Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 558

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Above the head of Lymilia, who has returned to her original black dragon form. Senya closed her eyes and held her Mary with both her hands.

About an hour had passed since Eugene entered Jebela City alone. From then on, Senya closed her eyes and focused her mind. She didn’t open her eyes or open her mouth.

Concentrating doesn’t mean that nothing has happened. Raimira, who placed Senya on top of his head, felt all the mana around him flow around Senya. To be precise, all the mana outside Jebela City was flowing around Senya.

The saintess was kneeling next to Senya. Cristina silently prayed her prayers and felt the divine power of her Eugene, and Anise found her Eugene’s condition and position in Christina based on him.

It is not something that has been pre-announced. However, the three acted as if it was natural for Eugene to wish.

Just before entering Jebela City, the saints could clearly sense Eugene’s presence. No matter where Eugene was in the world, it was possible to communicate with Eugene through the resonating divine power.

It wasn’t like that now. It’s like staring into a hazy fog. There was no doubt that Eugene was somewhere in the fog, but the exact location and condition were unknown.

The location of the body is important, but more important than that is Eugene’s ‘spirit’. The body is near the castle wall, if it were anywhere else, it would be in the city… … It is urgent to know what the mind that is dragged into the dream is like.

However, no matter how much I prayed, it didn’t reach me, and I couldn’t feel the revelation from Eugene.

[It is not turned off.]

Anise said. Cristina, who closed her eyes and continued her prayer, nodded her head. Her eyes are not looking at Jebela City and its walls. She is looking at the dimly flickering ‘light’.

Eugene’s, Levantine’s flame. Even in the hazy fog where you can’t see an inch ahead. Even in the middle of a deep, deep nightmare, that flame is not extinguished. The fact that that flame is shining means that Eugene is not dead. that he is alive

how many times

Christina and Anis felt the same pain. Pain in the chest and throbbing pain throughout the body. The heat that seemed to burn from the depths of the body. And pain in both hands, stigmata.

It didn’t stop at the pain. The stigmata left by her scars cracked open and dripped blood.

This much can be tolerated. In the past, whenever Anis went through a battle, she always lived with pain that would have been worse than this. Although Christina is not used to this kind of pain. The thought that all this pain was for Eugene was enough to bear it.

I know why this pain appears. Because of the Levantine. Eugene has not yet come out of the nightmare, but even the battle in the nightmare affects the Levantine. Faith in the real Levantine and Eugene is at the center so that Eugene is not completely swallowed up by nightmares and controlled by Noir… … .


Senya, who had been silent and concentrating for a long time, opened her mouth. She furrowed her eyebrows as she slightly opened her closed eyes.

“You did well not to go in.”

The authority that surrounds the entire city belongs to the demonic eye of prestige. On top of that, Noir’s magical energy and energy accumulated throughout his life were added. No matter how well Senya prepared and rushed in, Senya’s mind would have been dragged into Noir’s dream the moment she entered that place.

“Did you find a way?”

Cristina looked up at Senja, covering her blood-soaked hands. It could not be hidden. smell of blood. Reddish sleeves and priestly robes. Senya felt how Anis from 300 years ago had carefully concealed her stigmata, and she felt depressed.

“I knew it from the beginning.”


“What are you surprised about? I may not know it in my dreams, but in reality I am a real magic goddess. Did you really think I would do anything like that?”


Cristina didn’t bother to say that answer. Anis also thought so in her heart, but she didn’t bother to insist through Christina’s mouth.

I couldn’t help but think like that. She returned after a year and boasted that she had become a magic goddess, but Senya had never shown the dignity of a magic goddess.

Jumping over a long distance was magically pretty good, but in fact, isn’t that something even Ciel with the dark eyes can do? Because she is a goddess of magic, she put strength on her shoulders, but she couldn’t resist Noir Je Bella’s invitation and was dragged into her dreams, so it’s not surprising that her saints couldn’t be hotter. It was natural.

“… … It is also Senya. Please tell me which method you have.”

“Do you know what to do to wake up?”


“You’re waking up.”

Senya said with a serious face. First of all, Christina put on an equally serious expression. Anis also waited for Senya’s next words without reacting hastily.

“Do you know what to do to wake up?”

“… … .”

“I have to wake you up. Shake it, spray it with water, or hit it with a punch.”

“Are you saying that’s the way now?”

[An idiot said that… … !]

I couldn’t put a serious expression on my face anymore at that deep and simple answer. Anis was also annoyed.

“Why are you angry?”

“I don’t understand Senya-sama’s asking such a question!”

In order to wake up from the dream, you have to wake up from sleep. In order to wake up, you have to wake up. Who in the world does not know that?

“We cannot enter the city on our own. It is impossible to shake Eugene awake. So how… … .”

“You don’t need to wake Eugene yourself.”

Senya snorted and held Mary up high.

“It will wake up the whole city.”

“… … no way… … You’re not trying to put Meteor down, are you?”

Senya laughed without answering. Mary’s petals trembled. The mana that flowed around Senya was affected by the magic created by Mary.

– Hwaaak! The visible flow of mana became hundreds and thousands of petals. In an instant, the surroundings of Lymilia were filled with petals.


Standing in the center of the drifting petals, Senya reached out to Christina. I don’t know why, but she didn’t ask. It was because I couldn’t sense the slightest hint of mischief in Senya’s eyes.

Cristina swallowed a gulp and cautiously reached out. Her cleft stigma, her hand drenched in her blood, approached Senya’s.

“are you okay.”

I felt the hesitation of Christina and Anis. Of course, it would be uncomfortable to stretch out your blood-soaked hands and grab someone. But Senya didn’t mind and grabbed Cristina’s hand. The blood flowing from the stigma touched Senya’s hand first. Mana controlled by Senya embraced the saints.

And it became magic. She felt a huge shake. The saints jumped up from their seats in amazement. Jebela City, which I had just been looking at, looked completely different. The whole great city was entwined in a tangle of vines.

“That… … ?”

“It’s magic.”

Senya answered.

Said the sage, Vishur Raviola. Human magic is inferior. It is no different now or in the new age. Humans cannot seek answers by praying for mana. The magic that should have been esoteric and infinite, and the mana that drew him out, was confined to a trivial design called a spell.

Even a year ago, Senya couldn’t go far beyond that limit. I reached the limit, and I tried to go beyond that, but I couldn’t quite reach it.

But now it’s different. The current Senya Merdein has transcended humans and human magic. That’s why Senya doesn’t need ‘spells’. Her magic has reached miracles. I don’t want miracles to happen. Senya’s wind itself becomes a miracle.

Even so.

“It is impossible to destroy that dream.”

Senya admitted it plainly. Right now, Noir Jebela’s ‘dream’ can’t be destroyed even with Divine Wisdom’s magic.

But it can be ‘shaken’. Even if dozens of archmages gathered and poured out catastrophic magic, the dream could not be shaken, but Senya’s magic could shake that dream.

“There it is.”



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Shake it blindly, the dream that continues in a deep sleep. It’s hard to wake Eugene from the nightmare. Senya couldn’t even faintly sense Eugene’s presence in that city.

It’s different now. Just as the saints saw the magic that only Senya could see, Senya also saw the ‘light’ that only the saints could see. The sense connected by holding her hand made Senya see the light of Eugene and the Levantine.

A wall of chains created with the Mystic Eye of Prestige. An incomprehensible fantasy that cannot be observed. I found the spirit of Eugene drifting in it.

I expanded my field of view and found Eugene’s body. Since he was taken straight into the dream after passing through the gates, he thought he might have fallen asleep inside the gates, but that was not the case. Right now Eugene was wandering around the city like a sleepwalker.

It wasn’t blind wandering. The whole city is guiding Eugene. It’s only been a little over an hour since Eugene entered the city, and Eugene is already approaching the center of the city.

She chewed her lips and squeezed Mary tightly. The swirling petals were dyed red like her blood, following Senya’s hostility.

The center of Jebela City. The casino, which was crowded with tourists every day and night, is now locked in silence. On top of the building, which has become a dull color with all the flashy lights turned off, two of the Jebella Faces that dazzle tourists and show their dreams are placed like decorations.

higher than that.

In the black night sky without a single cloud, a single Jebella Face flies. Senya glared at Jebella Face’s head and chewed on her lips.

I saw a woman lying on an ornate chair. Noir Jebela. She closed her eyes as if she was falling asleep. But Senya could feel the intense gaze piercing even those closed eyelids. Senya calmed her trembling breathing.

That moment. Noir’s long eyelashes trembled. The eyelids slowly lifted and purple eyes appeared. Those eyes were as beautiful as amethyst, but Senya couldn’t feel the slightest appreciation of ‘beauty’ in those eyes. On the contrary, Senya felt the creepy horror and disgust in those eyes.

It was a long distance away, but Senya definitely felt Noir’s ‘gaze’. I saw her red lips twitch and curve. The distance was pointless. that the eyes met. That meant being captured by the illusionary eye.

Quarrrrr! The petals surrounding Senya vibrated violently. The petals that flowed around the outside turned black in an instant and then turned to ashes and scattered.

After being humiliated through the invitation, Senya prepared for the worst and prepared magic to withstand the fantasy demon’s eye and forced sleep. Thanks to which he was able to defend.

‘The power is less than I thought.’

It’s much stronger than the invitation, but at this level, you can survive with the current defense magic. It wasn’t hard to guess about how powerful it was. Even for that monstrous Galvo, he must be putting a lot of energy into maintaining the dream that held onto Eugene.

So you can take advantage of gaps. Senya prepared the next magic. Eugene is called by the prayers of the saints.

Right now, Eugene is probably not just wandering around in a dream. You will be doing your best to crush your dreams from the inside out. If so, Senya should shake her dream and the city outside. And I plan to continue to put pressure on that Noir Jebela.

‘… … pressure?’

Senya thought as she glanced at her forearm, which had goosebumps. Cold sweat runs down my spine. The palms where Anise and Christina’s blood had touched were immediately cold. Senya took a slow breath and glared at Noir.

Rather, it is Senya who feels the pressure.

Noir did not get up from his chair. He didn’t even fly here with my Bella Faith. Noir is still in the heart of the city, in the casino sky. With hostility and intent to kill in his gaze, he twitched his lips in irritation and anger and smiled. The petals that transformed mana by the gripping fantasy magic eye continue to burn.

“Anise, Cristina.”

Senya let go of the pressure and sighed quietly.

“Pray for your god to wake up.”

No matter how much they connected each other’s senses, Senya was not Eugene’s saintess. No matter how much Senya prays and calls, her voice never reaches Eugene.

However, the prayers of the saints reach Eugene. Even if it is too small to be heard and faint, if the dream continues to shake, the voice will reach Eugene more clearly.

“I mean go to sleep and wake up.”

* * *

Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked around. This wilderness is the most intense memory of Agaroth. Eugene had thought of this wilderness several times, and had experienced it indirectly several times.

But no matter how many times I see it, the feeling I get here doesn’t change much. Unlike the vague impressions and experiences, the current ‘dream’ did not feel different from reality.

I saw the faces of the corpses. All of them are faces that existed in Agaroth’s memory. If I thought deeply, I could even come up with a name.

Eugene saw the horror and despair on the faces of the corpses. The deaths happened so quickly that they seemed painless, but rather scratched Eugene’s heart.

Agaroth’s god army was killed by the Demon King of Destruction.

Agaroth ordered Shingun to die like that. It was an inevitable situation. Eugene might have taken other measures, but Agaroth was a man who gave orders like that.

“In this dream, Hamel, you and I will share the same feelings.”

Noir opened his mouth. Just as her appearance has changed, so has her voice. Now she is not the queen of dreams, Noir Jebella. She has the appearance and voice of the War God Saint, the Twilight Witch, and Arya.

“I can’t feel the joy.”

Noir Jebela’s hair is black as night.

Arya’s hair is as red as the sunset.

“Even if he died in your arms in the end, that death itself was not what Arya wanted.”

Noir Jebella’s pupils resemble amethysts.

Arya’s pupils resemble rubies.

“This is the same nightmare for both of us.”

Arya took a step closer.

“But I am.”

Arya opened her mouth.

“I can love even this nightmare, as long as I am with you.”


I saw Arya’s neck. Agaroth’s broken neck. Now, on the unbroken neck, a necklace hangs. A necklace with rings engraved with the name of ‘Noir Jebela’. The ring with the name of ‘Hamel Diners’ is now worn on the ring finger of Arya’s left hand.

“… … .”

I remembered the conversation we had while matching that ring. Then Noir- when he kills Hamel with his own hands someday. He had said that he would place the ring directly on the finger of Hamel, who was dying in despair, in his arms.

“I am.”

After the war in Hauria, I talked to Noir, who recalled Arya’s memory.

Nothing has changed. They wish each other death. But what Noir is saying right now- and what he’s been doing so far.

“… … I can’t.”

Eugene said quietly.


Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 557Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 559
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