Senya and Moron, did not feel even the slightest interest. Anise said the current party was ideal. It was evaluated that adding one more person would only break the balance, and that Oryx was not even worth supporting.

Vermouth said so too. No more. Enough for 5 of us.

It always has been. As he wandered through Hell Mood, he met many heroes. Among them, there were many people who wanted to be colleagues, and there were also some people who, in the eyes of Eugene, wanted to be friends.

What I couldn’t possibly deny.

When the five of us first arrived at the front line of Helmud.

Among the party, Hamel was the weakest. Among the heroes who made their name on the front lines, there were several stronger than Hamel.

But Vermouth did not invite them to become his companions. When they approached in hopes of becoming allies, he flatly refused. It’s good to fight on the battlefield for a while, but always fight together, and the ones who travel together should be the current comrades.

At the time, Hamel couldn’t quite understand the words.

‘…even now.’

Feeling complicated, Eugene put her hand inside the cloak and slapped the back of Mer’s hand, who was still pinching her side.

“…You seem to have a lot of respect for your ancestors.”

“As you respect the great Vermouth.”

Alchester smiled and said.

“Your ancestors couldn’t fight against the demon king in Helmud, but you stayed in Kiel and defended countless people and defended the border. It was Vermut-sama’s feat that saved the world against the demon lord, but the ancestors of the Dragonic family also dedicated their lives for Kiel.”

Alchester looked down at the crest of the White Dragon Knights engraved on the chest of his uniform.

“…The founder of Kiel, the first emperor, had a friendship with a dragon.”

It is the founding myth of Kiel.

“Kiel is a country that has had a relationship with dragons since its roots. Although a long time passed and the dragon, which was the guardian dragon of the empire, died, and the relationship between the empire and the dragon no longer existed… 300 years ago. The half-man, half-dragon ancestor came to Kiel, and the empire reconnected with the dragon…”


“Suddenly why?”

“…Me… the wounds I received from the battle with Princess Rakhar suddenly ached.”

Eugene desperately suppressed a laugh and clutched his chest.

“…injuries are not uncommon. Princess Raksha was strong.”

Carmen, who was looking out the window, opened her mouth. She continued, raising her right hand, wrapped in her bandage.

“But we were strong too. Kid… No, I can’t call him kid anymore. Eugene.”

“…Why do I call myself a kid…”

“Be quiet, little Alchester. You have never crossed the line with me, so you are still a kid to me.”

Alchester couldn’t understand the logic, but he didn’t bother to argue further.

“…a dragon…”

Carmen murmured, staring at her bandaged fingers.

“…do you have something to say?”

“No, nothing.”

Carmen smiled and put her hand inside the hem of her coat. Heaven Genocide… A pocket watch that hides its true face. Carmen stared at the pocket watch and gave Eugene a glance.

“…a dragon…”


repeated words. explicit appeal. Eugene remembered what Carmen had said yesterday.

‘An accidental encounter, a miracle… It’s already been decades ago, a mysterious experience when I was young. I’ll tell you this far.’

‘Can you tell me what you’ve been saying to the end?’

‘I can’t. Promises are very important and cannot be broken.’

…how he got hold of Heaven Genocide, and who made it.

Thanks to Carmen’s blatant appeal, I roughly guessed it.

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