Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 553

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It was as Eugene thought.

Tourists who voluntarily visited Jebela City for the past year have begun to return.

Unlike the last time, the tourists did not become crippled people soaked in dreams and memories. To be precise, they couldn’t exactly remember their time in Jebela City.

The subject of self-injury, such as banging their heads when locked behind bars, now did not understand ‘why’ they went to Jebela City.

“The entire memory of the city has been cut out, but there are no after effects.”

Eugene stood on the roof of the building and looked down. A large crowd of people gathered in the wide open space and murmured.

The people quarantined in this quarantine are all Kiel’s imperial citizens, tourists who have returned from Jebela City. They are waiting their turn to be examined.

“I don’t think there is a need to quarantine.”

“I think so too, but these drastic measures need to be shown.”

As Kiel is an empire, its population is large, and of course, among the tourists who returned from Jebela City, Kiel’s citizens had the most. Eugene thought that would not happen, but the emperor and imperial officials could not rule out the possibility that the tourists had been brainwashed.

“Besides, isn’t there a precedent?”

They were people who came out of Jebela City once and couldn’t forget their dream there, so they went mad to return to Jebela City.

“Can you call that brainwashing?”

“It did make me crazy.”

“There are no aftereffects?”

“Even when I came back before, I didn’t show any abnormalities at first. It could change all of a sudden. It would be a headache if this many people ran into trouble.”

few years ago. When crossing the snowfield to attend the Night March. I ran into Scalia, the princess knight of Simin, and her lieutenant, Dior.

Now, Scalia has become an ardent follower of Eugene and devotes herself to missionary work at Simuin, but the Scalia she met in the snowfield was mentally unstable due to insomnia and nightmares caused by Noir. She annihilated the mercenaries she encountered in the snowy field, and then attacked Eugene’s party while watching her hallucinations.

“… … Well, I don’t think they will.”

“Hamel. Sometimes, you give Noir Jebela too much credit.”

Anis opened her eyes and fired. I don’t want to be conscious of it, but Noir’s absurd remarks I saw in my nightmares kept floating around in my head. So, Anis was annoyed to hear his advocacy for Noir.

“Before I die, I make a runaway of the returning tourists. I just thought that was not the Noir way.”

“… … How about the opposite?”

“the opposite?”

“If you die after being defeated by Noir Jebela. That Gal X… … maybe… … I think you will lose interest in the world. In the first place, I think that if you die in defeat, this world will be a ‘failure’.”

There was no change in Yujin’s expression.

So were the feelings. I had already written a will in preparation for an emergency, in case I was defeated and died. And that will was entrusted to Raman, who now serves as Jehard’s escort.

No matter what, Raman is absolutely loyal to Eugene. If Eugene is defeated and killed by Noir Jebela, Rahman will do as he asked. The five wills will be sent to Moron, Gilreid, Jehard, Senya, and Anis.

“Gal X, who has lost interest in the world, causes a riot using the people he has contacted in dreams. That’s likely to happen too. Unlike you, Hamel, I have no credit for Noir Jebela. That Gal X… … He’s the most eccentric of the demons I’ve ever seen, and he won’t be strange even if he does ridiculous things.”

“I’m not very trusting either.”

lie. Anis swallowed the words that had risen to his throat without bothering to spit them out. She stared at her Eugene for a moment, then turned around with her short sigh.

“… … Senya must have arrived soon. let’s go.”

As Anis said, Senya had already arrived at the warp gate. She held her merry in one hand and gently closed her eyes, a black current drifting around Senya.

“Looks good.”

Eugene smiled and approached Senya. Senya stopped manipulating her mana for a moment and looked back at Eugene with only one eye slightly open.

“Of course it went well. What do you think of this magic goddess?”

“Doesn’t that proud Goddess of Magic also not be able to create magical powers?”

“Of course I can’t make it. How can I, who am neither a demon nor a warlock, create magic?”

However, mana is needed to amplify spiritual power. The method Senya chose was to use Amelia as a magical power battery. Even when she went to the great grove, she had to take Amelia, who had become a doll, with her own hands, but it was no longer necessary.

“Amelia Merwin was imprisoned in the Black Mage Tower. Because it’s no longer in use anyway. Sealed well too. Melchis will feed you every day.”

It was one of the candidates to stuff it in Acreon as a textbook of black magic, but there are still many places where Amelia’s magic is needed. Amelia, who is sealed in the Black Mage Tower, will draw her magic and transmit it to Mary when Senya wishes.

“Was there no Balzac Rudbesse?”

“There was no trace.”

Senya shrugged and grumbled.

After the liberation of Hauria, Balzac disappeared again. It was only to avoid Amelia’s pursuit before, so there’s no reason to do that now. During the year that Eugene and Senya were secluded, Balzac disappeared from the world as well.

“Maybe they are preparing to welcome us at Babel.”

“Do you really think Balzac will stand in our way with the demon lord in captivity?”

“Senya, are you sure you have a crush on that warlock? I know that Balzac Rudbess has great respect for you. After all, Balzac Rudbesse is a warlock. It is also a black magician who made a direct contract with the demon king of confinement. As long as we are trying to climb the barbell, Balzac Rudbesse will stand in our way unconditionally.”

“Balzac’s secret wish was to become a legend by leaving a feat worth going down in history as a wizard. If I kill you, Senya, well, it must become a legend.”

“Isn’t it a far more legendary feat to kill a demon lord with a warlock than to kill me?”

Senya pursed her lips and grumbled. At those words, Eugene and Anis laughed equally.

“Tell the story of at least the possible categories. How could Balzac Rudbez, who did not sign a contract with another demon lord, but who contracted with a demon lord in captivity, betray his master?”

“Even if the demon king of confinement did not use his hand and just ‘thought’, Balzac would vomit blood and die. And the demon king of confinement can read all of Balzac’s thoughts. But what about betrayal?”

“I just did that too. That can’t be.”

Thinking that there might be even the slightest possibility, Senya cleared her throat and turned around.

“anyway. I’m all set.”

“Me and Cristina are ready too.”

Their eyes naturally turned to Eugene.

“Then we can go.”

Yujin nodded and replied.

The only duke of Helmud who is currently alive. The owner of Dreemur and Jebela City. The most famous demon on the continent. The dream queen.

Noir Jebela.

Even the demon king in captivity is a demon that cannot be ignored, but only three people go to subdue Noir. The great army does not lead. There were no Holy Knights and no archmages. Only Eugene, Senya, Cristina, and Anis participate in the subjugation of Noir Jebela. Even Eugene is the only one who ‘directly’ fights Noir Jebella.

‘Not enough.’

I looked ahead.

A large city surrounded by tall walls. The gates are firmly closed. Back in the day when Eugene first came to Jebela City. A long, long line stretched from the warp gate to the castle gate. Tourists from all over the continent lined up to enter the fantastic nightlife city.

There is no one on the road to the gate now. However, there were only a few people inside the Warp Gate facility. They are gate management wizards belonging to the guild.



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“If you don’t want to get caught up in it, run away… … .”

Before Senya could finish her words, the wizards jumped up from their seats. They blinked their blurry eyes a few times, and passed through the warp gate in a line without making a sound.

The wizards here were also immediately caught up in Noir’s dream. Yujin murmured as she looked at the warp gate, whose light had faded and then completely turned off.

“Because we are the last.”

“You don’t have to worry about someone else coming over.”

“Just in case, this facility must not be destroyed. I don’t want to go back on foot.”

We exchanged light jokes, but no one laughed. Eugene went out of the building first. He glared at the tightly closed castle gate and put both hands inside his cloak. At the same time, Eugene held the hands of Mer and Lymir, who were stiff from tension.

In other battles, the damage would not come into the cloak, but this time it was different. Mer and Laimir had heard about it beforehand and understood it, so they quietly took Eugene’s hand and came out of the cloak.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the two as they walked out, worrying about Eugene and fearing the unexpected situation. Looking at the faces of the two, who looked like they were about to burst into tears at any moment, Yujin laughed lightly without realizing it.

“What am I going to die for?”

“Well, don’t talk about such ominous things.”

“You shouldn’t say such things, even as a joke… … !”

I looked at Senya and the saints while roughly stroking the heads of the two frightened children. Both of them didn’t look good. Senya, in particular, chewed on her fingernails and looked back and forth between Eugene and the gates of Jebella City.

“… … It’s been a long time since I felt like this.”

Just looking at it makes my head throb and my stomach ache.

Neither Lizakia, nor Iris, nor the ghost, nor Gavid Lindman gave me this kind of feeling. The city beyond the tightly closed gates felt completely different to Senya. Although he did not know what form the other side was taking, Senya felt that the other side was a hell and a demonic realm.

“If you don’t want to, just run away.”

Anis said, clutching the rosario.

“If you must, feel free to ask us for help.”

Cristina put her hands together and prayed. Eugene gave her a bitter smile without answering that. Because she felt what Christina’s ‘help’ meant.

“Where is the god who tells the saintess to die instead of me?”

Saying that, Eugene turned around.

“I’ll be back.”

Other than that, I thought I didn’t need to say anything else. Eugene controlled her breathing and expression and walked towards the gates of Jebella City. She didn’t look back.

Noir Jebela did not appear until I got close to the gates. No voice was heard. Jebelaface didn’t even appear in the sky.

Eugene stopped walking in front of the castle gate. He wondered if the door would open on its own, but the door wouldn’t open.

Shall we smash the door first with Levantein? The moment I thought of that, I felt a buzzing vibration inside my arms.

Eugene laughed and took out a vibrating envelope from his chest. An invitation I received a few days ago. When she opened the envelope, she wanted something, and instead of the stationery that had only a kiss mark, something completely different was inside the envelope.

It was the key.


It was absurd, but I took out the key once. Then she lifted her head and looked in front of her, and she burst out laughing. This is because the large castle gate had changed to an ordinary gate.

Could it be that you have already been dragged into a dream? For a moment, Eugene felt that question, and she denied it herself. This isn’t a dream, it’s reality.

Noir is just making reality like a dream.

“I don’t know what the hell we’re going to do.”

The door has changed, but it remains the same that it is closed. Eugene glared at the doorknob. Naturally, there was a keyhole there. Eugene tried to turn, push, and pull his handle.

The door didn’t even budge. I felt a blatant and obvious will to enter using the key unconditionally. However, Eugene did not want to go along with Noir’s tricks.

Hwareuk! The flames wrapped around Eugene’s body. He raised his foot without hesitation.

ㅡ Kwak! A cold kick that stretched out in a straight line smashed the door. The smashed door did not fly back, but burned and turned to ashes.

“… … her.”

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched. I kicked the door and broke it down, but I couldn’t see the view of the city. Nasty and annoying, there was another door inside the broken door.

“If I do this, my resolve and determination will become like an idiot.”

Should I kick him one more time or just slash him with the Levantine? Neither seems to be of any use. In order to open the door without using this key, it seems like a meaningless and worthless power struggle.

Eugene clicked his tongue and brought the key to the doorknob.


There was no longer any resistance to turning the knob. Eugene pushed open the door and took a step inside.

One more step.

One more step again.

“… … .”

fireplace. firewood. A warm orange flame.

Spacious dining table. A large portrait hung on one wall. no, pictures.

The sound of a knife hitting a chopping board. Boiling bubbling sound.

“Are you here early?”

I could see Noir’s back standing in the kitchen. She stopped cooking and looked back at her Eugene.

“The bathtub is filled with water, but are you going to take a bath first? Or from a meal? or not… … .”

Noir, wearing an apron, tilted her head with a bright smile.


Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 552Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 554
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