Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 567

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Time seemed to have stopped. I really wish it would stop, I thought for a second. A black night sky with no moon or stars. The loud music stopped immediately, and the Jebella Face stopped shining. The merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel did not move.

Eugene and Noir overlap in the center of the silent night. Eugene looked at Noir with trembling eyes. She is smiling brightly with her blood-dripping lips. She saw her chest wide open. The sword is stuck in her wounds, from her cuts and stabs.

Not shallow this time. I didn’t even plug it in. The crude sword accurately pierced Noir’s heart.

saw the necklace The necklace is red with the blood that spewed from the wound. Eugene involuntarily swallowed her breath. She wanted to turn her eyes to her side.

Noir’s hand moved. His trembling hand approached Eugene. Noir might still have some energy. She pushed her so hard and pierced her heart, but she is the queen of dreams. Perhaps her death is still unfamiliar and distant to her.

“… … Ahaha.”

His left hand, covered in blood, touched Eugene’s face. Red blood stained Eugene’s cheeks. Noir giggled and moved his hand. Her hand, which slowly came down, touched Eugene’s neck.

“… … haha… … .”

Quit. Noir did not hold on to Eugene’s neck. He didn’t stick his fingernails into the nape of his neck or tear them off. She caressed Eugene’s neck with a gentle, kind hand, as if handling a fragile craft. At that moment, I saw Yujin’s eyes tremble. She saw her cheeks twitch. I saw her lips twist.

“… … Hamel.”

Blood-stained lips opened. Noir whispered with a mischievous smile.

“In this wonderful moment, why do you look like that?”

With that expression in front of me, everything was satisfactory. Noir chuckled and moved his right hand. His fumbling hand went up to the back of his hand holding the hilt of his sword.

“Unlike you, the finish is clumsy.”

The dispersal power was not used to attack Eugene. Noir smiled mischievously and pulled Eugene’s hand.

-Quad deuk! The sword stabbed even deeper. The distance between Eugene and Noir became a little closer. Blood flowed from his open lips, and Yujin’s face was even more distorted.


A face that looks like it’s about to cry. A face not like Hamel. It doesn’t matter though. Noir closed his eyes in rapturous satisfaction.

I couldn’t fly anymore, and I didn’t feel the need to fly. Noir’s limp body began to fall.

I could have just left it alone. Eugene didn’t. If he had both arms, he would be able to support Noir’s back while holding a sword, but now Eugene only had his right arm left.

So I put down my sword. He took Jean Noir’s hand on the back of his hand and pulled it into his arms. ㅡWoe! The form-changing cloak wrapped the two bodies into one.

I felt the warmth through my cold body. He felt the trembling of her hand. Her hands and hands fell off. A hand that reached deep supported Noir’s waist.


went down slowly Eugene didn’t say anything. Noir buried his face in Eugene’s chest. So I couldn’t see Yujin’s expression. But he didn’t raise his head.

I liked it now. Really, I thought that time would stop like this.

However, no matter how much I long for it, time does not stop. Even with a leisurely fall, they eventually reach the ground. Eugene’s feet touched the ground. He held Noir for a moment, then let out a long sigh of his own and laid Noir to the ground.

“… … Ahaha.”

The sword pierced the heart. The long blade pierced the body and protruded from the back. That would have been the case, but even though his back touched the ground, he did not feel any pain as the sword was pushed or caught.

“Contrary to your appearance, you are delicate and kind.”

The moment he supported his back, he had already broken the hilt. So that you don’t feel any more pain when you lie down on the ground. Noir smiled and looked up at Eugene.

“… … Don’t you think I might fight back more?”

“… … uh.”

Eugene answered in a low voice.

“You could have done it if you wanted to. Even when you self-destruct with me. Even when I drive a sword through your heart.”

“Ahaha… … That’s different, Hamel. It’s not that she didn’t, it’s that she couldn’t. Self-destruction… … Huhu, your tenacity is stronger than I thought. I was too complacent. The last one-”

Noir closed his eyes for a moment.

“… … It was the same. I was satisfied in that moment. But you weren’t satisfied. Hamel, you… … I wanted you to kill me until the very end. That’s all. Your longing was stronger than mine. You, you wanted me so desperately.”

“… … .”

“Ahaha. That’s what it is after all. I am… … I hesitated at the end. I have regrets. I was satisfied with just that moment. Hehe, finally… … It’s just as I said. isn’t it?”

Noir smiled and opened his eyes.

I saw Eugene’s face. His expression did not change from before. He didn’t even change from a nightmare. Eugene feels like crying right now. He is forcibly holding on to his emotions. He is not happy even though he has won the victory he so longed for.

That expression was so nice and happy.

“… … It’s a great night.”

The end of the night is approaching. The color of the dark night sky faded. The sun rising in the distance gradually changes the color of the sky. Twilight has passed, even night has passed, and now the dawn is coming.


Noir opened his mouth.

“I woke up from the dream I wished would last forever, and the night I wished would never end comes to an end.”

The night is receding. Eugene felt it too. At the same time, the end of noir is also approaching.

Eugene put a hand on his throbbing chest. Was this pain caused by a series of ignitions, or was it purely emotional? Eugene did not want to judge.

“Tonight, I saw all of you.”

Reached out.

“Hamel, I licked your butt.”

A trembling hand slowly approached Yujin. He was right in front of me, but I could hardly reach him. Every step towards him seemed far away.

Noir felt death. Throughout his life, he has seen countless deaths. Many times she brought her own death, and many times she watched her dying teeth. One of Noir’s hobbies was to show the last dream to a terminally ill person.

However, Noir never realized death. He could create all his fantasies he desired, but he could not so much as his own death. Because he never realized it. Because he is unimaginable.

But now you can imagine. I’m realizing it. The eternal night Noir longed for today. A darkness that will never be revealed. Neither flashy, nor loud, nor noisy, a dull and cold silence is coming.

“I am.”

Despite facing death, Noir smiled heartily.

“I have you tonight.”

Cool. The gushing blood made him speechless for a moment. Noir vomited blood several times. Every time that happened, my body stiffened and cooled. My vision was blurred. Even so, Noir did not break his smile. He coughed up blood, and spoke again.

“I embraced it thicker and deeper than anyone else.”

He saw Eugene, whom neither Senya Merdane, nor Anis Slewood, nor Christina Rogeris knew. They enjoyed what they could never have. With all their might, they tried to kill each other. I almost killed him, hesitated, and ended up dying.

“ah… … .”

A hand that seemed unreachable reached me. Eugene directly held Noir’s hand.

Noir’s body trembled slightly. She understood her death again as she had realized it. It’s never dull and cold. It’s not as dark as the night.

Noir blinked and looked at Eugene. Tightly closed, distorted lips. twitching cheeks. Eyes that look like they’re about to cry but never shed tears. Shaking golden eyes. Gray hair that glistened in the distant light.

Eugene saw the dawn with her back.

“It’s warm.”



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Noir chuckled.

“If I were reincarnated like you someday. So if we meet by chance.”

“… … .”

“Can you recognize me? Will I remember you?”

“… … well.”

“Hehe, I think it’s possible. if… … If so.”

Noir paused for a moment, then smiled and shook his head.

“No, I won’t tell you.”

Rather than talking about the distant future that might exist, the present was more precious.


“… … .”

“Do you love me?”

At the whispered words, Yujin let out a short sigh. After taking a few breaths, he slowly shook his head.


Didn’t get confused. The emotion I feel now is not love. Eugene does not love Noir. she can’t love As long as she is ‘Noir Je Bella’, she can never have that kind of feeling.

“A nasty person. It’s fine if you lie to me at the end.”

I was not disappointed with the reply that came back. Noir smiled briskly and touched Eugene’s hand.

“but… … Hamel, you hesitated.”

It’s a weak hand, but I pulled it slightly. It’s a force that couldn’t pull a bowl, but it was enough to convey the wind. Eugene did not refuse and leaned towards Noir.

“You didn’t love me, but you almost did. Yes?”

I couldn’t deny it. The dream Noir showed me. battles so far. no, before that. When he finds out that Noir is Arya’s reincarnation. She became conscious.

As pleas were added to the things he was mercilessly ignoring, agitation was created in his emotions.

“That’s it.”

Noir smiled and nodded. The agitation Hamel felt was not pure. She is not an emotion born from seeing only Noir. —-It doesn’t matter even if that’s the case.

“After all, it’s all about me.”

I turned my head slightly and looked to the side. With her back to her ruins, Senya Merdane was seen approaching. The saintess, who had not yet regained her consciousness, was supported by Senya.

Noir smiled at Senya’s dusty face. Perversely, Noir had no choice but to feel superior in this situation.

“It’s not long before each other.”

Noir chuckled and turned his head again to look at Eugene.

body tremors. It’s not just because of emotions. The cost of runaway near death is also coming to Eugene. However, he will feel the pain enough to die, but Eugene will not die.

Noir is different. she dies soon It will fade and disappear like the night when the dawn is revealed.

“It’ll be troublesome if you collapse before I die. therefore.”

The hand that was barely raised touched Yujin’s cheek. Noir whispered, satisfied that his dying body moved like that.

“Can I tell you a will?”

“… … .”

“Senya Merdein. You too come here. Come closer and see me and Hamel.”

Even at this moment when death is imminent, do you playfully talk about it? That terrible madness and affection could not but make Senya sick. However, Senya did not refuse and came closer to Noir while supporting her saintess.

“You pretty much surprised me tonight, but that’s not enough. After all, you, Anis Slewood, and Cristina Rogeris are alive because of my mercy.”

“… … Is ridiculing us your will?”

“that’s right. Since I’m dying now, wouldn’t it be okay if I left a little bit of ridicule as a will?”

Senya unknowingly clenched her fists. Seeing that, Noir laughed.

“Still, I was really surprised. I’ve never liked you before, but Senya Merdane, today you were pretty good. The intent to kill was quite attractive.”

“… … what are you saying… … .”

“But it’s not enough. You can’t kill me with that level of murderous intent and magic. I can’t even kill the demon king of confinement.”

After all, is it ridicule and ridicule? Senya’s eyebrows twitched. But before Senya could answer anything, Noir continued.

“So I’ll give you the magic eye of fantasy.”

“… … what?”

“I don’t think the proud ‘wise’ Senya Merdein said anything too abstruse to understand. If you really want me to tell you one more time, I will. I’ll give you my fantasy magic eye. Along with the magic eye of fantasy, I also give you my magical power.”

At those words, Senya’s eyes could only be directed to Noir’s left eye. His majestic eye exploded from overuse. However, the magic eye of illusion still remains.

“I didn’t receive this from the demon king of confinement, so if I hand it over, I’ll be able to use it. As in the case of Ciel Lionheart, it cannot be handed over so that a human without magical power can use it, but if it is you, you can use it somehow.”

“… … .”

“Ah, but, if you care and give advice… … Don’t do the stupid thing of sticking a whole thing in your eye. I mean, try to use it as your proud magic.”


Senya could only stutter and ask. Why the hell does that Noir Jebela leave such a will?

“Because I don’t want Hamel to die.”

Noir laughed and said.

“I wanted to kill him with my own hands, but in the end I couldn’t. Then, the demon king of confinement. Even the demon lord of destruction shouldn’t be able to kill Hamel. If you, a weak person, stand behind Hamel, that in itself will be Hamel’s hindrance. therefore.”

Noir laughed at Senya, who was speechless, and whispered.

“Please, well, use it. Please don’t let Hamel die. Your dreams, as well as those of Anise Slewood and Christina Logaris- honestly, none of my business, and I hope they never come true.”

momentary silence. heavy breathing. After that, Noir smiled, not a sneer.

“Hamel’s dream, I hope it comes true.”

– Crazy bitch.

Senya couldn’t get the words out of her mouth and sat down in her seat.

I would rather not feel this kind of emotion if I had left ridicule and ridicule. Saying such a thing and looking at Eugene as if satisfied made Senya feel a bitter sense of defeat.

“Okay then, Hamel.”

Noir looked back at Eugene. Even during the conversation with Senya, Eugene silently looked at Noir. Noir caressed his stiff cheek and giggled.

“Will you grant my last wish?”

“… … Do you want me to break your neck?”

“Ahaha. That’s Arya’s wish. At last… … I think it would be wonderful to die feeling your touch, but I won’t.”

“… … .”

“Remember me forever.”

What should I say? What should I answer? Eugene himself did not know. This feeling is not love. Noir Jebella was an opponent that must be killed. so he killed

Why is this moment I so longed for not happy and enjoyable at all?

“… … Ahaha. Not to mention this.”

Noir whispered as if he had seen through his heart.

“You can’t help but remember me for the rest of your life.”

It will. It has to be. At this moment, Eugene thought of Noir Jebella, not Aria.

When I first met her as Eugene Ryanhart. When she is confronted in the snowfield in the body of Princess Scalia. When she came to visit her at her hotel before entering Ryoma Castle. In the wreckage of her crashed dragon horse castle, the first time she called ‘Hamel’. In Namhae, at the ball of officials, and then.

Here, in Jebela City.

the city she worked on. A city full of self-love. The best tourist destination on the continent that shows dreams and fantasies to the people who visit. A city that used to deal with humans because it wanted to feel guilt, loss, regret, those kinds of emotions.

I remembered the night I shared a drink with Noir that day. The night I asked if there was any other way than to become enemies.

If Noir had given a different answer then.

Even if he hadn’t given a different answer, if Eugene had wished for a different answer.

“Sometimes, you will dream about me.”

“… … .”

“You’d think we could have had a different ending.”

We were bound to be like this one day.

Did you really? Was there no other ending?

“—you will regret it.”

That’s what it says.

Now Eugene feels regret.

“Hamel. Do you remember what I said in this city?”

A small voice that wouldn’t be strange even if it was turned off at any time.

“you and I. At the moment when our long and long relationship comes to an end… … I asked if you would like to give me one last present. Then you answered like this.”

-doesn’t exist.

“Even if I say it’s a wish.”

-Your wish is not my business.

“Someday when I kill you. put a ring on my hand Put a ring on your dying hand. and… … After you die, look at the ring on your ring finger and remember you forever.”

“… … .”

“If you kill me, I hope you do like me. Yes, I said so. therefore.”

well done

The bloody necklace swayed.

“Please accept my ring.”

“… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not your ring finger.”

I felt the cold hands and the bloody ring on my ring finger that was no longer hot.

“Take it, Hamel. Live with a ring with my name on it. When you remember me all your life, and sometimes dreamed about me. Waking up, feeling my ring. Remember today and regret it.”

“… … It is a bitter and cruel wish.”

“That’s right, awful and cruel. It’s a curse. Isn’t that strange?”

The hand that groped his cheek was heavy. The hand that slid down passed over the cheek and landed on Eugene’s shoulder.

ㅡI was greedy. so i hoped She looked at Eugene with her eyes about to fall and her chin barely lifted.

“Because I am the queen of dreams, Noir Jebella.”

A groping hand grabbed his neck. She tugged at his hand as if pleading. can shake off It didn’t.

testament. wish. curse. Eugene complied with all of that. She tilted her head slowly. The distance with Noir got closer. Their foreheads touched each other close.

“Ahaha… … .”

The forehead that touched it fell slightly. Red lips opened and closed again. Their lips came closer without a direct whisper.

The short kiss ended.

“… … You are quite romantic and romantic too.”

made memories

In the snow, in the hotel, at the sea, at the ball, in the city, in the tavern, on the street, in the desert, in the arena, in a dream, in ruins.

As I said earlier, Noir approached Eugene whenever he had a chance. She treated Eugene with a smile no matter how much he rejected and insulted her. That’s how she made memories. Something piled up in Hamel’s chest that he didn’t want.

And today it all blossomed. I felt a sense of loss. Regret, regret, sadness, everything was a ‘first’ emotion for Noir.

“… … I hated dawn.”

The blurry eyes moved. The sky was no longer dark. Light dwells in a city that has been completely ruined.

“Because the night is over.”

Finally, I saw Eugene’s face. Eugene swallowed her breath and held Noir’s necklace in her hand.


Noir laughed bashfully.

“I wanted to say ‘good morning’ to you.”

The permeating dawn formed the shadows of the two.

“Good morning, Hamel.”

The night is over.

Noir’s eyes closed.

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