Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 561

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The colorful light emitted by the city lit up at night. Exciting music heard everywhere. But even with all the lights in the city turned on, the darkness in the sky did not fade. Rather, as if responding to Noir’s declaration, the sticky darkness swayed like waves in the sea.

Twilight is over.

It is night now.

“Hamel, I hate dawn.”

I hate waking up in the morning.

Noir rose from her chair. He remembered the night he spent with Eugene in this city.

Days of shopping, drinking, and walking around the city together. At that time, Noir hoped that this night would last forever. She hated the coming dawn. At that time, that moment was unmistakably real, but Noir thought it was all a dream.

I hoped the dream would never end.

“So, I won’t let the dawn come.”

But the dream is over. Eugene didn’t want it, and Noir accepted it. I woke up from my dream and came back to reality.

Noir laughed and jumped from Jebela Face. Noir, who fell without spreading his wings, slowly descended from the sky. Eugene stood still and watched Noir come down. He looked down and met eyes with Noir, who smiled brightly.


the city shook The ground collapsed greatly, and cracks like spider webs spread. Eugene chewed on the puduk and put strength on his knees.

It wasn’t a knee-jerk level, but a huge impact that could crush the entire body. The defensive barrier, which had been overlapped several times, crumpled like a piece of paper before that overwhelming power. A sanctuary built by Prominence. The inviolability of God was set as a rule, but it was meaningless.


Above Eugene’s head, Noir laughed. It wasn’t a great attack. Noir just fell from the sky and landed his foot on Eugene’s head.

That’s all.

“I didn’t expect you to embrace me like a princess, but Hamel, your expression is-”

Kku-gu-gu-gook… … The high-heeled shoes strongly pressed against the barrier of the sanctuary.

Pudeuk, Pudeudeuk… … ! The cracks in the road spread further. Eventually, the road that could not withstand the pressure overturned, and the ground began to lower and lower. Eugene held the Levantine while maintaining the sanctuary.

“It’s like I’m heavy.”

Noir laughed and whispered.

Pooh! A spark exploded within the barrier of the sanctuary. The mythic blade, which accelerated with the momentum of the explosion, cut through the sanctuary and aimed at Noir.

The elongated legs moved. Kwak! The black shoes kicked off the flames and blades.

No matter how strong the impact, the Levantein will not break. However, even though it was only a kick, Eugene felt as if his arm had been ripped off and he was being blown away.


Noir laughed loudly and raised both hands. Quarrrrr! Purple magic whirled between the palms. As he lowered his raised hand, magic power poured over Eugene’s head like a waterfall.

It’s not just magic. It is poison. The poison ran down the surface of the sanctuary’s barrier and began to melt the floor where Eugene stood. Black smoke billowed from the oozing and melting road. It was poison too.


Poison does not work on Eugene’s body. However, the current miasma made even Eugene feel dizzy.

the dream is over this is reality However, the magic eyes of noir and fantasy now change even reality. It is impossible to create a whole new world like in a dream, but the absolute miasma that does not exist in the world was within the category of fantasy that noir can create.

Originally, he should have been poisoned and melted like the floor the moment he took on the solo dance, but Eugene’s divinity resisted the miasma. That doesn’t mean you’re not addicted. My mind was shaken by the intoxication that took place in an instant, and my body did not listen.

“I think I am drunk.”

Noir whispered. She stretched her finger towards her reeling Eugene. Her purple magic concentrated in her fingertips. My vision shook, but the light was intense. Eugene’s body reacted spontaneously to the intense murderous intent.

Will I die if hit? Even if you won’t die in one blow, you will be mortally wounded to the extent that you cannot fight for a while. In today’s Noir Jebela, that brief gap leads directly to death.

The moment the light of the fingertips was shot. Eugene bit his lip.

A body that still does not move as well as desired, has given up control at all. Instead of thinking and moving, I left everything to my instincts and intuition.

The body resisted death. Instinct and intuition moved to defy the deadly. The body, which moved on its own, narrowly escaped the magic.

– Kwaaaang!

Light poured from the sky. Noir frowned at the light falling above his head.


You know the subject and the fraction, and you’ll be praying from a distance. The viewing would have been mercifully granted. Noir snapped his fingers in irritation.

– Kwak! Light exploded in the night sky. Broken fragments were scattered everywhere like fireworks.

That was enough. Know subjects and fractions? It’s not what Noir thought, but Cristina and Anise know the subject and fraction well enough. They cannot kill Noir Jebella. It’s hard to injure, let alone kill.

Originally, I did not take on such a role. Whether it was 300 years ago or now, the seat of the saintess was neither in front of nor beside the hero. behind From a few steps away, you should see the hero’s back. When a hero stumbles, the first place you can see.

‘It reached.’

Scattered fragments reached Eugene. That was enough. In an instant, the vertigo disappeared and control of the body returned. The miracle of immersed in treatment and purification cleansed Eugene’s mind and body.


He exhaled a breath that came back. Noir’s eyes met. She smirked and snapped her finger at Eugene.


Lightning suddenly appeared in the night sky. A large bolt of lightning struck Noir’s head.

“It’s a surprise!”

Noir laughed and shouted. His lightning caught in Noir’s hand like a toy. Noir threw the lightning bolt he held in his hand like a spear. Pooh! The lightning that flew through space arrived in front of Lymilia in an instant.


Lymira screamed in surprise. Before she could fire her breath, Senya responded. That lightning is Senya’s magic.

However, the moment she was caught by Noir, Senya’s magic ceased to exist. Conversely, Senya extinguished the lightning attacking her with magic.

up Senya gnashed her teeth and flew into the sky. In an instant, she leaped through space and approached the center of the city. Attack with ultra-long-range magic outside the city.

I was able to figure it out with a recent attempt. To Noir now, that kind of attack is meaningless. The magic emitted from a long distance is taken away by Noir in reverse.

“I should have warned you.”

Noir whispered, feeling Senya approaching.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t come.”

Quarrrrr! A huge magical power whirled around Noir. She spread her bat wings and tried to soar high into the sky, but she had no choice but to stop halfway.

black flame. The sword with overlapping myths split the space.


A darkness that seems to suck all colors. The heat that would turn your lungs into ashes just by inhaling it lightly. And, a very intense murderous intent. All of that made Noir feel like Hamel. It made Hamel feel real. It made me realize the reality again.

“I am now.”

Noir’s hand moved. Magical power gathered in his softly spread palm.

“You are at the center of your dream future.”



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I want to die to Hamel. I want to kill Hamel. I don’t know what kind of ending it will reach. This process is so enjoyable and happy. Especially because I had a bitter and sad dream.

I am happy now. Because her dream ended like that, she fell in love with Hamel even more.

So, Noir did his best to respond. The small magic power swelled greatly. The Mystic Eye of Illusion and the Mystic Eye of Prestige were activated at the same time.

-Cheer up! A chain appeared in the air and blocked the sword. Immediately, an illusion dwelled in the magical power of the palm.

Magic power became a flame. Flames covered and overlapped with flames. A bright smile crept across Noir’s lips. She wished for Eugene’s sword, and the fantasy demon’s eye turned the wish into reality. It was impossible to imitate the Levantine, but Noir’s endless magic was amplified by the skill of the sword.

An overwhelming force was created. A chain of confinement brought about by the Mystic Eye of Prestige. The sword created by Eugene now breaks even the chain of confinement. However, Noir’s sword that attacked from the other side of the chain could not be broken.

The moment they collided, they were rather pushed away. Kwaaaaang! Eugene’s body flew backwards with a loud roar. The recent collision had extinguished the flames of the Levantine. A force too strong destroyed the myth.


It was as if all the bones in his body were crushed, no, they were actually crushed. Recovery is quick. The prayers of the saints are also prayers, but the body that has reached divine status has immortality not allowed to humans.

‘The attack can’t reach.’

I came back to reality, but it’s just like a dream. Eugene’s attack did not reach Noir. As she said, even her reality was a nightmare.

‘No, it’s different. The current noir can be killed.’

Holy Moonlight Sword Levantine. This sword was smelted by Light himself in order to kill the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. To the demon king who does not die even if killed, the Levantine’s flame is fatal. Even the current Noir Jebela would have limits in reviving if he directly burned the myth with Levantein.

The problem is reaching Noir. Eugene had no choice but to admit that he was mistaken inside. Noir will not be good at direct combat. If not in a dream, he will be able to drive Noir.

It is true that things have improved a little. Noir in reality is not omnipotent like in dreams. Even so, the battle was not easy. He thought he was not good at fighting, but Noir was overwhelming his Eugene with only direct combat.

The wide open prominence applied the brakes to the flying body. The pre-sprayed feathers came into Eugene’s field of vision. jumped up immediately. I was thinking of digging into Noir’s blind spot, but I felt it in the moment of leaping.

It’s a failure. This kind of attack doesn’t work against Noir. The whole city is ruled by Noir. No matter how Eugene moves, he cannot fool Noir’s senses. To her, her blind spots don’t exist.

Ahaha. A joyful laugh tickled Yujin’s ear. Something huge filled Eugene’s field of vision in an instant.

It was Jebela Faith, who was sitting on the roof of the casino. The bizarre flying object rushed towards Eugene. The problem was speed. Before Eugene could avoid it, it collided with Jebella Face.

Not only was it fast, but it was also heavy. Eugene’s body was pushed back again. Tick ​​tock… … I heard the ticking of the hands inside the Jebbella Face.

An artificial and blatant signal. Eugene’s face twisted. Doesn’t this sound mean only one thing? Eugene imagined, and the imagination soon became a reality.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! A huge explosion occurred. Jebella Faith, who was pushing Eugene, self-destructed. A simple explosion cannot hurt Eugene. However, this explosion was by no means simple. The shock that came from passing through the sanctuary barrier made Eugene spurt blood.

“Your attack is so ingenious.”

I’m not used to fighting like this. Even now. I felt something huge move behind my back.

ㅡ It is a building. One of the tall buildings in Jebela City approached Kung, Kung, Eugene with a leg it shouldn’t have.

Whoops! The surrounding buildings were dismantled, reconstructed and glued together. A large concrete fist lifted up.

“oh my god.”

Such an ignorant and huge attack does not work on Eugene. But in this city it’s a different story. It looks like a golem with shabby limbs attached to it by forcibly raising the building, but that itself contains the fantasy that Noir wants.

Kwaaaaang! The big fist of the building slammed down on Eugene. Eugene immediately wielded the Levantine and activated the Power of the Crushing Weight. At the moment of impact, the building exploded.


Noir laughed and clapped as he watched the scene from the sky. Even the applause was out of the ordinary. Every time her hands collided, the city shook and her magical powers raged. A storm of magical power hit the back of Eugene, who was gasping for breath.

“Kreuk… … !”

Eugene’s body staggered forward. he didn’t fall She barely stopped and looked back.

It was an unreal sight. All of the surrounding buildings had been pulled out and were floating around Noir. Noir hummed and moved his fingers.

Pasasasak! Large buildings were dismantled and turned into countless stones. The sight was not very different from what he had seen in his dream. Noir in the dream beat the stars and the moon to Eugene. Noir in reality destroyed the building.

Beating it didn’t change. The merciless bombardment began. Each of the stones imbued with magical power was just as powerful as in a dream.

Roaring! The Levantine spewed flames again. Before he could swing the sword himself, the space around Eugene cracked open. The power of the magic spear unfolded. Thousands of sparks shot out as spears.

repeated interceptions. Magical power and flames danced in the air. Even a slight touch would sweep them away and turn them to ashes, but to Noir, it all seemed like a beautiful fireworks display.

Noir put on an ecstatic expression and rested her chin on her hand.


I sincerely expressed my feelings. It’s not just a firecracker. It is the moment when all the ties and emotions that exist between each other are treasured and sublimated into a sad murderous intention and exploded. This beautiful sight belongs only to Eugene and Noir. It should be.

But dare.

“You ignored my warning.”

It’s an attack that should have been done earlier. An attack that was blocked by Eugene. But now I’m not disturbed

Noir’s magic whirled. A terrible murderous intent dwelled in the purple magic, sharpening the blade. Noir lightly pushed the awl he had created next to him with his fingertips.

didn’t blow The awl leaped like magic and disappeared. An awl appeared in front of Senya, who was approaching at high speed.

Senya was not taken aback and stretched Mary forward. The magical power extracted from Amelia Merwin and Senya’s mana were transformed into spiritual power. ㅡjjuh! The magic generated by spiritual power blocked the advance of the awl.

“go away.”

A whispering voice came close. Noir appeared among the dissipating magical powers. Her purple eyes flashed with light. forced sleep. The authority at close range oppressed Senya’s mind. Senya’s eyes widened.


Rather, a brief moment of bewilderment crossed Noir’s expression. There was no doubt that he was put to sleep, but it was because he couldn’t push Senya’s mind into the nightmare.


A gasping voice. That voice didn’t come from Senya’s mouth.

[This, the Goddess of Magic. How many times do you think you will fall for the same and unchanging trick?]

Noir was dumbfounded and burst into laughter. She caught a quick glance.

dark night sky. I saw Senya’s figure connected to her body by a faint string. opaque existence. The moment her forced sleep was activated and she fell asleep, Senya separated her soul from her body.

“Is the method you used to think of suicide?”

Noir laughed and spat out.

Bubbubuck! As if punishing that ridicule, magic penetrated Noir’s body.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 560Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 562
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