Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 563

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Just now.

An attack that is repeated without stopping and without interruption. This attack was simple, persistent, and hard to shake off. No matter how much he wielded the Levantein and exploded magic, the attack did not disappear.

The answer to overcome this situation was simple. Increase your firepower. To prevent the fantasy from returning to the beginning and starting, burn the fantasy itself and turn it into ashes.

It’s a simple answer, but it’s not easy to try. In order to explosively amplify Levantein’s firepower, you need to use Ignition.

If Ignition is used, a short-term decisive battle is forced. No matter how much Ignition’s duration was increased, it was inevitable that Eugene would be burdened with using Ignition already in a battle where he was not sure of his killer.

‘An empty sword.’

The myth overlapped and cut. I blew Eclipse together. However, the attack could not be dispelled. The wreckage of the building, which should not have been a big deal, continued to be restored and continued to flood Eugene.

Resembles. I thought so. Although the shape is slightly different, this prison of persistent chain attacks resembles the infinite purgatory that Hamel used to enjoy in the past.

It can’t be a coincidence. It was Noir Jebela who created this attack. That crazy bitch would come up with the crazy idea of ​​reproducing Hamel’s attack aircraft and killing Hamel.

‘Senya is here.’

The dream of the city has collapsed, but that doesn’t mean that noir has weakened. In particular, his tenacity and anger toward Senya and Anis. Of course, Eugene had no choice but to have ominous imaginations.

Can not be done. Eugene bit his lip. Even now, Senya is getting closer and closer.



I heard a voice in my head.

Hwaaak! A light shone in Eugene’s chest. Eugene looked back in the direction she heard her voice without realizing it.

far outside the city. However, Eugene’s eyes were blind and he could see Lymir Ah flying near the far wall, and Christina praying above her head.

[It’s okay if you don’t mind us.]

[So please.]

whispering words. Eugene put down the hand he was about to place on her chest. He held the Levantine in both hands instead.

“Was it me who was hesitating?”

Yujin smiled bitterly and took a deep breath.

ㅡQuarrrrrrr! Eugene and Levantein began to resonate. The power that could not be handled without ignition came out from the inside of the glass blade. Her hands tingled and her heart began to tingle. Eugene gritted his teeth and glared at Levantein.

A short moan echoed in my head. Blood flows from the stigmata of both hands that made prayer. A hot and painful fever shook the saints’ consciousness.

Christina is not with Eugene now. But Eugene’s eyes looked at Christina. She could even see Anis, who had no physical body.

The light intensified as the two continued to suppress their groans and pray. The ring of light floating on their heads also began to grow larger. Before long, the figures of the two were surrounded by light.

“Uh, uh, mother! Mother!”

Lymira screamed in fright.

She felt Christina’s body above her head dissolve into light and disappear. Mer too freaked out and jumped up from her seat. She hurriedly stretched out her hand towards the light, but she couldn’t touch the body of her saintess who was supposed to be inside it.

“it’s okay.”

I heard two voices together. Pooh! The light is scattered. The figures of the saints also disappeared.


Slowly, I lifted the Levantine over my head.

The Levantine held in both hands felt heavy. It seems to be crushed. The moment he thought so, Eugene saw his bloody hands. The deep and powerful resonance changed the existence of the saints into light and led them to Eugene’s side.

“Are you not sick?”

Eugene asked. The two pairs of hands overlapped Eugene’s hands. The blood pouring from the stigma seeped into the flames. Roaring! A fierce myth wrapped around the visions of the saints.

[It doesn’t hurt.]

[Christina is lying now, Hamel. It hurts terribly. My soul seems to be on fire.]

Opposite answer.

“Be patient.”

I couldn’t say anything else. Anis laughed knowingly, and Cristina wrapped her arms around Eugene’s hand a little tighter.

ㅡPughak! The flames engulfed the saints. The weight was gone from Levantein, which was heavy as if it would crush everything. Eugene closed her eyes for a moment and opened them. The figures of the saints were no longer visible.

However, I felt the presence of saints behind my back. She felt a sense of unity she had never felt before.

[I didn’t want to become one in this form.]

I heard a whisper behind my back that sounded like a sigh. He didn’t know what that meant, but Eugene pretended not to hear and twisted his waist. Woo woo woo! Wings other than Prominence shone.

Kwajijik! The sword of Shinhwa turned everything into ashes. The attack that had been repeated infinitely, the fantasy granted to it became ashes. The attack was never repeated.

[Hamel, Senya… … .]

Hearing the hard voice, he turned his head.

Senna got down on one knee. Chained noir in the night sky. Eugene and Noir’s eyes met.

“Help! Hamel!”

Noir twisted his body around with an expression that looked like he was going to cry at any moment. Being able to do that was proof that all of that was acting.

That is a chain of confinement recreated with magic. However, Noir moves freely and flies in the sky while being wrapped around that chain. Noir’s magical power surpasses Senya’s.

“You wicked witch! You’re bothering me!”

Noir screamed loudly. Eugene gritted his teeth and lowered his gaze. Senya is… … .

[it’s okay. Senya-sama just lost consciousness for a moment.]

[Don’t get me wrong. The injuries to the limbs are what Senya hoped to remain.]

Two voices are heard at the same time. But I didn’t feel dizzy. Those voices melted into his consciousness, as if Eugene recalled them himself.

And that wasn’t all. The field of view is wide. As much as Levantein became lighter, the ‘limit’ of miracles increased. It wasn’t that I was baptized expecting this kind of ability. this is a miracle


Eugene A far-out and huge divinity that is difficult to handle alone. That is what I shared with Anis and Christina, who are also saints of light.

Then how much has the limit of miracles increased? How far is it possible? not measured I have to try. Eugene’s body leaned forward.


Noir erased his crying expression and looked down. Eugene, who had been on the other side until just now, was below. Either move fast or use magic. Either way, it was easy for Eugene. If that’s the case, it’s no surprise to Noir.

But now I’m surprised. There’s no way Noir won’t feel everything that’s going on here. It was because Noir couldn’t feel Eugene’s movements right now.

Noir saw the wings behind Eugene’s back. Wings of light different from Prominence. Noir’s eyes grew thin. It’s definitely wings. Now, in Noir’s eyes, they didn’t look like wings.

Christina and Anise. It seemed that the two of them were standing behind Eugene’s back. Noir’s lips twisted at that.


Noir opened his twisted lips and let out a laugh. Kwajik! The chains that bound his whole body were broken and scattered. Noir stood upright in the night sky with his wings spread wide.



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Eugene stretched out his hand toward Senya. A dazzling light penetrated Senya. Her crushed limbs regenerated in an instant. At the same time, Noir’s finger pointed to Eugene.


I was thinking of blowing it up. I hoped so. The fantasy that had yet to be realized, the magic power for it was cut in two in front of Eugene’s eyes. The end of the Levantein that had been lifted before he knew it was aimed at Noir.

pop! Conversely, an explosion occurred in front of Noir. A dark red fire consumed Noir. Noir laughed softly and shook his palm. Gently outstretched palms pushed away the flames. The flames were extinguished just by squeezing the outstretched fingers.

In that short interval, Eugene arrived in front of Noir. The Levantine accelerated and burrowed into Noir’s neck.

Interrupted. The white palm caught the blade of the blazing flame. The ring on the ring finger shimmered brightly even in the flames. I took it and tried to push it away.


didn’t get pushed To Eugene, the sword was as light as a feather, but to Noir, it felt very heavy.

The flames that exploded inside the Levantine led to the sword. Pooh! A series of explosions accelerated the Levantine. It was impossible to stand in the way. Noir, pushed back from power, flew backwards.

“Oh my goodness.”

Noir let out a short exclamation and looked at his palm. Burns were visible. Did he dig in with his gear nose? Noir laughed involuntarily.

The sword is heavy. The wound is hot. All of that excited Noir. She clasped her hand in her bitterness. She seemed to fly to the other side of the continent, but her body stopped in the air.

I saw Eugene lifting Senya up. The sight could only be a little irritating to see.

Still, accepted. no matter who helps. No matter who you put behind your back, whoever you put on your side.

“After all, today, here, all you see is me.”

The excitement and love transcended even the emotion of jealousy. How long have you been looking forward to this moment? I realized it again through the sore palm wound. To be honest, until just now.

Noir did not imagine his defeat. He couldn’t realize the death he so expected. But now it’s different. Senya’s magic surprised Noir, and thanks to the saintess’ prayers, Hamel’s sword reached Noir even in reality, not in a dream.

This is not a duel or anything. It’s just that each other desperately wants to kill each other. fair fair? In the first place, this battlefield is overwhelmingly advantageous to Noir.

But now, is it a little equal? A defeat that was unimaginable and felt so far away. Could death be a little closer?

“Damn the bitch.”

The wounds on the limbs were healed. But the pain in his chest and headache did not go away. He is a master of reproducing the power of the Demon King without a magic eye.

“Can you fight?”

“why. Are you even asking for help now?”

“I said it before, when did I say I was fighting alone? You said you were going in alone.”

“No matter how you look at it, you were in the mood to fight alone?”

“If I really wanted to fight alone, I wouldn’t have come with you, and I wouldn’t have chosen the location here. Like Gavid, they will drag you into the arena.”

“I, really, don’t like it. Why is that girl fighting on the battlefield with an overwhelming advantage?”

“Would you have come out if I called?”

Eugene glanced at Senya with a puzzled expression. She thought for a moment as Senya evened her breath. She’s terrifying to imagine, but if she’s Senya Noir… … .

“I’m not leaving.”

There is no reason to give up the overwhelmingly advantageous and omnipotent battlefield. Senya would have done the same.

“… … Wouldn’t it be possible to pull it out now? If you just run away.”

“I don’t want to run away.”

“It pisses you off to say that on a topic that could have been ruined.”

Senya grumbled and listened to Mary.

In fact, she knows too. Even if you run away today, no, retreat, it will be difficult to seize victory next time. Rather, the next could be even more terrifying.

We were able to destroy the city’s dream now, but will we be able to destroy it again next time? However, it is not possible to rule out the existence of Noir Jebella.

If Eugene ignores her, Noir will move the territory without hesitation by joining hands with the demon king in captivity. If not, Noir’s dream may unfold not only in Jebela City, but throughout Pandaemonium.

If that happens, there’s really no chance of winning. Before even climbing Babel, they will be annihilated by Noir, who is assisted by the demon king of confinement. There is no chance to kill Noir except now.

kill, chance.

Senya closed her lips and looked at Eugene. I don’t know what kind of dream Eugene had. However, just as the process of breaking the dream was not smooth, Eugene must have had a terrible nightmare in his dream.

“… … .”

I wanted to ask. what a nightmare you had What conclusion did you come to? Do you really want to kill Noir? Even if I die, is it okay?

it can’t be okay No matter how determined you are, if you kill Noir—you won’t be able to rejoice in victory like you did before. There will be aftereffects in one form or another.

But even that, Eugene would endure.

“… … If it’s a simple strength fight, you’ll have the upper hand.”

So Senna said so. I didn’t want to shake Eugene’s resolve by asking one more time. Senya’s job on this battlefield is to help Eugene win.

“Don’t worry about me, fight as you like. I’ll do my best to block those f*cking evil eyes. so… … .”

Senya stopped talking and looked up. Eugene also hurriedly looked up. it’s night now The sky is dark because there is no moon or stars, but it is because a different ‘darkness’ has suddenly fallen.

It is a building. A huge building is falling toward Eugene and Senya. Senya raised her merry while frowning.

“So, don’t stay by my side and go.”

The magical light that appeared around Senya exploded at the building. Hundreds of beams obliterated the building without even detonating. The little remaining crumbs poured down like rain, and the illusionary eye changed the wreckage into a different form.

I didn’t leave it like that. Senya’s magic captured the illusion.

It was just that I said that I would block it. Senya’s infinity gave birth to magic. Unlike the Mystic Eyes of Prestige, the Mystic Eyes of Illusion are innate with Noir. Not borrowing the power of confinement, but Noir’s own power. It was possible to imitate the borrowed authority, but it was impossible to respond to that fantasy through imitation.

If that’s the case, the magic collides one after another. Just as Noir’s Mystic Eye makes fantasy a reality, Senya’s magic also makes origins a reality. The way is different. If you fight with just this, Senya will be defeated.

Does not matter. The only thing Senya has decided to do is to block the illusion.

The path was opened by magic. Eugene let go of Senya without hesitation. The support was gone, but Senya didn’t stumble. Before she knew it, she saw Eugene’s back, which had flown far ahead. She didn’t want to look back. She didn’t want to make me look back.


He didn’t care about the illusions blocked by magic. She saw Eugene approaching quickly.

I saw Levantine’s flame. Even as that Black Noir, I couldn’t help but be concerned. The burns on my palms are still sore. It hardly ever plays. After all, being cut by that sword is fatal.

However, I felt that the form of ‘sword’ was rather a weakness. A sword can only cut or stab. No matter how powerful that flame is, the shape of the sword rather makes Hamel feel ‘less’. Noir had no choice but to regret that. The sword was too honest to express the ruthless murderous intent of Hamel, whom Noir loved.


Because I thought so, it was a little late to understand now. It was because Eugene threw the Levantein out of the blue.

Holy Moonlight Sword Levantine. A sword forged by Light for Eugene. To kill the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction, Eugene and the divine sword of light. The sword left Eugene’s hand and flew at Noir like a dagger.

I was surprised, but it wasn’t an offensive method that deviated greatly from honesty. Noir snorted and leaned back. It couldn’t be said to be close, Levantein generously bypassed Noir.

“for a moment.”

At the moment he moved like that, Noir hurriedly spat out. But Eugene did not stop. A miracle unfolded at the same time as throwing Levantine. A leap in space that even Noir couldn’t detect moved Eugene’s body right in front of Noir’s nose.

A fist slammed into Noir’s face.

‘You’re not going to cut the knife now?’

Noir had a nosebleed, but that’s what he thought.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 562Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 564
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