Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 551

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you’re disturbing

At those words, Anis and Cristina were speechless, unable to say anything. That statement is by no means a joke or bluff. Noir Jebela is saying that with ‘seriousness’.

This nightmare was not created by Noir Jebela appearing directly in front of him. This nightmare was created just by being exposed to the magic contained in the stationery. ‘Forced sleep’, which captures in your field of vision and forces you to fall asleep at the moment you wish, and ‘dream in dream’, which repeats itself the moment you fall asleep and drags you into a world of infinite dreams.

An authority that can be used naturally by a high-ranking dreamer. Of course, Noir, the queen of dreams, has also mastered those two powers, and if she catches sight of it, she can instantly put hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people to sleep.

Now, even that category has gone far beyond. It was no longer necessary to capture it in sight. Noir Jebella, she can now pierce the consciousness of her opponents with only the reverberation of her magical powers, unearth the traumas deep within, and create devastating nightmares.

Just now, Anis also had a ‘nightmare’. her nightmare-

A battlefield 300 years ago. The people she could not save were pouring out her resentment towards Anis.

Hamel dying in front of his eyes. At that moment, she couldn’t do anything as a saint. What she couldn’t resuscitate the dying Hamel. All of those things were mixed and amplified into a great despair.

And the end that Anise met. All the saints of Yurath in successive generations became sacred relics for the next saint. Anise was no exception. Rather, Anise, who was the closest to perfection among all saints, had to become a holy relic.

Unfortunately, Anis was not allowed to have longevity like Moron and Senya. Being close to perfection is because it wasn’t perfect after all. As a ‘made’ human, Anis had several unavoidable flaws.

That’s why, even more so, Anise tried to escape from that fate. She lived her whole life as a saint. All her life she lived for the light. So to the last degree of her she wanted to live for herself. She wanted to do a final defiance against the light she had served her entire life.

but. In the desert where I went to look at Hamel’s grave for the last time – I suddenly realized it. It was an ugly death that could not be called noble, but Hamel still wanted to save the world. He left a will to kill all demon lords.

In the end, Anis changed her mind to die alone in seclusion, as she had hoped. Anis returned to Yuras with the paladins and priests who came to visit him, and he became a holy relic for the next saint.

The end was linked to a nightmare. The ‘fear’ I had right before becoming a holy relic.

Maybe these actions will eventually become meaningless. Maybe I’ll just die in vain That fear was contradicted by the existence of Anise ‘now’, but the causal relationship was meaningless in the nightmare created by Noir.

little bit of fear. Even if that fear is from the past that you have already overcome. If there is a little reason, it will amplify uncontrollably.

Fear is always like that. Even if you know that there is no one in the room where the lights are off, if you think ‘It’s scary’, you will arbitrarily imagine something that can’t exist. When I wake up from a nightmare, I’m afraid I’ll have a nightmare again.


Now, Noir’s nightmares inflate the fantasy of existence.

“… … If you don’t want to die… … ?”

That’s why Noir’s words are by no means false. know well. It’s over for now, but if Noir turns a fantasy into a nightmare in front of “person”.

It won’t end just like now, with your mouth shut, your body shaking, and your legs going weak. An infinitely repeating nightmare. Every time you have the emotion of fear, the growing nightmare will eventually collapse your mind.

“Are you not coming?”

Anise spat out in a trembling voice.

“You and Hamel’s end, don’t interfere?”

The reason Anis’s voice trembled now was not because of her fear of Noir. Not because of nightmares, mental breakdowns, or fear of death.


So was Christina. She bit her lip and glared at Noir.

Now, the two saints felt the same anger. This is blasphemy. How dare you, how dare you suppress the saintess out of fear? Does this warning discourage the saintess from giving in to her fears?


The distorted twilight and the overflowing red color disappeared before I knew it. Noir’s expression changed again at the anger of the saints. She smiled the same as before and tilted her head.

“This is an obvious reaction. But she’s more gentle than Senya Merdein.”

“… … .”

“Oh yeah. Do you know what kind of nightmare Senya Merdane had? It probably won’t be very different from your imagination. Hamel’s death. Betrayal of Vermouth. Massacre of elves… … .”

Noir’s lips twitched.

“But the resistance was fierce. It was much more intense than you. She tried to break the nightmare herself and find me and kill me. But what can I do? I’m just an illusion in a nightmare. Ahaha, you know what? Rather, Senya Merdein felt even more despair and fear at that fact.”

Noir covered his mouth and giggled.

“About the fact that I was mentally cornered even for a moment. Now that Senya Merdein is such a brilliant wizard, she understands how absurd and horrific the nightmares I created are.”

“… … so.”

Anise spat out in a trembling voice.

“Did Senya say that? Are you afraid to go?”

“I wish I had.”

Noir shook his head.

“I reacted just like you. I got angry and said don’t insult me. This is true, I’ve been considerate of it at best. Are you jealous? Do you want to interfere with the end of me and Hamel out of jealousy?”

“jealousy? Don’t talk nonsense. Why should we be jealous of you… … .”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know? Christina Rogeris.”

Noir’s eyes and lips drew curves. Purple eyes gleamed between the thinly opened eyes.

“I can do things that neither you, nor Anis Slwood, nor Senya Merdane could ever do. That alone is enough reason for you to be jealous of me.”

“The bullshit… … !”

“Ahaha! Bullshit, I mean it. Oh yeah. Does the word jealousy hurt your pride? If so, tell me differently.”

Noir took a moment to breathe. She opened her lips slowly while accepting the saints’ fierce stares.

“I mean, we can kill Hamel and each other, and be each other’s last.”

It was so natural that it felt absurd.

can they kill each other? Cristina, Senya and Anise, of course, do not do such things. What could be the reason for that? But Noir wasn’t saying that as a joke or a joke.

“Only me, in this world, can do that with Hamel. This is a privilege that only I have. Hamel and I die, kill each other, be each other’s last, so we can lick each other’s feelings to the bottom.”

There was a slight tremor in Noir’s voice when he said that. It was a trembling caused by ecstasy not much different from madness.

“Can you guys do that? No, you can’t. Because you have no circumstances, no cause, no emotions. All you can do is stand behind or beside Hamel and watch. OK, tell me a little bit more. It’s just to go or live together.”

Sloppy emotions added to the trembling voice.

“But I am different. Whether Hamel or I will die is unknown, but we can be sure. We will monopolize our regrets, regrets, hesitations, and all other emotions at the moment of death or death, and in the end, we will remain in each other’s memories forever.”

Christina and Anise were speechless. A voice full of passion shakes the nightmare. Soggy and heavy emotions blocked the saints’ speech.

“I am the only one in this world who can do that.”

Noir took a step forward.

woo woo woo… … ! A swaying twilight engulfed the nightmare again. A shadow extending from Noir, who turned her back to the twilight, rushed over the saints.

“Among Hamel’s repeated lives, I am the only one.”

Noir’s tone changed again. She took away her respect for her saints. She left only pure, really pure feelings.

“It’s different from the clumsy love you have.”

Noir’s face was shadowed as he turned his back on the gigantic malice in the form of dusk. On that black face, only the curves of the eyes and lips took on a distinct color. red lips. and purple eyes.

“For you.”



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Emotions expressed by Noir now. Contempt, contempt, anger.

“I don’t deserve it.”

this is not jealousy It is a right to claim. Noir sincerely thought so.

“You’re going to interrupt our end like that?”

The shadows swayed and danced. The rushing shadow stopped in front of the saints and did not advance further.

“You dare to invade?”

The saints knew instinctively.

In this nightmare, what it means to be eroded by that shadow. If I get swallowed up by that soggy madness and bliss, it won’t end with the contamination of my mind.

“Do not be ridiculous. you don’t deserve that That is why I am personally warning you.”

That intense feeling weighed heavily on Christina and Anis.

“You have no choice but to stand next to Hamel and Duna. But I can stand in front of Hamel. If I am killed by Hamel, Hamel will live his whole life thinking of ‘Noir Jebela’ whom he killed with his own hands. I am the same. If I kill Hamel, I will live with Hamel for the rest of my life.”

Emotions subsided.

“You have to be content with that. Even allowing him is at my mercy.”

The shadow that had been creeping back to Noir again. Noir cleared his slightly rough breathing and shook his head lightly.

“I hope my sincerity was conveyed well.”

Noir’s tone changed again. The encroaching twilight had returned, and the shadows cast over Noir’s face had disappeared. She no longer had that creepy smile. What was on Noir’s face now was a smile that the saints had seen many times before – a smile that fell into the category of ‘normal’.

“I mean. I think you guys have pretty common sense. So, I just deliberately gave a harsh warning. why did i do that Can you understand?”

Of course I could understand. Noir’s warning just now was an easy and blatant demonstration of the difference in strength and rank.

“Tell Senya too. Oh, is it not enough to tell you? You’ll probably have to convince them.”

Noir left a whisper and turned around.

– Whoops! The ground vibrated as if it had been an earthquake. Eventually, the tremors crossed the ground and shook the sky, and in that way shook the entire world. The bright red twilight light swallowed Noir.

Twilight faded, and the world became night. The nightmare is over and the dream is shattered.


– Knocked up!

The chair rocked. Just as she was about to jump back, Eugene’s hand supported Christina’s back.

“ah… … ah.”

Christina couldn’t tell whether it was real or a dream. She blinked her eyes a few times, then raised her hand and pinched her own cheek once.

there is pain But can you be sure that this pain is real? If it were a normal dream or nightmare, it would be so indistinguishable, but the pain would be real in the dreams that Noir Jebela creates himself.

“This… … Is this real?”


Anise spat out in a cold voice.

[The feelings right now are ours. It is not amplified by nightmares, nor is it dominated by that gnawed GalX.]

“ah… … .”

Christina sighed and shook her head. Eugene, who was supporting the saintess’s back with her chair, looked at Christina’s face and let out a sigh of relief at her.

“are you okay?”

“Can it be okay?”

The moment I asked, a cold answer came back. It was anise. She glared at Eugene, furrowing her eyebrows in irritation, anger, and humiliation.

“I understand why Noir Jebela sent such an invitation.”


“This, this… … It was very, very terrible. A nightmare me and Cristina had. It’s such an insignificant thing that we wouldn’t even think of it as a nightmare if we dreamed it ourselves… … .”

“I did too.”

Senya pursed her lips and grumbled.

“To put it bluntly, the nightmare she showed me is the nightmare I had over and over 300 years ago. Well, there were a few more than that, but anyway. Things that really don’t count as nightmares to me.”

The nightmare that Noir showed to Senya is Hamel’s death. It is the extinction of the elves. It is Vermouth’s betrayal.

However, all of that could not elicit any emotional agitation from Senya now. Senya knows that Vermouth did not betray her. I know that Hamel did not die and was reincarnated. I know the elf can overcome her horsemanship.

However, in Noir’s ‘Nightmare’, it is impossible to think like reality. The nightmare even dominates the emotions.

“Even this goddess of magic was overwhelmed at first. She somehow managed to shake it off along the way… … Resistance was impossible.”

“I heard about it directly from Gal X. Senya. How you felt for Noir.”

“What did that bitch say?”

“You said you felt despair and fear.”

Senya’s face twisted at that answer. She opened her lips to retort her words, but she couldn’t get her words out and only pursed her lips a few times.

“that’s right.”

Eventually, Senya let out a long sigh.

“Then I felt despair and fear. I couldn’t think of a way to break the nightmare.”

“How about now? Senya. Our emotions in Nightmare are governed by GalX. But now, after escaping the nightmare… … .”


Senya frowned and spat out.

“If you go into a nightmare, you won’t be able to fight with that bitch. To kill that bitch, you have to fight in real life, not in nightmares.”


Eugene replied. He carefully straightened the tilted chairs of the saints, which he was still supporting with his hands.

“I dragged my mind into a nightmare with only the magic contained in the letter.”

“hey! I mean impossible… … .”

“I admit that I will admit it. Noir is overwhelming in spirit attacks. No matter how much you are the goddess of magic, and even if Anis and Cristina build a mental barrier, if Noir tries to intervene ‘directly’, she will be pierced in vain.”

Anise didn’t retort and bit her lip.

It was the same 300 years ago. No matter how much Senya and Anis created a barrier, Noir pierced through the dream. The dream at that time was not as deadly as it is now, but it accumulated a completely different feeling of fatigue from battle and shattered the spirits of the party.

“… … Hamel.”

Anis let out a long sigh.

“I wonder why you showed us the invitation. Why did he bother to give us Gal X’s warning… … At first I couldn’t tell. But now you know.”

Why was the atmosphere so heavy when I first entered the meeting room? He also knew why Senya was so angry and annoyed.


Anis’ gloomy gaze turned to Eugene.

“You intend to go alone.”

“that’s right.”

Eugene nodded without denying it.

“I go into Jebela City alone.”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 550Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 552
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