Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 56

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“…wouldn’t it be better to go together?”

“no. You guys come in the carriage.”

“I think it’s inefficient, but…”

“My request to you and the White Dragon Knights was to protect the outskirts of my home. I don’t want to bring you foreigners into my family’s territory.”

Seeing that resolute attitude, Alchester showed a helpless expression and stepped back.

“…Then I understand. We will move to the Warp Gate on the outskirts of the capital, and from there we will head towards Lionheart’s home.”

“We’ll discuss the territory security route later. We’ll find you first, so you guys can set up camps outside the fence.”

Carmen spat that out and passed through the warp gate first.

“Is it because of the forest?”

After passing through the warp gate, he saw a familiar forest. Eugene approached Carmen, who pulled out a cigar and put it in her mouth.


Carmen nodded.

“Alchester is not a fool. I’ve seen him since his snotty days, and I once shared lessons with his family for the sake of the friendship between Ryan Hart and Dragonic.”


“I taught Alchester the martial arts of Lionheart, and Alchester’s father… the previous lord of Dragonic taught me the martial arts of Alchester. I think it was a one-sided loss to Lionheart, though.”

Carmen chewed on the tip of her cigar and winced at the bitter taste on her lips.

“…In other words, I was Alchester’s drill instructor. So I know what Alchester is like. He has a weak heart, but his loyalty to his lord covers his innate weakness.”

Emperor of Kiel.

“This forest is too valuable to have. Not only the spirit veins that the ancestors created, but the trees you brought turned the forest into a treasure. If Alchester goes through this forest… he will definitely report it to the emperor. I won’t directly steal the territory, but the forest will be noisy if you send out an official letter asking you to cooperate with the training of the White Dragon Knights.”

Other black lions passed through the warp gate. Carmen looked back at them and continued.

“…Princess Rakshasa retreated, but don’t be relieved. After such a violent act, Princess Rakshasa may attack again sometime.”

While Carmen was discussing future alerts with the Black Lions.

Eugene approached Levera, who was standing with a pale face.


“How are you feeling?”

“it’s okay. Eugene is… No, no. sorry…”

“What do you have to be sorry about?”

Eugene grumbled and stood in front of Levera.

“Stay there for a moment.”


“Don’t move.”

Eugene reached out with both hands and grabbed Revera’s shoulders. Leva was startled, but she remembered what Eugene had just said to her and did not move from her seat.

It’s a punishment.

Leva thought so and bit her lips. It wasn’t Levera’s will, but going out together put Eugene in danger. It is natural for a slave to be punished for causing trouble to his master.


Eugene started from the shoulder and groped for Levera’s body. Both of her hands trace her armpits, pass her collarbone and come down to her chest. Levera did not feel her shame, but she felt sad that Eugene, whom she envied, would do this.


Carmen, who was talking with the black lions, also looked at Eugene with a shocked face. A cigar falls from his mouth wide open in surprise. What the hell is that guy doing? Carmen’s eyes trembled. why in this place It’s not like we’re alone. Are you groping the body of an elf attendant in front of everyone?


A delicate touch as if it were a quality evaluation. Eugene’s hand, which had descended down her chest, groped Revera’s side and stomach. Carmen cleared her throat and turned her reddened face away.

“…um… that… that’s later…”



Before Carmen said anything.

Eugene’s hand slapped Levera’s side.


A shock that spreads inside. Leva covered her mouth. Eugene placed her hand on Revera’s side and blew her mana.

“Open your mouth.”

Needless to say. Something came up from the depths of her body and filled Levera’s mouth.


Black lumps poured out of Levera’s mouth.


The spilled mass spread over the soil without making a sound. Seeing it right in front of her, Leva’s eyes widened. She closed her mouth and stomped her buttock, then looked up at her Eugene, unable to comprehend her words.

“Yu… Yu, Yujin. This…?”

“How do you feel?”


“Hasn’t it been strange since coming back to the forest? Her stomach is sick, her head hurts…”

Levera hesitated, then nodded. Eugene smiled as if she knew that, and tapped the darkness on her floor with her foot.

“You had something like this in your body.”

Iris returned Levera too easily. So, just in case, I looked inside Levera’s body, and Iris’s darkness was also present.

“…something terrible could have happened.”

Carmen muttered, her face crinkling. She saw how colorfully Iris used that darkness. What if Iris leads her army through the darkness and invades Lionheart’s home? What if you break the warp gate to prevent outside help, occupy the forest, and raid the mansion?

“…what are you doing?”

Carmen approached to crush the darkness, but Eugene blocked her way. Eugene glanced at Carmen’s fist and continued.

“I have something to check.”


Eugene spoke of his fear that Iris might not be able to come to this forest. Carmen blinked for a moment, then sighed and cleared her throat.

“…Actually, I thought I might as well.”



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Of course it was a lie. The world tree planted in the forest might prevent Iris from approaching? I had never thought of it like that. But when she heard the story, it seemed plausible. If he had just yelled without thinking about the future, it would have been easier to directly invade than to stage a hostage situation.


After lifting the darkness with the wind, Eugene advanced into the depths of the forest. The reaction was evident. As it moved from the outer periphery to the center, the darkness trembled like a convulsion. Then, at some point, it turned to ashes and disappeared.

The darkness created by the demonic eyes of darkness. It is neither mana nor magic, but it is influenced by Iris, a dark elf.

When an elf accepts demonic energy and becomes corrupted, it becomes a dark elf.

The world tree protects the elves. Horsemen kill elves, but in the territory of the World Tree, elves do not get horsemen. Even if you’re already sick with horse disease, it won’t get any worse.

“Princess Rakshasa cannot enter this forest. Perhaps even the Dark Elves will not be able to enter.”


Carmen stroked her chin and thought.

“…Then is it better to defeat the White Dragon Knights?”

“You don’t have to do that, do you? It doesn’t cost money, they take care of the mansion on their own.”

“It is, but…”

“If there were no gaps in the security of the empire in the first place, we would not have suffered such an unfortunate incident, and Princess Rakshasa could use other means instead of preventing herself from entering, right?”

It was an irrefutable statement. Carmen nodded his head and stared at Eugene with watchful eyes.

“…It’s ridiculous to even say it now, but your skills are amazing.”

In fact, such a thought was also in Eugene’s head. Carmen Ryanhart. She was stronger than Eugene thought. She had never properly seen Doines’ ability, which was said to be the strongest in Ryan’s heart, but Carmen’s ability, which she saw in the fight with Princess Raksha earlier, was enough to claim that she was the strongest in Lion’s heart.

‘For a first battle, Iris’s evil eye was also very good.’

If Iris hadn’t grown that much compared to 300 years ago, she could have killed Iris with the moonlight sword while working together with Carmen. Eugene clicked his tongue, feeling how long 300 years had been.

‘…It’s not just Iris.’

Lyzakia is half-dead and wandering through the dimensional rift, but the other two dukes. The dream queen and the sword of confinement are alive and well.

Especially The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman.

Black blades and the sound of clanking chains. Eugene looked back at Carmen, not expressing the chill down her spine.

“What are you thinking so deeply about?”

“…Didn’t you say that Hector escaped from the Black Lion Castle?”


“Is there any possibility that Princess Raksha and Hector are related? If it was Princess Raksha’s Mystic Eye, it would have been easy to let Hector escape.”

“It is not.”

It is magic that Hector uses to escape. So traces of the escape remained. However, if you use Iris’ Mystic Eye to escape, there will be no trace left.

Besides, only Iris can use this darkness as a passage. Just because the darkness of Iris dwells in Hector doesn’t mean you can’t use him freely to escape.

Is there any reason for Iris to appear on the spot and run away with Hector? Why does she dare to leave a trail of magic behind her so as not to reveal that she interfered? No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason for that.

“…You know very well about Princess Rakshak.”

Carmen rolled her eyes and murmured. At those words, Yujin hurriedly corrected her expression. Come to think of it, she revealed too much to Carmen.

“Isn’t it different from what it looks like?”


“I was interested in the boring old stories of the Alchester children, and I often hung out with Sir Genos at the Black Lion Castle. Even Princess Rakhar mistook you for Lionheart’s hound.”

“…Uh…yes, that’s right.”

“As you know, Sir Genos’s family is also a family with a long history in Lionheart. It may be a great disrespect to say this, but… The founder made Lord Genos’s family a hunting dog for Lionheart, and inherited the skills of his deceased friend, Lord Hamel. That is the root of the Black Lion.”

“Yeah… I heard that too.”

“Did Sir Genos take care of you and pass on the family’s vision… Indeed, you and Sir Genos get along well. The same goes for the fact that I love old stories.”

Carmen, who had finished assent on her own, put on a happy expression. Eugene was worried that Carmen might have guessed his true identity, just like Genos and Doiens did… Seeing that happy smile, he thought it was useless worry.

“Umm… Yes… I respect Hamel-sama…”

“I see. The skills you were using were not something that could be accomplished simply with your talents. An effort that ordinary people cannot dare to imagine. It is impossible to reach such a state without undergoing painful training to the extent that blood flows instead of sweat.”

Carmen stared at Eugene with serious eyes. To be honest, those golden eyes were burdensome, but to be recognized so openly was honestly not a bad feeling.

“Deep respect and affection for Hamel. Because of that, you are who you are today.”

Carmen thought she had said something wonderful, and put on a solemn expression, satisfied with herself. Then he put his hand on Eugene’s shoulder and nodded her head.

“Your coming-of-age ceremony was already held last year, and it was me who fought against you at that time. But let me admit it again. Eugene Lionhart. You are highly qualified to bear the Lionheart family name, no, you are a huge spark that will light up the future of the Lionheart family.”


“So, as a big grown-up of Lionheart and a senior in martial arts ahead of you, I want to give you a worthy name.”


“An angel of blue and white flame wrapped in lightning…”

“for a moment…”

“Brain light blue white flame god…”

It didn’t stick to my mouth as much as I thought. Carmen frowned and pondered, then looked at his bandaged right hand.

Blood-soaked bandages.

“…okay. From now on, you are the blood lion, Eugene Lionheart.”

“Look at this.”

“A blood lion who destroys the family’s enemies. Even though countless blood will flow on that road, you will always be noble, beautiful, and strong.”

It was painful to hear more. Eugene hesitated and tried to step back, but Carmen wouldn’t let go of Eugene’s shoulder.

clap clap clap

The Black Lions, who had been listening silently, began to clap. The 3rd Division, with Carmen as their captain. Those stern-faced men applauded Yujin, even showing expressions of genuine emotion.

I’m not insane.

Eugene also used to come up with technical names that would be embarrassing to present to others in his previous life, but in Eugene’s opinion, the sense of being an asura or a god of destruction was incomparable to Carmen’s. And this applause…! It was clear that everyone had gone crazy like Carmen, since no one in their right mind could respect and follow such a captain.

‘…Maybe Ciel…’

Ciel’s cheeky smile came to mind. Ciel respects and follows Carmen, and has been Carmen’s servant for three years and has been receiving instruction… Eugene felt a sincere worry that Ciel’s mind might have gone crazy like them.



“I’m fine.”

A worried voice approached, but Iris waved her hand with a calm face.

It wasn’t coercion. It is true that he was attacked several times. The opponent was stronger than I thought. They say that even if it rots, it’s Junchi, and it’s indeed Lionheart. Is it enough to claim to be the best martial artist on the continent? Iris chuckled and sat down on the sofa.

“The silver lion Carmen Lionheart. And Eugene Lionheart… Just the existence of the two of them will be enough to claim themselves as the best samurai on the continent.”

Iris muttered that and unbuttoned her shirt. She allowed that much attack, but she didn’t have the slightest bruise on her body. She has completed her recovery in the short time it takes to get here.

‘…I wonder if he would have taken it as a hostage even if it was unreasonable.’

Eugene and Carmen. If he had taken the two hostages, he would have been able to negotiate with Lionheart and take over 100 elves.


Iris couldn’t erase the lingering feelings in her heart. In the first place, she did not come here hoping for proper negotiations. By smuggling into Kiel, wreaking havoc in the capital, and attacking Ryan Hart, she has eliminated her negotiations.

“…princess. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”


The carriage started. A huge wagon that does not carry people. Right now, Iris and the Dark Elves were behind the wagon. A large, thick tent covers the top, and the outside cannot be seen. Iris was half-lying on the sofa and rubbed her stomach.

“…after 300 years of stubbornness.”

Dark elves do not have reproductive function. The moment he accepts his demonic energy and becomes corrupted, the Dark Elf will be unable to give birth to children no matter what means he uses.

In other words, the only way to increase the number of Dark Elves was to corrupt them.

“…100 elves. It’s a coveted number to increase the number of Dark Elves… but it has no value as a force.”

Their presence continued to be noticed. The damn Vermouth descendants are protecting the elves. I wanted to go in and steal it. The fact that the elves wouldn’t want him didn’t matter to Iris.

But it was impossible. I tried to get closer to Ryan Hart’s estate as a scout, but as I approached, his heart throbbed and his head ached. Even the magic eye of darkness, the most powerful of Iris’s powers, was not used properly.

back off like that

Faced reality. Even if 100 Dark Elves were added, how many of them would be able to use full strength right away? Elves live a long time. But elves don’t use their lifespan for ‘power’… Iris was once an elf, so she knew that.

Elves are a misconceived race.

Iris thought so. A race that spends a long time of hundreds of years meaninglessly. A race that has a strong affinity for magic and spirits, but is only focused on tending the forest, planting flowers, and picking fruits rather than focusing on training them. A species that is superior to humans in every way, and lives only by itself in a closed society without trying to increase the species.

that’s an elf Most of the elves that Lionheart is protecting must be the same.

‘…Being a Dark Elf, the only thing I was able to immediately become a full force… was only Sykenad. I wonder if the rest have ever held his sword.’

It is important to increase the number of people, but what Iris needs right now is power to help the cause, not incompetent people. Even if all 100 elves became dark elves, it wouldn’t help the current Iris. Rather, it will become a burden.

The movement ability of Dark War’s demonic eyes is not omnipotent. That’s why I’m riding a wagon now. A few more wagons would be needed to move the 100-strong kin.


Iris sighed deeply and put the cigarette in her mouth.

Insufficient military funding.

After all, this is it. As long as he came out of Helmud, he could no longer receive the Dark Elf subsidy. The money that had been accumulated for hundreds of years went into the backholes of the demon bureaucrats discussing various policies, and melted like a lump of sugar through various other nonsense…

“…how long does it take to the port?”

“If you take a carriage, it will take ten days.”

I had no intention of using a warp gate. Iris clicked her tongue and lit a cigarette.

“…are you… really okay?”

Rolling cigarette smoke on your tongue. Iris looked at his men.

“Even though they are dark elves, they were once elves. As a tribe, we feel at peace in the forest. …but there are no forests in the sea.”

“Do not doubt yourself, Princess.”

The Dark Elves who had served Iris for a long time bowed their heads.

“We are the bodies that have dedicated our souls to be together in the cause of the princess.”

“…that’s… I know…”

“A lot of my own people and mercenaries are already waiting for the princess at Simuin.”

Iris didn’t answer and let out a cigarette smoke.

“…you guys… have you ever been on a boat?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Have you ever driven one?”

“You can learn if you need to.”

“I think it would be quicker to capture an entire ship than that. Don’t we have to learn how to drive a human who already knows how to drive?”

“…yes… that would be better. I decided to become a pirate.”

Iris let out a cigarette smoke and a sigh. As the warp gate developed, trade in the world suffered a cataclysm. But even so, the seeds of maritime trade did not dry up. As much as its convenience, warp gate costs an enormous installation cost, and likewise, an enormous maintenance cost is steadily incurred.

Therefore, the presence or absence of warp gates can be said to be a criterion for distinguishing between developed and underdeveloped countries.

So Iris decided to become a pirate. sea ​​kingdom officials. It is an advanced country recognized by everyone, but many islands around Simuin do not have warp gates installed.

Not only that, Simuin also trades with Samar Great Forest. The common route for elves to enter Samar was to board Simuin’s trade ship.

“…I can raise military funds… I can increase my own people… Yes. There is nothing bad about it. Except for the sea.”

“…or…wouldn’t it be better to go into Samar? According to the report to the comrades who settled earlier, it is not a bad place to make a foundation for a great cause even though it is barren…”

“There are too many tribes under Helmud’s interference.”


Iris chewed on the filter and spat out.

“…Your situation has become pitiful.”

After putting out her finished cigarette, Iris fastened the button on her untied shirt again.

“…Noir Jebela. Even if I only won the battle with her and Yeongji…”

The dream queen.

Iris chewed her lips, recalling the reason why she had to turn her back on Helmud .

dream queen

Magician Helmud. This empire is a good country to live in, both for humans and demons.

Citizens living here are guaranteed the minimum right to live without having to work.

Old undead raised by high-ranking demons and black magicians. And numerous monsters that the demon king directly defeats the citizens’ labor. Thanks to this, Helmud’s vast agricultural land is always dyed golden regardless of the season.

Citizens of Helmud do not pay taxes in currency. What needs to be paid is the spirit. In other words, even if you don’t have a single penny in your pocket, you can live a minimum life in Helmud just by paying regular taxes.

However, like most beings, greed has no end. Humans who migrated to Helmud mortgaged their souls with 10 years of labor after death, and enjoyed a luxurious life in Helmud.

What about the demons?

They are not too different. However, in the case of demons, they do not trade souls as easily as humans. This is because the demons who are close to the contract of souls are well aware of how dangerous and prudent it is to deal with souls.

So demons prefer to work directly with their own bodies. It is true that undead and monster workers are convenient, but Helmud does not persecute workers with will. If there is anyone who wants to work, first and foremost, we will definitely provide work.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor in Helmud is just as competent, and the great Demon King who rules this huge empire respects and guarantees all the rights and freedoms of his people.

That’s why, in addition to undead workers, there were many low-level demons at this construction site. They decided to receive dirty regulars and 100,000 cells as daily wages for labor today. Of course, what the lowest level demons wanted was regularity rather than cash.

For demons, spirit is absolutely necessary for strength growth. But who the hell would make a contract with the lowest level demons and provide souls and spirits?

That’s why the Ministry of Employment and Labor enacted a law to provide the lowest regularity as a daily wage for the lowest level demons. Oh, the great demon king of confinement!

“Yeoongcha! Yeoongcha!”

…who could have imagined?

A woman wearing a yellow hard hat and a work jumpsuit. What is the identity of the woman who climbs on the observatory and dances while waving the safety rods in her hands like a cheerleader’s surgery, shouting out loud cheers as if she were singing?

“Cheer up, strength! Cheer up… Wait, wait! there! Don’t mess around! It’s not break time yet!”

Beep! The woman blew the whistle she wore around her neck. The lowest-ranking demon, who was sitting in the corner of the scene and taking a breather, got up.

“…Who the hell is that lady?”

“I don’t know, shh, I don’t know.”

“Why are there cheerleaders at the construction site…?”

“In, quick, liver?”

“Comu-san, don’t you think it’s strange? This is not a back alley slum, nor is it a sewer… If you even drool at a human being, you will be accused and your spirit will control you.”


“I know, I know. Komu-san is an experienced person. So you have to be more careful. Conversation has already become difficult due to restrictions… How difficult will it be if you are completely refuted by the next restriction?”


Mr. Komu, a filth slime demon, made a sullen expression at the words of the one-eyed demon, Mr. Gargal. The lowest-level demons, like them, are far away from puppets. It can’t be helped, because the lowest-ranking demons are beings that evolved from low-ranking monsters with an ego.

“Yeoongcha, yeoongcha!”

After confirming that the lowest-ranking demons got up and started working again. The woman swung her safety stick again and shouted cheers of encouragement.

“Lunch time soon! As you all know, lunch will be prepared with the questionnaire you filled out and submitted this morning! In a legal way!”

Sometimes there are demons like that. Idiots who write down human flesh in the lunch menu questionnaire, perhaps because they are ignorant and uneducated.

So the woman exclaimed with emphasis on the word ‘lawful good’.

“The ability to prepare every meal according to your wishes! It’s because of the kindness of Duke Noir Jebela, who is the client of this site and the CEO of our Dreaming construction company! Hey, workers! Thank you, Duke Jebela! Please shout with one heart!”


“Duke of Jebela!”

“thank you!”

A loud cry emanating from all over the forest. The woman turned her body with a satisfied expression at the roaring roar. She then jumped from the observatory towering far above.

“…You’re amazing.”

Under the observatory stood a man in a black uniform with his hair combed straight.

Gold epaulettes on the shoulders.

An ornate decoration on the chest.

However, no one here is conscious of men. It’s not just men. The busy workers did not pay any attention to the woman who had jumped from the high observatory.

“Excuse me?”

“You say you have a thick face.”

“Aha, Duke Jebela, thank you. Did this cry bother you?”

The woman said as she took off the hard hat on her head. Then, a wave of thick black hair, which seemed unlikely to fit into her helmet, fell out.

“Then next time I’ll put your name in too. Thank you, Duke Jebela. Prince Lindeman, I love you. How about this?”

The dream queen.

Noir Jebella said with a smile.

At that clear smile, Gavid Lindman shrugged.

“I didn’t mean anything about it. I’ve known for hundreds of years that you are a narcissistic person.”

“Then what made our Duke Lindeman uncomfortable?”

“You think the meals served here are porridge that is nutritious and doesn’t care about the taste at all?”

“I’m happy when I put it in my mouth, and it doesn’t matter if I feel the taste, right?”

Noir Jebella smiled, her eyes twinkling as if studded with stars.

“And since nutrition is on point, I think your point is presumptuous. After all, they will see what they want to eat, and they will eat it with a taste.”

magic eye.

The Mystic Eye, which has descended like a legend among dreamers who play with existence by going back and forth between reality and dreams. Noir Jebela was originally a powerful dreamer, but a long time ago, the eyes of a fantasy suddenly dwelled.

From then on, Noir Jebella began to be called the Queen of Dreams. hundreds of years after that. She was reigning as one of the most powerful demons in Helmud, the demonic realm.

“Certainly, a person like you didn’t come here to ask about the food distribution issue for the workers, right? In the first place, I have never broken the law of the majestic Demon King.”

“Don’t worry. There’s no particular reason why I came looking for you. It’s just a matter of personal curiosity.”

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman. He looked around with calm eyes. loud noises. This huge forest was being cut down according to the will of Noir Jebela.

“I told you in advance, I got permission right away.”

“You know. This forest has been your property for some time now, and you are free to do what you do in it. If you can handle it yourself.”

Gavid turned his head to stare at Noir.

“…By the way, what the hell are you trying to do in this forest?”

“I will build a casino.”

“…the site is too large to build a casino?”

“Even if you keep leaving it in the forest, it will be useless. So I’m trying to push it away. First of all, I’m trying to build a casino and a hotel… and various other things.”

Noir replied with a smile.

“To put it simply, it means creating a huge tourist facility that represents me. After placing dreamers as employees. Shall we arrange play facilities for children and build a museum to introduce ourselves? And put up some statues… Oh, can you put them in too? I think it will be difficult for me to match the assortment alone.”

“…wouldn’t it be good for the demon lord in captivity?”

“What are you doing? Statues of the demon king in captivity have already been erected all over Helmud, and public libraries are full of great people honoring the demon king’s achievements.”

“Worship and awe are many, but not enough.”

“So I will have some too. I’m making something for myself on my land anyway, no problem, right? And this ‘Jebela Park’, I assure you, will be the number one tourist destination in Helmud.”

Have you already decided on a name? Gavid smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

“If you make up your mind, it will. If you only staffed with carefully selected technical dreamers… Hmm. You can’t even measure the amount of spirit extracted from tourists.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t evade taxes.”

“I am well aware that you are very clear in that matter. However, be careful not to overdo it with your dream demons’ greed.”

“Have the children under me ever been accused of violating the regular standard intake?”

“Aside from that, you’re talking about greed.”

Gavid stared at Noir with calm eyes.


Noir smiled and nodded.

“I said it three years ago, but I won’t make excuses about Olfer. He’s become a baron, so he’s gone too far.”

Hein Olfer.

An incubus who had the title of baron. He tried to sign with Iod Lionhart three years ago.

In fact, it is not a sin for a demon to make a contract with a human. However, the opponent is the eldest son of the Lionheart family. When Lionheart took issue with him, the demon king of confinement personally cut Orper’s head, saying he apologized for causing displeasure to the ‘dear’ Vermut family.

“You’re not suspecting that I was involved in the infighting that took place at the Black Lion Castle not too long ago, right?”

“There is a precedent.”

“Because it’s really unfortunate. I never told Olfer to make a contract with the Lionheart’s master.”

Noir tilted his head and said.

“Likewise, I didn’t get involved in the civil war in Black Lion Castle.”

Not everything is known about the civil war in Black Lion Castle.

The eldest son of the main family, Iod Lionheart, Dominic Lionheart of the Black Lion Knights, and Hector Lionheart of the collateral. Among the three and their collaborators, an organization called ‘Pride’, a tumor of the family dissatisfied with the main family, tried to conduct an evil ritual in the Black Lion Castle.

In the process, Deacon Lionheart of the collateral and Doineth Lionheart of the Senate died, and Iod and Dominic, who led the work, also died.

Hector Lionheart escaped, and the families belonging to Pride disappeared.

That is all that is known. The dark spirit, the remnants of the demon king, and the second coming of the demon king through him are unknown.

“Is there any reason for me to get involved in the first place?”


Even if it was not known, the demons who had lived for a long time could guess to some extent what the terrible ritual that Iod was trying to perform.

Doines died and Dominic joined. That is, the crushing weight and the demonic spear were together in the ritual, but how could knights without knowledge of magic, rituals, and sacrifices lead the ritual?

‘Something’ helped the three of them to perform the ritual.

If the crushing weight and the demonic spear were there, it was obvious what the existence that led the ritual could be inferred.

“Why should I wish for the resurrection of the demon king of slaughter and horror that died 300 years ago?”

All demons dream of ascending to the throne of the demon king one day.

And the queen of dreams, Noir Jebella, was one of the demons closest to the throne of the demon king among numerous demons.

“If you are a member of the family of slaughter and misery that has been living for 300 years, you might want it. If you haven’t lost your integrity by now.”

Gavid Lindman smiled bitterly at that. It sounded funny that such words came out of Noir Jebela’s mouth, not from anyone else.

True to her words, even after 300 years, there are descendants of cruelty and slaughter that are still alive. But do they have the same strength as on the battlefields of the past?

no. Most of them have lost their strength. For a long time of 300 years, it was ruined and collapsed due to sweet pleasure. It was Noir Jevela that made it that way. She sent a large number of her dream horses under her command to comfort the surviving war heroes, and when Noir Jebella deliberately interfered, her demons were broken enough to sign a contract with their power as collateral.

“…surely. There’s no way you’re involved.”

“If you really need someone to be suspicious of, how about visiting Yongma Castle instead of me?”

Noir continued with a sneer.

“I don’t think a dragon drunk on that great taste will open the door.”

“…don’t mind the Dragon Demon Castle.”

“How long should I leave it alone? Am I being very merciful? I really want to eat that too.”

“The Three Gongs of Helmud are meaningful because there are only three of them. You are the queen of dreams. I, the sword of confinement. And the first fallen dragon. His Majesty the Demon King does not want that balance to be disturbed.”

“It’s a pity, really… I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to taste a dragon in my life.”

Noir licked his lower lip and muttered.

“Isn’t it enough to eat this forest?”

Gavid looked around the forest and said.

“You don’t think she’s pitiful, do you?”

Originally, this forest was the domain of Princess Raksha Iris. For 300 years, she has been living with her Dark Elves in this forest, and has been working hard for the revival of the frenzied independence army and the frenzied second coming.

but. Not too long ago, the Queen of Dreams and Princess Raksha had a land battle over each other’s territory.

“I’ll admit I was a bit scratchy on my part. But I had no choice but to. Iris, she was not proud of my race… She laughed at me saying that I am the queen of Galvos?”

Duels between demons, such as territorial battles or rankings, are common.

Even 300 years ago, demons were conquerors who indiscriminately tried to tear the continent apart. Although they are living with other races now, the demons think that it is simple and correct to resolve disputes with force and power rather than being intervened by someone else.

So, Noir Jebella and Iris also fought a territory war. Has the sediment of 300 years finally burst? There is that, but it was also what Noir Jebela intended. Recently, Iris started to lead beastmen mercenaries, and she started to abandon her obsession with Dark Elves.

In fact, it was something Iris could have tried. Iris’s territory is this forest. On the other hand, the Duchy of Noir Jebela is one of the largest and richest in Helmud. If he wins the battle against the territory, Iris will have the entire duchy, so the adventure was worth it.

“For not killing her, she will be thanking me for the rest of her life.”

Noir snorted and said.

“…I heard it was a landslide victory.”

“I didn’t set aside spectators… but if you wanted, I would have allowed you to observe.”

“What’s the fun in watching the obvious match?”

“I wasn’t weak, though. It sounds like you’ve been working pretty hard for 300 years. It’s not to the extent of crossing the throne of the Demon King.”

“…Did you hear what Iris did when she left Helmud?”

Losing in the Territory War doesn’t mean you have to leave Helmud, but Iris left Helmud with the Dark Elves. humiliation? Maybe that’s there, but it’s probably because of the realization that life in Helmud is difficult right now since the entire one and only territory has been taken away.

The perception of Dark Elves in Helmud is not so good. Princess Nachal herself had a strong sense of pride and had many enemies. Since he lost his territory, he would have to rely on the territory of another demon tribe, but because of Iris’ personality, he did not want to bow his head even if he died.

“They say they smuggled into Kiel and tried to take hostages against Lionheart.”

“I’m out of my mind.”

Noir smiled and put the helmet back on his head.

“If it’s a hostage situation… that Eugene Lionheart?”

“You seem to remember the name too.”

“It’s not such an insignificant name that I can’t remember, isn’t it? I heard that I was the youngest person to gain access to Akryon, and that Senya transferred the ownership of Akasha.”

“…Senya Merdein. Do you really think she is alive?”

“Akasha, which has been without an owner for hundreds of years, has been handed over, so you should think of it as alive.”

I even picked up the safety rod I had put down.

“…But… You don’t seem to be feeling well, do you? If I had been in good shape, I wouldn’t have been silent for hundreds of years… I think I would have entered Helmud right away and attempted to assassinate the Demon King.”

“Speak no profanity.”

“Isn’t it? Senya Merdane. How strong she was and how much she hated her demons, you and I know from our own experiences. In particular, she said that several times before she had been threatened by Senya Merdain’s magic.”

Wearing a safety vest over a work jumpsuit, Noir looked back at Gavid with a smile.

“but. Do you remember Hamel Diners more than Senya?”

“…I don’t want to insult the lion. His death was fortunate.”

Gavid searched for an old memory. First meeting with Hamel Diners. Senya Merdein was also there. The two of them were exploring the place ahead of the party for reconnaissance, and met Gavid by chance.

I thought it was a golden opportunity. So he tried to kill him, but he couldn’t.

Fortunately, I don’t have anything to regret not killing then. The demonic castle of confinement. …Hamel Diners couldn’t climb to the top and collapsed on the way.

“…If Hamel had survived… the promise might not have been fulfilled. He was the only one among Vermouth’s colleagues who could rebel against Vermouth.”

“I had a dirty personality. Maybe that’s why she died early.”

Gavid muttered that and took a step back. Noir stared at Gavid, who was about to disappear, then smiled mischievously.

“…You said that Iris tried to take hostage against Eugene Lionheart?”

“That’s right.”

“If it ended in an attempt, does that mean that Eugene Ryanhart pushed Iris away?”

“…probably so.”

“I wasn’t very greedy for Ryan Hart’s eldest son… Whoops. I’m quite greedy for that Eugene Ryanhart. When will he stop coming to Hell Mood? Or stop by a succubus brothel.”

“…don’t do anything stupid.”

Gavid’s face contorted.

outing, meeting

“Are you f*cking saying that now?”

“That, that… I’ve said it many times, but it’s not something that can be done by being stubborn…”

“There are so many ships in the port, how can it be that they can’t sail!”

Quaang! The wooden table shook as if it would break. The receptionist’s body trembled at the violent demonstration. Intense pressure that makes you unable to move. The receptionist knew that the man in front of him did not break the table, rather than break it.

“…Ah… no matter how hard you try, you can’t do anything that doesn’t work.”

“Force? Show me what real nonsense is? Sipal, I worked so hard to get here, but I can just go and get on the boat I like, cut the anchor line, and set sail.”

“Please… understand the situation…”

The desperate words stopped suddenly. The bloody eyes of the man looking down right in front of him seemed to tighten his heart. The receptionist was speechless and desperately avoided his gaze.

“How can it be like this without politeness?”

“That means the world has become terrifying.”

A groaning noise coming from behind.

The receptionist’s face went white, and the man twisted his lips into a smile.

“I wondered where the dog was barking.”

The man turned around with a smile on his face. Young knights with clean faces without a single scar. The hard polished and oiled armor shone.

“They weren’t puppies, were they cute puppies?”


The faces of the knights became stern at the vulgar ridicule. The emblem of the Knights Templar engraved on the chest. The Silverwing Knights of Turas. At that pattern, the man burst into laughter again.

“Looking at it, you look like crappy people when you barely got an apprenticeship ticket recently, can you guys stay here like this? Your leader, your leg was severely amputated the other day.”

“…what are you saying…”

“Shouldn’t I go and take the piss and piss of the head of a wheelchair for the rest of my life?”

The man giggled and put his butt on the reception desk. Because the entire Mercenary Guild building was blown away in the battle a few days ago, a temporary reception desk for the request was set up on the street. Thanks to this, I had this quarrel.

“The mercenary is going crazy…!”

Repeated insults. The young knights could not stand it any longer and drew their swords. Seeing that, the receptionist’s face was stained with despair. Pedestrians passing by stopped walking and became spectators. I’ve been through a major battle just a few days ago, but it’s always fun to watch others fight rather than fight on that terrifying battlefield.

“Did you pull out the knife? What’s next, do you want to throw in a handkerchief? Or gloves?”

The man chuckled and waved his hand. Then, he grabbed my nose and furrowed his brow.

“Sniff… Ugh, smells like milk… Babies, is that how you hold a knife? huh? Have you ever cut someone with a knife? In the first place, you guys, are you sure you pulled out a knife to kill me? huh? Aren’t you thinking that if you’re just a knight and pull out your sword in good shape, the mercenary will not be able to do anything on its own?”

“Pull out your sword!”

The young knight, who seemed to be the leader of the party, shouted out loud. At that cry, the man chuckled and stood up from the reception desk.

Among the onlookers who stopped, mercenaries and knights were also mixed. They recognized the man for who he was and felt pity for the unknowing young knights. The mercenaries trembled, imagining what would happen next, and the knights took a few steps back, not wanting to get caught up in a fight or spark.


The man laughed and put both hands inside the frayed cloak that was draped over his body. …Was the test correct in the first place? Such questions ran through the heads of the knights surrounding the man.


The sound of metal inside the cloak. It was a small sound, but the knights flinched and stepped back. …It was an unintentional reaction. Instead of retreating, he had to move forward and swing his sword. I definitely wanted to do that, but my body backed away on its own.



The man lifted his cloak. Then the various weapons he was wearing fell down. There were three or four swords of different lengths and different types, a heavy hatchet, a short spear that could be handled with one hand, a whip, and a flail… In addition, there were various weapons. It was unbelievable that he could move around with so many weapons on his body.

“As you can see, I use a lot of things other than swords. Do you have any weapons you want?”

“…a bluff…!”

“Bluff? ugh, yes You mean you don’t want to choose yourself? If so, I’ll pick the right one for you.”

Perhaps there was a weapon that he hadn’t taken out yet, the man put his open hands into the cloak. The eyes of the knights watching him began to tremble with unknown anxiety. An inexplicable tingling sensation made her skin tingle.

“How about this?”

The man twitched the scar on his cheek and laughed. Both hands plucked from the cloak. The knights gasped, gasped, and stepped back again, froze.

A towering middle finger.

The man made a serious expression while shaking the candy in both hands.

“…is one finger too much?”


The crowd burst into laughter, and the knights’ faces flushed red. The humiliation and anger welling up from the bottom of his chest pushed away the unknown fear.

The knights rushed in without saying who was first.

“…is that really him?”

The roof of a distant building.

The wizard, wearing a large hat and wrapped in a robe, frowned. Although she was far away from the scene of the fight, she saw the scene as closely as if it were right in front of her nose, and even heard the conversation clearly.

“I don’t like it.”

It wasn’t just the wizard watching over the man. A clergyman in a black and white priest’s uniform also shook his head while clicking his tongue.

“Aside from skill, people are too vulgar. I swear to God, that man is the most disrespectful mercenary I have ever seen in my life.”

“…Aren’t your skills just like that in the first place?”

The wizard helped the priest. Then, the tall warrior standing on the railing and facing the wind shook his head.

“no. That man’s skills are not to be underestimated.”

“…why are you up there?”

“His movements heated my blood and made my body hot. The soul of a warrior I possess is crying out to compete with that man.”

“Stop talking bullshit and come down. Aren’t you pitiful for the railing supporting your huge body?”

The cleric stared at the back of the warrior with tingling eyes. But instead of replying, the warrior burst into admiration and nodded his head.

“…the ability to excel is… um… I get it.”

Although he said that, the wizard couldn’t quite understand. that mercenary. It seems strong. However, that strength did not deviate from the common sense of magicians.

“Not enough.”

The priest opened his mouth. She leaned over the railing and lifted the small holy water bottle from her waist.

“Vermouth. I don’t know why you would accept that mercenary as a companion.”

Vermouth Lionheart.

He was several steps behind the group. Gray hair, neither black nor white. Golden eyes that sparkled like they were crafted from gold. His features were so beautiful that it was hard to believe that he was a man, but he did not look weak.

“…we think it’s already perfect.”

Anise Slewood.

She brought the holy water she always carried to her lips. After taking several sips of the poisonous holy water that seemed to set her insides on fire with just one sip, Anise looked back at the vermouth with her thinly open eyes.

“As for the precedent, one moron is sufficient. Mr Vermouth. What do you want from that mercenary? What do you think that mercenary can do, so do you insist that he be accepted as a colleague?”

“…I think Anise is right too.”

Senya Merdane.

She continued, raising her hat tipped forward.

“I’m not very good at martial arts, but that mercenary doesn’t look more reliable than Moron. It seems that he is more ignorant than Moron… but how does it help us to have one more asshole?”

“I am not a coward.”

“If that mercenary doesn’t block as well in front as Moron, what can he do? battle? You have Vermouth, do we need more combatants? Or is that mercenary a faithful cleric who is different from what he looks like?”

Senya snorted and reached for the holy water bottle Anise had set down on the railing.

“If you are a priest who is more faithful than our Holy Water Addict saintess and creates more wonderful miracles… Hehe, it’s okay to accept…”

“Can’t you?”

slap! Anise’s hand hit the back of Senya’s hand fiercely.

“I am the Saint of Light. There is no priest in the world whose faith even comes close to mine. That is why I am with Vermouth-sama on his journey.”

“Can’t I just give you a sip?”

“It’s not possible.”

Senya’s shoulders drooped at that resolute refusal.

“…not a man to be ignored.”

Moron Luhar.

he said as he came down from the railing.

“That guy. His attacks and actions seem clunky, but his movements are smooth and fluid, like flowing water. A martial art that has been perfected beyond countless lines of death that ordinary people cannot even dare to dare to do… It’s not just that.”

“What do you mean it’s not?”

“I can’t explain it exactly, but that guy’s skills are mixed with something unique.”

“Moron, you were asked in advance by Vermouth, right? huh? Did Vermouth ask you to take his side?”

“Vermouth doesn’t ask for anything like that.”

Of course. Senya pursed his lips and glanced back at Vermouth. …It was the first time that vermouth had such an incomprehensible stubbornness. On his way to this place, he saw many heroes, and among them there was a person who was inspired by Vermouth and asked to be accepted as his companion.

‘…why do you only want to make a mercenary Naburaeng as a companion?’

That mercenary was also a very famous figure among mercenaries. A young mercenary who skillfully handles all kinds of weapons and returns alive from any harsh battlefield. A ghost on the battlefield who does not belong to a mercenary group, does not lead his subordinates, and wanders only in search of a battlefield full of monsters rather than high pay.

Hamel Diners.

“…This is the first time I’ve asked a favor like this.”

Vermouth’s lips opened. He moved closer to the railing and continued.

“I will never ask you for anything like this from now on.”

“…Mr. Vermouth.”

“anise. you said What can that mercenary do, and what do I expect from him?”

The fight there is already over.

The seven knights surrounding Hamel each had their limbs broken and were scattered on the floor, and Hamel was examining them holding the swords they had dropped. While taking away the weapon so openly, none of the onlookers tried to stop Hamel.

“…I don’t know what he can do. But, there is definitely something I want.”


“I want him to fight with us.”

Vermouth said with a thin smile. Anise’s eyes widened at that smile. Anis wasn’t the only one with such a surprised expression. Senya, who had been secretly aiming for Anise’s holy water bottle, also stopped, and Moron, who had been wandering with Vermouth for the longest time, opened her mouth wide.

“I don’t know if his skills are going to be unreliable right now. However, he will quickly come after us.”

“…It’s not enough to follow them. Vermouth, do you know? We will go to Helmud, and we will kill the Demon King there.”

Senya calmed her surprise and stretched out her hand to point at Hamel.

“There’s no way a guy who can only defeat a few young knights and steal swords… can fight with us…!”

“You can fight. He will be able to stand by us in no time.”

“…Mr. Vermouth. Is that… an oracle?”

Anise asked in a trembling voice. Then Vermouth shook his head slowly.

“It is not an oracle. My… It’s just forced. I will make him a ally anyway, and I will do my best to convince you.”


Senya shook her head, feeling her chest constrict.

“So what? Are you going to stay here watching? If you’re going to make them allies, shouldn’t you go and talk to them!”

“Go and say hello, shake hands, and compete. Raise a fallen opponent and drink. That way we can become friends.”

“…I don’t want to add any more ignorant asshole friends.”

Anis was still unconvinced and looked full of dissatisfaction. However, since Vermouth had said that, he did not refuse to say no more.

It was the same with Senya. Morron was the only one in the party who accepted Vermouth’s insistence without complaint.

‘…what do you mean?’

Moron felt something. Is there something that can only be seen by warriors? But Senya and Anis couldn’t feel anything from Hamel. A low-quality mercenary with a rough demeanor. The Hamel they saw was nothing more, nothing less.

“What are you again?”

Even when I saw it from afar,

Will things change when I see them up close? Senya looked down at Hamel with a face that was not trustworthy.

“Why are you suddenly flying in and looking down at people?”

Isn’t that too cheeky for people who are new to each other? Senya’s eyes twitched as she glared at Hamel. A large scar on the left cheek. Besides that, there were several small scars on her face. Her raised eyes were ferocious enough that even a glance could sense the filth of her character.

“Hamel Diners.”

The vermouth floating in the sky came down first. He came closer to Hamel, holding his gray hair that was swaying in the wind with his hand.

“Have you eaten?”


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