Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 554

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Eugene couldn’t understand the words right away. In fact, everyone will.

Today, Eugene came here with a lot of determination and determination. Over the course of several days, he sorted out his emotions and even wrote a suicide note, assuming the worst case scenario.

Hearing such a pointless story from the beginning, I didn’t even feel that it was absurd. I wasn’t even angry. Rather, Eugene thought that this situation, Noir’s attitude itself, was her own.

“If you are, what are you talking about?”

“Oh my, my child, how embarrassing. Hamel. Wouldn’t it be a little too mean to ask for an answer directly from me?”

Noir covered his cheeks with both hands and laughed. She wiggled her pelvis and shrugged her shoulders, glancing at Eugene from the side of her eye.

“Are you really curious? Do you want me to answer, directly from my mouth? It’s not difficult, but hehe, I’d rather you say it yourself.”

Noir’s attire slightly changed. It changed from the apron she wore over her casual clothes to that of her naked body.


Noir untied the knot of the apron around her waist and walked away from the kitchen.

“Come to think of it, I have no idea what kind of meal you like. Do you like common, ordinary, but warm, home-cooked meals? Or a barbecue where the ingredients are grilled whole to the point of excitement? Haute cuisine that requires special ingredients and cooking skills? Huhu, there are so many different types of cooking.”

Noir smiled and shook his head.

“But the current cooking will be my own regardless of your taste. Because, in this background and situation, home cooking is suitable. I can never give up on this.”

bubbling. The stew boils in the pot. Tak tok tok. The kitchen knife that had left his hand immediately knocked on the chopping board and trimmed the vegetables. Chi profit. The meat was cooked in oil in a pan that was sufficiently hot.


pop! A bathtub appeared next to a wood-burning fireplace. A bathtub that seemed like it would easily fit three or four people, and plenty of bubbles were placed on top of the bubbling hot water.

“Well, I like bubble baths. Your taste may be different… … Would this be more romantic?”

Noir winked one eye. Then the foam in the bathtub subsided, and the color of the water changed. Rose petals floated in the pale gold water. It didn’t end there. A small table, an ice bucket, and wine appeared next to the bathtub.

“Actually I’m fine either way, Hamel, as long as I can go in with you. What should I do? How about you?”

Noir’s attire changed again. A large bathrobe wrapped around Noir’s body. She caressed the knot of her gown and smiled seductively.

“Me and me, in that big bathtub, get naked together. I’ll put foam on your face first. Or sprinkled with rose petals. So how will you react?”

“I will kill you.”

“Ahaha! It’s nice and lovely too. Anyway, this is the story of the ‘bath’.”

Noir took a step. The outfit changed again. She no longer wore a gown or an apron around her naked body. The first time I saw it in this ‘kitchen’ – casual clothes that would not be worn by the usual noir, excluding glamor and exposure.

“I don’t know what you’ll choose, but most likely.”

The warm orange light from the fireplace’s flame illuminated Noir’s face.

“I want you to choose me too.”

A bright smile turned to Yujin.

For a while, the two looked at each other. The sound of firewood burning in the fireplace. Flickering flames and orange warmth. The sound of bubbling and banging on the chopping board. The smell of appetizing dishes. Rose scent in the bathtub.

Standing in the middle of it, Noir Jebela. I could feel it. Could know. This ordinary and mundane landscape, devoid of splendor, is the ‘future’ that Hamel drew a long time ago. If one day I kill all the demon lords and leave the demon world – I wanted to live like this. That was the ‘dream’ that Hamel had hoped for at the time.

“… … .”

In Hamel’s dreams at that time, ‘Noir Jebella’ did not exist. shouldn’t have existed So now the dream is a nightmare.

Hamel would have thought so. I would have ended this nightmare without any hesitation. But Eugene couldn’t do that. Unlike Hamel, he hesitated very, very briefly.


It was only for a moment. The hesitation did not last long. The flames rose from Eugene’s body and swept everywhere.

A nearby bathtub was smashed, the water evaporated, and the rose petals turned to ashes. The warm, small flame in the fireplace was swallowed up by deterioration. The chairs facing each other, and the dining table with shiny plates and neat cutlery were covered in flames.

Noir is beyond that. Before dinner, the peaceful kitchen was engulfed in a cataclysmic fire, but Noir’s face remained calm. The moment the rolling flames are about to swallow Noir.

dreams have changed The flame also disappeared. Yujin stood still and looked around. It was no longer an ordinary family kitchen.

Hall for you. spiral staircase. red carpet. The centerpiece of a splendid mansion.

Eugene raised his head and looked up. I saw a beautifully sparkling chandelier.

I saw a large picture hanging on the wall. The background has changed. The picture has also changed slightly. Eugene glared at the photo with a blunt face.

There, there were smiling Eugene and Noir. In the previous dream, the two were dressed in simple clothes, but the picture in the dream now was different. In the photo, Eugene was wearing a neat tuxedo, and Noir was wearing a beautiful white dress.

Eugene looked at Noir in the picture for a moment. I didn’t have to worry about what that white dress was.

wedding dress. Noir’s smile, holding a large bouquet in her chest, seemed to embody the word ‘happiness’. Eugene in the photo was the same.

“My personal preference.”

Another sound of footsteps was heard. Noir walked down the spiral staircase. The outfit was different from the dream I just had. would have to say that too. The current Noir was wearing a fancy dress.

“I live in a mansion or a castle like this. So far I have always been, and this place suits me.”

Noir, who was walking down the stairs at a leisurely pace, smiled at Eugene.

“But if I’m with you, I like the same shabby little house as before.”

“Are you not listening to my opinion?”

“Ahaha. Your opinion, you showed it in a dream earlier, right? You’re not trying to lie to me, are you?”

Chow. Noir covered his mouth with a colorful fan and laughed.

“A dream from earlier. The scenery is what you wished for, Hamel. I knew that 300 years ago. remember? Hamel. When I first broke into your dreams how much are you… … Whoa, I could never have imagined that the one who was feared by the demons, called Hamel of Massacre, had such a peaceful and cute dream.”

“… … .”

“Don’t make such an angry face. I just showed you your dreams. Oh, by any chance, is it because you are offended that I changed my dream on my own?”

widely. The unfolded fan was folded. An upright fan split Noir’s face in two. The happy-looking smile turned into an icy cynicism.

“Of course we have to change.”

Noir knows who Hamel’s partner in the ‘dream’ is. In that peaceful little house, he knows who has wished to wait for him.

“If you hate your dreams or mine. How about a dream like this?”

Noir’s lips twitched. Her purple eyes glowed with an eerie light.

Hwaaak! The dream changed again. A splendid mansion collapsed. The photo of her smiling happily in a tuxedo and wedding dress has disappeared.

The background has changed.

“I hate small houses.”

A cold voice was heard.

“I like a big mansion.”

Whoa! A mansion was built in an empty world. Eugene saw the scene from a little distance away in the sky.

“A place with many forests and good air, where the sky is high and blue.”



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Trees sprouted around the towering mansion and became a forest. In the empty sky, a pretty cloud appeared like a picture, and the empty spot was painted blue.

“A place full of stars at night.”

The clouds are gone. Black was painted over blue. A lot of stars appeared as if they were dotted.

“A place where a gentle river flows rather than a salty windy sea.”

Kurrrrr! The entire forest shook and the ground cracked open. That’s how the river was made. A river winding through the forest passed behind the mansion.

“I want to use an entire annex as a study.”

An outbuilding suddenly appeared next to the large mansion. The moment he saw it, Eugene had already moved into the annex.

All phenomena occurring now are following Noir’s will. Because she said ‘study’, a study instantly appeared in the annex of her dreams.

“When the sun goes down, I’ll light up the fireplace and light up the study with a warm orange fire.”

A fireplace appeared on the empty wall. A flame similar to the one I had seen in my first dream lit up the study.

“There I sit in a rocking chair and read a book-”

Noir, who had not been seen except for his voice, appeared. She was sitting in her rocking chair with a large blanket wrapped around her body. Kikkik, Kikkik. The chair and Noir rocked together. She laughed as she shook the book she was holding in one hand.

“Something… … less? I? Ahaha, I don’t think so.”

the book is gone Noir lightly waved the glass that appeared in place of the book and continued his words.

“In this dream, what about you? Hamel. Wield various weapons and come sweating profusely. Do you want me to come into the study alone, washing myself and brushing off her wet hair?”

“… … .”

“But I am not going to scold you for your attitude. Instead, I’d rather grumble a little. Hamel, could it be that you washed alone? Take a bath anytime, anywhere! You two decided to do it together! while doing.”

Noir let out a chuckle. However, there was no emotion called ‘pleasure’ in that voice. The same goes for facial expressions. The smile that was just a curve was terrifying.

“After that, we sometimes reminisce about the old days. Camping outdoors? No, I’ll lie in bed with you and whisper. anise? Moron? vermouth? why me?”

“… … .”

“Of course, these are things I don’t need. But Hamel, you must be by my side. I will be by your side too we so… … .”

“Is it Senya’s dream?”

said Eugene.

“Is this Senna’s dream?”


The rocking chair creaked. When Noir reclined with the chair, he held his stomach and laughed.

“that’s right! This fresh and cute dream is the dream of Senya Merdein. why? Hate this too? If so, I’ll show you Anise’s dream. You know what? Hamel. What kind of future did that snake-like saint dream of with you!”

“… … .”

“That woman, after the war! I was thinking of blessing you and Senya’s marriage and disappearing alone. The surface was like that. But the simbu wasn’t like that. Even if she is a saint, she is a woman after all! She’s that woman, the truth is she didn’t want to give you up to Senya. She wants to live with you. Go down to some secluded countryside, set up an inn that sells alcohol and food! She wanted to live and die with you!”


Noir’s voice stopped. I shouted with as much emotion as I did, but my breathing was not disturbed in the slightest. However, Noir dared to remain silent.


I got down from the rocking chair.

“Three hundred years ago, I wouldn’t have cared. Although I felt love for you, Hamel. The reason I love you is because it is completely different from ordinary love.”

again. The sound of high heels stepping on the floor. Even with that, the ‘sound’ made Eugene cry very loudly.

“A few years ago, I wouldn’t have cared. Although I felt the fateful thrill of seeing you, who had died, reincarnated and meeting you again. But this love was one-sided, right? Yeah, so, who you have in your heart, who you love, it didn’t matter to me. It was none of my business.”

thud. The sound of footsteps this time did not end with a ringing sound. The study, the annex, no, the entire dream weighed heavily on Yujin.

“But it is different now. not today. It doesn’t matter if it’s your dream, mine, Senya’s dream, or Anise’s dream. Today, this moment is only for the two of us. In every dream you have, there is only me, Noir Jebela, and I must be the center.”

“It’s awful.”

Yujin shook her head and murmured.

“You asked about my hopes and dreams, are you doing what you want in the end, Noir Jebela?”

The cloak was opened. A sword with a transparent glass blade appeared. Holy Moonlight Sword Levantine. Noir showed a lonely smile towards the sword that ended the life of an old friend.

“Because this is a dream.”

Quarrrrr… … ! The outbuilding has already collapsed. Forests trembled and rivers soared. The moon rising high in the night sky distorted grotesquely, and all the stars turned into pupils and looked down at Eugene.

“Don’t you want all of this to be a dream too?”

Didn’t answer. Levantein lifted sideways. An ember bloomed inside the blade of the glass. Don’t fall! Dark red flame engulfed the blade. That alone shattered the whole dream.


Under the distorted moon, Noir leaned.

“Are you choosing me over eating or bathing?”

The Levantein’s flame split the night.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 553Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 555
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