Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 568

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The closed eyes did not open again.

Eugene quietly stared at Noir’s face. He had a calm face, as if he had fallen asleep. There was no sign of pain at all, and I didn’t feel anything like regret. Calm and happy, satisfied with himself. It was such a face.

Noir Jebela is dead.

I turned my head and looked to the side. The sun that had risen in the distance was hanging in the sky over here before I knew it. The night passed and morning came. Light from the twilight sky lit up the city. Ruins with little remaining of their former splendor. Most of the buildings have collapsed.

Yujin stared at the Ferris wheel for a while, then smiled.

“It is over.”

Noir Jebela is dead.

I felt it again. The pain came up from her severed arm, and her chest felt sore as if it was going to tear or explode. Her entire body trembled, giving her goosebumps, and her vision began to blur as her mind wandered.

“This is a faint.”

Yujin laughed and spit out. Just thinking about it, she used ignition twice in a row.

In fact, I couldn’t be fine even without ignition. He suffered such mental attacks in his nightmares, and fought fiercely in real life as well. Apart from his severed left arm, there are not a few traumas and his internal organs are in tatters. Since he is forcibly alive in a state where it would not be strange even if he died 100 times, the goalpost will have a reaction far beyond the level.


Eugene released his clenched hands. The necklace is clenched in the grip of the bloody man. He looked at Noir’s left hand and the ring on his ring finger. Eugene sighed and stretched out his hand.

“Are you okay?”

Senya, who had been sitting down, shook her shoulders at the question. Soon she answered with a pout of her lips.

“What do you mean okay?”

“Just everything. your body… … .”

“The conversation you just had, the feelings you feel, those things are honestly not okay.”

I stumbled up from my seat. I saw the shadows of Eugene and Noir created by the dawn. In the middle of the collapsed ruins, the shadows of the two sitting close together overlapped.

“Anyway, I’ll tell you it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay.”

“Actually, I’m not okay, but I’m going to say it’s okay. you… … It’s not that I can’t understand it, and I go there… … .”

I was about to say ‘Go X’ as usual, but then I stopped. It wasn’t that he was conscious that Eugene would react to that word. In the first place, he did not even think that Eugene would react.

However, the end of Noir… … The ridicule and the will made Senya unable to utter the derogatory term ‘Gal X’.

“… … Noir Jebela, you… … I tried to kill him. Still, as she dies herself, it is true that it is for you.”

“It was for you.”

Eugene smiled and reached out to Noir.

ㅡPass. Little by little, her body is turning to ashes and crumbling. What doesn’t turn into ashes right away… … Is it because she doesn’t use a new sword as a finishing touch? Even so, in the end it is the difference between slow and fast. Before morning passes, she will be completely reduced to ashes.

And Eugene probably won’t be able to see that scene.

“What Noir wanted me to die in the future, rather than for me… … you left a curse Hoping that I will remember today and suffer for the rest of my life.”

Eugene carefully raised Noir’s left hand. Then, slowly, he took out the ring on his ring finger.

Senya silently watched the scene. What if Eugene couldn’t ignore her current emotions and put the ring on her ring finger?

still… … It doesn’t matter, I sincerely thought. If that act made Eugene’s heart lighter.

“It means that you will regard today as painful from now on.”

“I think so.”

“Regret? Killing Noir Jebela.”

“I have no regrets. It had to be killed, and Noir himself wished to die. So he’s just killed. If I hadn’t killed Noir, Noir would have killed me.”

Senya still couldn’t understand that relationship. Can you forgive Noir Jebela? That was honestly hard. But you can convince yourself that ‘it can’t be helped’. Eugene would too.

But it ended up like this.

“I can’t help it.”

Eugene smiled faintly as he said that.

“It turned out just as we both hoped. I’d like to have a toast, but I can’t.”

“… … huh.”

“I will pass out soon.”

“huh… … huh?”

Senya, who had her head down, looked at Eugene in surprise. Eugene was examining the engraving on the inside after roughly wiping the blood-stained ring.

A pair of rings engraved with the names of Hamel Diners and Noir Jebela. Eugene silently weaved two rings on a string and hung them around his neck.

“… … Aren’t they on your fingers?”



“If you ask ‘why’, what should I answer? There is no great reason. It’s just that I don’t want to play with Noir’s wind.”

He grumbled, flicking a pair of rings on his necklace with his fingers. It felt awkward to wear two necklaces all of a sudden.

“Hey, that’s right. my left arm? Where is your left arm?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken good care of it. But, is this really sticky?”

When I snapped my fingers, a large drop appeared from the sky. Senya looked at her left arm floating in the bubble and put on a worried expression. The left arm, which was originally covered in mud and blood, was now thoroughly washed to the point where it had been cut.

“I sterilized it, but what if it doesn’t stick?”

“The two Moron legs were attached upside down and then cut and attached again, but one arm won’t stick. And this isn’t the first time my arm has been cut off.”

“That’s it, um… … The case that was cut off 300 years ago and the case that was cut off now are a bit different. You didn’t even get a scar on your cheek right away. It’s hard to become a one-armed person. I don’t think you can defeat the demon king of confinement with one arm.”

“It’s because it’s a scar from the concept of a curse. The left arm is fine. Because this wasn’t cut off with a curse.”

Battle with Noir. Noir’s attack continued until the very end. There was intent to kill, but no curse. The curse she left behind was her last will.

“… … What are you going to do? magic eye. Are you going to take it?”

“You said you were going to write it for me, but is there any reason not to accept it? You will receive it. … … I should get it.”

back. Senya sighed as she grabbed the hem of her robe.

“It is necessary to kill the demon king of confinement.”

“Don’t you think it’s a trap for Noir Jebela?”

“You don’t either.”


Yujin giggled and lay down on the spot. It was only then that Senya realized the conversation and quickly approached Eugene.



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“you you! Didn’t you say you’d pass out soon? why? Uh, where does it hurt?”

“Can’t you see?”

“Look… … ! egg… … ji. But is it to the point of fainting?”

“uh. I’m still forcing myself to open my eyes. It’s hard to keep my eyes open. Sleepy.”

“I’m sleepy… … okay… … it’s okay right? If you close your eyes, won’t you wake up forever?”

“Don’t say anything sinister, and listen to my request.”

“ask! Please! How can you not sound ominous? you say that! Could it be a will? isn’t it?”

“No, don’t worry. It’s just fainting. maybe a few days… … I think I’ll pass out for a week. Take me, Cristina, and Anis back to Lionheart Mansion. You explain the circumstances.”

“hey… … !”

“Don’t try to wake me up by worrying about waking up too late. If you’re really worried, say a prayer to my paladins, Christina, and Anis. That’s it. and.”

He raised his trembling hand and pointed at the ruins.

“This city. Erase it.”

“… … .”

“I want to do it, but I don’t have the strength to do it right now. please.”

“what… … It’s not even a difficult request.”

to erase the city. There is no longer any remnants of the old city in these ruins, but even so, I don’t want to think of this place again.

Senya let out a short sigh and nodded.

“A corpse?”

“Even if you leave it alone, it will disappear on its own. If you want to take the illusionary eye, you’ll have to do it before it all disappears.”

“tomb… … Or, a tombstone, something like that?”

“Are you crazy? I do not need.”

Eugene looked back at Senya with disgust. The golden eyes were already blurry because they were not properly focused. Senya laughed at her half-falling eyelids.

“okay. … … sleep well.”

“It feels strange to hear that you are sleeping.”

Could it be that I am dreaming? She thought, closing her heavy eyelids.

I didn’t want to dream.

* * *

“is it.”

Pandaemonium’s Babel. The Chain Throne of the Dark Palace. The demon king of confinement opened his closed eyes and lips together.

“Has she gone too?”

Noir Jebela is dead.

What happened in her estate, Jebela City. what battles were there. I couldn’t see it until now. Hellmud, no, there is no place on the continent where the demon king of confinement cannot observe.

didn’t exist A year ago, the demon king of confinement could not observe Jebela City. The ‘dream’ that Noir Jebella created and maintained was so closed that even the demon king in captivity could not easily look into it.

Even though it was the Demonic Eye of Prestige that was used to construct that dream, the demon king of confinement who bestowed the Demonic Eye could not interfere.

Noir Jebela, she thoroughly controlled and kept the Demon Lord of Prestige and Confinement in check. She uses the power through the demonic eye, but she never accepted the magical power of the demon king of confinement.

“Your death was hard even for me to imagine.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and rested his chin on his hand. Of course, if the demon king of confinement had refused, even Noir would not have been able to use the demonic eye of prestige.

did not reject Noir Jebella, let her do as she pleases. She resolutely allowed the power of the emperor and the demon king to be used arbitrarily. Even though she didn’t even ask for Yun-heo. Because he’s Helmud’s top taxpayer? Because it’s a peacock? By making a revolutionary achievement 300 years ago? Everyone has a reason.

But above all. The reason why the demon king of confinement did not refuse—- was because Noir Jebella was desperate. She dared to challenge her lifelong dream. She and she would have reached a satisfactory result.

The demon king of confinement was a little envious of that.

“Was it for Hamel to cover the night?”

A dream that could not be observed. Even though it collapsed in the end, the magical power of the city refused to observe the confined demon king until the end. Therefore, the demon king of confinement cannot know what Noir Jebella’s ‘dream’ went through to reach its end. how she died She doesn’t know how she could have died. I don’t know how Hamel gave her her death.

“Or was it for your own deep dream?”

The answer is unknown. Noir Jebela is dead. Because Noir did not make a contract with the demon lord in captivity, his soul was bound and did not flow to the demon lord in captivity. Perhaps even the soul has perished. Because Eugene’s new sword, the Levantine burns and annihilates even the soul.

“You had a good relationship with Noir Jebela.”

The demon king of confinement lowered his eyes and looked down. A blurry figure rose from the black palace.

“Duke of Jebela was one of my few patrons.”

The only surviving three demons of confinement. Balzac Rudbesse lowered his head and replied.

“When I was the owner of the Black Mage Tower, he donated a huge amount every year, and when I was studying in Helmud, he gave me various support.”

“I remember. Duke Jebela took pleasure in your vision.”

“You didn’t laugh. You made me laugh… … There was no ridicule. His Majesty did the same.”

“Did you say you wanted to become a legendary wizard that will go down in history?”

The demon king of confinement looked down at Balzac with a thin smile. Of course, even the demon king of confinement knew about Balzac’s ideal. Balzac Rudbesse. She still remembers her first meeting with him. It was Noir Jebella who first introduced Balzac to the demon king of confinement.

A rookie who was mentioned as a candidate for the blue mage tower master. But somehow the wind blew, a man who left the Blue Mage Tower and came to Helmud to become a black magician. Its unique background attracted the attention of several high-ranking demons in Helmud at the time. Several demons suggested contracts with Balzac, but Balzac did not sign a contract with any demons despite coming to Helmud to become a black magician.

However, it is practically impossible for humans who do not make a contract with the demons to use magical powers. So did Balzac. While refusing to sign a contract with the demons, he coveted black magic. Even though he was frowned upon by the Warlock Society, he reflected his face and indulged in all kinds of papers and magic books.

Such an eccentric side attracted the attention of Noir Jebela. An unprecedented contract was reached. Noir did not sign a contract of soul with Balzac, but only supported him with magical power. And a few years later, he introduced Balzac, who became a ‘warlock’, to the demon king of confinement.

“Do you feel any mourning for the death of Duke Jebela?”


Balzac shook his head.

“Duke Jebela used to tell me many times. What is death, I mean. Although the relationship became estranged after I resigned from the Black Mage Master, how much the Duke of Jebela wished for death. And he knows how Hamel… … I know very well whether you were obsessed with Eugene Lionheart.”

Balzac paused for a moment and smiled bitterly.

“If you have reached the death you longed for, and even if the person who executed that death is Eugene Lionheart. Duke Jebela must have died satisfied. For such a death, a blessing would be more appropriate than mourning.”

“That’s your answer.”

The demon king of confinement smiled and nodded.

“It is not easy to achieve an ideal, a long-cherished wish, or a long-cherished wish. Especially if it’s hard to imagine. How are you?”

“My wish is like that too. It is difficult to imagine achieving it.”

“You think it’s impossible.”

“We are doing our best. desperate… … by. But, it seems impossible.”

“I’ll break the contract if you want.”

At those words, Balzac’s shoulders trembled.

“It might be closer to your secret wish. If you defeat those who will come here soon… … Huhu, it’s not enough to call it a legend. That would be impossible.”

“He says mean things.”

Balzac smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“I will be grateful for your words. As Your Majesty said, I… … It’s impossible to defeat Eugene Ryanhart, Senya Merdane, or Christina Rogeris. I think the opposite is also true.”


“If I can break the contract with Your Majesty. I’m going to be one, just a sorcerer. What could I possibly do?”

“You could hit me with Senya Merdein, whom you respect.”

“haha… … your majesty. If that’s the case, the ‘ideal’ I hope for will be Your Majesty’s defeat. That’s really unimaginable. Impossible. I can’t imagine His Majesty’s defeat.”

“The black magician who betrayed the demon king. Isn’t that a pretty legendary story?”

“Even if you betray, if you fail and lose, you will only be ridiculed and ridiculed. If so, I’d rather stake my ideals on Your Majesty.”

Balzac bowed his head deeply and said.

“Enemies invading this place will be able to climb the throne only if they climb over my corpse.”

“It doesn’t matter if you run away.”

“How could I abandon the lord I serve and run away?”

“I bet you’re not that loyal to me.”

“I have a desire, so I will be faithful.”

“It is the wind.”

The demon king of confinement smiled as he looked down at Balzac, who had lowered his head.

“What do you want?”

“If I die, please take my soul. Let us see the end together with Your Majesty.”

“Don’t you wish for extinction?”

“Which being would wish for extinction?”

“It’s not a difficult wind.”

After all, the soul contract was concluded. Even if Balzac dies, his soul returns to the devil in captivity.

The exception is a new sword that burns even the soul. However, all the souls that entered this place, the demonic castle of Babel, belonged to the demonic king in captivity. Even if the divine sword turns Balzac’s body and soul to ashes, Babel will even reap the ashes.

“Don’t be shy.”

The demon king of confinement closed his eyes and replied.

“Balzac Rudbesse. Let you die in Babel.”


In response, Balzac gave a satisfied smile and bowed his head even deeper.

“I will surely die here.”

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