Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 564

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I didn’t throw the Levantein in the way it was going to happen. Eugene judged that he had designed it well enough to be like this. Continuing to attack mainly the Levantine, Noir made the Levantine conscious.

I can’t help but be conscious No matter how strong Noir is, Levantein’s attack is valid. Noir in particular is strong but not arrogant.

300 years ago, he never showed up in person, and after the war, he culled demons who could be his opponents and corrupted them. Even after that, he continued to supply his spirit and grow in strength.

Contrary to his appearance and behavior, he is very cautious. There was no way that such a Noir would not be aware of the Levantine who could fatally wound him.

Every time Eugene attacked, all her nerves went after the Levantine first and foremost. Although other magic or attacks were allowed, Levantein made them keep an eye on them.

In the end, he punched Noir in the face. He felt it crush his nose. more, stronger. I hoped so, Kwajik! His fist exploded in Noir’s head.

The body that had lost its head slumped. Eugene waved his hand without stopping. Levantein, who flew away, was back in Eugene’s hands before he knew it. Even if you are not a great wizard, you can use the magic that summons a fallen weapon.

No, there was no need to use magic for the Levantine. Levantein itself is Eugene’s divine sword. It means that the moment you want it, you get it in your hand.

Blades wrapped in mythology rushed at Noir. He didn’t have high expectations. His head was smashed, but Noir was not dead.

also. Noir’s body reacted before the Levantine could reach it. Kwak! Eugene’s body was pushed back by the kick.

“You hit a woman in the face!”

Although he had no head, Noir’s cry was clearly audible. Kurrrrr! Dozens of buildings pulled out of the city flew at Eugene all at once.

ignored Eugene leaped again without attacking the building. Bang, bang, bang! The buildings that were flying at Eugene were destroyed from the sky. Senya, who remained on the ground, intercepted it.

‘Anise, Christina.’

I’ve never done it. But I thought it was possible.

It is the light that melts the Levantine’s blade. Unfortunately, Eugene is not familiar with divine magic and miracles, but the saints are different. The saints were frightened by Eugene’s absurd demands, but they did not hesitate. God who performs miracles thinks that it is possible, but there is no way that it is impossible.

The blade slithered like a piece of glass. The blade, which seemed to melt as it was, changed its shape according to Eugene’s will.

An ax or a hammer? Noir, who restored her head before she knew it, opened her eyes wide. The form was so imperfect that he had no idea what it was until just before.

Still, one thing was certain. The current Levantine was never a sword.

“answer! ax!”

Noir laughed and shouted. Her outstretched hand struck the night sky.

Pooh! The entire darkness of the sky seemed to be dispelled. Enough magic power overtook him. Many things are mixed.

Even while ignorantly firing mana, the two demonic eyes did not remain silent. A chain protruding from space aimed at Eugene.

‘Turn it over. get away Get crushed. kneel down Kneel.’

To put it simply, the authority of the illusionary eye is manipulation of cognition. So far, Noir has used that power in combination with his dreams, and now he is manipulating reality beyond cognition. Those intuitive illusions will work on Eugene the moment they make contact.

My head feels like it’s going to explode. It’s like scraping the intestines with a spoon. Now, Senya sees through the unmanifested fantasy and blocks it. The chain of confinement is blocked by a chain of magic.

‘you can do it.’

There is no depletion of mana. As long as consciousness endures, magic can be drawn from infinity. Senya gasped for breath and stared up at the night sky.

The power of the magic eye was blocked as much as possible. But I can’t stop that ignorant mana from creeping in.


I thought it was an axe. got it wrong The current Levantine was a hammer. It was not made of flame, but the blade itself became a hammer.

It’s different from before. A heavy blow broke the mana. The night sky that had been pushed back with magical power shattered.

“But you weren’t half right?”

The hammer that shattered magic and the sky became an axe. There was a distance like this, but the distance disappeared before I knew it. Noir whispered, spreading his arms wide at the ax stuck in his chest.

Quadd! The ax that came down did not reach the end. The purple magic that Noir was wearing became hundreds of hands and grabbed the axe. The placenta was crushed by the axe, but progress was blocked.

‘Illusionary eyes?’

Senya swallowed blood and opened her eyes. Instead of using it to manipulate reality, he directly gave illusions to his magic power. Do you think something like that would be possible? Senya hurriedly moved his merry and aimed at Noir.

f*ck! This time, Senya’s magic blocked it first. The mana of the ignorant mass blew Senya’s body backwards. Eugene pulled out the ax he was holding. Hundreds of arms were ripped off. The blazing flame burned mana and turned it into ashes.

However, there is no damage to Noir because he could not directly hit the Levantine. A large amount of magical power was burned? no problem. The burnt magic power is nothing compared to Noir’s infinite magic power.


Noir whispered.

“He hit me pretty hard, aren’t you worried? She might be dead.”

“I won’t die.”

The blade has been extended.

“Ahaha! Do you believe in Senya Merdein? Or do you believe in my kindness? Well, if you killed it, you could have killed it right away. I am not killing you.”

I had a chance to kill several times. In other words, I was able to control my mind at the point of sending the invitation.

What didn’t kill.

I thought Hamel would be sad. She thought Hamel would be angry. I didn’t want to turn Hamel’s murderous intent into her vengeance.

“It’s a window this time, right? it will be a window You’re pretty good at spearing too… … .”

No, that’s wrong. It was because the blade, which was elongated like a spear, suddenly became thicker.

‘What is that?’

An inescapable question. Soon, Noir had no choice but to freak out.

What I thought was a spear became a gun barrel. It literally became a cannon made of glass. Sparks flickered from the muzzle of the glass cannon.

I thought the flames might be radiating, but it wasn’t. A large number of small spheres of light poured out of the muzzle.

A sphere as small as a fist. Noir knows what this is. She burst into laughter as she watched the orbs drifting around her.

“The attacks have become more diverse.”

Hundreds of eclipses exploded simultaneously. The sky was no longer night. The sky once turned pure white. It was never a bright light. A flash of light that would erase everything was concentrated on Noir.

“Is it because of those wings?”

Noir smiled brightly and spread his arms wide.

Kkwajijijik! The magic barrier that Noir had opened was destroyed in an instant. Noir’s body drifted like fallen leaves in the flames. But he didn’t burn. As soon as Noir was destroyed, no, before it was destroyed, Noir reinforced his magic barrier and pursued Eugene.

All the light that lit up the sky went back to Eugene. Light flames overlapped on Levantein’s blade, which had become a sword again before he knew it.

An air sword that didn’t have much fun against Noir. But now it’s different. By resonating with the saints and becoming one, Levantein’s firepower greatly increased. The overlap now is-

“This is dangerous.”

Noir murmured.

Pooh! The air sword pierced Noir in an instant. The miracle of stroke, which had not been effective against Noir until now, was performed. The concentrated magic barrier was destroyed by the flames. He gave illusions to the remaining magical power. No fantasy could block the sword. Weapons, shields, armor, everything was cut by the flames before manifesting.

have no choice but to retreat moment thought.

iron spatula.

A chain appeared from behind and bound Noir’s ankles.



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“I was wondering what you were aiming for.”

Under the sky that brightened and darkened again. In the rubble of a broken building. Senya’s eyes glowed. I was knocked out and beaten to stay. I never thought she would lose consciousness.

ankles tied Piljung’s public sword is approaching. No matter how you respond, it’s a little late. Then what can I do? Noir smiled and spread his arms.


Pooh! The blade of the sword cut Noir’s chest. The cut chest opened wide. The flames burned the wound so that not even his blood could spurt. A heart was visible in the wide open wound. An invading flame aimed at the heart.

“I lacked realism.”

Noir smiled brightly and whispered. The fire that had been advancing toward the heart was extinguished. ㅡIt was shallow.

Eugene chewed his lips and pulled the Levantine. The shape of the sword has changed. Now this gap, the form to pierce the heart most quickly without unnecessary motion. The dagger plunged into Noir’s chest.

Noir’s hand blocked the dagger. Kwajik! The palm was pierced, but the dagger could not advance further. Before the Levantine could change form again, Noir’s fingers clasped his hilt and Eugene’s hand together.

“Realization of death.”

Blood dripped from Noir’s lips. It was good. The taste of blood spreads in your mouth. The heat of pure pain felt in the chest and hands, different from palpitation and emotion.

“Let’s be desperate for each other, Hamel.”

Puffy! I broke the chained leg. He cut off the hand blocking Levantine as well. Noir, who had been freed like that, let out a big laugh.

The moment Eugene tries to attack again. Noir gripped the wound in his chest with his one free hand.


The wound opened with a loud laugh.

Cheer la la rock! Instead of blood, something else spurted out from the wounds burned by the myth. It wasn’t organs or bones or anything like that. What spurted out of the wound was Jebbella Coin. So many coins hit Eugene that it was impossible to count them.

‘what’s this?’

I’ve been attacked by Noir until now, but I never thought he would spit coins out of his wounds. Even this coin was heavy and strong.

Eugene gritted his teeth and swung his sword. Wow! Various coins were lost in the flames.

Noir was nowhere to be seen. Eugene immediately extended his senses to find Noir.


I heard a cracking scream from below. It’s Senya’s voice. Eugene raised his head without checking Senya’s condition.

ㅡuuuuuu! The great Jebbella Face was seen to fall. One of those sitting on top of the casino roof. I haven’t forgotten the memories from before. She might be caught in an explosion that couldn’t be ignored if she got knocked out of the front.

Eugene immediately went out of range and shot Eclipse. Perong! Jebella Face exploded like a firecracker.

‘What about Noir?’

Where did you go in this brief moment? did you run away No, it can’t be. To buy time to heal your wounds?

Even though it was a shallow wound, Levantein definitely left a scar on Noir. A wound that would have reached her heart if it had been a little deeper. Even if it wasn’t a fatal wound, it wouldn’t be a wound to be ignored. Although other wounds can be healed immediately, it is difficult to recover from Levantein’s wounds. She has left her scars at best and should not be given time.

“Do not worry.”

A voice was heard. Eugene immediately turned his gaze to the place where the voice was heard.

Where I first encountered Noir in this city. center of the city. Noir was there, completely collapsed. Jebella Face was the only one floating in the sky. Noir smiled brightly next to him.

“Did I tell you? Hamel. Let’s be desperate for each other.”

The scars left on the chest are good. I like the bloody and hot heat. Noir touched Jebella’s face with his regenerated left hand.

I thought there would be an obvious rush, but it wasn’t. The crowned Jebela Face, which Noir had always made her home for, suddenly soared high into the sky.


Boom, cheek, cheek, cheek! Jebela Face’s mouth opened and loud music poured out. The large glass pupils emitted colorful light like a mirror ball. The night sky, with neither the moon nor the stars rising, was colored with brilliant colors. At the same time, the darkness melted into the night sky focused on Noir.


The magic that encompassed the entire city flowed into Noir. She reaped all the remnants of her dream in the city. Instead of giving up on restoring her dream again, she concentrated all the power in her estate on herself.

ㅡThump! A loud beating sounded from the wound in his open chest. Noir caressed his wound and leaned back.

“Aha, ahahaha! This, this is too much!”

Magical power that even Noir himself could not fathom. All the power she had accumulated throughout her life was put into one body.

blah blah blah! Cracks began to spread in the sky centered on Noir. Eugene couldn’t rush into it and looked at Noir with both eyes wide open. It was the same with Senya. She barely stood up, supporting her tattered legs with her hands, and swallowed her dry saliva.

[Oh God.]

Even the saints found God without realizing it. A sense of intimidation that makes everything so far feel like a fleeting dream in the end. An ominous force that causes goose bumps and numbness in the limbs.

Puck, poop! Buildings in the city could not withstand the weight of the sky and began to collapse. ㅡwoo woo woo! Noir spread his wings wide in the shimmering space.

Wow! It just spreads its wings. Even so, the city completely collapsed. The shock spread even outside the city. Lymilia, terrified, was hit by the impact and fell screaming. Senya, who hastily opened the barrier, also vomited blood at the shock.

Eugene made the Levantine stand tall. A bright flame cut through the darkness. The sanctuary built by Prominence and the Wings of Light resisted Noir’s overwhelming magical power.

“Aren’t you lacking?”

whispering voice. I heard but didn’t respond. An attack from above her head knocked Eugene to the ground.

Kneeling, not kneeling. I persevered and aimed for the next one. I swung her sword, but it didn’t reach. The giggles receded and then drew closer again. Kwak! She was knocked down, but this time flew backwards. Blood gushed out of Eugene’s mouth.



I heard the screams of the saints. Wings of light that moved freely wrapped around Eugene. Broken intestines regenerated. The eyeballs that had been blown out and exploded due to the impact that spread throughout the body were also regenerated. The light returned to the darkened vision.

Cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek.

Loud music like you would hear at a club in Jebela City. Multi-colored lights that confuse the sky. All of that is mind-boggling.

“Mr. X.”

Eugene coughed up blood and spat it out.

Even if it is strong, it is too strong. To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve struggled like this since I realized my divinity and got my new sword.

The specter was strong. Gavid was also strong. But it wasn’t as overwhelming as it is now. It wasn’t even one-on-one, he was receiving help from Senya and the saints, but he couldn’t help but feel victorious. when touched even shallowly. when cut. At that time, is it worth winning? I thought. I was very slightly relieved.

But it’s like this. Eventually, he enters into a nightmare and is being manipulated by Noir every moment until now.

‘I feel it.’

Eugene staggered to his feet. Noir is not attacking more. Noir’s figure was visible in the dizzying colors. The concentrated mana became a black dress. However, the hollow shape makes the scars on the chest clearly visible.


The wound did not heal even though all the mana was removed. But the inside of the wound is not visible. Only black darkness remains where the heart should be.

Feeling his gaze, Noir smiled brightly. She raised her hand proudly and felt her wound.

A little more, a raised finger caressed the necklace.

“… … .”

baptized the saints. The current Levantine has more firepower than when Ignition was used before. The sanctuary itself was also strengthened. The range of miracles that can be done has also grown.

Still, it lacks firepower.

‘What should I do?’

A battle like the one before won’t take place.

‘How many times have I reached you?’

When I barely touched it, it was shallow.

‘Can I reach you again?’

Now it seems that I can’t even reach it shallowly.


He inhaled a deep, bloody breath.

‘The real feeling is enough.’

not enough Noir seems to have felt death only now, but Eugene has never failed to realize defeat and death in this city.

‘More, desperately.’

Now Eugene is standing in the firing line. Even a slight tilt will kill you. No, in fact, it is already deeply inclined towards death. You have to change the flow.

‘Now I am weaker than Noir Jebella.’

With that recognition, what was to be hoped for became simpler. What was lacking in the end was determination. As Noir said, he was not desperate. Beyond defeat, death, the dead line, everything.

‘Kill Noir Jebella before I die.’

Eugene’s left hand gripped his chest.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 563Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 565
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