Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 569

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Holy See

A table full of warmth. Plain bread, so-so soup, thick layers of bacon and fried eggs. Heaps of steamed or baked potatoes in baskets.


I realized it while putting bacon and fried eggs on bread.

“It’s just a dream.”

I turned in the direction the rattle was coming from. A woman wearing loose-fitting everyday clothes and an apron is standing in the kitchen. she knows what she’s doing She grinds her beans herself and brews her coffee.

Eugene doesn’t enjoy coffee enough to accompany such troublesome work. She was like that too. However, in this secluded and leisurely daily life, even such cumbersome work became a pleasure.

“… … .”

Eugene put down the fork he was holding. Then he leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment.

How long has this dream been? It’s been quite a while. What happened before you realized it. What kind of life did you live in this dream?

I could immediately recall. just… … I lived a normal, peaceful life. That too for quite a while. Yujin smiled bitterly and stood up. rattle. The chair fell over.

“Couldn’t it be what you showed me?”

I know the answer, but that’s what I asked. I can’t hear the answer. The clattering sound also ceased at some point.


Eugene shook his head and approached the kitchen. She had a blurry view of the woman with her back turned. Eugene held out her hand without hesitation.

Just like a lucid dream that is not controlled by someone else, the dream followed Eugene’s wishes. The woman turned her body to look at Eugene.

“I didn’t want to dream.”

Looking at Noir’s face with a faint smile, he murmured.

This is not a dream created by noir. Emotions that became remnants made dreams at will. Eugene stretched out her left hand forward with a hazy smile, just like Noir’s.

The ring on the ring finger was visible. The same ring is also worn on the ring finger of Noir, who stands with a smile on his face. This is a dream. Eugene grabbed her outstretched hand without hesitation.

All the scenery in front of me was crumpled like paper. It shriveled so small that it completely disappeared. Eugene closed his eyes in the center of the blackened dream.

when you open your eyes again The dream was no longer black. Countless small lights illuminated the dream. Eugene could hear voices in all those lights. name, calling Eugene smiled bitterly as he felt all the faith and voices that were connected to him.

“Did you have a dream even though it was so bright and noisy?”

Yujin muttered that and moved toward the light.

“The curse seems to have worked too well.”

A bright light swallowed Eugene.

… … .


Even just before that, I had seen a dazzling light, but the light I actually saw when I opened my eyes was very dim, thin, and subtle. A pale orange color that is not bright at all. It was like the light of a nightlight placed next to a bed.


And it was very, very, very noisy. Not one. Two people are screaming. It was to the point where I thought I wanted to go back, missing the quiet and peaceful dream even for a moment. It was so loud that it was like waking up in the middle of a battlefield.

Soon, Eugene realized. Even though the light is so thin, my eyes are sore. It was sore and hot, as if a light had been used on the cornea. I reflexively tried to close my eyes again, but even that didn’t work like I thought, so it was uncomfortable. I only opened my eyes for a moment, but my eyeballs dry up in an instant, so my eyelids feel stiff.

“ah… … .”

Her lips and mouth were moist enough, but her voice was cracked and stuffy. The senses of the body are also very slow. Even while Eugene raised his voice several times, tossed and turned, and rolled his dry eyes, the loud screams from the side did not stop.

“Hey, hey.”

Eugene sighed and turned his head.

Two different screams. The lighting was dim, but it was enough to make out the face.

Right next to the bed, I saw Mer and Lymilia screaming as they hugged each other. It’s not just screaming. I don’t know why, but the two of them were even shedding tears.

“Eugene-nim has opened her eyes!”

“The silver, the hermit is alive!”

It seems that he is crying not because he is sad or sad, but because he is happy. Calm down, the moment they opened their lips to say that- the two children jumped into Eugene’s bed at the same time.



“Cheuk… … !”

Just as she was about to raise her voice, Mer’s head landed on her stomach. It was so fatal that it was difficult to determine whether it was an act driven by concern and affection, or an attack with clear hostility.

The timing was accurate, but I think it hurts and is as heavy as this – because most of the body’s senses are awkward and dull. My arm hurts too. Lymirah, who has horns on her head, doesn’t let her head down like Mer, but instead she’s cradling Eugene’s arm in her arms, rubbing her forehead eagerly.

I understand why my body is so heavy and painful.

“How many days have I been asleep?”

I barely held on to my disturbed breathing and stammered for a question. Mer, who had driven her head into her stomach and turned her head violently, lifted her head.

“How many days, how many days? How many days did you ask?”

“uh… … Uh, um, I don’t think it’s more than a few days. I think I’ve been asleep for quite some time… … .”

“Three months!”

Merga yelled out loud.

“Three months! It’s three months! In terms of work, he has been lying in bed for almost a hundred days!”

“Me, Mer, to be precise, the hermit opened his eyes on the ninety-three days.”

“Ninety-three or one hundred!”

“A week makes a difference. And to the hermit who miraculously woke up after ninety-three days, she thinks that such a loud cry is not very good.”

“This despicable thing! Don’t fawn over Eugene at a time like this! Now Eugene-nim should be scolded!”

As usual, Mer and Lymilia grabbed each other’s hair and started fighting. Eugene didn’t even think to mediate the quarrel, her lips half-opened and her eyes quivering.

“count… … three months? You’ve been sleeping for ninety-three days?”

There was an awareness that I had been dreaming for a long time. However, time in a dream is far from reality. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d been asleep for so long.

– Maybe a few days… … I think I’ll pass out for a week.

-Don’t try to wake me up by worrying about getting up too late.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?!”

Eugene shouted in a hoarse voice.

Before passing out in Jebela City, I clearly remembered saying that to Senya, but I didn’t care.

there is a degree If a person has been unconscious for three months, shouldn’t he be awakened at all costs? No matter how much I told her not to wake her up, if she passed out for this long, she would have to resort to other means.

“I woke up.”



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A dull, subdued voice came from the other side. The voice was so frightening that even Eugene was startled and could only shrug his shoulders.

“I woke up several times over and over again. I heard a voice in Eugene’s ear every day. There have been many times when I have waved while keeping the line that my body will not be damaged.”

“… … .”

“Of course, I prayed every day. Not just me, but all the paladins appointed by Eugene. I wondered if that was not enough, and even though I was not appointed, I begged the citizens of the continent who served Eugene to pray.”

“… … hmm… … Mmm.”

“I tried to use more aggressive means. Senya-nim tried to wake Eugene-nim by creating various magics. He even tried to penetrate the mind. Perhaps because of what happened in the South Sea, Ciel groaned several times while holding onto Eugene’s hand. Everyone else in Lionheart was clinging to Eugene.”

“… … uh… … Well, yes, but, what didn’t happen because I didn’t want to wake up… … .”

“I know.”

Cristina shook her head and interrupted Eugene before the fumbling excuse was over. She approached Eugene with staggering steps. I could see her shoulders, her cheeks, and her eyes quivering.

“Me and Anis-nim are the most… … A lot, I can’t say. Everyone was worried about Eugene. Everyone sincerely hoped that Yujin-nim would wake up safely.”

“… … .”

“I’m glad you opened your eyes.”

Cristina was getting closer. Whether it was because of her coy gaze or whether she noticed it on her own, I don’t know, but Mer and Raimirah, who were close to Eugene, quickly retreated from the bed.

Cristina approached the bed and collapsed into Eugene’s arms.

“I’m really glad you’re all right.”

I had passed out for three months. He wasn’t dead, but he was just lying there, as if he were dead. Even the saints were unconscious at the moment Eugene passed out, so they must have worried about Eugene all the more.


Saying that, Eugene raised his hand and touched Christina’s hair.


I realized it belatedly. His left arm, which was severed in the battle with Noir, is still intact. Even though he was cut and attached once, the nerves are connected seamlessly as if they had never been cut. She felt no discomfort in moving her fingers.

“It’s too late to notice, Hamel.”

name has been changed Her head buried in her chest lifted and her eyes narrowed. Anise whispered as she groped Eugene’s ribs with both hands.

“Reattaching a severed arm was a common and familiar thing only 300 years ago, but it is the first time in this era. That’s why I’m a little worried. Do you feel any discomfort in your movements?”

“The arm seems to be fine, but the body is not. My eyes are watery and my voice is not coming out well. It gives me goosebumps because I can feel the movement of my intestines so well.”

“I tried my best, but since I opened my eyes in three months, it can’t be helped. Aren’t you hungry?”

“Sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes I don’t… … I don’t feel well.”

“You were not in a condition to eat. It was impossible to swallow, let alone chew. I had to chew it, hand it over, and make it swallow.”

Her fingers, groping her ribs, tapped Eugene’s skin like a piano keyboard. As she did, she gradually climbed up. His hand movements were so insidious that he didn’t even feel the tickle. Eugene gulped and stared at Anise with fear.

“Don’t look at it that way. I could have written it, but I didn’t. While you fainted, the nutrients you needed were channeled directly into your body through a combination of magic and medicine. And feces… … .”

“no way… … .”

“Don’t have wild imaginations. Because nobody took your pants off. It was, quite conveniently, done with magic.”

Conveniently, Anise’s eyebrows twitched as she said that. Why does it seem like I can’t bear it… … .

Eugene recalled the time in the past when he couldn’t control himself with Ignition. I don’t know if it’s because of my mood, but Cristina seemed to be enjoying the situation because Eugene was secretly sick.

“But no matter how convenient and wonderful magic is, it seems to have limits. Maybe it’s because you haven’t eaten properly for three months, Hamel, you look a little thin.”

“I feel like my arms have gotten a little thinner… … .”

“Thinner overall. Well, you’re in good health, so you’ll be back soon. body is the word. But what about the spirit?”

The fingers that were climbing the parched ribs and slightly thinned pectoral muscles stopped. Dalgrak. Anise’s fingers caressed the pair of rings hanging from the necklace.

“Are you mentally ill?”


“Christina said. Hamel. While you slept, Senya tried to enter your mind again and again. Of course, neither do we. Awakening and healing the wounded and broken spirit is also the realm of divine magic.”

“… … .”

“But neither me nor Cristina nor Senja could penetrate your mind. Your stunned unconscious strongly rejected someone else’s invasion.”

Anise’s expression changed. She looked at Eugene and her necklace with sad eyes.

“Did you dream?”


“Did you get so absorbed in that dream that you didn’t wake up?”


“What is that vague answer?”

“It wasn’t long before I realized it was a dream.”

Eugene smiled lightly and wrapped his arms around Anis.

“You must have dreamed a few times in your life. There are times when the things I wish for come out in my dreams, and there are times when I have dreams I don’t want, hate, and don’t want to have.”

“… … .”

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to wake up. It’s just that it’s too late to come to my senses. I was not feeling well for a while.”

“… … Uhm. Let me be clear, Hamel. Your condition was terrible. Arms were cut off, bones were sparsely intact, and so were the organs. And the mind too.”

“But I’m fine now.”

“Yes, me and Cristina have been working hard to get your body back. If you had any divine power left, you would have been able to recover on your own, but three months ago, your divine power was sealed. Without us, the saints, your arm would have missed the time to heal and would not have been attached for the rest of your life.”

“That would have been very difficult. Should I wear a prosthetic arm… … Or did I have to carry the Levantine like an arm?”

“If you look at Narissa’s prosthetic leg, she’ll be able to live a normal life, but there’s no way she’ll be able to fight.”

“yes. Cristina, Anis, because of you, my arm is still attached.”

As soon as he dropped his knock, Anise couldn’t help but laugh. She lightly shook Eugene’s hand from hers and lifted herself up from her bed.


Eugene cleared his throat and looked around.

“Where are you? It’s not my room.”

“This is Euras.”

“you… … Yura? Euras?”

“To be precise, it is the capital of Euras, the Vatican of Eurasia.”

Eugene’s eyebrows trembled.

“Why am I here?”

“Hamel, you are not alone. All of the leadership of the ‘Divine Army’, including all the Paladins appointed by you, are staying in the Vatican.”

“… … what?”

“The entire army of the new army is currently stationed in the border area between Euras and Helmud.”

Eugene pursed his lips, unable to answer. He took a moment to organize his thoughts.


I didn’t understand or organize it, so I asked. Then Anise clicked his tongue and furrowed her eyebrows.

“You have been unconscious for three months. Hamel.”

“… … To be precise, ninety-three… … .”

“In those three months, Helmud- no, Pandemonium went into wartime mode.”

It was not a situation to lie down.

Eugene jumped up from his seat.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 568Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 570
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