Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 559

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Entering this dream, Eugene had the same question all along.

first dream. A cozy and peaceful home. A kitchen with a warm atmosphere. That dream was the ideal future that Hamel dreamed of in the Devil’s Realm. If I kill all the demon lords and return alive and well after the war is over, I want to live like this. I thought so.

I thought it was a provocation. He considered deception and ridicule. If that’s the case, Noir’s aim was great. What she showed her as her dream was the future Hamel envisioned, and the future Senya and Anise envisioned.

Is it really just a provocation? Gradually, I had to change my mind.

The dream created by Noir is because she and Eugene have always been the main characters. Senya and Anise, Cristina, or someone else. In her dream created by Noir, there were no other characters other than her and Eugene.

Eugene and Noir, a dream together. Even if Eugene rejected it and destroyed the dream, Noir quickly repeated the dream with a different form but the same content.

Then he asked. Do you like your current dream? She even appealed. All of that made Eugene’s doubts stronger.

Noir Jebela.

It’s like you don’t want death.

It seems you want a different ending.

“… … .”

Eugene didn’t want to think that way. Because the very thought itself shakes her resolve.

I remember being pushed and kissed by Noir in Hauria. She remembers the conversation she had with Noir in the wing that descended like a curtain in her bedroom.

At that time, Noir was in despair. Because she mixed up her feelings, her love, and the emotions of ‘Aria’, not ‘Noir Je Bella’.

At that time, Eugene was in despair. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to treat Noir the way I used to. At the very end, she seems to feel hesitation about killing Noir.

Mutual confusion and agitation then concluded. Each other woke up from the dream that had been captivated for a while.

For Eugene Lionheart, Noir Jevela is an enemy that must be killed. To not kill her is to deny the lives of Hamel and Eugene from the very beginning. The life he had lived under two names was eaten up by his distant previous life, Agaroth.

To Noir Jebela, Eugene Lionheart is hardly an enemy. Noir loves Eugene and Hamel for unusual reasons.

It is a feeling that if I had to describe it in any other word than love, it would be madness.

Noir wants the realization of death. he wants loss He wants regret and heartbreak. She wants the passion to mess with it all, to destroy and wreck herself.

However, the current Noir is acting in contradiction to what she herself wished for. Like she somehow doesn’t want to ‘meet the end’. She doesn’t want to kill Eugene, just like she doesn’t want to die herself.

They are begging Eugene for a future where they can be together, which he has repeatedly dreamed of. Even now it is.



Eugene opened his chewed lips. Just like the smell of blood and corpses on the tip of her nose, even the pain she felt from chewing her lips was just as real.

I couldn’t feel the reality in the voice that flowed from the bloody lips on such a subject. It was definitely Eugene’s own voice, but it sounded like someone else was speaking.

“Is that what you look like?”

Now Noir is in the form of Aria.

Just as Agaroth and Eugene don’t look alike, Noir doesn’t look like Aria either. Nevertheless, Noir dared to become an aria. The voice and the clothes. It was the appearance of Arya in Agaroth’s memory.

Taking on such an appearance is itself a huge contradiction for Noir. Noir despaired because her feelings were not entirely her own.

So, Noir boldly and radically denied aria. She squeezed Yujin’s neck and kissed her lips. She crushed, opened her lips, and intertwined her tongue. It was a kiss that was far from sweetness, romance, freshness, or the end of an aria.


Arya’s expression did not change from the beginning of this nightmare. Lonely and sad, a smile that makes you feel like crying at any moment.

Eugene knows that expression. The smile Arya was wearing wrapped around Agaroth, and half of her face was ripped off. Everything about Noir now reminds me of Aria. Consciously, deliberately, to shake the emotions, the mind.


The last of the flowing thoughts ended with a question. This doesn’t work. should not be conscious No more thinking.

I thought so, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Emotions fluctuate. Cheeks twitch. I couldn’t figure out what kind of expression I was making now.

Noir invited Eugene to his city. As soon as he passed through the gates, he was sucked into a dream. He dreamed of being happy, being able to be happy, and having such a possibility. Admittedly, it wasn’t a nightmare at all.

You have to break your stubbornness. It is enough to throw away the intent to kill Noir. You have to give up on yourself. If you do that, many things will be smoother than now.

Noir is strong. Even the demon king in captivity would not be able to easily deal with Noir now. By not killing Noir, understanding each other, and accepting the feelings of the previous life.

“We ended in tragedy.”

As Arya said. Both Agaroth’s death and Arya’s death were both tragedies.

The first and last kiss. Even though they knew their feelings for each other, they had no choice but to break their necks. Even though everyone knew they would die, they had no choice but to order the march. In the end, even Agaroth died. So many lives were sacrificed, but it was only to stop the demon king of destruction for a few days.

“There is no need to repeat the tragedy again.”

Agaroth liked that voice.

when you return after the battle.

-Congratulations on your victory, my God.

I liked the whispering voice with a thin smile as if drawn with a thin pen. When she returns to her room after a banquet and is about to have a few more drinks alone.

As always, I expected the door to open without knocking. Watching Aria come in with wine of mediocre taste and quality, I wondered if today’s wine contained poison or a curse that would be fatal even to God.

-Are you not going to drink?

– My God, those words are too heavy and harsh for me. How could a saintess compete with God?

– Seeing that he won’t drink, it must have been poisoned.

-Yes, I poured a very deadly poison. So I will never touch that wine. My God, if you fear the poison of this little thing, remove your cup.

It was a thin garment that could not be thought of as a saint’s attire. I liked the languid voice under the flickering light and the coquettish smile. In the end, she liked the taste of a drink that had never been dokdo or cursed.

– My God, the sun rises right away. Hurry up and open your eyes and raise yourself up.

didn’t bother Always hated and pushed away. If you don’t, that coquettish thing will seduce you with a mischievous smile.

However, I liked the voice whispering in my ear. He loved the sweet, hot breath that tickled his cheek.


Aria took a step closer to Eugene.

Twilight swayed behind her back. Arya’s smile and ruby-like eyes trembled. Tears streamed down from the wet eyes.

“Please hug me.”

Arya spreads her arms.

“Hug me, kiss me. Whisper your name in my ear.”

Eugene couldn’t move. Still, he didn’t know what kind of expression he was making. All sorts of emotions ran through his torn chest. The despair and regret that Agaroth felt at the end, the expectation that a different ending could be made ‘now’. It shook Eugene’s psyche and emotions.


Arya took a step closer. Eugene couldn’t move. No, she actually wanted to move. She wanted to give Arya the answer she was hoping for. Even Eugene himself wished for it. It was impossible for her not to wish for it.

this dream.

“… … .”



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It’s so deep.


I slammed the glass blade into my neck. No sparks were raised. The blade, which dug deep in an oblique line, passed through his neck and caught on his collarbone.


My throat was choked with emotion and no sound came out. The blood boiling inside became ‘sound’ and opened Eugene’s lips.

The wavering emotions are washed away. All the thoughts cluttering my head were brought to a neat halt by intuitive death.

“… … .”

Aria stopped walking and looked at Eugene.

Pudeuk, Pudeuk… … ! The glass blade, which does not emit sparks, advances little by little and cuts through Eugene’s body. A neck that had been cut obliquely would be completely cut off with just a slight touch. The blade passing through the clavicle of the gear nose is cutting the edge of the heart and severing the lungs.

The movement of the blade is slow. Eugene slowly cuts his own body. If you make a spark, your body will burn up and turn to ashes in an instant.

No, there is no need to start a spark. The blade of that beautiful glass is sharp enough to cut through everything it touches. And yet, slowly, with little force, little by little… … It is pushing the blade.

Arya wiped the tears running down her cheeks. The smile disappeared along with her tears. Arya looked at her Eugene with her cold, sunken eyes and reached out her hand.


The dream was shaken. The sky was distorted. This shaking is not what Noir intended. Noir stopped his outstretched hand and clicked his tongue.

“… … It’s too deep for me too.”

A dream that covered the entire city. If you are a ‘human’, you can receive millions or tens of millions. It means that millions of dreams can be created in a single world. They can create all their desires and fantasies on the fly and keep them forever.

But Eugene is not an ordinary human being. Making a dream by trapping Eugene in a dream is harder than making the dreams of tens of millions of people. Even as Noir, she is consuming a lot of mental strength, and even Noir himself entered the dream ‘deeply’ in order to assimilate Eugene’s spirit into the dream as much as possible. She embraced the memories, the emotions, deeply.


Noir rubbed his cheek and muttered.

“I wasn’t lying.”

Eugene couldn’t hear that. Now Eugene is hearing a completely different sound. The sound of blades cutting through flesh and cutting through bones. The sound of spurting blood breaking against the blade. and.

prayer sounds. name, call. The sound he heard now was not Agaroth’s favorite voice. It wasn’t Arya’s call to God.

The blade stopped.

“It’s gotten better.”

The lips that had been bubbling with blood opened. Eugene looked at Aria with red bloodshot eyes.

The nightmare was so deep now. It was not easy to resist a nightmare as deep as Eugene’s divinity or sanctuary. If the decision to kill the mind by cutting the head is too late. If, in her aria, she fell for her plea and hugged her.

“Noir Jebela.”

Eugene called that name, not Aria.

So, separated. The one in front of Eugene right now is not Aria, the Witch of Twilight. She is not even the saintess of Agaroth, the god of war. The Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebela.

“You put on that skin to confuse me.”

I pulled out the Levantine implanted in my body. No blood was spurted out. Instead of blood, soaring flames filled the wounds.

“You say you don’t want to repeat the tragedy, just to make me completely swallowed up in this nightmare.”

Rather, I hoped it would be like that. I hoped that Noir had staged this skit with nothing but utter deception and ridicule. If that’s the case, Noir will never be able to understand it, and it will become an existence that doesn’t allow any emotions other than murderous intent and anger.

“… … If not.”

I listened to the prayers from afar. Anise and Christina, their voices. I heard the voices of the saints of Eugene Lionheart, not the saints of Agaroth.

“Why did you say something like that?”

I felt the shaking of my dream. I can’t hear Senya’s voice. However, Senya is the only one who can cause shaking outside the dream.

“What name do you want to be embraced by whom?”

“Whichever is me, whichever is you.”

Noir answered without a smile. However, that answer only felt like a play on words to Yujin. I don’t know if it’s another existence. For Eugene and Noir, ‘name’ is very important.

“I also have something I want to ask you.”

Noir spoke first before Eugene could say anything.

“Do you really want the dream to end?”

Twilight shakes.

“Really, get out in the real world.”

The red light in the sky grew deeper and deeper.

“Do you really want to face me?”

At that question, Eugene couldn’t help but feel it.

Since entering the dream, Noir has always been sincere. All appearances shown in dreams. All the contradictions were Noir’s sincerity.

So Noir is hesitating.

“I’ll be honest, Hamel.”

The nightmare is shaking.

“I want this dream to last forever.”

“… … .”

“I want to stay with you, in my dreams.”

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