Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 552

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As soon as Eugene finished speaking, Senya gnashed her teeth. thud! A small fist knocked on the desk.

“Cut that stubbornness!”

Senya glared at Eugene and spat out. Anise had already anticipated how much of a war of words had already occurred over this matter before he awoke.

“How am I going to break that stubbornness?”

Anise sighed and said. I knew Hamel was stubborn 300 years ago.

“If it was stubbornness that would be broken by others, Hamel wouldn’t have been so damned.”

“Oh, really, how much do you worry about talking about 300 years ago?”

“This story will haunt you until you are 300 years old. That is the story of course.”

Eugene ignored the staring gaze and licked his lips.

“Yes, well, you know best in the world that I am stubborn. So, no matter what you say, I… … .”

“Let’s hear the reason first.”

“hey! anise!”

Senya shouted loudly. Anise, whom she naturally thought would side with her, seemed to lean towards Eugene. That itself was unacceptable to Senya.

“Your voice is too loud, Senya. What excuse would you make if someone else came in by surprise?”

Of course, people outside wouldn’t notice any mess going on in this room, but Anis closed her eyes and shut Senya’s words.

“Don’t get too excited and think rationally. Hamel is headstrong, idiot, emotional, and reckless, but he knows he’s done.”

“Are you taking my side or swearing?”

“Hamel, shut up and listen. I’m not done talking yet. Anyway, I think Hamel has his reasons for being stubborn.”

Anise’s cold gaze turned to Eugene. With just that look, the pressure to answer came, but Anise opened her lips and drove a wedge into it.

“Is that right?”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and looked at Anis. With such a composition, he couldn’t help but feel awkward and embarrassed only for Senya, who slammed the desk and stood up. In the end, Senya cleared her throat and quietly sat down.

“There is a reason.”

Yujin nodded and opened her mouth.

“To put it bluntly, I’d rather go alone.”

Senya’s gaze darkened at that neat answer. Anis also closed his lips and glared at Eugene.

“Don’t look at me like that. There are more reasons why I’d rather go alone. First of all, I can resist in the dream of noir.”

“… … How can you?”

“It must be because of my divinity.”

“I can’t?”

Senya spat out with a look of regret.

“You said it wasn’t very irresistible?”

“You can’t call resistance just being barely awake… … !”

“What’s wrong?”

“Why are you and me not?”

“Rather, isn’t this natural? My divinity is Agaroth and Light. Senja I understand that you are worshiped by wizards, but nothing compares to me.”

That’s true, but why does it sound so unlucky? Senya glared at Eugene, her clenched fists trembling.

“Are you sure?”

Anis’ gaze softened. she asked, staring at her Eugene with her calm eyes.

“Are you sure. Right away, even before I became aware of my divinity, I was out of Noir’s dream.”

When Noir showed his experience in La Vista as a dream. Eugene succeeded in realizing himself in the dream. How shocked Noir was at that time.

“And again… … I didn’t have nightmares.”

He hid his emotions and kept his expression. Even with that answer, Senya and Anis saw through Eugene’s intentions.

“But there seems to have been a commotion.”

Anis murmured. Senya sighed deeply and scratched his head.

“What were you dreaming about?”

“Didn’t you hear that too?”

“I asked, but you didn’t answer.”

Senya pursed her lips and grumbled. Then, Anis also leaned close to Eugene and raised her eyes.

“Did you have such a dream that you can’t even tell us about?”

“It’s a dream I don’t really want to talk about.”

“What kind of dream is that?”

“Agaroth’s Last.”

Eugene replied with a wry smile. A wasteland full of corpses, which I recalled many times.

“The dream I saw was a repetition of Agaroth’s despair. At that time, Agaroth ordered the death of all the gods who followed her. And according to his orders, all the new soldiers were killed. Agaroth herself is also dead.”

Before dying, Agaroth broke the saintess’ neck herself.

“It was such a dream. There was no processing at all.”

It’s different from the dream Senya, Anis, and Cristina had. Their nightmares had additional processing. Even emotions were subject to noir. But the dream Eugene had is different. That dream only repeated the terrible reality several times.

Agaroth’s failure. despair. Defeat. it all repeated.

“My emotions are out of control. Noir may have meant it, but I didn’t feel compelled. If I had tried to escape, I could have easily escaped.”

“… … .”

“I just didn’t.”

After answering that, Eugene tilted the chair back. He sat down on a tilted chair and crossed his arms.

“… … why? Why didn’t you?”


“Did you want to feel the pain? Or despair?”

“I didn’t want to feel any pain. That’s what she was trying to accept.”

“Did it mean anything?”



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Yujin nodded and replied.

“There was agitation. But the agitation was entirely mine, and I could control it. All the emotions I felt at that moment were mine. That alone meant enough.”

“… … .”

“That’s why I’m going alone.”

Unlike Senya and the saints, she can resist dreams. Noir’s nightmares cannot control Eugene’s emotions.

“A headcount advantage against Noir Jebela is meaningless. We already learned that 300 years ago.”

Even if you go together, if you are dragged into a dream, you will only be defeated individually. Naturally, Eugene’s Holy Knights could not accompany him in this battle. Rather, their fear, dragged into a nightmare, will become the food of noir.

“This is what I am most wary of. I will be able to fight in noir’s dream. But you are different. It will be affected in some way.”

“… … Hamel. Christina and I are your saints. This time I was swallowed up in a nightmare ‘separately’, but with you… … You will be able to resist.”

“There is a possibility. But can you be sure?”

“No, I’m not sure. I understand what you mean. God commanded that, how could the saintess resist? She has no choice but to obey.”

“I didn’t mean to be sarcastic.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Hamel. I’m not being sarcastic. I sincerely think so. We don’t want to get in your way.”

“If anyone sees it, they’ll know that I’m really fighting alone.”

Yujin laughed and straightened her chair. Senya blinked at the answer.

“You said you were fighting alone?”

“When did I say I was fighting alone? I said I would go into the city alone.”

“uh… … Uhh, doesn’t that mean that?”

“Are you really the goddess of magic? Well, the name Senya the Wise was also given to you by yourself. Maybe you’re not a magic goddess… … .”

Eugene didn’t say what he was going to say until the end and kept his mouth shut. It was because Senya glared at Eugene with her eyes lit.

“f*ck, what?”


“What next? What is it?”

“I’m tight.”

Although the words were inconsistent, Eugene just repeated those words. In fact, if you spit out the words, “Aren’t you a crazy goddess?”, one of Eugene and Senna might die today.

“Of course I will support you out of town.”

Anis, who glanced at Senya in pity, shrugged.

“Hamel, didn’t you tell me? That Levantine needs me and Cristina to use it properly. Although I cannot enter the city with you and face the nightmare, I will pray for your victory outside the city.”

“me… … I am… … .”

Senya also opened her mouth once. After thinking for a while, she came up with a trick.

“How about dumping Meteor in that f*cking city?”

“… … .”

“In the past, we gathered hundreds of wizards and dropped Meteor, but this magical goddess doesn’t need such preliminary work anymore.”

“That Meteor, wasn’t the demon king of confinement blocked with a single gesture?”

“Ugh! Not one gesture. blocked with chains. Even the bastard of confinement must have been cold when Meteor fell on top of the barbell? That’s why they jumped out and blocked it.”

“I can’t believe that Meteor. It’s noisy, but it doesn’t seem to have much power… … .”

“What do you know about Meteor?”

“I know as much as I know, I’m also a great wizard dude. No matter how much I think about it, I think it’s better for me to wield a sword than to drop a meteor.”

“that… … It may be so, but there is a romance in Meteor.”

Senya said, shaking her shoulders. However, upon hearing that, Yujin only let out a laugh.

“Romance is a piece of cake.”

“If you don’t feel romance in Meteor, you’re not a wizard after all. All wizards have a romance in Meteor. He said he wanted to drop Meteor somehow. I, I can be sure If you call all the magic tower owners and ask them right away, they will all want to drop Meteor.”

“Why are you Meteor?”

“That’s cool! Drop meteorites from space! Only one wizard! with magic! That’s why Meteor is the romance itself.”

“but. I don’t know about other magic, but even if I want to try that kind of magic, I rarely have the opportunity to do it.”

“right? can you understand Also, you can’t drop Meteor into a place like the sea or wilderness. that it should be dropped in the city. As that, ruthless mass slammed into the city! A civilization built by humans will vanish in vain in front of cosmic energy… … It’s such an apocalyptic romance.”

Senya’s eyes were wet.

Eugene couldn’t sympathize with that apocalyptic romance, but he could sympathize a little with the idea of ​​burying a ruthless mass. It reminded me of the time when I crashed the entire Yongma Castle a few years ago.

“anyway. Meteor, how are you?”

“It will be blocked.”

“You have to do it to know.”

“Even if it works, what about me in it?”

“Hamel. Why do you only think of you? There are millions of voluntarily taken hostages in Jebela City.”

“Perhaps everyone has left Jebela City by now.”

Eugene and Noir once had such a conversation in Jebela City. At that time, Noir had said that when Eugene came, he would send all the tourists out of the city.


Anis also nodded.

“That crazy galbo is obsessed with being ‘alone’ with you, Hamel. A prisoner of the city would only be a hindrance in that moment.”

“Then isn’t it okay to hit Meteor? Eugene, you won’t die from being hit by Meteor.”

“Don’t do strange things, use other magic. Something like interfering with Noir’s power outside the city.”

Having said that, Senya did not push her opinion any further. Still, it was quite regrettable, but his lips were pouted.

“… … Then, when are you planning to go to Jebela City?”

“It doesn’t matter right now, but I’ll make the final adjustments.”

The saintess’ baptism was over. Levantine’s power can also be drawn out reliably. This does not mean that adjustments are not necessary.

“I can do this alone.”

Yujin said that and got up from her chair. This time, she was able to hide her expression and emotions skillfully, so she was not noticed by the saints and Senya.

“Are you going back to your room?”

“no. Go to the yeongmaek at the bottom of the lake.”

The place connected to the root of the World Tree sapling. It is a place that Eugene used as a place for Baek Yeom-shik’s training and meditation. Now, Eugene no longer needs Baek Yeom-sik’s training or meditation, but the place where he can quietly concentrate without being disturbed by anyone is the best place in Lionheart.

‘I don’t want to write a will.’

To be precise, I hope it will never be used as a will. However, I thought I should prepare. That’s how strong Noir is.

Iris, the specter, Gavid, I had never even thought of ‘death’ in battle with them- but now, I can’t. I feel a real sense of death more than I did during Raizakia.

So, I plan to write down the will. Even if I die in defeat. To somehow promote the next.


First, Christina spoke to Anis, who was watching Eugene leave the meeting room.

[…] … Senya-sama, will you not tell Noir Jebela’s absurd remarks?]

‘The question already has an answer. That Galbo’s chatter is just nonsense. There is no reason to tell.’


It is absurd. Anis, Cristina, and Senya have never felt jealous of Noir. Qualification? It’s funny too. Noir had no right to ask for qualifications from the saints and Senya.

‘… … .’


Among Noir’s absurd remarks, there was one that was the only one that penetrated Anis.

If Noir dies, Hamel will remember Noir for the rest of his life. Noir knows that all too well.

so he laughed

‘It’s awful.’

Anis thought so and grabbed the rosario.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 551Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 553
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