Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 562

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Arrows landed in both eyes. Hundreds of arrows appeared one after another and pierced Noir’s body. In an instant, Noir’s body transformed into his hedgehog.

It’s obvious, but it’s not an ordinary arrow. Magic created with spiritual power is given an absolute law even if it is unintentional.

It contained only the intent to kill. I didn’t want anything else. Noir Jebela, wished her annihilation. Hundreds of such arrows were planted.

“Huh… … !”

The separated soul returned to the body. The shock woke me from forced sleep. Even with this method, forced sleep cannot be avoided, but it is possible to avoid nightmares that should never be experienced. No matter how old you are, if you fall asleep and are dragged into a dream, there is no way.

So, the body and the soul were separated by themselves. As soon as he fell asleep, he temporarily put his body into a state of suspended animation. No matter how much noir it is, it is impossible to show a dream to a dead opponent.

However, this is not a method that can be used over and over again. The burden of resuscitation is also a burden, but as the separation is repeated, the connection with the body inevitably fades. Even if they separate themselves someday, they die without coming back.

‘Still, it’s possible.’

Breaking down the city’s nightmare worked. The dream that Noir gave to the city is still collapsed. Otherwise he would have been caught in the city’s dream even if he had separated his soul.

The dream that Noir shows now is a dream that only works with one person’s consciousness. It’s a method that really becomes suicidal the more you repeat it, but you can still deal with it.

but. To be honest, I don’t want to repeat it multiple times. If possible, I want to finish this one time. The magic just now worked. The arrow of spiritual power apparently destroyed Noir. Hundreds of murderous intentions were thrown at the same time.


Even so, Noir moved. The body that leaned behind him slowly stood up.

gigg. The arrows stuck in his body made an unpleasant sound whenever Noir moved. Suwook! Arrows stuck in both eyes were pulled out. The eyeballs did not come with it. The broken pupil was restored in front of Senya’s eyes.

“It hurts, but.”

The arrows that pierced the cheeks and lips were pulled out and fell. Noir pursed his torn cheeks and lips a few times before smirking.

Purple eyes turned to Senya. Senya again tried to separate his body from his soul, but he didn’t have to. Because he did not unfold the forced sleep. Noir smiled loudly at Senya, who had flinched.

“Are you scared?”

insult. Senya’s eyebrows furrowed. However, he was hot and could not attack. It was because Noir’s attack was much faster than Senya’s. His feet, which had moved before he knew it, kicked the air.

Even with that, Senya’s flight was over. She could no longer fly and was pinned to her ground.

“Senya Merdein. Your magic hurts. okay… … I’ll admit it’s a cool murder, but you can’t kill me.”

Noir spread his arms and whispered as if singing. Slammed into her ground, Senya spat out swear words and stomped the ground with both hands. At that moment, a chain rising from the ground wrapped around Senya’s hand. majesty’s eyes. It is a chain of confinement.

“The only murderous intent that can kill me is Hamel’s. The murderous intent I want to die for is Hamel’s.”

Chains that continued to protrude bound Senya’s body. Noir whispered as he looked down at Senya, who clung to the ground.

“I will not die from murderous intentions like yours. No matter how much you hate me and want to kill me, your intention to kill me is of little value to me. Your very existence doesn’t suit this place. You shouldn’t have come here.”

“Crazy bitch… … !”

“Ahahaha! That’s something I’ve heard too many times, and it’s not even offensive, yes, I’m crazy. Mad with love for Hamel!”

Noir raised a finger. The shaky fingers continued to create illusions. Cooking utensils that could only be found in the kitchen appeared one by one.

With the exception of knives for trimming vegetables and cutting meat, soup for stirring pots, forks, spoons, plates, cups, and a few others, tools that seemed incapable of harming people were packed in front of Noir.

“Hmm, would this be better for you?”

Noir’s smile turned grim.

Cheer up! All the tools were turned into books. A large bookshelf, a rocking chair, and even a fireplace appeared. Senya’s face, which barely lifted her head to look up, was terribly distorted.

She now knew what the fantasy created by Noir meant. She knew what a great insult and deception it was.

“I will not kill you.”

Noir laughed and said.

“You just have to stay on the floor like that. Lie down and do nothing, buried and weighed down by your boring and trivial dreams. I kill Hamel, Hamel kills me, all that. Just live and see.”

Furniture and books from the library started falling on top of Senya. Maybe I could die from that shock alone? When Noir recalled that thought, he put on a smile.

if you die like that If that insignificant death that cannot be laughed at was the end of Senya Merdein.

What is that, can’t it be helped? Noir did not put any murderous intent into this attack. It was just pouring out the library Senya dreamed of. If Senna were to die from something like this, it would be an accident that could not be helped.

To be honest, I would be happy to witness such an accident. Noir laughed wickedly as he watched Senya get crushed in the study.

ㅡKooung. Just before everything stopped.


Noir, who watched with wide eyes, sighed. Not just talking, but even applauding. pair, pair, pair. A mediocre applause raised the night sky. Aside from ridicule or anything like that, Noir honestly admired Senya now.

All the chains of confinement created by the Mystic Eye of Prestige were severed. Of course, Noir didn’t quit. Senya broke the chains herself and stood up. Even if it didn’t contain murderous intent, everything that Noir wanted and crashed was stopped. That, too, was what Senya did.

“It’s quite good.”

This was also an honest impression. The chain of confinement blocks mana and magic. For a wizard, this is a fatal contradiction. It is impossible to break even by force. To break that chain with magic and even stop the fall before it’s too late.

“Did I underestimate you too much? I should have paid a little more attention.”

Noir smiled and said. Senya didn’t answer. She stumbled to her seat, letting out her wheezing breath.

Pain felt all over the body. And, the anger that heats up the inside of the heart and the head. Senya chewed her lips and lifted her head.


Seeing Senya’s face, Noir burst into laughter. bloodshot eyes. Blood flowing from nose, lips and eyes. It was clearly visible that Senya had done a lot to free herself from the chains.

“Does it look too hard? Hmmm, maybe that would be better. Senya Merdein, I will not retract my statement that I will not kill you. If the outrage just now was enough, you would have saved your face, so why don’t you sit quietly and watch?”

Didn’t answer. To be honest, I couldn’t hear that giggle.

“Is there any means to heal the wounds? Somehow, everything I see looks painful. I’m sorry, I’m not used to using the Mystic Eye of Prestige like this. Is it difficult to control your strength?”

I saw bloody limbs. As he struggled to escape, his flesh was crushed and his bones were broken. Noir clicked his tongue and waved his finger. Fire! A large chair appeared next to Senya.

It was a rocking chair.

“Come on, sit back and relax. Because there are many books… … Ahaha, I’m picking up something and reading it. I don’t want to bother with you.”

Saying that, Noir turned around.

Just a little bit of time has passed. The attack he had focused on Eugene hadn’t ended yet. The bombardment rained down so continuously that the scenery could not be seen. That attack doesn’t end as long as Noir wishes. No matter how much you crush, cut, burn, and turn it into ashes, you can create another attack from those ashes.

“… … I am.”

Noir’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned his back. You can tell without looking back. He was very considerate and made a chair for me and even gave me a book. Did he really have to make a lake or a river?

“I am too greedy.”

Noir spat out annoyedly. She turned her head and looked behind her. She looked at Senya, who was holding her wand in a bloody hand and pointing it this way.

She glared at Noir with bloodshot red eyes.

“If consideration is neglected like this, no matter how much the country is, there is no choice but to be more angry. Are you going to be quiet if you tear off your limbs?”

Senya still didn’t answer. The anger that had gone far beyond its limits made Senya unable to hear Noir’s mockery. Instead, I heard other sounds clearly. The voices of Christina and Anis. While the two were busy with ‘other things’, they knew about Senya’s injury and tried to treat it.

‘it’s okay.’

Senya thought. She refused to be treated by saints.



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‘I like it now.’

Disability and pain of broken limbs. The pain made her more clearly aware of her pathetic appearance now. Senya bit her lip once more. ㅡWoe! Spiritual powers swelled, and a galaxy appeared behind Senya.

The whole sight aroused Noir’s annoyance. She saw the huge galaxy spreading behind Senya’s back.

It is different in depth and class from what I saw in Hauria. Noir felt that way. It was just a feeling, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what depth and potential it had.

Noir pondered for a moment. Should I force Senya to sleep once more? Even if he separates his soul and escapes the dream, it is only avoiding the dream, and he cannot launch a fatal counterattack against Noir.

or not.

Shall we rebuild the huge dream that has ended? A dream that shakes the city and wakes it up. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your dreams come true. It will become a fragile dream that is easier to wake from than the first time, but even so, it is enough to trap and kill Senya.

-Dreams are bound to wake up one day.

I remember that voice. A thin smile crept across Noir’s lips. With that alone, Noir gave up on rebuilding the urban dream.


Noir muttered in a low voice and moved his fingers. Cheer up… … ! Chains appeared around Senya.

“You should consider yourself lucky.”

Hamel hoped for reality, not a dream. So Noir gave up her dream, willingly dying to Eugene in her dream.

I did not recreate the collapsed dream. That’s lucky for Senya. If Noir hadn’t given up on his dream of the city- Senya’s magic would never have threatened Noir.

“So, accept the present luck and mercy with gratitude, and stay still.”

The head of the chain turned to Senya. Senya didn’t react and stood still.

Like the first time, Merry aimed at Noir and didn’t move. Her anger cooled her hot heart and her mind became quiet. In her frozen silence, only the clank of her chains could be heard clearly.

I listened more. She passed the sound of chains and heard small whispers. Whispers, not human language. Mana’s voice that Senya always heard while fabled. She hoped, listening to the whispers.

Chain of Confinement. That is one of the many traumas that Senya has. The memory of being blocked by the chain in Babel’s palace and sitting there without doing anything came to mind.

This is not Babel. It is the city of Noir Jebela, the queen of Gal X that Senya despised. Admitted. Noir is stronger than Senya. Even though she is the queen of Gal X, that power is real.

Do nothing, stay still? Just watch him die and die with Hamel?

Of course I don’t like it. Senya, she hated everything that made fun of her helplessness at herself. Her feelings for her that f*cking her, she felt like 300 years ago she was fed up. She never wants to feel it again.

To do that, you have to get over that dog chain. The chain of confinement moved towards Senya. That moment.

Senya’s time stopped. Time in the world flows without stopping, but Senya’s time did not. In her eternity alone, Senya’s consciousness accelerated. The moment the chains that had come close to her touched Senya, the galaxy behind her lit up.

This is the manifestation of endless mana. A direct implementation of the Eternal Hall into reality. The Eternal Hall, which Senya thought was complete, was destroyed by Senya herself in the process of reaching the Divinity of Magic. Now that is not just a word infinity. On the subject of infinity, it does not remain limited.

Infinite magic understood the power of confinement. The chain was pushed back by the magic that bloomed like a flower.

Pasasasak! Chains entwined in magic have corroded. All of this happened in an instant.


Noir did not understand what had happened to him. It all felt like a sudden fantasy.

It wasn’t much different. Just as Noir turned fantasy into reality through the magic eye, Senya invoked mana and created miracles and illusions. It is a chain imitated by magic. Hundreds of chains bound Noir in an instant.

“Aha… … .”

As with the chain of confinement, Senya’s chain has similar powers. Mana is suppressed. Noir laughed cheerfully at the fast-approaching exhaustion.

I quite liked Senya Merdein’s intent to kill ‘now’. If it wasn’t for Hamel, Noir would have felt the excitement just with that murderous intention.

But with Hamel, it can’t be. It is impossible for the man you love to have an affair when both eyes are open.

Noir giggled and moved his body. She didn’t move very well. This chain was so strong that even Noir couldn’t shake it off easily.

“Is this really the limit now?”

However, Noir did not feel the slightest sense of danger and whispered. Because Senya, who was staggering, got down on his one knee.

She took a deep breath and clutched her chest with her hands. Recreating the chain of confinement with magic. To suppress Noir Jebela’s endless and ferocious magic. All of that gave Senja a huge load.

“I want to clap again, but my hands are tied. Or should I kill with praise… … .”

Saying that, Noir let out a deep sigh.

“I didn’t want to play with you because it seemed like this.”

The smile disappeared from Noir’s face.

“If I am doing this and you are doing this. like me.”

The lovely creepiness you feel behind your back. The intent of killing that I want to deeply embrace.

“It’s like a villain who harasses the heroine.”

Noir sighed and turned his head.

Eugene, who should be trapped in endlessly repeated shelling. He–not a single wing, but a pair of wings of flame spread out and glared at us.

Noir saw black ashes flying around Eugene. Disappeared in one blow… … did you make it? No way. The bombardment would have to be repeated.

‘I burnt the fantasy itself.’

I saw the Levantine, the flame burning red and black.

More firepower when killing Gavid Lindman. I don’t think I used ignition… … ? what about those wings? Noir felt suspicious for a moment, but soon cleared his expression and smiled.

Just as his whole body was bound by chains, Noir twisted his body around and burst into tears.

“Help me, Hamel!”

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