Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 566

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“you… … You stay still.”

I had no choice but to say that. It’s the first time I’ve seen Eugene hurt this badly since Laizakia. It wasn’t until 300 years ago that I was seriously injured, but wasn’t that the time when everyone was weak and immature?

Senya approached Eugene with a pale face.

“I am alive.”

Eugene glared at the sky and spat out. Just as Eugene did not die, Noir Jebella did not die. She is now waiting for Eugene somewhere in the night sky.

“Who knows? I know. that… … That Gal X is alive. But you don’t have to fight anymore… … !”

Senya held onto her robe and spat out.

miserable look. Not only the severed arm, but also internal injuries look serious. After acquiring divinity, he was able to regenerate quite a few wounds on his own, but even that was impossible for Eugene now. The cost of causing divinity to run out of control. It’s just ignition’s recoil.

“you… … Just sit quietly here. With your severed arm. A little, a little bit, and Christina and Anis will come to their senses. Yes, the elixir… … .”


“You’re not worried about me, are you? I have injuries too, but they’re not even scratches compared to you. And Gal X is just as badly injured as you! therefore… … .”


“Don’t call me by my name! Just, just shut up and rest. If it’s the current Noir Jebela, I can kill it… … .”

I couldn’t speak to the end. Senya closed his parted lips and glared at Eugene.

Could it be that he was told not to call me by name? Eugene didn’t call Senya any more. However, that gaze was several times heavier than the words he conveyed through his lips.

“… … It’s as if the battle is already over. We’re both alive, but to you… … i have I can finish it.”


“… … .”

“This is a problem with me and Noir Jebela. Me and Noir, only the two of us have to end it. you can’t.”

“under… … ! Is there any reason why I, I should match the sentiments of the two of you? You can’t even control your body right now… … ! I accept that you dare to fight… … .”

“If you don’t listen to me and do whatever you want, I will hate you for the rest of my life.”

While saying that, Yujin smiled faintly.

“really. I will not forgive you even if you cry and cry.”

“… … If you die, there will be no hatred or anything.”

“I won’t die.”

It is useless to say anything to Eugene at a time like this. Senya wanted to convince Eugene somehow, but he sighed deeply when he realized that it was impossible.

“… … ok, ok Killing that Gal X yourself must be that important to you. By the way, how are you going to kill it? Now you can’t even move your body, let alone fight… … .”

“I just need to make it able to fight.”

After saying that, Yujin placed her hand on her chest. Senya blinked her eyes, unable to comprehend that action for a moment.

Before long, Senya, who noticed what Eugene was about to do, stretched out her hand in fright.

“You crazy bastard!”

Eugene’s fingers caressed his heart before being seized by magic. ㅡThump! There was a heavy power in the faint heartbeat. The extinguished flame was revived.


Until now, the only time Eugene used ignition consecutively was during Raizakia. At that time, Eugene single-handedly pushed Ryzakia to the brink of death, but just before he was exhausted, he collapsed.

The two consecutive surges completely destroyed the heart and core, and Eugene almost died at that time. If it hadn’t been for the miracle of the World Tree, he would really have died.

“It’s different from back then.”

Eugene said in a calm voice. The previous Ignition caused the divinity to run out of control. The current ignition is purely to run mana out of control. Therefore, it will not die from recoil like the case of Laizakia.

Of course, that’s just the theory. The reaction that made the divinity go wild is the seal of divine power. There is no burden on the body. But now, can a broken body withstand the recoil of ignition?

Didn’t think. Noir wouldn’t be in a good state either, but there was no chance of winning without causing mana to run wild. Eugene finished her first aid treatment by catching her breath and taking the elixir from her cloak and pouring it into her mouth.

“this… … this… … .”

Senya was at a loss for words and only pursed her lips. After smiling at Senya, Eugene kicked her off the ground and flew up into the sky.

“If you die, I will die too!”

Senya shouted at Eugene as he flew into the night sky.


In the shimmering night sky, Noir let out a short sigh.

“To die together in my arms… … I thought it was a beautiful ending.”

It could be. It was very, very close. But in the end it didn’t. Noir patted his chest and laughed.

In fact, Hamel’s response was also excellent. The moment the concentrated mana was about to explode. Hamel did the best he could at that moment.

“The beautiful ending I thought was not beautiful to you.”

Did you lack the strength to hold on? or not… … Did you hesitate at the last minute? Maybe. The self-destruction just now was an impulsive act. I just, just, wanted to. Was that why I wasn’t passionate? Did you hesitate at the end?

Either way was good. Did you lack the strength to hold onto it, or did you hesitate? Because everyone is making this moment sweet.

Noir placed the hand that had been caressing the wound on her chest on her lips.


Blood flowed from his slightly pursed lips.

The self-destruction that did not go as planned also caused great damage to Noir. She lost her prestige. A considerable amount of her mana was also evaporated by her previous self-destruction. The injuries to her body are also significant. Her chest was cut and pierced. The area near her heart was bitter and painful. Her tattered wings trembled as if they would break at any moment.

But Noir is still alive. Alive, flying in the sky.

“I could have had the same dream.”

Noir smiled with a bloodied face. I could see Sun Hamel staggering down there.

Hamel’s condition was also disastrous. Hamel had his left arm cut off. Ignition is also over. Prominence was also exhausted. The resonance with the saints was also over. That endless divine power was not felt now.

Still, neither of them died. Still alive.

But they are intuiting each other. The end is coming soon. The dream, the night, is over. Noir chuckled and looked down.

– I saw a spark. Hamel is coming. That flame is different from before. Divinity or divinity, I didn’t feel anything like that. Yet it burns fiercely. Noir realized what Eugene had done. In a state where he could not use his divine power, he used Ignition once more.

“So much for me!”

Those flames that didn’t feel any divine power were lovely. How could I not love the sight of him sprinting towards death and destroying his body. Noir smiled brightly and caressed my neck.


He called his name affectionately with blood-stained red lips.

“My Hamel.”

I feel Hamel thickly from that figure without divine power. Reincarnation doesn’t interfere in the slightest – yes, Noir smiled and nodded his head. The first man she, Noir Jebela, loved. He was a man who couldn’t help but love.



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“aha… … .”

Noir let out a sweet sigh and looked at her body. everything is messed up His chest was cut and punctured, and his body was covered with wounds. Even the clothes that were beautifully dressed now look no different from rags. Noir made a small hand mirror and looked at his face.

“I’m ugly.”

It’s a pretty enough face, but Noir didn’t like it. The left eye, which had been ruptured and emptied. A face covered in blood. Even the cracked lips. I didn’t like everything. With a face like this, with a look like this.

Hamel- he didn’t have to step out himself. As Senya Merdane cried out to her, it didn’t matter if she left the finish to her. Rather, it is rationally right. Because the current Noir can’t handle Senya.

Even so, Hamel came personally. With his body unable to fight, he dared to use ignition once more. I came to finish everything with my own hands. If so, Noir should do his best to greet Hamel. Noir giggled and raised his magic power.

Regenerated pupils filled the left side. The scars on her face were gone and a light layer of makeup was applied. There was nothing he could do about the chest wound, but the other wounds regenerated. Even the clothes that were tattered like rags were replaced with new ones. That’s how noir became a beautiful look that suits the end. Noir turned her mirror around to examine herself, then put it down with a satisfied smile.


Helmude, no, the best theme park on the continent, which has only been open for a few years. A city of pleasure where you can enjoy all the nightlife that exists. Noir Jebella Her Jebella City, the city where she embodies all her dreams and ideals.

A mirror fell into the ruins.

fire… … .

down there A light came on in the amusement park, which still maintained its shape. The merry-go-round moved with a creak, and the ferris wheel began to spin with its lights flickering. Noir looked at it and muttered in a low voice.

“There were many things I wanted to do with you in this city.”

Eugene raised the hand that was still resting on his chest. Chijik. Levantein showed up, led by Eugene’s hand. The current Levantine, whose divine power was sealed, was neither a divine sword nor anything.

– Even so, it can be used as a sword. Eugene put the Levantine inside the cloak. He took out another sword instead.

An ordinary, crude sword. A sword without any legend or mystery. Hwareuk. The flame of the white flame covered the sword.

“Gamble at the casino, drink at the bar, shop at the department store, at the swimming pool, at the zoo, at the amusement park.”

The blade wrapped in flames headed for Noir. ㅡHook. The flickering flame slowly subsided. was not in a hurry The slowly manipulated sword steel wrapped around the flames once more.

“There are so many things I wanted to do, I can’t even say enough. yes, but it’s okay What I wanted to do the most was-now, because I am doing it.”

Divinity cannot be used. Not required. I knew it instinctively. Noir now does not need divine power. Neither Agaroth’s power nor the divine sword were needed. Whatever you hold in your hand will reach Noir now.

If you have the will to reach.


Noir saw a sword aimed at him. I watched the flame calmly subside even though it overlapped several times. He saw golden eyes shining through them. He saw a sword called ‘Hamel’, forged with the intention of killing all of himself.

“You are very romantic too.”

Why did Hamel hold a crude, ordinary sword rather than a Levantine? He didn’t have to ask and hear the answer. That vivid and beautiful intent of flesh was Hamel’s answer, and what Noir longed for and wanted to hear.

“And romantic.”

At the end of the whisper, Noir moved forward. He extended his right hand forward instead of his ringed left hand. He picked up a murderous intent as heavy as the love that made his heart swell. All the magical energy that Noir could wield now followed his murderous intent.


Noir pursed his lips and whispered his name. In a sweet voice, as if whispering to a lover lying on the bed. With an attack full of murderous intent as if dealing with Cheolcheon’s enemy.


He swung his sword randomly. The flame of the air sword overlaid on the rugged iron sword calmly subsided, but the sword fighting against the murderous intent was bloody. The creaking of the body, the strain on the heart, did not make the knife hesitate in the slightest.

Noir laughed. The sonorous laughter that I had heard several times tonight matched with the sound of sword strikes. he also cut he slashed over and over again He cut through a night that seemed like it would never end. He slashed a sweet and heartbreaking nightmare.

Noir waved his hand. The shredded chestnuts became claws. He let out a slash that tore from the front. He moved forward a little further. I entered the middle of a murderous intent that never felt cold. He had no regrets, no regrets, no despair, but the sword was not heavy.

Eugene Ryanhart.

Hamel Diners.

The sword did not stop. Magical power and flame intertwined. exploded and scattered Raised again. It exploded and was blocked several times, but the intent to kill did not dull.

‘we are.’

The scattered magic power became a blade again and grazed. ignored It’s a waste to cut them off one by one, and there’s no room for that. I was forced to use ignition. Changes all available mana to flame. I put all that flame into my sword. I only looked ahead. I saw Noir Jebelahman. She focused all her nerves on reaching her.

‘In the end, it has no choice but to be like this.’

A relationship from a previous life. Agaroth and Arya. It doesn’t matter. As long as he is Hamel and she is Noir, the two of them have no choice but to become like this.

don’t be dull don’t get heavy don’t have regrets Don’t hesitate. All the emotions you will inevitably encounter are not important in the present moment. That’s why Eugene’s intent to kill was pure. She approached Noir innocently.


I can feel it.

How much Hamel wants to kill me right now. How pure and upright that intent to kill is. So there was a laugh. I couldn’t stand it without laughing.

‘It’s the same for me.’

Because I love Hamel, I want to dream forever with him. Because I love Hamel, I want to kill him with my own hands. Because I love Hamel, I want to die at his hands. I felt death. I felt Hamel. This moment is the sweetest dream in Noir’s entire life.

close to each other I can’t back down now. I don’t even want to back down When stretched out, it touches.

Our eyes met each other. Each recalled the completion of a fatal death. Noir reached out. Eugene stabbed his sword.

‘it’s me.’

ㅡ Kwajik!

Noir’s hand scattered the flames and broke the sword. The shattered swords scattered across the night sky. Confirming that, Noir smiled brightly. In the end, Eugene’s sword could not pierce Noir. He approached and touched, but he did not give Noir death.

‘I’m killing you.’

The long-awaited end has been reached. To this day, Noir has felt many emotions. Noir Jebela. She was previously called Arya. She was called the Twilight Witch, and she was called the Saint of the War God.

I was tormented by the realization of that fact and the fact that I knew what I did not want to know. I was confused about my own existence. I was shaken by memories and emotions that were not mine. So even more, I felt love and hatred. My dear, Hamel, it pained me that my feelings for him were not entirely my own. The past life was hateful.

But in the end, I couldn’t let go of my love for Hamel. He was a man you couldn’t help but love. So today, I did my best to destroy Hamel. She wanted to dream forever. She wished to die with Hamel.

The end reached after passing through everything. Deadly and sweet like deadly poison. The feelings that will come after all of this will be so great that it cannot be compared to the regret, loss, and grief she imagined earlier. Perhaps she will be so broken that she will never be able to stand up again.

No, I was sure. Noir will be ruined. She may never be able to laugh at her again. She might never be able to dream again.

Does not matter.

A world without Hamel is no longer worth living. that is enough. Because I hate twilight, because I hate dawn, this sweet night ends with an eternal nightmare.



no. It’s not over. Noir let out a laugh involuntarily. Eugene twisted his body in front of the scattered fragments of the sword. A sword hilt protruded from the wide open cloak. same. A crude, ordinary sword with no special features.

It always has been.

You handled your weapon too roughly. Having your weapon break in the middle of a battle was a common occurrence, nothing to panic about. If the sword in your hand breaks, all you have to do is immediately pull out another sword and wield it.

Hamel was such a man.

‘I’m satisfied.’

To be able to kill Hamel.

Now, to kill like this.

‘It wasn’t you.’

Even at this moment, Hamel did not give up. he didn’t hesitate

‘It wasn’t enough.’

Hamel did not want to die with him. He didn’t want to lose. At this moment, Noir painted after killing Hamel. He despaired of being destroyed and left alone.

But not Hamel.

He is looking at Noir even at this moment. The unwavering pure intent to kill did not hesitate in regret or lingering. The sword approaches. Longing rekindled the flame.

Noir smiled brightly and spread his arms wide.

“You want to kill me like that.”

Their bodies overlapped each other.

The sword pierced the heart.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 565Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 567
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