Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 557

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300 years ago. The battle, no, the massacre, in which Noir Jebela most accurately demonstrated the power of the ‘phantom demon’s eye’, was the drowning of 30,000 elite members of the Turas Kingdom army on the plains. Immunity to mental attacks, they saw the sea on a plain without a drop of water, and floundered on the ground. In order to get out of the sea that didn’t even exist, he took off his heavy armor and threw down his weapon.

Even so, 30,000 drowned on the plains within minutes.

The situation Eugene is now in is worse than 300 years ago. This sea is an illusion, but it is not an illusion. It’s a dream, but it’s no different from reality. And, even if Eugene dies here, he does not die.

Worst case scenario, repeated drowning.

Yujin opened her eyes and bit her lip. I instinctively stopped breathing. If you’re determined, you can hold out for dozens of minutes without breathing, but you can’t stop any longer. And if you hold your breath for a long time, your thoughts won’t work properly. Regardless of the will, the mind will be cut off.

I tried to move my body, but even that didn’t work. The infinite sea is flowing toward Eugene. The enormous weight pressed down on Eugene’s entire body.

Shririk… … .

Amidst the torrent, another flow appeared. The water twisted like a pretzel became an awl and shot at Eugene. I noticed it right away and tried to avoid it, but it didn’t work as intended. The sea, the dream itself, put restrictions on Eugene’s actions. f*ck! Eugene’s body twisted.


It was pierced by an awl. Breathing, which had been stopped at best, does not listen to the words. Consciousness faded in an instant. Water poured into the punctured lung. The lungs are hot as if they are on fire. My whole body feels like it’s about to explode.

‘I can’t stand this.’

The moment when the distant consciousness is blurred and about to be cut off. Eugene made a quick decision. He was going to hold his breath and see the chance, but this won’t work. If it were a real sea, there would be other ways, but if it ended up like this in the sea of ​​dreams, this would be the best.

I feel like my whole body is about to explode.

actually blown away Baek Yeom-sik ran out of control, and the universe exploded. All of Eugene’s mana exploded into flames.

“… … .”

Noir, who was watching it from the sea, had no choice but to part his lips involuntarily. What Eugene just did was, to put it simply, self-destruct. He didn’t try any other means and just exploded his body in desperation.

However, its power was unbelievable. A sword far greater in power than the Eclipse or the Eclipse pierced a hole in the infinite sea. Since he had sacrificed his life, it had to be superior in power to other techniques.

“Hamel, this is very… … It’s a new word, but.”

On a subject that has just revealed anger and annoyance. Noir blinked his wide-eyed eyes and stepped back a little.

“You are so ignorantly insane.”

Kwakjijik! Eugene jumped out of the flames that pierced the sea. bloodshot eyes. frenzied breathing. drenched hair. Noir laughed and shook his head. The red-hot Levantine flew to Noir’s head.


The voice has changed. The appearance was the same. Noir, who had just been shaking his head, became a different being than Noir. Senya blinked her eyes at Eugene.

“You want to kill me… … .”

The flames did not stray, and the Levantine did not stop. Eugene immediately cut off Senya’s hair. A head that had been cut in half flew out of his nose.

“Hamel, isn’t this too much?”

Another voice came from behind. You can tell just by hearing his voice. this is anise

Eugene’s body rotated with prominence. Anise, who was only skeletal in a pure white cassock, clapped her jaw joints together and prayed with her bony hands together.

“You want to kill me, who is already dead, one more time… … .”

“Oh, I will kill you.”

f*ck! The Levantine split Anise’s skull from the top of his head. Kwaddeuk! Anise’s ribs opened and Christina came out. She clung to Eugene’s arm, shedding tears of blood.

“Please, please, Eugene-nim, save me… … !”

“f*ck it.”

Eugene spat out in an annoyed voice and pressed Levantein further down.


Anise’s ribs were opened and Christina’s whole body was burned. The smell of her burning flesh stung Eugene’s nostrils, and Christina went mad in her fire.

“Eugene! Please save me!”

Mer appeared from below and clung to Eugene’s leg. Kwajik! He started his career as a Levantine. The spear of flame made Mer into a skewer.

“Hermit, ah! Oh, it hurts!”

The moment Lymira appeared, she cut herself in two. Her right side, left side, and the body split in two became different.

“Eugene, you are the family head of Lionheart… … .”

“I saved your life, you know? If I hadn’t saved you… … .”

Xian and Ciel. The two approached Eugene, talking about what they would actually say.

Pudeuk. Eugene bit his lip at the repeated skit. Quarrrrr! The flames that wrapped around Levantine gathered in a large mass and took the shape of a hammer. As it is, the power of crushing weight, pressure was implemented.

beat and break burst explode A simple ignorant authority hit Ciel and Xian.

no, i didn’t hit it Stopped right in front. Kwaaaaang! The aftermath of the forcibly blocked authority swept all over the place.

“Hamel. Are you trying to kill the descendants of Vermouth with your own hands?”

Cool eyes shone. His shaggy beard swayed. Duduk. Moron’s ax pushed away the flame hammer. Suddenly, the dream has changed. It was the sea until just now… … No, was it really the sea? When Xian and Ciel appeared, it was Lionheart’s mansion. And now it’s Rehein Yarda with a blizzard.

“Mr. X.”

Eugene pursed his lips and sighed.

This kind of ‘dream’ is familiar. A classic nightmare that Noir enjoyed 300 years ago. By repeatedly showing nightmares about co-workers, it is impossible to distinguish between reality and nightmares. Bringing the malice from the nightmare into reality causes infighting.

Of course, it didn’t work well for Hamel and his colleagues. It is the same now. No matter how elaborate Noir’s nightmare is, Eugene’s emotions do not dominate. What I feel now is not fear, but irritation and anger.

“What use is this to me?”

Eugene shouted and split Moron amicably with an axe.

“I didn’t go crazy with this nightmare 300 years ago, do you think I’m going crazy now?”

I jumped over Morron’s corpse, which was bleeding and falling. I stretched out my feet on the reddish snowfield. The dream ends, and a new beginning begins.

“I can’t go crazy.”

Noir’s voice rang out.

“I don’t think dreams like this will drive you crazy. I don’t even want that.”

“Then what shall we do… … .”

“but. Even if you’re not crazy, you hate dreams like this, don’t you?”

I especially hate this dream.

“Because an unpleasant dream is a nightmare.”

The light flickered. A shadow spread across the dark world. A battlefield swept and dug up. Eugene knows where this place is. It is Babel, the demon castle of confinement 300 years ago.

“O omniscient and omnipotent god of light, please… … Please protect and watch over this stupid little lamb. A difficult journey after rest… … second… … black… … Mercy and love… … With love, lead, the lamb on the way… … .”

The words of Anise’s prayer that continued stuttering. In the end, I couldn’t recite it and sobbed.

bang, bang! Morron, who had just been killed by Eugene, reappeared, put his head on her floor, and slammed her fist down.

“Oh, no, no, no… … ! go, can’t go Me, don’t leave me… … !”



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Senya cried out as she rubbed her cheek against the corpse’s face. Beside him, Vermouth is on his knees. The guy had his head down, so I couldn’t see his expression. However, I could see that Vermouth’s shoulders were trembling slightly. When Hamel died, his vision was blurry and he couldn’t see well. It seems that Vermouth also cried.

“… … .”

Yujin closed her mouth for a moment and stood still. In the meantime, the dream continues.

Senya screamed and grabbed Anis by the collar and asked about heaven. Senya, not getting the answer she wanted, threw herself on the floor and put her head on him, screaming. Anise also covered his mouth and wept while groping for Rosario.

“It is not over yet.”

Vermouth stumbled and stood up. It was the first time Eugene saw his face distorted like that and his cheeks stained with tears.

It’s completely different from what I’ve always dreamed of. heavy, gloomy If the dream just now was an artifact that couldn’t exist, the current dream is different. For Eugene, the current dream was close to a nightmare.

“There is no processing involved in this.”

Standing next to Hamel’s corpse, Noir whispered.

“The me of 300 years ago was different from now, and I did not stand in front of you. In the first place, the only demons deployed in Babel at this time were those of confinement.”

Noir smiled and gently sat down next to Hamel’s corpse.

“But after the battle was over and the promise was made. I begged the Demon King of Confinement and received the memory of this place. Loving… … Huhu, I want to see the end of my Hamel somehow.”

“… … .”

“Oh, of course I cried too. Like Senya Merdane, like Anis Slewood, like Moron Luhar, like Vermouth Lionheart. I cried because my Hamel’s death was sad and pitiful.”

Noir was no longer in a swimsuit. The current Noir wore a black dress and covered her face with a black veil.

“I cried, really. I cried more than any of your colleagues. I completely stopped eating. I locked myself in my room, so no one could come close to me. Until the moment the Demonic World becomes Helmud. When all the demons praised and celebrated the victory of confinement, only I mourned you.”

Noir looked up and saw Eugene.

“Although I met the reincarnated you again like this, the sadness I felt at that moment was real. Hamel. can you understand that? Can you, who died irresponsibly, understand the sorrow of those left behind? When you die like that, did you think about what kind of sadness those left behind will live with?”

Eugene looked at Noir without a word. I saw Hamel’s dead corpse like an idiot, Senya kneeling next to him, Anis wailing, Moron banging her head, and Vermouth standing in the dark.


Eugene shook his head.

“I don’t understand.”

I grabbed the Levantine.

“I didn’t think.”

This nightmare seriously shook Eugene’s emotions.

“But what?”

The dream was shaken.

“Who is left behind? emotion? What does that matter?”

Eugene strode forward. Roaring! The flames that spread burned Morron and Anise.

“At the time, I was dying. I didn’t want to die, but I had to die, I had to die. Do you think there would have been time to think about others in that situation?”

I took one more step. The flame burned Vermouth and Senya.

“Your feelings? Albanya, Noir Jebela. Why should I understand your feelings? What are you sad about?”

One more step was taken, but the flame did not advance further. The flame disobeyed Eugene’s wishes. Hamel’s body and Noir were not covered by the flames.


Noir smiled and caressed Hamel’s corpse.

“You speak very rubbish. Do I really have to say that to me who cried over your death?”

Noir rose from the flames. The body of Hamel, who died from a hole in his chest, stood up together with Noir’s touch. Noir picked up Hamel’s corpse and spun around in the flames.

“Well, I liked that trashy side, too. You know what? Hamel. Even now, I’m getting better at you. I mean the love is getting deeper. Why do you think it is?”


Eugene’s lips twitched.

“Because I think I want to kill you more.”

“that’s right.”

Noir smiled brightly and nodded.

“But that’s not all. I mean, going to the end of each other… … It’s a pleasure to be with you through this whole process. The more I dream with you, the more I love you.”


Eugene held Levantine high.

ㅡFall away! Prominence to Ignition. At the same time, the Levantine began to multiply. Dozens of sparks swirled around Eugene.

“It is contradictory.”

The flames created a huge flow. The unified flow gradually spread and shattered Babel’s dream.

“They say they show me nightmares, but they don’t show me real nightmares.”

“… … .”

“I’m not showing you nightmares I really don’t want to see.”

Babel burned and disappeared. Originally, the next dream should start at this moment.

But not this time. The dream did not start, only sparks remained. Eugene and Noir faced each other in a world that had been burnt out and kept on fire.

“Is it because you are the same?”

Noir still holds Hamel’s corpse. She caressed the cold, frozen corpse, then silently pushed her body toward the flames. Roaring! Hamel’s corpse was reduced to ashes in an instant.

“What do you mean?”

The veil on the face was not lifted. Thanks to that, all Eugene could see was Noir’s lips. A smile he has seen countless times. repetitive and mechanical curves.

“The wilderness.”

Eugene glared at Noir and spat out.

“The Last of Agaroth and Aria.”

So far, Noir has shown many dreams to Eugene. He also showed nightmares. But he was outspoken and did not show his deepest dreams.

That, the wilderness is Eugene and Noir’s real nightmare. It is the end of each other that the two have already experienced once.

“… … .”

Noir remained silent and smiled. But Eugene couldn’t detect the slightest laugh in her fake smile.


After a brief silence, Noir’s lips opened. She shook her head slowly and continued her words.

“That means. Do you consider the wilderness a nightmare, too?”

“It is not a pleasant dream.”

At the answer that came back, Noir laughed quietly. The repetitive and mechanical curves have changed.

“that’s right.”

The sky glowing red appeared in the empty world. Numerous corpses were strewn about in the open wilderness.

Noir’s appearance changed as he turned his back on the red twilight.

“I can’t be happy.”

Goddess of War. Twilight Witch.

Aria smiled sadly at Eugene.

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