Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 556

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Eugene lived in his past and present lives, experiencing various things and suffering various injuries.

It was the first time that even Eugene’s head had been completely smashed. He has broken the heads of demons countless times, but this is the first time that Eugene’s own head has been broken.

Of course, there is no choice but to do it, a person dies when the head is broken. It’s not just people, most beings die when their heads are crushed.

However, Eugene of ‘now’ did not die. Because this is a dream, not reality. So I couldn’t help but feel a strange and disgusting feeling.

Right now, Eugene sees fragments of skulls and brains being smashed and scattered. I’m watching the fluid that I don’t know if it’s blood or brain water explode. My vision shook in a mess according to the pupils protruding like springs.

The pain of a broken head. A confused vision. It was all a strange, disgusting, and different experience for Eugene. Even if what was happening here was not real, the sensation Eugene felt right now was no different from reality. It seemed to her that if her head was crushed in real life, she would feel the same sensation now.

Soon, the body trembled. Losing her head, her body went out of control. Her legs trembled and she sat down. Chop, Chop! Blood spurted like a fountain from the cross section of his dirty neck.

Such a sight was familiar to Eugene. However, ‘familiar’ was always from the perpetrator’s point of view. Eugene himself has never been in a situation like this. Even if he attains divinity, as long as he is human at the root, he dies when his head is blown off.


I thought quickly. Her head is shattered, but the accident continues. The complex and terrible pain was about to blow away his reason, but Eugene calmly endured it without getting caught up in the pain.

‘Don’t be swayed. Don’t think about death.’

I repeated it like self-suggestion. It is true that his head was crushed, but he did not die. However, if you think about ‘death’ and get swept away by it, it will lead straight to the nightmare of Noir Jebela.

The body that had lost its head sat down on its seat and gushed blood like a fountain, but Prominence did not disappear. Eugene’s sanctuary still guards him in this absurd dream.



-Cheer up! The scattered brains returned, the brains gathered, the skull bones stuck together, and the rolling pupils returned to their original holes.

Just like that, Eugene’s hair returned to its original state. Eugene sighed and put his hands on the floor. The moment he tries to stand up by pushing off the ground.


Laughter was heard overhead. Noir’s laughter. But the ‘sound’ was so loud that the ballroom roared.

“Let’s duel?”

Yujin frowned and looked around. Dozens of noirs who were dancing disappeared before they knew it. Only Eugene is standing in the spacious ballroom.

And Noir is looking down at Eugene from a high place. Eugene saw purple eyes as big as the full moon. At the ballroom, all Eugene could see was Noir’s ‘eyes’.

“It’s a joke, a joke. Hamel, there’s no way I want to duel you, right?”

Noir giggled and said.

-Kurrrrr! I thought my eyes were moving away, but a huge ‘hand’ came down towards Eugene.

“Aside from duels, how about playing with dolls?”

A giant finger lifted to grab Eugene.

Did Noir get bigger, or did everything else get smaller? I had that question for a moment, but I thought it didn’t matter either way. Quarre! The Levantine’s flame hit Noir’s finger.


A large finger dodged the flame. The movement itself was light and the movement was not large, but the flames could not reach the fingers because of the space that was distorted and moved away.

“I will be honest. I hate those sparks.”

Jijijijijik! The distant space crumpled and pressed on Eugene. For a moment, Eugene stopped moving, and Noir’s thumb bent his index finger.

“I don’t want to touch you.”

Wow! The fingers that had been released hit the air. The space that had been crumpled and compressed was completely ripped off along with Eugene. Eugene swallowed the blood that rose up inside him.

As long as all spaces are ruled by Noir, Prominence’s Spatial Leap cannot be used. Even the power of the sanctuary is limited to protecting Eugene in a dream.

On the other hand, in Noir, everything is free. It is impossible to kill even in real life, but it is no exaggeration to say that Noir is omniscient and omnipotent in this dream.

‘But are Levantein’s flames valid?’

Regardless of what Noir himself just said, Levantine is valid for Noir even in Eugene’s judgment. It is absurd that even the Levantine was invalid in the first place.

This sacred moonlight sword is a sword that melts the wishes of all the gods that have existed since the end of the age of gods and the beginning of the present. It is a decisive battle weapon to kill the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. No matter how much Noir Jebela became an evil god, there was no way Levantein would be invalid.

The problem is, no matter how strong the Levantine is, it’s meaningless unless you touch it directly.

In the duel with Gavid, he didn’t have to worry about that. As Vermouth also said, Gavid is an orthodox swordsman. Even if he has the Mystic Eye of Prestige, Gavid’s tactics are head-to-head.

But noir is different. In the first place, she doesn’t have to choose a ‘head-to-head match’. Even now it is. No matter how much you wield Levantein, it won’t reach Noir.

– Hwareuk. The Levantine began to multiply again. Dozens of sparks appeared in the space where crumpling and unfolding were repeated.

“I was surprised earlier.”

Above the far ceiling, Noir snorted.

“Even if the power itself is duplicated, divinity cannot be duplicated. Because this is a dream I made.”

Woojik, Woojijik! The ballroom, which had been engulfed in flames, shook. The space itself began to crumple like a paper doll’s house.

The window covered by the red curtain was shattered. Noir’s eyes were visible through the empty window. Violet eyes radiating wicked light peered into the doll’s house.

“Well, even if there is no divinity, the power is great. But not enough to kill me. Even if all of your dreams burn and disappear right now.”

Kwasasak! The ballroom and mansion are gone. Immediately, prominence wrapped around Eugene’s body. Previously, I hadn’t captured the end of the dream and the reopening, but this time I could. The dream that had unfolded so far was neatly destroyed and newly formed.

ㅡChwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! A huge wave hit Eugene. It was a real wave, not a metaphor. Salty salty wind. The cries of seagulls can be heard in the distance. First of all, Eugene swung the Levantein and cut the waves.

“You just have to leave your burned dreams behind and dream a new one.”

As soon as the waves were cut, a peacefully sunken sea appeared. In the middle of the vast sea where the land is invisible. Above the giant flamingo tube. Noir was lying on the sunbed under a large parasol.

She smiled as she pulled up her sunglasses, large enough to cover half of her face.

“Since we’ve been to the sea, how about enjoying some leisure time?”

Saying that, Noir stood up from his seat. She whispered, holding out the bottle of oil she was holding in her hand.

“While anointing each other with oil.”


At this point, Eugene had no choice but to get fed up. He murmured as he counted the ends of the vast sea.

“How far can you go?”

“If only in a dream.”

Noir shrugged his shoulders with a relaxed smile.

“Nothing is impossible. It’s what you think, Hamel. I am omnipotent in my dreams.”

Leisure is not bluff. The dream now is much broader than before. A cabin, a forest, a mansion, and a ballroom, the backgrounds are not clearly separated. This is truly an endless sea. More than ‘the end’, the land does not exist. When Eugene tries to observe, the sea continues to expand.

it’s such a dream The more you try to penetrate, the more you are overwhelmed. In this infinitely unfolding dream, Eugene’s sanctuary is so small that it is shabby.

‘It’s beyond imagination.’

I never thought it would be like this.

How could that be? Rather, it made Eugene unable to understand that it was not measured.



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Even if Noir had accumulated energy for 300 years by mobilizing all kinds of methods and pursuing optimal efficiency. Even if in recent years he has created my own Bella Park to supply tremendous energy and desire, this… … too much to the point of being unacceptable.

“… … .”

Cheer. Eugene’s shoulders trembled. Noir’s left pupil. A magical eye that emits a magical light. The Mystic Eye of Prestige that was handed over directly to Gavid. I thought again and saw the dream. Eventually, Eugene was able to understand.

Noir used the Mystic Eye of Prestige to confine the ‘dream’ entirely. He completely disconnected from the outside world and reality and filled it with fantasy. There is no distinction between reality in the ‘dream’ so constructed. In this world, all the fantasies that Noir wishes for become reality.

“Did you understand?”

Noir squeezed a lot of oil into his left hand.

“I know you don’t want to admit it, but you can’t do it. The me in my dream was invincible 300 years ago. now? Ahaha, do I need to say something?”

Sarak. The beach towel slung over her shoulder slid down. His wagging tail climbed up Noir’s back, pulling at the bikini straps that covered his chest.

“Your struggles and resistance are enjoyable, but you can enjoy them later. So now… … Let’s enjoy something different. Oil each other, lie down together and sunbathe.”

Eugene closed his eyes for a moment.

“iced coffee… … Don’t get me wrong, Hamel. I don’t want a ‘different’ ending from you. I will kill you, and you must kill me too. This is, after all, the process toward our end.”

I closed my eyes and thought.

“So, why don’t you enjoy yourself for a little while? It’s been very difficult up until now. Hamel. Repeating unwanted reincarnations. while following many expectations. Oh sure I know You would have done as you are now, even if no one expected you.”

How can I end this perfect world?

“Even if I didn’t know Agaroth. As long as you are the reincarnation of Hamel, you would have done the same as you do now. Even if I was born into an ordinary, no, pathetic family that wasn’t Ryan Heart. you are… … It must have come before me somehow.”

A world that has been imprisoned by the Mystic Eye of Prestige. A dream built with the magic eye of fantasy. The fuel for constructing this world is all the power that Noir has accumulated so far. In addition, the worship and faith obtained by fulfilling the wishes of Jebela City as a dream. This dream is the sanctuary of Noir Jebela. Even if he possesses Agaroth and the divinity of light, he is only able to avoid being swept away.

“This may sound cruel, but Hamel. This is your destination.”

It is impossible to kill Noir in a dream. The Levantine is out of reach. Even if the dream itself is destroyed repeatedly, noir will restart the dream over and over again.

“You can’t beat me. Just as you prepared to kill me, so I prepared to kill you. You would think that you came to kill me without taking your time, but in fact you were late from the start. Because I could always have killed you, Hamel.”

Breaking dreams is easy. But is there any point in repeating breaking? I start over and over again

I know. Even if I repeat ignition, multiply Levantein, and swing it, I don’t get tired. It must be the same for Noir. Then, in this fight, someone’s spirit is exhausted first. Winning or losing is determined by who gives up after being worn out by endless repetition.

“Don’t think too complicated and difficult, Hamel. If we can enjoy it for a while before it’s over, we might feel less attached to each other, right?”

Sararak. A bathing suit with the straps undone came down. Noir smiled briskly as she supported the transparent oil with both hands.

Yujin opened her eyes. She has unwavering golden eyes. tightly closed lips. Seeing that face, Noir furrowed his eyebrows.

“Do you hate the sea?”

conclusion was drawn. It is difficult for Eugene alone to destroy her dreams and go out into reality. You can try hundreds or thousands of times. If the only way to reach Noir is to cut through his dreams, Eugene will gladly do so.

However, that is not the only method Eugene will take now. Eugene is in a dream, but there are Senya and the saints in the reality outside the dream.

‘Doesn’t the voice reach?’

However, he is clearly connected to the saintess. that is enough. Just as Eugene feels the connection with the saints, the saints must also feel Eugene. This itself becomes a coordinate. No matter how much Noir recreates the dream, Eugene cannot be erased, so these coordinates are immutable.

“It’s pointless.”

Noir sneered and shook his head. she knows she too Outside of Jebela City. Senja Merdane, Christina Rogeris, and Anis Slewood.

“I would have killed him if he had come in.”

Noir giggled and rubbed his oily, slippery fingers.

“Hamel, you broke it inside. Senja Merdane, Anis Slewood and Christina Rogeris break dreams outside. Okay, nice, if it goes your way. But do you really think it’s possible? The corpse of a magician who came back from the dead, a ghost that was really dead and clung to this world ugly, and a rotten doll made by patching up the body of that ghost.”

Chijik, chijik… … ! The rubbing fingers grew faster and stronger.

“Do you think you can crush my dreams? Really, do you think it will help you?”


Eugene answered without hesitation. Didn’t say why. There was no need to add reasons to what she believed, she thought. To that extent, Eugene’s answer was full of confidence.

“Oh yeah?”

Noir didn’t like that. The laces of his bathing suit, which had come undone, were tied again. The oil-slicked fingers came back smooth.

“It’s annoying.”

ㅡPuuuuuuong! The flamingo tube that was carrying Noir exploded. The sea exploded with him. Waves reaching up to the sky hit Eugene from all sides.

“That belief annoys me.”

Noir whispered under the rain-like drops. She ran her hands through her damp hair and glared at Eugene.

“I wanted to have a nice dream with you, Hamel.”

Chow ah! The flame spread out in a circle around Yujin. All of the broken waves evaporated. In the thick fog, Noir raised his finger and pointed at Eugene.

“If you don’t want good dreams.”

Kwajijik! Magical power extending from his fingers pierced the fog. Eugene reflexively raised Levantein to block the front, but he was unable to slash or deflect Noir’s magic. Magical power blew away Eugene along with the Levantine.

It collided with magic and flew backwards. left it like that Instead, Noir rotated the world half a turn. The whole sea under his feet moved behind Eugene.

“I have no choice but to show you a nightmare.”

A voice that should have been far away came from right next to me. Along with the voice, the sound of boiling water filled Yujin’s ears.

The bottomless sea swallowed Eugene.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 555Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 557
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